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The Pokemon Rebellion


keep battling on!
Do you believe all pokemon love humans? That they all would like a trainer? That they all like to be battlers? Or contest pokemon?

Think again.

What happens when one pokemon has had enough?

This is the Pokemon Rebellion.

To anyone contemplating reading this story: (edited 27/09/06)
It's been more than a year since I started this fic, and I have to say, I didn't think that it would get the attention it has. The little idea I had in my head has blossomed into a fic with over twenty chapters. Now, that may not seem like much for the more prolific writers out there, but to me, that's an amazing effort. Later, I intend to go back and perfect the earlier chapters of the fic, but for now, I hope you enjoy reading the story that I spent so much of my time on. And if you like it, leave me a note. I'm always happy to hear from anyone who sampled this, whether you enjoyed it or not. :)


And to think, it all started with a small pokemon with big ideas.

Larmo was small for a Linoone. Runty, and seemingly undeveloped. Too small and weak to be a decent battler, and not perfect enough to be a contest pokemon. He was the property of a trainer named Alex. A stupid young fool, in Larmo’s opinion. Too ignorant and cruel to be a good pokemon trainer.

How Larmo loathed him. He was still in denial at how an inexperienced idiot managed to catch him, without any real effort on his part. All he did was throw a ball. The Linoone had been injured after a gloom attacked him, and left him paralysed. If he had been on full health, Larmo constantly thought, his angry thoughts boiling around his troubled mind, then this ingrate would have had no chance of capturing him. Not with his two brain dead pokemon.

Alex’s other pokemon, and Larmo’s only companions, were a Geodude and a Mudkip. Rocky and Muddy. Oh, the originality. Rocky was as dense as the rocks he threw, and Muddy was afraid of his own shadow. Larmo did not bother with them. They didn’t make much intelligent conversation.

Alex, the fool, actually had the nerve to nickname him. Linny. Linny the Linoone. Just the mention of the moronic name infuriated Larmo. He flatly refused to respond to anyone, including his trainer, who called him by the ridiculous name. He would rather be called anything than that ludicrous word.

Larmo’s trainer believed that the Linoone had ‘issues’. For one thing, he would not listen to a word the boy said. For good reason. A little piece of metal that some other stupid trainer gave him is no reason to obey the idiot. The poor gym leader must have been drunk. Or felt sorry for the pathetic fool. Alex would threaten to put Larmo into the PC if the pokemon continued to disobey him. But Larmo knew he wouldn’t. Alex needed him.

But perhaps Larmo could have endured Alex, the name and the idiotic companions if it hadn’t been for one thing. His pokeball. Larmo’s hatred for the demonic devices surpassed anything he felt for Alex. Forcing pokemon into these small, confined places to store them for the next battle, like sports equipment, was barbaric! Larmo was sure he was developing severe claustrophobia from all the bouts in the devilish human contraption. It made him go into a panic. And Alex knew it.

Oh, how Larmo wanted to be free from the fool. Every time that Alex took him to a pokemon centre to see the nurse, he tried to portray to her how bad his trainer was. But everyone always believed it was his fault. That he was the bad pokemon, who refused to listen. Larmo felt like the world was against him. So he would be against the world. The human world, that is.

He would escape. Get free from his cruel trainer. Forever. Then he would get his revenge on Alex, and all the humans who had treated him badly. He would raise pokemon followers, pokemon who agreed with his views. The humans would pay for what they had done.

Oh how they would pay.


“You were lucky. He missed your eyes. He did a bit of damage though. But these should heal. The scarring does not go too deep. But you do need quite a few stitches to repair this.”

The boy groaned in pain. That psychotic Linoone! It needed serious help. Attacking him like that. He didn’t even know the damn thing could use Slash. Stupid pokemon.

“So you say your Linoone attacked you? Unprovoked?”

Alex nodded.

“Terrible. I’ve called the police station. They’ve got Growlithe’s looking for it. Does it have any distinguishing features?”

The boy shook his head. “It looks like any old Linoone. Kinda runty. Will I be permanently scarred?”

The nurse attending to him shrugged. “It’s impossible to tell at the moment. I don’t think so, but by the look of these scratches we can’t rule it out.”

Alex moaned and slumped. Damn that cursed pokemon. He wished the Growlithe’s would find it and kill it.

The nurse finished numbing his face. She took out a special sowing needle.

Alex gritted his teeth. He hated needles in all shapes and sizes. That Linoone would pay!!

“Look at me,
it really was not easy, but I can breath
And I’m so grateful ‘cause I can see
I am free, to do exactly what I please
So come with me, to a place where we can be.”

Larmo lay panting under a tree. An insane feeling of triumph flooded his body. He got away. His ex-trainers blood was still on his claws. Three clean slashes. Right across his stupid face. Larmo chuckled at the look of shock that had been plastered on Alex’s features as he leapt at him. Serves him right.

Suddenly, Larmo heard howling. He sprang up. That was a Growlithe! They were after him! His trainer must have told the police. That snitching little creep. Larmo forced his tired body upright. He had to flee. If they caught him, he would classified as dangerous and would be put to death. Just as he started his run, he collided with a pokemon going in the opposite direction.

“Watch where you are going, fool!” Larmo growled angrily.

“Sorry, but I have to run! The humans are coming! I have to get away!” The pokemon he had collided with appeared to be a young Mightyena.

