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The Pokemon Saga

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Phoopes, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever fan fic, so I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to be constructive when you give your reviews. I really appreciate all you can do to help me! Also, the whole story will be rated PG, unless otherwise specified by the chapter. Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: As of chapter 7, the whole thing will be rated PG-13, just in case.

    Note: Chapters 5 and on will all be beta-read by Absol6028. I'll still give credit to him individually in every chapter.

    Another Note: There is now a PM list. Yay! If you want in, post it in your review!

    PM List:
    Absol6028 (He's my beta-reader, so... duh.)
    Chimpchar (Convinced me to make a PM List.)
    Kutie Pie


    Chapter 1: Alakazam
    Alakazam was bored. Yet another annual conference to travel to. Only 30 minutes to travel over 5,000 miles for the annual meeting between the leaders from every species of Pokemon. Alakazam shut his eyes and held up his spoons. He twisted them to the right, then back to the left. He vanished.


    Alakazam reappeared at the annual Pokemon conference. As it had been since the start of time, the conference was at Mt. Silver. Alakazam took in the beautiful scenery. It was snowing lightly, and the cold sent a shiver up his spine. As he looked around, Alakazam could see both the Johto and Kanto regions, along with the Indigo Plateau. And as usual, the conference was filled with the hustle and bustle of old friends reuniting, and other Pokemon meeting for the first time.

    “Hello! Good to see you old friend!”

    Alakazam turned around and smiled at the sight of Azelf, his old mentor. Azelf had taught Alakazam to hone his psychic powers many years ago.

    “Hi Azelf! How has the lake been?”

    “It’s fine, but kind of boring. Wouldn’t kill you to visit more often.”

    The two made small talk for a few minutes, catching up with what had happened over the last year.

    “By the way, Arceus told me to ask you something.” said Azelf.

    “Arceus? What would he want from me?”

    “He just wants you to do the newbie introduction. Have fun!” Azelf said sarcastically.

    “Oh yeah. I sure will. See you later.”

    “Bye!” said Azelf, as he floated away.

    Alakzam was honored, yet annoyed, by this request. Only some of Arceus’ most trusted Pokemon were asked to do things for him, but newbie introduction was one of the last things he wanted to do. Alakazam would have rather mingled with other Pokemon, but he teleported to the base of the mountain, where all new leaders were supposed to meet. Here he saw 4 Pokemon. An Umbreon, a Vigiroth, a Dunsparce, and a Deino.

    “ Welcome to the annual Pokemon conference,” he began. “You may have heard about this from your previous leaders, but were never told about it in full. Here, the leaders of each species of Pokemon, who were appointed by Arceus himself, meet and discuss issues and news that has happened throughout the last year. You are appointed to this position for life, and will only be replaced if you die. Now that you are leaders, you may not evolve." The Deino looked very alarmed at this. Alakazam continued. "I'm sorry if you wanted to evolve, Deino, but you are a leader now. You can't evolve. Arceus will bless you with an Everstone later to ensure this. Anyway, in your position, you are basically the leader of all other Pokemon in your species. So if anything bad happens to your species of Pokemon, you will be held responsible and required to fix it.”

    “All by ourselves?” the Dunsparce asked nervously.

    “Of course not. You can ask other leaders for help at any time,” Alakazam explained.


    “Vigiroth!” Alakazam exclaimed. “Calm down. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Well, any more questions?" No one spoke up, so he continued. "Now come with me. It will start soon.”


    The conference was starting inside a secret cave in Mt. Silver that Arceus had created just for this event. There was a huge throng of Pokemon in the cave, with the smaller ones, like Sunkern in front, and the larger ones, like Steelix, in the back. There was a massive pond for water Pokemon, and many flying Pokemon were hovering in the air. In the front of the cave were places reserved for legendary Pokemon. Alakazam was sitting with the new leaders. Suddenly, a large, red Pokemon shouted from the front of the room.


    “Good evening!” chanted the rest of the Pokemon in the cave.

    Arceus then stood up. “Thank you Groudon. Before we begin, I would like to start with attendance. This will be called out in alphabetical order, as it has been since the beginning of time.”

    Alakazam turned to the new leaders. “When he calls out your name, shout ‘Here!’ Make sure to be clear and audible when you speak.”

    Attendance proceeded as normal, with Alakazam calling out his name between Aipom and Alomomola like he had for the last 30 or so years. Then, Arceus called out.


    There was dead silence in the room.


    Still nothing.

