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The Pokemon Rebellion


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sorry for my review lack, now, you did it again, but this time you made me cry, a unique achievement! 100000000000000000/10, and btw Lance didn't get enough punishment, his pokemon did, let him die, he's an assasin! END OF LOG!*faints*


Noo! You killed pore Nero! I knew he was going to die but still... I was hoping that Rhapsody would die though:p;216; Oh well. Your doing great!

Calcos the Destroyer

THE review

OK. Heres the real review.
Story itself: It is very dark, and it almost makes me want to release my own critters. This story is depressing, gory, deep, and makes ya' think about how the Pokemon feel, and the description forms an excelent image of the scenario. This is awesome, hurry up with more!
You killed them! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!*die*
;264; Bahahaha! Bow down, humans!
;359; The presence of these alone gets a 10/10.
;111; I look like a piece of coal now, so don't be suprised if I end up in your stocking.
*EDIT* Oh yeah, I completely and ****ing totally agree with everyones' statements and replies. Disregard the previous review and multiply by 100.
Well, sorry it's taken me so long to reivew, but me and my family moved so we couldn't access the internet for about two weeks, I think. Anyway, I'm back now, so it's time to review the second latest (seventeenth) chapter !

In this chapter I noticed one grammatical error that kept pointing itself out to me in the conversation between Larmo and Boboba; when you end a paragraph, you always use an ellipses, period, quotation or question mark, right? Well, you kept using commas in the conversation when both characters were speaking.

Example: “Not really, no,”

"No" ended the paragraph, so a period should replace the comma. Plus...

The Linoone’s stare was cold. “You define pathetic as caring about the well being of others. What did you expect from me Baboba? Did expect me to be like you? Does being completely uncaring and emotionless count as worthwhile for respect in your books? Because you got me very, very wrong. I do care about how others feel. I find showing your emotions to be a sign of strength, not weakness. I have a heart. Clearly, you do not. I have nothing more to say to you. Enjoy the storm,” And with that final comment, the Linoone did an abrupt turn and strode away, leaving a gob smacked Ponyta in his wake.

I think a "you" should be put in there. Anyway, I personally think that your description is very good, although it can always (probably) use improvement, of course, and that your overall story is just plain fantastic. I'll probably read and review the next chapter tommorow, so see ya 'til then!

El hariyamer

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For Nero.


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“LANCE!” she shrieked, forcing the zips open viciously. She stumbled out of the tent, her fury and fatigue making her unsteady on her feet. Lance did not turn as she yelled his name. His apparent non-reaction just infuriated the pink-haired girl even more.
I shied back from the computer screen at this point....

This Fanfic is probably one of the best I have ever read. It screams passion, emotion, and certainly a varios other wonderful things that I've not the time to list, lest the forum log me out as well. :p

The death of Boudaikam, as you said, was forseen from the beginning. It was moving and disheartening when she was taken from the story in such a flash, but in the end, her sacrifice seemed to spur the others on to do what they had set out to do with even greater determination.

A peaceful death for noble Nero.... May he find the wide open spaces and beautiful freedom that he yearned for so greatly. I admired and respected that experienced Rhyhorn, who seemed very well-versed in matters of Poke-logic and so on.
The mother Pikachu was sitting, talking to her mate, who had woken up. Shockz was smiling weakly, holding hands with the teary-eyed Pikachu, while his son, Leclec, sat on his large stomach, squealing happily as he went up and down when his father breathed. Numanjya couldn’t help smiling at the cute scene.
That was adorable. It added some good feelings to a hollow victory, and some meaning, if there was any, to the bloodshed.

You know, I can tolerlate Baboba with an ease that surprised even me. I suppose it is because of the fact that I have friends that have a similar personality/disposition to them. '~'

In any case, please do keep up the commendable work. I am most impressed with your ability and flair for writing. You seem to be able to take characters that have already been made, and then twist their natures in with personalities that seem to suit them well. Continue writing this tale, so others may enjoy you talents.


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Hi Ashban here. I have one question,
WHEN THE FREAKING HECK ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ANOTHER FREAKING CHAPTER!!!!!!!*pants* Because if you don't post soon *pulls out pistol* I'll shoot you, chop off your head, and feed it to my friends with the blood still on it!!! Umm...oops...sorry 'bout that I'm still going through mental and anger therepy after being expirimented on,so,...umm...bye.


keep battling on!