“You are running from the humans?” The Linoone enquired.

The Mightyena nodded, sweat gleaming in his coat. “They want to catch me and my pack.”

“The police want to?”

“No, the others! The ones from the Safari Zone!”

“The what-?”

Without replying, the Mightyena dragged Larmo under a bush. A loud crashing noise erupted from the forest in front of them.

“Where’d it go?” said an angry voice. The Mightyena had Larmo’s face crushed into the ground, so he could only see a pair of bright red sport shoes.

“I dunno. Who cares, lets go back to the Safari Zone. The pokemon are easier to catch.” replied a second pair of shoes. The two trainers strode off.

The Mightyena got off Larmo. “Sorry friend. But I didn’t want to be captured. Are you alright?”

Larmo glared at the friendly wolf-like pokemon. “I’ll survive. Where were they going?”

The Mightyena looked fearful. “The Safari Zone. It’s a pokemon reserve where trainers pay money to have a shot at catching the pokemon inside. It scares me.”

Larmo’s blue eyes narrowed. More examples of human cruelty. Another reason for revenge.

The young Mightyena interrupted his thoughts. “I’m Kenda, by the way. What’s your name?”

“Larmo, but I don’t have time for-”

“That’s an interesting name. So, why are you running from the cops?”

“I believe that’s none of your business.”

“Aw come on, I told you why I was running!”

Larmo glared at him. “I killed a Mightyena. Savagely.”

Instead of looking horrified, Kenda seemed encouraged by his response. “Really? Whoa. You’re psycho! But you’re lying.”

The Linoone blinked. “Excuse me?”

The Mightyena beamed at him. “You’re lying. I can tell when pokemon lie. They blink heaps, and flick their eyes around. You’re lying.”

Larmo stared at the pokemon, speechless.

“So why are you running?”

Another howl rang out. The Growlithe were getting closer.

“I don’t have time for this! I have to get away!”

“If you tell me why you’re running, I’ll hide you from the Growlithe!” said Kenda.

Larmo stared fiercely at the Mightyena for a second. He seemed sincere. “Fine. If you must know, I’m running because I attacked my trainer. Happy?”

For some reason, Kenda took a terrified step back. “You’re a trainers pokemon?”

“I was, but I got away. I’m a free pokemon now. Like you!”

Kenda gave him another frightened look. “But I thought all trainers pokemon were mean and liked attacking wild pokemon because they believed they were better than them!”

“That’s untrue. They are just like you. It’s their trainers that make them like that. Now, what were you saying about hiding me?”

Kenda turned and led Larmo into the forest. They wound their way down a complex path through the trees. Finally, the Mightyena stopped at a large, rotting hollow log in a small clearing.

“In here is the best place to hide. It will disguise your scent, and shield you from view.”

Larmo twitched. “Is this the best you can do? It’s disgusting.”

Loud barking sounded from the trees near them. The Linoone dived into the log, followed by the Mightyena. Through a hole in the log, Larmo watched the clearing. Three Growlithe’s emerged from the trees, followed by two officers.

“Are you sure it went this way?” the male officer asked the Growlithe, who were running around, looking very confused.

The female officer held her nose in disgust. “Ugh, can we leave? That log stinks, and there’s no sign of the Linoone.”

The man had one last suspicious glance around the clearing, then shrugged and followed his partner into the trees. Larmo waited a full five minutes before emerging from the log.

“Well now, that was close huh?” asked Kenda, shaking rot out of his fur. Larmo growled angrily as it splattered him.

“Oops, sorry Larmo!” the Mightyena said sheepishly.

Larmo snorted in disgust. At least he was free from the police. For now. He turned his attentions back to his new companion.

“I believe we finished our last discussion on a rather hurried note. Did you say you fear trained pokemon?”

Kenda nodded, his bright amber eyes clouding at the recall of some painful memory. He showed Larmo his paw.

“See that scar? A trainer’s pokemon did that to me. Another Mightyena too. Bit me. Hard. I only just got away.”

Larmo watched Kenda. The Mightyena’s voice had gone blank and lifeless.

“But that wasn’t the worst part. I tried to beg the pokemon to stop, but he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. He did everything his trainer told him too. It was like I didn’t know him anymore…” Kenda’s voice suddenly sounded choked, and his eyes went shiny.

Larmo raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t know him anymore? What do you mean by that?”

“My own brother!” sobbed Kenda. “My older brother! He would never attack me, never! But he did. The trainer made him. My poor brother…I haven't seen him for months...I fear I will never see him again.” The Mightyena bowed his shaggy head, his shoulder’s racked with sobs.

Larmo was used to human cruelty, but for some reason watching the happy-go-lucky Mightyena broken down into this weeping mess angered him more than anything else beforehand.
“Do you want revenge, Kenda?” he asked quietly. The Mightyena looked up, tears dripping from his chin. It was the first time the Linoone had used his name.

“I dunno…what can I do? I can’t free him.” he said sadly. Larmo had a strange gleam in his eye.

“Yes you can. I freed myself. We can free all of the pokemon held captive by trainers. But I need your help.”

Kenda looked confused, but enlightened. “Okay. Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. If I can’t help my brother, I’ll help other pokemon in his situation.”

For the first time in weeks, Larmo’s face broke into a grin. A dangerous grin. Finally, a chance to do something.

