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The Pokemon Rebellion


<the ONLY linoone av
THis is good stuff!, I like to see someone's writing from another point of view, keep it up!
;264; good, now get back to your cage!



Yay another review from Me!!

The gleaming boat sliced through the waves like a knife through butter. The morning sun reflected in Larmo’s brilliant blue eyes as he looked out into the cloudless blue sky, thinking, always thinking. The other pokemon knew better to than disturb him when he was deep in thought.
Nice description here and those pokemon know d*m straight not to touch Larmo:p

Peeko had been locked in a small, rusty cage found in the hold. She occasionally gave a strangled sob.
hahahahahahah stupid pokemon!! quit whining!

Leclec was quite a fast runner, and Kenda had to push himself quite hard to avoid the little electric pokemon’s quick dashes.
Pichu's are extremly fast surprisingly! trust me i know (play SSB:M)

In a secluded corner, the Absol Boudaika was sleeping. She had run all night to make it to Lilycove in order to join with the rebels, so she was exhausted. She snored softly, her head resting on her paws. But as peaceful as she looked on the outside, her dreams were terribly clouded with dark visions from her past. She trembled violently, and it wasn’t from cold.
The darkness secludes in her mind and she will go insane for revenge!

“Of course this is the way to Johto. I’ve been sailing for forty five years, I think I know my way around the regions!” the captain snapped back.
Once again he's screwed! dont ever be rude when your surrounded with pokemon that will kill you in an instant!

“Whoa, steady on old one!” yelled one of the Mightyena, whose name was Deemo. “He’s trying!!”
He's being to nice!! He's a disgrace! i dont want to see his face!

“I don’t care how long it should take, I want us in that port by four or you and your precious little Wingull will be taking a one way trip to the bottom of the ocean!!!”
Dam straight!

“This is more like it!” yelled the Linoone. He raised an arm into the arm, watching the wind blow his fur back. He yelled happily.
It's like a scene from the movie Titanic!!! ^_^;;

“Maybe if you stopped eating so much, you wouldn’t strain the basket,” Samuel said with a smile, as he poked Rhapsody’s tubby little stomach.
Too bad it didn't to the philsbury laugh!!

This apparent renegade group of pokemon is causing mass panic here in Lilycove City. People are terrified that the pokemon population of Hoenn will attack. People are boarding up windows, and stocking food. It’s chaos. Back to you Greg,”
Hide idiot humans hide!! Muahahahahaha

Peeko watched miserably from her cage as her trainer expertly piloted the boat through the ocean. Suddenly, the cabin door flew open, and a monster walked in. Peeko gave a screech of shock and horror. Boudaika simply looked at the Wingull in disgust.
Thats a disgrace of a pokemon! -_-;;

ooo pirate talk!!

“I will NOT let you get to Johto!” the old man yelled
Oh no he didnt!! oh yes he did! hes officially screwed now

“I can’t!! WE’RE GOING TO CRASH!!!!”
Kill him!! feed him to the sharpedo's with lazers on their heads!!:D

Good job i loved it!! you get the eevee of approval

Well, I've only read two chapters so far, but the plot is absolutely fantastic, and for once I don't have to say that you should try to improve your description (but you should always try to improve it, of course). I'm sure I'm going to like the other chapters, too, if they're as good as the first two!

Although I have noticed one mistake at least (although you may have fixed it in later chapters): ellipses, when in the middle of a sentence have a space after them; only when used at the end of dialogue should it not have a space after it since it's right before a quotation mark.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work, I'm sure that your next chapter will be great!
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I gotta say that wasn't the best one i've read i know you have done better. But how good can you make a boat ride???

Twilight Absol

hmm, great with the development in plot, it's beomcing more and more interesting by the chapter. Though the fic is great, I think that you show too much of one story, but then, that's what rhapsody is for right? again great chapters...


keep battling on!
To my loyal readers, I bow to you. It's you guys who give me teh inspiration to keep writing.

WELL THAT WAS SOPPY. But I do mean it lol.

Originally posted by KewlBrettC
I gotta say that wasn't the best one i've read i know you have done better. But how good can you make a boat ride???

I totally agree with you, this chappie was fillerish. Soz! But I had to have a travelling chappie. I cold have done something like a storm, in which someone falls overboard and so and so has to rescue them bla bla bla, buts that's a total cliche. ORIGINALITY ANYONE?