Anyway, thankyou to all my new readers!! Exxthus, I am so glad you think this is one of the best fanfic's you've ever read...I'm so honoured...

Chapter progress: Nearly done! It should be up in a few days! SO PLEASE STOP THE THREATS, THEY IS SCARING ME.

One more thing: The Pokemon Rebellion won an award!!! It got a three way tie with two other fics for Best Use of a Pokemon. Isn't that teh awesomeness?

Well, I'll leave y'all. BUT THE NEXT CHAPPIE IS COMING. So chill! ^_^

Sorry, no previews. (AHAHAHAA...ha. XD)


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Typhlogirl said:
you mean "They are" I am sorry to post this but I just like to correct people =)

Anyways I hope that it is gonna be up soon


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Originally posted by Typhlogirl
One more thing: The Pokemon Rebellion won an award!!! It got a three way tie with two other fics for Best Use of a Pokemon. Isn't that teh awesomeness?

Congrads, girl!!!


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Ashban said:
Hi Ashban here. I have one question,
WHEN THE FREAKING HECK ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ANOTHER FREAKING CHAPTER!!!!!!!*pants* Because if you don't post soon *pulls out pistol* I'll shoot you, chop off your head, and feed it to my friends with the blood still on it!!! Umm...oops...sorry 'bout that I'm still going through mental and anger therepy after being expirimented on,so,...umm...bye.
Oh will you? *Takes out chain gun and blasts the heck outta Ashban* I didn't think so.
No need to worry now Typhlogirl *evil laugh* take you're time with the next chappie don't rush it. You people are so impatient you can't rush the "best fic in the whole world" or the best fic writer in the whole forums.
Thank you for you're patience you're deaths may be monitored for training purposes -;151;

P.S. Remember Typhlogirl to PM again when the next chappie is up!


keep battling on!
Heh, thankyou all for your congratulations! I appreciate it.

Yeah, my avatar is in honour of Nero ^_^. I only intended to keep it for a day or so, but I've grown rather attached to it. :)

Anyway, I'm here to post what you've all been waiting for (it seems), the Nineteeth chapter of TPR! HOORAY!

Well, enough yabbering from me. Here it is. (It's a big 'un!) Rated PG-13 as always. (It has a bit of bad language ;))


The rest of the rebels were informed of Nero’s death. Larmo brought it upon himself to tell Kenda. The Mightyena broke down right in front of the Linoone, his tears of despair dripping down his cheeks in a steady stream, weeping for the fact that he had had no chance to say goodbye. Even Tory, who was so consumed by her own problems, could not help but shed bitter tears for the loss of the old Rhyhorn who had been so nice to her. The Absol had gotten off her cloth, and comforted Kenda, who had wept onto her shoulder for many minutes. As emotionally weakened as Larmo was at the moment, he knew that things had to be done. For one thing; they had to get rid of Nero’s body somehow. He went to discuss it with Kenda, who was still in Tory’s comforting embrace. Tory knew why they were gathered together, yet the Linoone in front of her seemed unable to put his feelings into words. He seemed…so broken. Shattered. His words sat in his throat, in his mind, but when he tried to make them materialise, they broke apart.
Tory felt immense pity for the Linoone. He had been so weakened. His normally glimmering eyes had dulled, and were shadowed. He constantly looked at the ground, as if it contained some sort of answer. But no answer came. Tory senses what he was going to ask, so she took it upon herself to shed the sad silence hovering around the trio.

“What shall we do with the body?” The Absol asked quietly. Larmo finally looked up at her, his sadness radiating around him. He said nothing. Kenda wiped his cheeks, his eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Maybe we should burn him, like we did Boudaika. It seems to be an honourable funeral.”

“NO!” Larmo cried. “I don’t want Nero to be burnt. The flames already took his soul. I don’t want them taking his body,”

Baboba chose that tender moment to join the congregation with his usual tact and sensitivity.

“What are you lot gasbagging about? You look like someone died.”

The trio stared at the Ponyta.

“Oh. That’s right. The Rhyhorn. Such a shame. Moving on?”