“You say you have a pack?”

Kenda nodded.

“How many?”

“‘Bout twenty. Twenty-five max.”

“Excellent. Now where was the Safari Zone place?” A plan was forming in the Linoone’s mind.

“That way.” The Mightyena indicated left.

Larmo nodded, then walked off.

“Hey! Wait! Where are you going?” cried Kenda

“To begin a new era.” the Linoone replied. The Mightyena dashed after him, still extremely confused, but curious.

Please Read and Review. REVIEW. I like reviews. I accept Creative Critisism.
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ah,this sounds framiliay ^_^ I like, I don't find many rebellion stories here, with the exception of one and I happen to know the auther, he's a dashing young man *cough me caugh*. Cept is about mimes though. ^_^

I like where its going, and I do hope you continue, it was quite a read, I really didn't see anything wrong, the decription was lovely. So please continue.

As always, be kind to the mime.


keep battling on!
Yayness!! Glad u liked it.

Please people, If u are gunna read it PLEASE gimme a review!!!

Chap 2 in construction.


keep battling on!
Phew. Okay, here's chapter Two. PLease R,R and R (Read, review and Rate!!)


Larmo’s eyes glinted menacingly as he surveyed the office of the Safari Zone from a hill. Kenda was panting behind him. The Linoone had shot through the heavy underbrush like a warm knife through butter. The Mightyena had trouble keeping up with him.

“So this is the famous Safari Zone…” hissed Larmo.

“Yup. *pant* That’s *pant* the one, *pant*.” gasped Kenda.

Larmo’s lips drew back into a vicious snarl as he watched a trainer hurl a rock at a frightened Doduo. The poor bird fled as fast as it could, its feathery brown fur blossoming red where it had been hit.

“Monster…” the Linoone spat.

Kenda looked at his friend fearfully. “What are you gunna do?”

Larmo closed his bright blue eyes. “I can’t do anything alone. I need your help Kenda. Find your pack. Bring them here. I’m going to do a bit more exploring of this…interesting establishment.”

The young Mightyena nodded, regained his breath, and dashed off into the trees. Larmo however, crawled down the hill, making sure he wasn’t seen. He approached the window of the entrance building and peered inside.

“…Yeah, so it’s a Linoone. Attacked his trainer. If you see it, please call the Lilycove PD. He’s dangerous. Don’t want pokemon like that on the loose. Got that? A Linoone.”

The teenager the police officer was addressing scratched his head. “Right. A Linoone. Does it like, have a name or something?”

The Policeman shuffled the paperwork he was carrying. “I believe the name was…Linny.”

The teen snorted. “Linny. Oh my god. What noob calls a Linoone Linny?”

Larmo had a smile, in spite of himself. At least all humans weren’t complete idiots.

The police Officer frowned. “It’s the trainer’s choice what his or her pokemon’s name will be. That right should be respected.”

The teenager sneered. “Whatever dude. I’ll look out for Linny. How dangerous can he be?”

The Policeman raised an eyebrow, his frown deepening. “You can ask his trainer in the Lilycove Hospital. He’s having seventy-nine stitches on his face. Good day.” The Police Officer turned and walked off, leaving the teenager with his jaw open.

Larmo smirked, and continued to sneak around the back of the building, hoping to find an entrance to the grounds. He snarled as he saw how strong the fences looked. Designed so no pokemon could get out. Or get in. But he would find a way.

A howl rang out. Larmo smiled. Kenda had succeeded in locating his pack, surprisingly quickly. Interesting. The Linoone examined the fence thoroughly. It was made of steel, and was about…four, maybe four and a half metres high. His claws did nothing to it. Neither did Headbutt. Larmo frowned. This was going to be harder than he thought…

Suddenly, Kenda’s pack burst out of the undergrowth and sped up to the fence, barking and howling. There was about twenty of them. And they were making a lot of noise. Too much noise.

“Shut them up!!” hissed Larmo to Kenda. “Do you want us to get caught?!”

Kenda quickly shushed his rowdy pack, giving Larmo a chance to look at them properly. Big and small, strong and meek, they were a pack of run-of-the-mill Mightyena’s. Nothing spectacular. But they would do.

Now Larmo had to address the problem of getting inside. He quickly flicked his eyes around the perimeter. A branch from a berry tree reached out near the fence. If it supported his weight, he should be able to leap across…as long as he made it fully over the fence and didn’t land on the large spikes lining the top.

“I don’t think this is wise Larmo!” said Kenda nervously, as Larmo climbed the tree, gouging hand holds with his large claws.

“Do not worry Kenda,” The Linoone replied distractedly, bark falling off the tree as he fought his way to the branch. “Risks have to be taken if we want true freedom, right?”

“Right…” Kenda said, but his voice was filled with fear for his friend. If he didn’t clear the fence, he would be skewered like a piece of meat on a kebab stick. Larmo had reached the branch, and sat on the thicker part.

“You know the plan?” he called to the Mightyena below. Kenda nodded.

“Yeah. You jump over and open the gate. We sneak in. After that you’ve lost me.”

“I’ll tell you the rest once I open the gate.” Larmo said, bracing himself for the jump.

Kenda bit his lip as the Linoone moved back along the branch. Larmo began to sprint forward. Kenda snapped his eyes shut, not wanting to look.