    “Darkrai. If you can hear me, listen. If you are pulling another one of your tricks, I suggest that you stop now, so we can continue the conference.” Arceus waited for a minute, then sighed, shaking his head.

    Many of the Pokemon started murmuring to another. They knew that if someone skipped the conference that Arceus would punish them. And no one wanted that to happen. Arceus was slow to anger, but breaking his rules could mean trouble for Darkrai when he did show up.

    “Everyone! Please be quiet!" Arceus said, with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Who here was the last to see Darkrai?”

    We has. We has just been visiting the Darkrai one weeks ago todays.” A Spiritomb had spoken.

    Arceus was suspicious of this, but kept it to himself. “Good. Where did you see him?"

    "Well, we mights have been willings to tell fors a price.

    "Spiritomb. Need I remind you what happened the last time one of your kind tried to trick me?" Arceus had said this non-chalantly, but it was clear that he wasn't going to be played for a fool.

    The Spiritomb shivered at the thought of what had happened to his former friend and shrunk back into the shadows. There was silence in the cave now. No one knew where Darkrai was, or what to do about it. But Alakazam had an idea. A bit of information stored away in his brain for many years came to mind.

    “I know where he is. Darkrai told me many years ago that he never left his home at New Moon Island except to come to the annual Pokemon conference. So, I think we should send a search party there to look for him. If he isn’t at New Moon Island, then we can assume something has happened to him.”

    “Good thinking Alakazam,” praised Arceus, looking a little relieved. “The search party should consist of some who can teleport there so we can get figure this out as fast as possible. So, that would be Alakazam, Xatu, Gardevoir, Claydol, and Beheeyem. Find Darkrai as quickly as possible, and if he is not there, report back to me immediately. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, Arceus.” They all answered in unison. Alakazam was excited by this prospect. Arceus trusted him enough to send him on a search mission? Things were looking better and better today. Although, he didn't like the thought of Gardevoir being on the search party. There was just something too... familiar about her. But Alakazam just shook off the funny feeling that he had. He just hoped that they found Darkrai soon. He was one of the few Dark type Pokemon that Alakazam got along with. Alakazam teleported away, and the others followed suit.


    2 days earlier, at New Moon Island

    Darkrai was lonely. He had been exiled here hundreds of years ago after causing trouble with humans’ dreams. Darkrai hadn’t meant to hurt anyone, he couldn’t help it. His powers just took effect.

    “Well, at least the Pokemon conference is coming up soon. I’ll get to see everyone there.”

    Suddenly, Darkrai sensed something. It was a trainer, rowing up to his island on a boat. The trainer looked to be about in his mid-20’s, and looked like he lifted weights in his spare time.

    “Finally, someone here on this island besides me! I wonder if he’s friendly?” Darkrai thought to himself.

    The trainer rowed up to the shore and ran his boat aground. Now that Darkrai had a closer look at him, he saw that the trainer had a string of Poke Balls around his neck. The trainer walked along the beach and spotted the small path that led to a clearing in the middle of the island. He looked around cautiously, noticing the lack of noise on the island. There were no cries of bird Pokemon, no buzzing of insect Pokemon. Absolute silence. When the trainer came to the clearing on the center of New Moon Island, Darkrai appeared in front of him.

    “Hello!” said Darkrai. It had been centuries since he had talked to a human, and Darkrai didn’t understand that the trainer couldn’t hear him. “Would you like to have a battle?”

    The trainer didn’t seem to pay any attention to what Darkrai said. Instead, he took a small capsule out of his pocket. It was purple, with pinkish lumps on the top of it. It was engraved with the letter “M.” Darkrai didn’t understand what this was. Darkrai had thought that the trainer’s Pokemon was in this capsule. But the trainer threw it at Darkrai.

    “W-W-What’s happening to me?” cried Darkrai as he was enveloped in light. He felt a sharp pain, like something was being injected into the back of his skull. Suddenly, Darkrai didn’t feel like breaking free. He just felt very tired. All he wanted to do was take a nap. He…was…so…sleepy…

    Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! The Umbreon that didn't have any speaking parts was a shout-out to bobandbill, because of the Umbreon in his Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum Fan Fic. Like I said, please review! I gladly appreciate it!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2011
  2. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Really good even for your first fic! I just have one question.