Kenda glared at Baboba, and turned back to Larmo. “You are right Larmo. Burning would make his death too…final. We will think of a better way.”

Baboba made a face.

“If you don’t remove him, he’ll collect flies,”

“His flesh is burnt to nothingness. The flies won’t want him,” Larmo replied blankly, failing to notice the scorn in Baboba’s voice. Kenda’s look of sadness increased.

“I beg to differ, dear Linoone. I believe he is very attractive to the flies. Oh, and the fact that he is dead and burnt helps I suppose.”

“WHY YOU-” Kenda yelled, moving in to attack Baboba. But Tory beat him to it.


The Absol struck the Ponyta a glancing blow across the cheek. He recoiled from the impact, surprise plastered across his creamy coloured face, where a loud red mark was beginning to blossom.

“How…how can you say such a thing?” Tory cried furiously, her voice choked. She could feel Larmo and Kenda staring at her. “How could you say such a mean and terrible thing about that poor old Rhyhorn? Have you…have you no heart?”

Baboba had his head tilted towards the ground, so his expression was unreadable. Slowly, his raised his deep black eyes to Tory’s red ones. She shrank back slightly from the dark, maniacal grin spread across his lips.

“No heart you say…” he asked. “Maybe. I don’t know. But what’s the point of having a heart? It will only cause you pain and suffering, like it has to you your entire life. Think about it, you stupid Absol, how much better would your life be if your heart didn’t make you so sensitive?”

Tory blinked, stunned, as she began to think about what Baboba had said. Was it…true?

“You would feel no pain or sorrow. You would just…be. Isn’t it better to be heartless and feel no pain than have a heart and constantly suffer?”

“Don’t listen to him Tory!” Kenda cried, snapping the Absol out of her trance. “He’s just trying to confuse you, and justify his cold words!”

“Why don’t you think about it, Mightyena?” the Ponyta hissed. “I’m sure you have emotional scars that run deep. Wouldn’t the pain disappear if you simply decided to lock yourself away from it all, free yourself of emotions?”

Kenda stared at the Ponyta, his expression cold. “Someone needs to slap you again Baboba. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but this isn’t how you are.”

Baboba chuckled. “How would you know what I’m like?”

“Kenda may not know you that much Baboba, but I do. And I don’t know what’s come over you,” A cold voice interrupted. The trio turned, and saw it was Larmo who had spoken. His broken look was gone, replaced by a frozen, sterile expression, his steely cold eyes fixed on Baboba.

The Ponyta actually looked very disturbed by the look on the Linoone’s face. He blanched, but still retained his cold smile.

“Maybe I am acting differently. Maybe I’m not. Deal with it. Now why don’t you all go and get rid of that rotting corpse!” Baboba spat out the last word as if it tasted bitter on his tongue. The Ponyta whirled around, his flaming mane making surreal patterns in the air. He stalked off.

Tory whimpered, and Kenda placed a paw on her shoulder. Larmo continued to glare at the fire pokemon’s retreating back. He shook his head sadly. The grim aftermath of Nero’s passing was affecting everyone, whether they liked it or not.

It was pleasant in Mauville City. The wind whistled lazily through the streets, picking up any pieces of rubbish it could find loitering in the gutters and twirling them around in mid-air. The sun shone through the thin clouds, glinting through the glass of the windows in the Mauville pokemon centre and into the eyes of a young pokemon trainer. Annoyed, he raised the newspaper he was reading to deflect the brilliant rays burning his eyes. He shifted his position on the soft leather chair he was seated on, and turned his head away from the window. He focused his attention back to the comics he had been reading before. A Marshtomp sat on the floor next to him, mumbling nervously and wringing its flipper-like paws. It trembled at the slightest noise, and flicked its watery eyes around the perimeter of the room in a spontaneous kind of way.

The boy trainer winced angrily as a spasm of pain shot through his face, burning along the three white lines that traced along his features. He cursed softly, and automatically raised a hand to the scars, trying to rub the pain away. The Marshtomp continued to wring its paws, apparently unconcerned by its trainer’s pain. It was more concerned with itself.