Larmo dashed as fast as he could along the branch, his claws slipping slightly on the bark. The branch sunk forward with his weight. He pushed himself furiously off the end, the branch bouncing slightly. Larmo flew through the air…towards the spikes. His eyes widened in horror.

The Mightyena howled in shock. Kenda flicked his eyes open.

“Larmo!!” he shrieked.

Larmo’s eyes were wide with shock, but then he gave a snarl. A fence was NOT going to stop him! His eye’s turned to slits in focus, and he twisted his body in mid-air, flicking himself over the spikes and into the Safari Zone.

Kenda breathed a sigh of relief. It had all happened in a split second, but it felt like an hour.

Larmo rolled down the hill the fence was mounted on. He came to an ungraceful halt in a large puddle. A sharp pain flew down his back. He spat out water, shaking mud out of his fur. Gasping, he looked around him. Thick grass peppered the area. Nearby pokemon stared at him curiously. Larmo slipped down into the grass, crawling back to the fence.

“Kenda!” he hissed. “Are you there?”

The Mightyena’s frightened voice drifted through the tiny hole Larmo had found. “Yes. Are you alright?”

Larmo looked at his torso. A large red gash was evident on Larmo’s neck. The fence nearly had him. Larmo winced as pain shot through his neck.

“Never better.” came the grim response. That would heal. He hoped. But he would have a scar. Humph. Alex was a wuss. These didn’t hurt much. The idiot had screamed his head off when he attacked him. Weakling.

“Can you get the gate open Larmo?” Kenda’s worried voice snapped Larmo back to reality. He turned his gaze to the bolt on the only gate. It was up high. He jumped for it. And missed.

“’Ain’t gunna get it open that way, sonny.” a gruff voice said.

Larmo spun around, claws at the ready to attack the speaker. An old Rhyhorn stood looking at him, his brown eyes showing no traces of fear or shock as they locked with Larmo’s. His gaze was strangely powerful, and Larmo was forced to turn his gaze to the bolt again.

“And I suppose you know how to get it open?” snarled Larmo. The Rhyhorn smiled.

“Lord knows I haven’t tried. It’s designed for human hands, kid, you ain’t gunna get anywhere leaping up and down like a demented Spoink.”

Larmo blushed furiously at the thinly masked insult, and bared his teeth at the elderly pokemon.

“I can’t see any other way, unless you have a suggestion, old one?” he snapped.

“The names Nero, and less of the ‘old one’ young one. Why are you trying to get that open?”

Larmo gave Nero a snarl. “I’m trying to let my friends in, so we can let everyone out.”

Nero gazed at him again. “You’re that Linoone they’re looking for.”

Larmo stared at the Rhyhorn. “How did you know that?”

“Because I can see it in your eyes. You got a lot of hatred kid. It reflects in your stare. A harsh desire to be in control, and anger when you lose it. Besides, not many Linoone’s, or pokemon for that matter, decide to leap into the Safari Zone. Not very wise, unless you’re sick of freedom.”

Larmo narrowed his eyes. “I will never be sick of freedom.”

Nero nodded, his eyes clouding. “I know kid. I know. I wish I could feel it. I don’t mean this crude copy of freedom, living inside a fence. I mean the freedom where the world is your oyster, where no destination is too far away. I want to go where the birds fly every winter, where the sun never stops shining. Where the breeze flows in from the sea, and the clouds make shadows on the ground. I want to go to a place where trainers can’t chase you. A place where you could keep running and not worry about hitting a barrier. True freedom.”

Larmo was amazed at the Rhyhorn’s speech. The old pokemon looked at the sky.

“You can’t appreciate how much you have till it’s gone kid. Till it’s not there anymore. Do you know how I feel, kid?”

“Yes. I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I’m going to change it.”

Nero flicked his mysterious gaze back to Larmo. “You? You’re going to change the world, are you?”

“Why is that so unbelievable?” Larmo snarled. “I CAN do it!! But not on my own. I need help. That’s why I’m trying to get this gate open. My helpers are outside, and I can’t get them in.”

Nero sighed. “You may as well get used to life here, kid. Once you come in, you ain’t going out.”

Larmo’s eyes regained their vicious gleam. “Watch me.”

“Louder!!” yelled the Linoone. “Harder!! We’re supposed to be gaining their attention!!”

Kenda and his pack of Mightyena’s slammed their heads against the fence. Violent banging’s erupted from behind.

“Come on!! A Whismur would have trouble hearing that!!” Larmo roared.

Nero looked at the Linoone. “I keep telling ya kid, that fence ain’t gunna budge! Lord knows I’ve tried to break it down.”

“Who said I was trying to break it down?” Larmo asked innocently. “LOUDER!!”

The Mightyena hurled themselves against the steel gate, snarling and growling. But nothing happened.

“This isn’t working,” Larmo grumbled. “Cover your ears!” he yelled to the Mightyena. “You too old one.” he added to Nero. Then Larmo took a deep breath, threw his head back and Screeched. The sound bellowed across the Safari Zone.

“What the bloody hell is THAT!?” yelled the teen attendant, trying in vain to block out the piercing sound.

“I dunno!!” screamed the other attendant. “Go look!!”

The teen emerged out of the main building. Larmo stopped his screeching.

The Mightyena continued slamming against the fence. Larmo dragged Nero into the Long grass. The teen attendant strode up to the gate.