    Here, I think you may have missed out on something. I think you forgot what I put in bold but I may be mistaken. It just tripped me up a little. Otherwise, good chapter! Can't wait for the next chapter!
  3. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Thanks for the review! And I'll be sure to change that mistake! Sorry if I repeat repeat myself. XD
    EDIT: Sorry! I misunderstood what you said. But I fixed it anyway.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  4. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    You should describe a bit more, just so you know. And this should be rated PG (at least this chapter should be).
  5. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Why PG? I said "Hell" once, and there was no violence in the chapter at all... unless you count one threat made by Arceus to Spiritomb.

    EDIT: Took out "Hell" after further consideration, and the threat to Spiritomb isn't as blatant.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  6. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Yes, but it is still bad language, and just rating it PG won't hurt. But if I'm wrong, just don't pay attention. Truth be told, I always forget to rate my fanfics, so I''m not exactly the master at this.
  7. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Yea... I probobly will have to rate it PG anyway for when I get into battles... so that's going to get done. So, what did you like about it so far?
  8. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    It's a new idea that I've never seen before.
  9. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Huzzah! Creativity for the win! I'm already starting work on the next chapter, and I'll try to get in at least one chapter a week. Writer's block hits me at the most inopportune times, so it could be a slow process. But I'll try!
  10. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Okay, I felt really inspired to write something last night/yesterday. So here's Chaper 2! Also, there is a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time reference. Can you catch it? (Probably)

    Chapter 2: Gardevoir

    The search party all arrived at New Moon Island at the same time. All took a quick scan of their surroundings, and saw that they were on a small beach that circled the island. There was a forest and the center of the island and the full moon was reflecting off the waves in the ocean. An awkward silence followed.

    “So… Where should we start?” asked Claydol.

    Alakazam and Gardevoir spoke at once. “I think we should…”

    Alakazam looked disdainfully at Gardevoir. “Did you think that you were in charge? It was my idea for the search party, so I should be leader. You’re just too weak.”

    Gardevoir’s eyes flashed with anger. ‘You’re just too weak.’ That triggered a bad memory within her. But, Gardevoir kept her cool. “No, I didn’t think I was in charge. I thought no one was in charge. This is supposed to be a group effort, and if you automatically put yourself in charge, then I don’t think you’re qualified to lead anyway.”

    “Going to take shots at my leadership are you? Listen, I’ve been around longer than you, so I know what I’m…” Alakazam was quickly cut off by Xatu.

    “Hoot-Hoot. I think it would be wise if we stopped arguing and just got on with the search. Hoot-Hoot.”

    “Yes, I do agree, “ Claydol added. “I think we should split up so we can report back to Arceus as fast as possible.”

    “Fine,” said Alakazam and Gardevoir simultaneously. This annoyed Gardevoir even more. She hated it when anyone acted superior to her, especially this Alakazam.

    Gardevoir stalked away from the rest of the group. “I’ll check the beach around the island,” she called back to them.


    Gardevoir had walked around about half of the island, enjoying the nice ocean breeze as she went. She had seen nothing so far. Just as Gardevoir was beginning to think that this whole search was a waste of time, she noticed something on the beach. Footprints. Human footprints.

    “Hmmmm. This is an interesting discovery,” she thought. “This could really be useful. ATTENTION EVERYONE!” Being a psychic Pokemon, Gardevoir could communicate telepathically with other psychic Pokemon. “I have found evidence that someone was here recently. Everyone meet on the south side of the island.”

    She was pleased with herself. She had found evidence of something before anyone else did. “Let’s see what Alakazam thinks of that!” she thought smugly to herself.

    Claydol was the first to arrive, then Xatu, Beheeyem after that, and finally Alakazam.

    “Fashionably late, aren’t you?” Gardevoir said snidely. As Alakazam was about to make a retort, Gardevoir continued. “Anyway, I found human footprints here, and they lead up that path over there," Gardevoir gestured to a path that led into the forest. “We should follow the footprints up the path and see where it goes.”

    “I’ve been here before. It leads to a clearing in the center of the woods where Darkrai lives. So the human must have been up there, had some interaction with Darkrai and then left, seeing that there are both footprints going up and back from the clearing.”

    Gardevoir didn’t like this at all. She didn’t trust any Dark types at all, and Alakazam had been visiting with the most powerful Dark type of all? Gardevoir's distrust and hatred of Alakazam grew even more.

    “Let’s check out that clearing for any evidence.” Beheeyem suggested, snapping Gardevoir out of her thoughts.

    The search party walked up the path towards the clearing. Here the silence enveloped them even more so than on the rest of the island. After searching the clearing from top to bottom, the search party had found nothing. Disappointed by this, they teleported back to the conference to give their report.