Originaly posted by buttersgirl
wow...theyre fast becoming just as bad if not worse then the humans. the way they bullied peeko....this is very very interesting and quite compelling

I know they seemed mean in this chappie, but they aren't so trustworthy of pokemon who belong to humans...they did give Peeko the chance to help them, remember. But she sided with her precious trainer. (It's Mr. Briney in case any of you live under rocks)

Originally posted by Supernerd
Well, I've only read two chapters so far, but the plot is absolutely fantastic, and for once I don't have to say that you should try to improve your description (but you should always try to improve it, of course). I'm sure I'm going to like the other chapters, too, if they're as good as the first two!

Although I have noticed one mistake at least (although you may have fixed it in later chapters): ellipses, when in the middle of a sentence have a space after them; only when used at the end of dialogue should it not have a space after it since it's right before a quotation mark.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work, I'm sure that your next chapter will be great!

I am very flattered. ^_^ I'm glad so many people have reacted positively to this contreversial story. I was hoping not to hear from any n00bs, who would be like, OMGZ POKMON R SUPPOZED TO BEELONG 2 TRAINERSZZZ, but I'm glad you are all mature enough to have open minds. ^_^

And KewlBrettC, don't worry about Larmo not appearing as much...he is the main chara. ;)

- ;157;
Not as interesting as in earlier chapters, but still good. Briney is a fool. Don't mess with Larmo! Larmo is so awesome! And always will be.


no-one can beat me!!
this is good, dont hit me, im a trainer yes, but im a good one! look, *sends out skitty* see! *skitty jumps up into arms*

;264;-alrite, but any thing bad about you adn well be back!
yes sir *neels*
;264;-thats more like it
*KewlBrettC gets a Crowd* Crowd: "Let's go Larmo, Lets Go Larmo!"

Can't wait for the next installment!


keep battling on!
Chapter Seven in construction..in fact, I'm typing it now!! ^_^

For anyone who reads PokeTalk, the next eppy might take A WHILE. So don't hold yr breath.

- ;157;


keep battling on!
Lolz about the Mightyenas, they just follow orders. Chapter Seven is half done. It's much darker than the other chapters, so be prepared. This is the part of the fic where the real angst comes out. It's darker, and sadder. And it'll be up soon.

- ;157;


keep battling on!
Well, here it is. The Seventh Chapter of the Pokemon Rebellion. I might add that from now on the fic is rated PG-13. It gets much darker from here on. Read at your own risk. Okay, read it anyway.


The impending doom of the rocky shores of Goldenrod City loomed closer and closer. The pokemon who had come onto the deck howled in fear and shock. Larmo was quickly examining the complicated control panel of the boat. It was very confusing. Nero was not helping.


“Quiet you fool! Let him concentrate!” Boudaika yelled.

“Try and turn the boat!” Kenda said to the Mightyena at the wheel.

“It’s jammed!! The human must have done something to it! I can’t turn!!” Deemo said in panic.

“You turned it after he had been knocked unconscious! What’s wrong with it!?!” screamed Kenda.

“It’s locked or something, I dunno!!” Deemo shrieked back.

Peeko was sitting calmly in her cage, chuckling.

“It’s the automatic locking system. My trainer activated it with the push of a button. One turn, then wheel won’t move. What a shame…”

With a yell of fury, Kenda slammed the cage with his paw. It went flying, and clattered along the floor of the bridge. Peeko was knocked unconscious.

“Violence doesn’t help solve this problem Kenda.” said Larmo, through gritted teeth, as he surveyed the control panel.

“At least we have peace and quiet now.” the Mightyena snarled in reply. Larmo growled angrily, and Nero sat down, shivering.

Out of all the pokemon standing on the bridge, Boudaika was calmest. She watched the scene in a lazy sort of way. She began sorting through a drawer.

Larmo gingerly pushed one of the buttons lining the panel. The windscreen wipers started.

“Wrong button.” Kenda added unhelpfully. Larmo glared at him. The rocks were getting closer every second. Boudaika approached, and dropped a heavy volume on the floor, flicked it open and began to read.

“We’re doomed…” whimpered one of the three Mightyena. “We’re all going to die…all going to die…” Kenda hit him sharply.

“Snap out of, Teel! You’re not helping the situation!” he yelled at the frightened wolf pokemon.

“So that’s it…” murmured Boudaika. She flicked through a few more pages. “Ah hah…”

Larmo was not a pokemon to panic, no matter what the situation. But this time he believed he could make an exception to his personal rule.

“Nero.” he said slowly, fighting to hide the terror in his voice, “Tell all the pokemon to abandon ship. We have to get off this boat.”

“Are you crazy?” Nero hissed. “Half of them cannot swim!”