The boy sighed, and relaxed, his curious fingers tracing along the blemishes for the thousandth time. Would they ever heal? His other hand crunched the newspaper it held, half in fury, half in exasperation. The nurse had said the gashes would heal, but it would take time and patience on his behalf.

Alex was not good with patience.

Grumbling, he turned to the anxious Marshtomp sitting beside him.

“Will you stop your constant mutterings!” the boy exclaimed. “I’m sick of it! Ever since you evolved, you’ve just sat there and wrung your goddamn hands all the time! I thought evolution would raise your pathetic excuse for confidence!”

“Oh no,” the Marshtomp exclaimed, still flicking his eyes around the room. “It’s made me more aware of everything. Now that I am bigger and stronger, other bigger and stronger pokemon could see me as a threat, and try to attack me. I must be on my guard!”

Alex sighed, and rubbed his temples. “Muddy, you are the most-”

His insult was cut off as a Nurse Joy walked over to him, wielding a pokeball.

“Here is your Geodude, good as new.” She said with a smile. Alex nodded, and took the ball off her. The nurse returned to her position behind the pokemon centre desk.

“‘Bout time,” Alex muttered, running his fingers over the smooth surface of the red and white sphere. “It’s just like Rocky to go and blow himself up without warning. Stupid Geodude. He’s a hopeless pokemon.”

“Oh yes, just as hopeless as you said Linny was, but no, he got you good!” Muddy giggled crazily, his eyes never staying still. Alex shot the Marshtomp a look of pure loathing, and the Water/Ground pokemon knew he had crossed the line.

“B-but he was ho-hopeless, the s-stupid Linoone!” Muddy stammered. Alex seemed satisfied, and released his now-healed Geodude from his pokeball. He then picked up his newspaper. Alex always flicked straight to the comics of newspapers. Stuff the headlines. They didn’t concern him. The comics were the only worthwhile part of the entire useless production. But they were badly mediocre today. A disappointment. Alex paused, and looked at the roof.

“The Linoone was hopeless, wasn’t he?” he murmured, the newspaper lying open across his knees. “I wonder where the stupid pokemon is now…hope its dead,” he added hopefully. “The stupid little b*astard.” He closed the newspaper, and moved to replace it on the wooden coffee table that served as a holder for the various reading material offered to the trainers waiting for their pokemon. But then a picture on the front cover caught his eye. Two pokemon were sitting in the picture, a smug looking Ponyta, and…

That Linoone.

Alex’s eyes widened and he pulled the newspaper back towards himself, his eyes scanning the caption beneath the picture.

Top: Two rebel pokemon, Baboba the ‘Talking’ Ponyta and an unidentified Linoone.

Rebel pokemon? The hell? But then Alex skimmed his eyes across the headline, and down the story, and slowly a smile crept onto his scarred features. He couldn’t believe it. The Linoone had actually done it. Gone and rustled up followers. Taken over a building.

“What are you smiling about?” inquired Muddy, raising himself off the floor and viewing the large bold letters of the headline. “’GOLDENROD RADIO STATION STILL UNDER SIEGE’. What the-hey, it’s Linny! What’s he doing there?”

“He’s one of the pokemon holding the building captive,” Alex replied, still skimming the story. “Night attack…broadcast…demands…dynamite! He’s thought of everything.” The boy murmured. “Maybe he wasn’t so stupid after all…”

“Linny was never stupid,” Muddy stated professionally, slumping back down against the chair. “You just never saw it.”

Alex ignored the Marshtomp, and finished reading the story. “So that’s it,” he finished. “The idiot believes that he can change the world. What a fool.” Tossing the newspaper back onto the coffee table, he swung his sneakered feet up and rested them on the edge of the table, placing his arms behind his head.

“He could do it, you know.” Muddy stated.

Alex snorted. “Oh please. Rocky has more of a chance of winning the Nobel Peace prize than that stupid Linoone has of achieving whatever pathetic aims he has.”

Suddenly a loud pop rang through the air, and the pokeball sitting beside Alex burst open, releasing a flash of bright light that materialized into the shape of a Geodude.

“I heard my name.” The Rock pokemon said slowly, as if he had to fight to put the sentence together.

“You hear many things.” Alex purred, patting the Geodude absent-mindedly, still looking up at the ceiling. Muddy shivered, and flicked his eyes around some more.