“What the hell?” he said angrily. He unclipped a Pokeball from his belt and released an Abra. Then he slowly reached up for the bolt. The slamming didn’t stop. He unlocked the gate…

…and was slammed by twenty Mightyena, who knocked him unconscious. Three leapt at the Abra.

“NO!” yelled Larmo. “Do not attack her! She might want to join us.”

The Abra was terrified. Teeth completely surrounded her. Larmo strode up to the frightened pokemon.

“We have knocked your trainer senseless. What are you feelings on that? Do you like him?”

“Wh…what have you done to Jacob?” she gasped. “He’s not moving!”

Larmo nodded to Kenda, who signalled his Mightyena. They started to snarl loudly. The Linoone smiled.

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me. Do you like your trainer or not?!”

The Abra shook with fright, too paralysed with fear to think straight, or think of Teleporting. “Why did you attack my poor trainer?!” she whimpered.

Larmo sighed. “Faint her.” he said simply.

In two Bites, the ditzy Abra was fainted. They placed her gently next to her trainer under a bush.

“I didn’t want to have to do that…” said Larmo sadly. “Any pokemon is a brother or sister. But we can’t risk her revealing us.”

Kenda nodded agreement. “Nice job Larmo. I knew you’d get in!!”

Larmo turned to Nero, who was blankly staring at the open gate. Larmo smiled.

“There you go Nero. Freedom awaits you, friend.” The old Rhyhorn turned to look at Larmo, his deep brown eyes bearing into Larmo’s blue ones.

“I…I can’t believe it…my entire life spent trying to get through that gate…and you blast in here, and do it in five minutes…you’re something kid. You really are something. You know…about that changing the world…I think you can do it. I really do. That’s why I want to help.”

“Help?” asked Larmo stupidly.

Nero gave a grim smile. “You said you need help to achieve what you want. Well, I’m offering. What do you say?”

It took Larmo ten seconds to digest the old Rhyhorn’s words. Then he grinned at him.

“You’re in…old one.” he said with a smirk.

Nero returned the grin. “There’s just one thing I want to make clear.”

“What’s that?”


Well there we go. Now it's up to you. - ;157;
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Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
This is amazing!
This is an entirely new perspective I was not aware of. I hope the Pokemon win. Dumb humans.
The Wailord of Approval
For Brilliant and Enlightening perspective.
;254; ;254; ;254; ;254; ;254;


Woo hoo! Pokemon Rebels! Hehe. Love the way pokemon are superior over humans. I mean, that's supposed to be the way it is, pokemon have powers, trainers don't...


Hug a penguin!
Fwue! Pokemon rebellions!

This puts an entirely new point of view on pokemon, and gives the entire world a new light. Instead of blobs of pixels who obey you, you actually see their other side.


EDIT: Oh, and you can make them go to the Casino, now that I realize it. Yes indeedy, it is a perfect site for pokemon abuse...
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Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
Now i'm sad for some reason. . . . . . . . . . .. . .. .


keep battling on!
Oops, did it make you sad. That's weird. I didn't know I made it sad. Oh well. Chapter Three is coming soon guys, just gimme time. This is harder to write than PokeTalk. It's more serious.

- ;157;


keep battling on!
Okay...here it is. The third installment of the Pokemon Rebellion. Hope everyone likes it. It was pretty hard to write, but I know exactly what I'm gunna write next.


With a heavy rock propped up against the gate, the squad of revolutionee’s crept through the Safari Zone, Nero leading them.

“I need a place, Nero. A place where I can get the attention of every pokemon in the park. Do you know one?”

The old Rhyhorn had nodded wordlessly, and now they were on their way to his ‘spot’. Kenda was walking beside Larmo.

“I have a question for you, Kenda.” the Linoone stated. Kenda turned, surprised.

“Ask away.”

“I have examined your pack. Many of the others are bigger and older than you. How on earth did you become Leader at your age?”

Kenda lowered his head. “Well…my brother was Leader before me. When he was…you know…I inherited the pack. No-one challenged my claim. I think they were in shock.”

“Ah. I understand now.” Larmo said. Kenda still looked downcast. “Your brother would be proud of you, my friend.” Kenda gave the Linoone a weak smile.

“Quiet!” hissed Nero. “Trainers!!”

The group got low. Despite being a large group, the Mightyena had excellent camouflage abilities. The trainers passed, talking loudly about a contest.

“It’s safe now. Come on."

The odd group continued their march through the park. They reached a cliff. Nero flicked his head towards it.

“Up here is the highest point in the park. If you want attention, you’ll get it up here.” Larmo nodded. Nero pushed away some bushes, revealing a tunnel.

“This is the quickest way up. Follow me.” Nero crawled into the tunnel. Larmo followed. Kenda waited while all the Mightyena squirmed their way into the tunnel.

The passageway was hot and airless. It was impossible to see, so Larmo was forced to use touch as his main sense. He could hear the howls of frightened Mightyena’s, and Kenda trying to shush them.
Larmo glimpsed a light at the end of the tunnel. Nero exited, and the Linoone followed him. He was surprised that the light did not hurt his eyes.

“Night is falling.” Nero stated. “I believe that we should wait until morning before we contact any of the pokemon inhabitants.”

This did not bode well with Larmo. “What? Wait? Are you serious?”