“Move.” Boudaika said sharply. She pushed her way past the two stunned pokemon, and tapped a few buttons, and pulled a lever. She then reached across the panel and pulled another lever.

The boat began to stop.

“We’re slowing down…” Larmo said slowly. Boudaika threw the book she had reading at the shocked Linoone. OPERATORS MANUAL was splashed across the cover, with a large picture of the boat.

“If in doubt, read the instructions.” the Absol said simply. She then walked off.

Nero began to breath again. “Well, that was ironic. The Disaster pokemon averted the disaster. How ironic…” he repeated, reverting to his old gruff self.

Larmo frowned and opened the manual he held in his arms. Inside, he was furious. He had lost his head completely, and was dreadfully ashamed. He had let his followers see him weak. And that was an error any leader could not afford to make. He busied himself with finding the way to reverse the locking mechanism.

Four hours later, when true night had fallen, the S.S Tidal drifted into Goldenrod Bay. Silence was the only sound to come from the ship. Any observer would have thought the big ship was empty. But then, as silent as the grave, a gangplank slithered out of the side, to land lightly on the dock. A door creaked slowly open. Then, slowly but surely, a group of pokemon emerged from the vessel, making their way down to the gangway. Like shadows, they made their way along, not making a sound. Once they were all off, the gangplank was tossed into the ocean. Then suddenly, a great flash of light tore across the sky, and collided with the boat. It caught fire in an instant. The shadow pokemon watched as the great ship, once the pride of Hoenn, began to sink into the depths of the ocean. The pokemon simply watched as the mighty vessel disappeared from view.

There were two unconscious souls still inside.

Baboba the Ponyta was BORED. Sleep evaded him. He tapped his hoof impatiently on the table, and blew out a whinny of irritation. You would think that being able to speak English would bring fame and fortune. Maybe for his money grubbing trainer. But for him, life was a snore fest. One stupid radio show. That’s all he got. It took him years to learn to speak the language of the humans, and all he did was gabble for half an hour. YAWN. Excitement would be a welcome addition to his tedious schedule.

Weaving through the streets like dark wraths, the pokemon crawled their way to the tall tower clawing its way into the night sky. It was a tall, dark presence, standing many metres higher than it’s neighbours. Impossible to miss. They made their way up to it, not making a sound.

Larmo inspected the entrance of the building. The doors were simply made of glass, the ones that opened and shut automatically. He smiled.

The two security guards monitored the entrance to the radio tower on their security cameras with tired eyes. Their shifts were almost over, and they were looking forward to going home to their beds. One guard gave a great yawn, and took another sip of his coffee. The other guard fought to stop his eyes closing as he stared at the blurry security screen, static flicking back and forth across the smudged glass. Suddenly, the glass in the doors smashed, and four shadows flew into the room. The guard almost fell off his creaky chair.

“Did you see that!?” he gasped. The other guard sprang to life.

“Yes! What was that?!” he said, fear staining his voice.

All of a sudden, an eye appeared in front of the camera. The guard gasped in shock, and split coffee all over himself. But he didn’t even noticed. The eye withdrew from the camera. A pokemon face appeared. At such close range, it was impossible to tell what breed it was. The mouth on the face grinned, and swung at the camera. The connection was lost.

“What the hell?!!” yelled the other guard. He grabbed his gun off the table. Since Team Rocket had managed to occupy the Radio Tower three years ago, security in the large building had been upped considerably.

“Camera’s 2, 3 and 4 are gone too!” cried the cowardly guard. The braver guard snarled, and beckoned to the other one.

“Come on! We have to see what’s going on!!”

The entrance hall was strangely quiet when the guard’s tiptoed inside, guns raised. The glass from the broken door glinted eerily in the moonlight. The cowardly guard gulped.
“Why is it so quiet?” he whimpered. There was no answer. Suddenly. The guard heard a soft grunt, and a loud clatter as something dropped.

“Charlie? Where are you? This isn’t funny!” yelled the guard, terror choking his voice. Suddenly, a nightmarish creature landed in front of him. He shrieked in horror as the creature enveloped him. His scream echoed through the night.

Samuel woke suddenly. His glowing clock read 12:23. Rhapsody was snoring in her bed of blankets. He rubbed his eyes. What had awoken him? He was usually a heavy sleeper. He dragged back his tattered curtains and peered into the night. Nothing. Not a soul. Strange…must have heard the wind or something, he thought. Whatever it was, it didn’t bother Rhapsody. She was sleeping like a Snorlax after a feast. Samuel gave a great yawn, and settled himself back into his sheets. Whatever awoke him could wait until morning.