“Do you think we should go to Goldenrod?” the Marshtomp asked. Alex smiled.

“There’s no way to get there quickly enough.” He replied.

“So you are just going to sit here? What happened to, ‘that Linoone will pay!’?”

Alex sat up indignantly. “Give me a break. If I could get there, I would so get my revenge on that stupid pokemon!”

“No you wouldn’t,” Rocky said in his slow dialect. The arguing pair spun around to look at him.

“You’re too lazy.”

Muddy snickered at the innocent comment, and Alex gave him another look of loathing.

“Oh fine. So I can’t be bothered. Who would be? He’s all the way in Johto for Christ’s sake! Besides, I’ve got better things to do.”

“Like what?” grumbled Muddy. “You haven’t even beaten Brawly yet.”

Alex glared at the Marshtomp, who began to mutter and cover his head. Alex was tempted to spit on him, but restrained himself. It wouldn’t look very good in front of the nurses. Rocky floated aimlessly above the second leather seat, his expression blank.

The quiet reigned in the pokemon centre, apart from the occasionally whirring of the automatic door as people entered and exited, going about whatever business they had. The trainer and his two pokemon sat there in the air-conditioning, just enjoying the monotony of life.

That Linoone was always mildly intelligent…maybe I did underestimate his full potential,” Alex thought, staring at the picture of Larmo on the front cover of the newspaper. He grinned, and raised his arm in a mock salute to the Linoone.

“I wish you well on your pointless quest. I know we will never meet again. Neither of us wish to anyway. So my regards to you, and I wish you luck…Larmo.”

How long Rhapsody lay at the foot of the stairs, she didn’t know. But when she awoke, the first thing she registered was the pain in her mouth. It burned along her tongue, and made her wince angrily. She raised a paw to her jaw, and felt the rough surface of dried blood. Blood? What? The Teddiursa forced her weary eyes open, and took in the large puddle of dried blood surrounding her. She choked on a scream. The pokemon forced herself to her feet, her balance completely warped. She gripped her head as spasms of pain shot through her skull. Her fingers trailed over a large bump. Ugh. She felt so weak. What was wrong with her? She viewed the puddle of dried blood with an expression of disgust and horror. How the hell did that get there? Then it hit her.

…Was that her blood?

Rhapsody began to stagger as the realization made her dizzy, her body already weak from the large amount of blood she had lost. The pain in both her head and her mouth made her judgement weak and her vision distorted. She stood still, in order to clear her mind.

“Just…relax…” she breathed softly, rubbing at her temples. Slowly, her vision cleared, and she took in her surroundings properly. Her memories were dim, so she inferred that she must be concussed. But she knew one thing; she had to get back to Samuel. He had potions that could help her. Rhapsody felt along the wall, using it for support, still holding her aching head. Where was he? She was sure he was somewhere on this floor, hidden. But where? Could she risk calling out to him?

“Ts…Tsamuel!” the Teddiursa croaked. What the hell? What was wrong with her voice? Then she realised; it was her tongue. She couldn’t talk properly. Oh no.

“Ssamuel!” she gasped, her voice clearer, yet still too quiet. But she couldn’t raise it louder! What if she was caught? Rhapsody’s paradox was quickly solved when another wave of nausea swept through her body. Stuff the other pokemon. She was in pain.

“SAMUEL!” she shrieked, forcing her mangled tongue to make out the word. Her claws dug into the wallpaper as she tried to steady herself. But her legs gave way, and she collapsed against the wall.

Samuel was jolted from his light slumber when he heard his name screamed. He knew that voice.

“Rhapsody?” he cried, dashing out of his hiding place, his eyes searching the area. He ran down the hall.

“RHAPSODY!” he yelled, cupping his hands to his mouth to make the sound project further. “WHERE ARE YOU!?”
“Here…” a voice whispered. Samuel whirled around. His Teddiursa was slumped against the wall, barely standing. The boy’s eye’s widened with horror when he saw the blood staining Rhapsody’s lower jaw and lips. It seemed to have somehow covered one side of her face too. Her usually bright eyes were dimmed with concussion and pain, and she looked like she was about to faint.

“Rhapsody!” Samuel wailed, running over and scooping the Teddiursa up into his arms. “What did they do to you?”