“Night is the only time the pokemon of the Safari Zone can truly relax their guard!” Nero growled. “They will not appreciate you waking them up!”

Kenda pulled himself out of the tunnel, and shook dust out of him fur. “Nero’s right Larmo.” he said. “The pokemon here will be more likely to listen once they’ve had a good night’s sleep. Plus, the Mightyena are tired. Let them rest.”

Larmo looked around. Half the dark pokemon were already snoring. He gave a low snarl.

“Fine. We’ll wait till morning. But I want a sentry!”

“No problem!” said Kenda. He gave a short bark. A tired Mightyena dragged himself over.

“You called, chief?” he asked.

“I need you to go sentry.” Kenda said.

“Uh huh.” The Mightyena gave an enormous yawn.

“Erm, are you sure that’s a good choice?” Larmo asked. “What about her?” He pointed to a crafty looking Mightyena, who seemed very awake, and was flicking her eyes around the area.

“Oh. Yeah. You’re right. Go and sleep, Ribya. Hey Flana! You’re sentry!”

The sneaky looking Mightyena nodded, and laid down, resting her head on her paws, her bright eyes gleaming in the darkness.

“Good choice Larmo.” Kenda said blankly. “I’ll never be good at this leader thing…”

“Don’t worry Kenda. You’ll learn.” Larmo said. “With Age comes Wisdom.”

“But you’re not much older than me.” Kenda said with a frown. “How can you be so good at this?”

“I don’t know my friend. Sleep now. Tomorrow is a big day for us.” Kenda nodded sleepily, and laid down his head. Larmo walked over to where Nero was sitting.

“The stars are bright tonight kid.” the Rhyhorn said gruffly. “It’s a sign. I know it. We can do this. You can do this.”

Larmo smiled. “Oh, we will. We will. Sleep now.” Nero shook his head.

“You go and sleep. Lord knows you need it. I need to think.”

Larmo nodded, and walked over to a bare patch. He gave the stars one last glance and settled down into his first sleep as a free pokemon.

Larmo awoke to the sounds of his stomach. He was hungry. Very hungry. And thirsty. He wiped his bleary eyes, and stood up. A few Mightyena were walking around. The rest were sleeping.

'I need food', he thought. He crawled towards the tunnel, tripped over a rock and fell into it, rolling down yelling in fury. He landed at the bottom with a thud. Rubbing his head angrily, he looked around for a spring.

“There’s one.” he grumbled to himself. He staggered over to the pond and shoved his head inside to clear his eyes. When he pulled his head out, he noticed the guard Mightyena, Flana, sipping the water.

“Good morning Linoone. I trust you slept well?” she said, without raising her eyes.

Larmo looked at the Mightyena warily. “Yes I did, thankyou. Did you get any sleep yourself?” He turned to drink the water.

Flana watched him. “I woke one of my pack a few hours ago. I have the strange ability to operate on just three or four hours of sleep per night.”

Larmo finished drinking and rose to his full height. “Do you know where to get any food around here?”

Flana pointed with one deep black paw. “Over that way is a small shrove of berry trees. I know you are carnivorous, as am I, but I believe eating the inhabitants here will make them less likely to join us.” She then turned and walked back towards the tunnel.

Larmo watched her go, then walked towards the berry grove. A group of Pecha trees were laden with berries. Larmo ate his fill and then headed back to the tunnel.

When he reached the top, all the Mightyena were awake. Flana was pointing out the pond and the grove for the hungry ones. Larmo walked towards Nero.

“Now is the time to spread the word.”

The old Rhyhorn nodded. “Yes. This is the ideal time. Send the Mightyena to assemble as many pokemon as they can. I will also go. Give us twenty minutes.” He gathered the Mightyena who had eaten, and they all descended down the tunnel, apart from Kenda.

“Now we just have to wait.” he said, resting his shaggy head on his black paws. Larmo scanned the park, then waited.

“Did you hear? A Linoone wants to talk to us…”

“Something about freedom!”

“They said this Larmo guy’ll get us out of here!”

Rumours spread through the park like wildfire. Pokemon made their way towards the low cliff. Curious ones, pessimistic ones, hopeful ones, they all headed in the same direction. Pokemon of all shapes and sizes, of all types, they walked to the cliff.

Larmo watched the pokemon gather at the base of the cliff. His eyes narrowed. Would they want to go with him? Would they be inspired by his talk?

“It’s time.” Nero said, beckoning to Larmo. “They are waiting.”

The pokemon watched the Linoone stand on the end of the cliff. He looked down on them.

“My friends,” he shouted. “You have been told that I will bring you freedom from this place. That I will make sure a human NEVER approaches you again, or hurls rocks at you. I cannot guarantee that all humans will stay away. What I can guarantee is that the freedom I am offering you will change your lives forever.”

“I was once a captured pokemon. I was the prisoner of a cruel and heartless human. But I freed myself!!” Larmo roared. The pokemon continued to watch him, murmurs spreading through the crowd. “No pokemon is the tool of a human!! We are NOT machines made for battling!! We are living creatures!! We deserve to live the way we choose!! Not the way a human decides we should!!”

There was a definite increase in murmuring when Larmo shouted the last few sentences. The pokemon started to get angry. Many nodded after each sentence of Larmo’s speech. Others raised their arms, yelling “We aren’t tools!! We’re living creatures!”