Boudaika threw the unconscious guard to the floor to join his partner.

“What do we do with them?” she asked.

“Eh, just put them in some alley. We hit them so hard they won’t remember a thing when they awaken.” Larmo replied.

“What about these?” asked Kenda, pushing the guards dropped guns towards the Linoone, who examined them with interest.

“We will keep them for now. They could be useful…” Larmo said, picking up the handguns and giving them to Nero. The pokemon who made up his band of followers walked into the tower cautiously.

“You took out the other cameras?” Larmo asked Kenda.

“Yep. All three,” replied the Mightyena. “No problem,”

“Good. I want no one to know we are here until necessary! Now follow me.”

Larmo led the way up the stairs. The tower was deserted. No staff occupied the building. The group wound their way up to the first floor. A light was on. Larmo put his claws up to his lips, and indicated that he wanted the group to stay there. He darted up the last few stairs, and poked his head in.

Baboba emptied the last of his food into his open mouth and shook the bag. Brilliant. Empty. He turned to toss the bag in the bin near the stairs. He froze as he saw the Linoone crouched in the shadows.

“What? Who are you!?!” he yelled. The Linoone leapt at him, claws raised and teeth bared. Baboba yelled in shock, and leapt out of the way. Larmo slashed a grove in the carpet. Baboba shot a flamethrower at him, and he shot out of the way. The flames ignited a discared pile of papers on a desk. The two pokemon circled each other warily.

“Who are you?” Baboba repeated. Larmo snarled, and didn’t answer.

“Wait a sec…you’re that Linoone on the news. The one at Lilycove City. That dangerous one.” Baboba said, surprised.

“So you know me. Who are you, human slave?” Larmo hissed.

Baboba drew himself to his full height, which was considerable. “Slave!! I am a slave of no one! I’m Baboba the Talking Ponyta, and you should show a little respect!”

“You are Baboba? Prove it! Say something in the human language!” Larmo demanded.

“I hate little pokemon who demand things.” Baboba drawled, in perfect English. Larmo was visibly impressed.

“Wow…you really can speak their language…” Larmo said, eyes wide.

“It has a name. English? And you should be impressed. I don’t get the credit I deserve. Humph. I’m the only pokemon alive who can speak this language! Apart from that Meowth. I think. Meh. Back to you. Why are you intruding here?”

“I want to free all pokemon from the hold of the humans. I need this radio tower to do it. And…I need you. You are our only chance of talking to the humans.” Larmo now felt very foolish at attacking the Ponyta. Now he would never help them…

“Only chance eh? Interesting…and you want to talk to all the humans, using me as your voice? Bold little Hoenn creature. How many of you are there?”

“Over two hundred waiting on the stairs.” was the reply. Baboba raised his eyebrows.

“Two hundred? Wow, you are serious. Okay, I’ll help you.”

“You…you will?” said Larmo, dumbfounded.

“I just said so didn’t I? I get so bored here. May as well do SOMETHING. Just tell me what to say.”

Larmo grinned. He held out a claw. Baboba shook it with his hoof.

“Nice doing business with you Baboba. Did your trainer name you?”

The Ponyta snorted. “You think I called myself this stupid name? Of course it was my trainer. But I didn’t have a name before, so it’s stuck. Baboba I’ll stay. At least I can say no pokemon has a name quite like mine, eh?”

Larmo nodded. “I was once called Linny by my fool of a trainer. But I decided I was sick of him.”

“Quite rightly I’m sure. So where are your friends?”

Larmo called out, and Kenda, Nero and Boudaika ran up the stairs, followed by a small group of the pokemon.

“More await my command.” Larmo added. Baboba smiled.

“Well at least you’ve got decent support. But how on Earth are you going to make the humans listen to you?”

Larmo smiled, a strange glint in his eyes. “You let me take care of that. I have pokemon working on it right now.”

The humans will listen, Larmo thought. I’ll make them listen. Otherwise their city will never be the same again. And neither will their lives.

Please R and R!!
- ;157;
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Thank you! Wow. That was easy. They just waltzed in there, knocked out a few guards, and started up the tower.
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keep battling on!
Damn straight. And they ain't gunna stop. You would think the Radio Tower would have more security, but It's relaxed since no more threats have been made. Dear dear...

- ;157;


<the ONLY linoone av
that was goood!, but something worries me, what happened to Briney end his Peeko?
;264; shut up!
I thought that was good. glad they killed Peeko! That was Great keep up the GREAT work!!!!