But Rhapsody had fainted. His body gripped with fear for his pokemon, Samuel rushed back the way he had come to where he knew his bag was. A bag filled with his collection of potions and healing implements. He came to the hiding place very quickly, and placed Rhapsody gently on the ground. He then ripped open the zip of the beaten up backpack, and sifted through the contents, looking for his Revive.

“There you are!” Samuel said happily as he tugged the small vial from its confined space in the bottom of his bag. “I was saving this for our trainer journey, but I think we need it now!” The boy pushed a button on the side of the little container, and a needle burst out of the side. He quickly pushed the sharp bit of metal into Rhapsody’s arm, and injected the medicine.

“That should do it.”

Within a matter of seconds, the Teddiursa’s eyes fluttered open. Where was she? Then she turned her head slightly, and saw her trainer sitting beside her, watching her from above.

“Tsamuel.” she whispered.

“Rhapsody.” Samuel replied, a smile on his face. Rhapsody’s lower lip began to tremble, and she sat up and hugged him. Samuel returned the gesture. They sat there and hugged for a few minutes, rejoicing in the fact that they had found one another. Then Samuel got down to business.

“Now, what’s wrong with your speech?”

Rhapsody poked out her tongue, and Samuel examined the wound caused by the Teddiursa’s teeth.

“Ouch. But you never told me you got your tongue pierced!” the boy said. Rhapsody reached over and punched him, and he laughed.

“Just teasing, just teasing,” Samuel said. He reached over in his bag, and after shuffling through the contents for a few minutes he found a red vial of liquid.

“Stick your tongue out as far as it’ll go. This potion will fix that wound.”

Rhapsody obeyed, and her trainer squirted the liquid onto her tongue, resulting in a yelp of pain and many slurred swear words from the small pokemon.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you it would sting a little,” Samuel said sheepishly, grinning apologetically.

“A LILLLE?” Rhapsody screeched, the words simply making her tongue hurt more.

“But it’s the fastest healing potion on the market Rhap!” Samuel insisted.

The Teddiursa responded by giving him a rather rude gesture involving her middle claw.

“Okay, I guess I deserved that.” Samuel admitted. Rhapsody nodded sagely and repeated the gesture.

“Alright! I get it! I should have told you it would sting! Geez. Anyway, the potion will heal your tongue at double the speed of a normal one. Its special wound medicine.”

Special wound medicine…that phrase stuck in Rhapsody’s mind. Where had she heard it before?

“Isn’t that the potion you got on your tenth birthday? The one you showed me?” Rhapsody asked, amazed that she could nearly speak properly again.

Samuel nodded, grinning. “Fast, ain’t it? Yeah, that’s the potion my mum bought me for my birthday. She felt guilty that she couldn’t afford a pokemon, so she bought me the most expensive thing she could buy. And that was it.”

Rhapsody nodded. “It works well…holy crap! I can speak again! That’s some fast s*hit!”

“I told you so!” Samuel grumbled indignantly.

“Okay, you win! I’m ssssssssssorry!” the Teddiursa replied. “Oh good, I can say es’s now.”

Samuel rolled his eyes, and took out another potion. “Drink this-it will restore you to full strength.”

“Regular little Nurse Joy, aren’t you?” Rhapsody said playfully, as she emptied the contents of the bottle down her throat.

“Well, you clearly can’t look after yourself, so I’m stuck doing it for you.” Samuel retorted. Rhapsody poked her newly healed tongue at him, and he grinned. Rhapsody placed the empty bottle down beside him. She hiccoughed.

“Whoa…I’m starting to feel stronger already…what is that?” she asked.

“Hyper potion. Strong stuff, eh?”

“Damn right,” Rhapsody replied, getting to her feet and jumping a few times. “I feel stronger already!”

“Excellent,” Samuel said sincerely. “So what happened to you?”

Rhapsody dug Samuel’s water bottle out of his bag, and splashed some water on her face.

“This is gunna sound really stupid…” she said gingerly. “But I fell down the stairs.”

Samuel laughed. It was impossible not to. The Teddiursa just looked so miserable.

“Oh honestly Rhapsody!” he said. “You are too much sometimes.”