“How many family members and friends have you lost to the trainers who prowl this godforsaken park? Well, you will lose no more! Come with me! Together, we are strong! We can make a difference to our lives!! No more shall we live in fear of capture!! No more shall we be forced to fight our brothers and sisters!! No longer shall we be the pawns of humans!! We are all the same! All pokemon are equal!! No pokemon shall be left behind!! WE WILL ALL BE FREE!!” roared Larmo. The pokemon standing below him sent up a massive cheer.

“FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM!!!” they chanted. Larmo started to laugh. He laughed in victory. He threw back his head and howled his triumph to the skies. Kenda and his Mightyena joined in. Nero gave a grim smile.

The pokemon were in frenzy. Larmo knew he had broken through. He had done it.

They got it comin'
They got it comin'
Been a long time since I saw my own mind
And show them to the world cuz I knew they make it shine
I was moving in the shadows, always looking at the past
Til I turned around and knew my troubles wouldn't last

I, dancing and I'm feeling fine
Been so long I don't know why
Turn up the light
This is my time, this is my time

My Time-Dutch

“LARMO, LARMO, FREEDOM, FREEDOM!” continued the pokemon.


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Great Story!

I just read your story and I love the idea you have. Pokemon should have a choice on how to live their lives. I can't wait until the next chapter.
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Reviweing as requested. I really like it. It makes me think of what a Pokemon would feel like if it was being a slave...


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I'm glad everyone likes it.

This fic is not meant to be happy. It's actually quite dark. Reviews make me happy though!! ^_^

Here's Chapter Four of my epic (i like callin it dat. Cool huh?)


One day later, Goldenrod City, Johto Region


The alarm pounded into Samuel’s skull, forcing him to wake. He rubbed his tired eyes, his arm clawing at the Totodile Radio clock, trying in vain to find the snooze button. Next to his bed, in a pile of blankets, his Teddiursa, Rhapsody, awoke.

“Switch it off!” she groaned. “I’m trying to catch some Z’s!”

Samuel forced himself to sit up, and tossed off his blankets. He tapped the snooze button on the Totodile’s head, and looked at the digital clock in its mouth. 4:45am. Brilliant.

“Come on Rhap,” he said, kicking the Teddiursa lightly. “You promised to help me with my paper round!”

The honey coloured pokemon opened her eyes, and stared at him rebelliously. “You never told me it was at 5:00 am!! Otherwise I never would have promised to help you at all!”

Samuel pulled on a red shirt, and picked up his pokegear, strapping it to the jeans he had slept in. He opened his bedroom door and walked into the kitchen. His older brother Darren was snoring in front of the TV, which was loudly advertising a new type of Pokemon soap. Samuel sighed, and switched it off. He tiptoed into his mother’s bedroom. The bed hadn’t been slept in. No surprise. She would stagger in, about sixish, after an all night drinking binge.

Rhapsody had dragged herself into the kitchen, and was sleepily trying to open a can of Pokemon food. Samuel took it off her.

“Breakfast after paper round.” he said firmly. She glared at him.

“You suck.” she said simply.

Samuel smiled in spite of himself, and grabbed his keys from the kitchen counter. Rhapsody followed him outside, grumbling.

Taking a deep breath of the morning air, he flicked through his keys, searching for the one that would unlock his bike. Rhapsody shoved a pile of papers, delivered the night before, into the basket, and climbed onto it. Samuel twisted the key into the rusty padlock, and the lock clicked open. Wheeling the bike out, the pair headed down the street.

“Did you lock the door?” asked Rhapsody, tossing a newspaper at one house.

“I left it open for mum.” Samuel replied. Rhapsody sighed.

“Why do you put up with that Sam?” she asked. “Why can’t we just leave?” The Teddiursa hurled another paper, which hit the door of the receiving house quite hard.

“You know why,” Samuel replied. “To go on a pokemon journey, we need money. That’s why we’re doing this!”

“But we have three hundred bucks!” argued Rhapsody, flicking another paper.

“That can buy us a potion and a half.” Samuel replied dryly. “This house doesn’t get one.” he added as they passed yet another home.

“But can’t we go anyway?” Rhapsody pleaded, clinging to the basket as they turned a corner. “It would be better than here!”

“At least here we get free food and a bed,” stated Samuel. “Out there, we’d be sleeping on park benches and eating scraps.”

“Whatever." sighed Rhapsody, flinging yet another newspaper.

The City of Goldenrod began to awake. Neon signs flickered on, office buildings sprang to life, people swarmed around the place, and the Magnet Train rumbled into the station. Lights flicked on all over the city, car horns honked and Murkrow’s cawed.

Samuel’s bike rolled over the rough pavement of Goldenrod Cities older suburbs, Rhapsody lazily throwing out papers.

“So if we get one hundred dollars for every week we do, in another three weeks we’ll have enough for at least some basic supplies.” Samuel added up.

Rhapsody yawned and relaxed into the now empty basket. “Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just win the Lucky Number Show or something?”

The boy trainer gave a grim smile. “Yeah. Right. And maybe I’ll sprout wings and fly myself to the moon.”

The bike glided up next to the house. Samuel reattached the chains, and pushed open the door, Rhapsody trailing after him. His brother was sitting up on the old couch, the television going strong. He had a beer in his hand.

Samuel hastily checked his watch. 6:01am. Very early.

