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The Pokemon Resistance

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Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
So guys keeping thread active and more into competitive.
What are your opinions on starmie?
It's fast, powerful and can stop weeps with propper usage, not to mention it gains natural cure.
I usually use my starmie choice scarf because it reaches 540 speed, which is enough to stop several sweepers.


Blaziken Ninja
I like Starmie as a pokemon on paper, but i have never actually used it. Now that my skills are a bit better, i should probably test out pokes I've never used before, to see what i can use well and what i can't.


Am I even still here
Welcome back FrozenPhoenix :3

War team results
First of all i would like to thank you all for participating and giving your efforts, then remember if you didn't make it now you can still try on the next one.
The results are:

1.-Wolf Prince(15 Points)
2.-CrystalNinetales(9 Points)
3.-Blaziken Blitz(9 Points)
4.-outRage!(7 Points)
5.-Ruby XIII(7 Points)
~From this point are the subs~
6.-Darkfire98989(5 Points)
7.-RaptorNinja(5 Points)
8.-RayquazaTheFirst(5 Points)
9.-Arcos(5 Points)
~From this point people didn't make it to war team but made a nice effort~

10.-Mega Serperior(4 Points)

Damm good lineup wolf (though i DEEPLY wonder why the hell buster isnt on there) but other than that nice one :)


<--- My life
That awkward moment when the only other person that didn't make it had to forfeit...

Congratulations to everyone that made the war team!


Umbreon Master
Opponents Username:Thegamer0246
Opponents Rank:Trainee of Hope
Your Rank:Knight of Devastation
Win/Loss and Score: Win 5-0
Any other information: GG!

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
Damm good lineup wolf (though i DEEPLY wonder why the hell buster isnt on there) but other than that nice one :)

Well, even if buster had lost the remaining battles he had a chance to be in war team, but he said he was going to forfeit the tournament.


Cooler Than Red
Um, Imma make this short
I'm leaving the clan guys

GoodBye Love ya<3 It's been fun!


Unknown Trainer
So, uh, yeah activity post I guess. So long Crimson, didn't really know you either but I wish you well in any future endeavors anyway

Moving on to a different subject: Can anyone give me the Iceberg Chamber key via WiFI to my Black 2? I think you can transfer it that way, I really want Regice and eventually Regigigas for my dex :)
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Dragon Trainer
srry dude only possible by infrared otherwise i would give it to you (i got the regigigas and others lol) on B2 white i still need to get them
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