“Oh shut up,” the Teddiursa grumbled, but a small smile was forming on her face. “I was being chased okay!”

“Chased?” Samuel said, all hilarity disappearing from his face in an instant. “Who was chasing you?”

Rhapsody’s smile disappeared. “The Linoone. That Linoone from the alley.”

“Him? Why was he chasing you?”

Rhapsody related everything she had learnt in her stint as a rebel pokemon to her trainer. Samuel’s eyes widened as he learnt of the battle, the blood, and all the injuries the rebel pokemon had received.

“…and this Linoone is their leader?” Samuel asked. Rhapsody nodded.

“Yeah. You shoulda seen ‘im Sam. He was so polite to me, but then he just…changed into this monster.”

“He obviously worked out you weren’t one of his followers.”


“I was thinking while you were gone Rhap, and I remembered where I had seen that Linoone before. He was on that broadcast.”

“Oh yeah! I remember now!”

“I wonder just how serious he is…”

“Samuel? He tried to kill me. I’d say he’s pretty passionate.” Rhapsody replied dryly.

Samuel didn’t reply. Instead, he got to his feet and picked up his bag.

“Are you coming?” he asked.

“Coming where?” Rhapsody asked, genuinely confused.

“Out of here. We’ve been hiding for too long Rhapsody. We preach about how we are going to make a difference here, but all we’ve been actually doing is hiding and spying. Now it’s time to stop lying to ourselves. We’re going out there, and we are actually going to do something!”

Rhapsody stood up. “Are you sure? You know how dangerous these pokemon are.”

“Then we’ll have to be subtle. But we can’t hide anymore. Coming?”

Rhapsody stared into Samuel’s determined eyes for a second, then grinned.

“I can’t let you go off in there by yourself. You need protection. So let’s go already!”

The boy and his pokemon grinned, and walked off into the abandoned first floor of the tower. Into the unknown. But they were together, and together they felt invincible.

But just because you may feel invincible doesn’t mean you are.

The visiting Nurse Joy finished her stitching on the Aerodactyl’s mutilated eyes. The great Dragon’s chest rose and fell slowly as it breathed under the influence of anaesthetic. The nurse was worried. The damage to the pokemon’s eyes was incredible; whichever pokemon inflicted the injuries knew what they were doing. The nurse snipped off her thread, and placed the needle on a tray beside her. After she had thoroughly scrubbed her hands, she placed the sterilised covering back on the Aerodactyl’s head. The nurse sighed. She knew the Aerodactyl’s eyes were useless. They would never work again. But she didn’t have the heart to tell Lance. He was so relieved when she turned up. The hope in his eyes…the nurse didn’t want to extinguish that flame. But what was better? To be ignorant and happy, or to know the truth and be broken inside?

Lance was inside his tent, lying on his sleeping bag. He had tried to fall into slumber, but his negative thoughts continued to stampede around his mind and keep him awake. Worry, regret and anger…they all danced gleefully around his head, playing with his conscious and making sleep impossible to obtain. He sighed.

Suddenly, a shrill noise erupted from the small desk set up in the tent. Lance’s phone. It was ringing for the fourth time in five minutes. Lance knew who was ringing. It was the league. Again. The Dragon master sighed, and sat up. He knew they would have put Karen in command in his place; therefore she would be the one on the phone. And Karen never gave up when it came to getting in contact with people. It was if she knew he was there ignoring her. Lance staggered over to the desk, and pushed the ‘answer’ button on the silver device.

“LANCE!!” was the first thing the Champion heard, forcing him to hold the phone away from his ear as Karen’s furious voice erupted from the speaker.


Once Karen’s tirade had finished, Lance placed the device back on his ear.

“Sorry. I was out.” He replied quietly. Karen sighed.

“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have been yelling. I’m just so stressed! Remind me to never accept any offers to be Champion if you retire! It’s so hard, all this battling and paperwork. I’m quite happy as Fourth Elite, thankyou very much. So, updates on the situation? What’s happened? The press aren’t allowed to enter the area, so we are completely in the dark. So what’s happened?”

Lance paused, the phone still held to his ear. He tried to make the words come out of his throat, but for some reason no sound would emit from his mouth.

“…Lance? Are you there? Hello? Are you going to answer?”