“What’s up with you?” he asked. Darren didn’t turn from the TV. He took a sip of his beer.

“Are you sure you should be drinking that so early?” Samuel asked. “It’s not healthy.” His brother simply glared at him, then turned back to the TV.

Samuel came and sat next to him. His brother’s eyes were red.

“What’s wrong Ren?”

“…Carla…” he croaked.

“Who, the blonde chick with the Eevee? That trainer from the gym?”

“Yeah. She dumped me. Said I wasn’t motivated.” Darren said, a lump in his throat.

“I’m sorry man. I know what she meant to you.” Darren just blankly continued his staring at the TV.

Suddenly, the dancing Pichu’s on the TV turned into a grim faced reporter.

“We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. In a shocking turn of events, the entire pokemon population of the Hoenn Safari Zone has attacked the Main building and fled out towards Lilycove City. We have a reporter at the Safari Zone now.”

The shot turned into a square jawed reporter standing at the Safari Zone gates. Samuel’s eyes widened in horror. The building had been ruined. The door was lying on the ground, piece’s ripped out of it. The camera followed the reporter inside. Inside was even worse. Chair’s were overturned, and ripped apart. The counter’s were cracked and broken. The PC resembled a scrap heap. The reporter approached a harassed looking attendant.

“I’m here with the manager of the Hoenn Safari Zone. Tell us sir, what happened?”

“It all happened so quickly. I was sitting here minding my own business when this huge group of pokemon came and attacked this place!! I had to take cover!! They were going ballistic, ripping off posters and tearing chunks out of counters. They completely trashed the PC!! We could do nothing to stop them!!”

“Are you listening to this?” Samuel asked his brother. “This is big!!”

“Who cares…they’re just dumb pokemon…the authorities’ll stop ‘em…” grumbled Darren, tipping the last few drops of beer into his mouth. “I’m goin’ to sleep.” Samuel’s older brother dragged himself into his bedroom and slammed the door. Samuel turned his attention back to the television screen.

“…are warned to keep their guard up, there’s not knowing where this group of renegade pokemon will attack next. If you have any sightings of this band, you should call this number immediately. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT try and attack or restrain the group yourself. They are VERY dangerous and will not hesitate to attack. Call this number with any sightings.” The Emergency Hotline Number flashed onto the screen, the numerals bright red.

“Like blood.” Samuel thought with a shudder. He snatched a pen and paper from the kitchen and hastily scribbled down the number. Rhapsody had managed to claw open the tin of pokemon food.

“That’s shocking,” Samuel said. “How could those pokemon have all of a sudden decided to group together and blast their way outta the Safari Zone?”

Rhapsody shrugged, her mouth full of food. Samuel looked out the window next to the door. The sky was orange, and clouds were forming. Samuel frowned. What was happening to the world?

Far across the sea, the same orange sky was reflecting in the eyes of a Linoone as he gazed into the clouds. He frowned. He now had over two hundred followers. But hiding them was a challenge. Right now, they were hiding in an abandoned warehouse. But their safety would not last. The police were on the prowl. Larmo was wandering through the street, wearing an old collar he had found in a dumpster. This way he looked like a pet, out for a stroll. But really, he was looking for a way to get his message across.

Suddenly, he heard a patter of feet. He whirled around, but there was no one there. He gave a low snarl. What useless scum was creeping about this early? His ears pressed into his head, he heard his pursuer creeping around the rubbish bin to his left. Waiting for the ideal moment, he leapt over the bin and attacked…

“Kenda!!” Larmo hissed. “Why are you following me?”

The Mightyena gave him a defiant stare. “You can’t just wander around the streets alone! I’m coming with you!”

Larmo rolled his eyes, and then flicked his head towards the street. “Come on then.”

The duo ambled down the empty street, constantly on the alert.

“I believe my plans have hit a very high wall.” Larmo said.

“How so?”

“I am yet to discover a way to get my message out to the human populace. I fear this is a wall I will have great trouble climbing, if I can climb it at all…”

The pair continued to pace along the street. Taillow’s flew overhead, chirping softly.

Larmo sighed. This was very frustrating, being in a state of helplessness. He continued walking until he realised his friend was no longer with him.

“Kenda?” Larmo turned to see Kenda staring at a poster.

“Larmo,” he said, his voice quivering with excitement. “I think I just found you a ladder.”

Larmo ran back to him. His blue eyes widened with exhilaration as he viewed the poster Kenda had spotted.

“My friend,” he said. “I believe you have just completely demolished whatever wall I had.”


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i really despise the character of larmo
I like him! He's a bona fide revolutionary, and nothing can stop him. Go Larmo! Kick some human butt! Oh, and to Typhlogirl: It was good, but not all that long. Is Samuel going to be a main character?


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I was mainly planning to use this chapter as a means of introducing two of my future main characters, Samuel and Rhapsody. They play a big part in the story.

I had to add something about the Revolutionees, otherwise it would be like, wtf? Am I reading the right fic?

Lolz about the shared views on Larmo, he's an interesting character, no?

Chapter Five in the works.

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Um good story, can't wait to see what happens mnext so update sioon


OMG! That was soo sexy. Go Larmo Go! I didn't really like that building ^_^. Anyway, I loved it. The spelling was great, I saw no mistakes. And again, the description was beautiful. Please, I can't wait for chapter 5.

As always, be kind to the mime