The Dragon Master swallowed, and plastered a false layer of confidence over his voice.

“Here? Oh, everything’s fine, fine! Totally under control! We’re really on top of the situation. We’ll have these stupid pokemon out of that tower and into the DPCC before you can say ‘Champion’!”

“The Dangerous Pokemon Correction Centre? You’re confident.”

“Well, you know what they say!”

“No, what do they say?”

“…I don’t know. I hoped you would fill that gap.”

“What’s wrong Lance?”


“What’s wrong? You are not being yourself. Something has happened.”

“Nothing has happened Karen!”

“Lance, I’ve known you for nearly four years now. You’re like a brother to me. I can tell when you are upset. So what has truly happened?”

Lance sighed, annoyed at Karen’s maddening ability to tell when he was being untruthful. Yet he felt strangely relieved.

“Can you going to tell me? Please?”

The Dragon Master paused, thinking. Then, with a sigh, he related the story of the battle with the rebel pokemon. Without leaving anything out.

“…and then she ran off.” Lance finished. “And there’s a big storm here. I’m worried about her.”

“I understand your concern. However, your main priority should be on the radio tower and those pokemon. Whitney is not a child; she can take care of herself. So what happened to the pokemon once you left?”

“No idea I’m afraid. We had to go before they didn’t anymore damage to us. I told you about…about what that Linoone did to my Aerodactyl.”

“I’m sorry Lance.”

“Thing’s happen.”

“That’s the spirit. Anyway, I don’t think you should feel guilty about shooting those pokemon.”

“…you don’t?”

“No, I don’t. It was justified. If Whitney cannot see that, then it is her problem. Oh crap, I have to go. Koga’s just lost to a challenger and I need to be ready in case he or she gets any higher up. Good luck with the rest of those pokemon. I know you can do it.”

“Thanks Karen.”

“No problem.” And with that, Karen hung up.

Lance pressed the red End Call button on his phone, and placed the small device in his pocket. He ran his fingers absently through his spiky red hair, and peeked outside his tent. The rain was still pounding down with a vengeance, the droplets exploding on contact with the ground and spraying their contents everywhere. The thunder crashed around the sky like a vicious beast roaring its fury. The lightning flashed everywhere, illuminating the sky. The fury of the Storm Beast. The monster shrieked and howled, rampaging through the sky and the clouds.

Numanjya watched the storm with concerned eyes.

“Raikou is angry.” She said softly. The myths of the Thunder Legendaries controlling storms were popular with Psychic and more philosophical pokemon. The Chansey was one of these. She bowed her head, and prayed for the rage of the legendaries to calm by morning.

The pokemon were preparing to go to sleep. They gathered on the second floor, nervous, sad, pessimistic…all kinds of emotions and personalities spurred by the events of the day. But perhaps the next day would bring different circumstances.

The night drifted on. And so did the storm. As the forces of both pokemon and human slept, the storm continued its fury. The thunder screamed its challenge to all who dwelled on the Earth. But the lightning was more subtle than the thunder. It danced around the sky, teasing and shimmering, dangerous yet beautiful. Its brilliant flashes of light stabbed through the darkness the storm clouds brought to the land. The lightning wanted to play. It saw a potential playmate. With a burst of energy, the bolt streaked across the sky and slammed into the power line reaching into the sky. The wires sparked and sizzled, sending sparks flying everywhere. The electricity flowed through the cables and into the inner workings of the radio tower to which they were connected. The energy blasted through the delicate wiring, frying everything in its path and rendering the lights useless.

But the pokemon slept on. No sentries were awake to witness the violent flashing of the lights of the tower, for their fatigue from the battle made their eyelids heavy and their limbs weak. They were perfect targets for the bonds of slumber.

The lightning flowed down the circuits and to the circuit box hidden away in a corner of the bottom floor of the tower. The intense energy, heat mightier than the sun itself, surged into the metal box, making it explode and shower sparks everywhere. The sparks flew around the room, and landed on a pile of broken desks. The sparks fed on the wood, and grew from sparks into embers.

And from embers into flames.

The pokemon of the tower slept on, oblivious to the calming storm. Their dreams were untroubled. Peace reigned that night.

But the fire grew.

Oh dear. That can't be good now, can it?



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