    As soon as they reappeared, the nervous chattering of all the Pokemon dropped to dead silence.

    “While you five were gone, I took the rest of the attendance. No other Pokemon is missing, thank goodness. Did you find any evidence of something happening?”

    “Hoot-Hoot. The search party had found signs of human footprints on the island, but nothing else. It seems that Darkrai has just disappeared. Hoot-Hoot.”

    It had been decided that Xatu would speak on the search party’s behalf so there wouldn’t be any more bickering between Alakazam and Gardevoir. Gardevoir didn’t like this one bit. She wanted the glory because she had found the evidence. Her anger at Alakazam had been slowly growing, and Gardevoir was starting to form a plan.

    “This is very... very… bad news,” Arceus said sadly. “If Darkrai were to have died, then it would upset the balance of nature.”

    Suddenly, Cresselia, up front with the other legendary Pokemon, piped up. “Well, Darkrai dying wouldn’t be that bad…” But she was cut off by Arceus.

    “Oh, Cresselia..." There was a heavy sadness in Arceus' voice. "You and Darkrai may be sworn enemies, but nature would be thrown out of whack if he were to perish. You are the yin to his yang, and we cannot afford to lose that balance. I can only imagine what would happen…” Arceus had begun pacing anxiously, and the tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Arceus continued, “The conference is adjourned. If there is anything you can do to find Darkrai, please let me know.”

    At this, most Pokemon started filing out of the cave, anxiously whispering to one another. However, Gardevoir was looking for someone. Someone who could do a certain job. She spotted him from across the cave.

    “Gallade!” She cried out. “Gallade!” Gallade looked over at Gardevoir and smiled. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

    “What is it, dear Gardevoir?” He asked, amused.

    “This is serious, Gallade. I have a job for you to do. Have you been practicing your Night Slashes recently…?”

    “Oh. That kind of job. Hmmm… let’s talk about this outside.” Gallade was intrigued by this offer. It had been a long time since he had been assigned an assassination.

    Gallade used to be a contract killer in the Pokemon world, but had recently retired after almost being caught by Arceus. Gallade had been responsible for wiping out several Pokemon species, including Aerodactyl. Gardevoir would have to pay a high price to bring him out of retirement.

    Once they were out of earshot from every other Pokemon, Gardevoir explained. “I want you to kill that Alakazam that was here tonight. He’s turned traitor to Psychic Pokemon.”

    “Are you sure?” Gallade inquired. “You’ve only just met the guy tonight. What, did you spend all of 3 hours with him? Give him a chance before you have me kill him. I don’t really want to come out of retirement, and I couldn’t take even more of your money for yet another senseless kill.”

    “Okay, fine,” Gardevoir conceded. “I’ll give him a chance. But if I even catch him near another Dark type, I’m giving you a call.”

    “Okay. Whatever you say, Gardevoir. Listen, I have to go. I’ll see you around.” Gallade said this with a hint of knowingness in his voice, as if he’d seen right through Gardevoir’s lie.

    “See you.” Gardevoir knew that she should have made a better lie. Alakazam having Dark type friends was only part of the reason that she wanted him dead. Because Gardevoir had a history with Alakazam…


    40 years ago…

    Gardevoir was scared. Or, more accurately in this case, Ralts. Ralts had no idea what she had done to anger this trainer, but she feared for her life.

    “Kadabra, use another Psychic!”

    Ralts cried out in pain again. She looked the Kadabra in the eyes, expecting to see remorse. He was, after all, just following his trainer's orders. But all she saw was malice. The sadistic Kadabra was really enjoying this fight.

    “Okay, good job Kadabra. Psychic again!”

    The pain was like a thousand hammers whacking Ralts in the skull. She couldn't even remember where she was anymore.

    “You’re just too weak,” mocked the Kadabra.

    That was the last thing that Ralts remembered. She couldn’t take it anymore. Ralts passed out from the pain.


    Gallade, the contract killer, found Ralts. She was barely clinging onto life and he nursed her back to health. He took in Ralts, and was like a father figure to her as she grew up, and eventually evolved into the Gardevoir she is today.

    The Kadabra was traded to another trainer, making it evolve into an Alakazam, but was released by his new trainer after being deemed “too weak.” Alakazam has been a wild Pokemon since. This is the Alakazam that Gardevoir hates today, a grudge 40 years in the making.

    Okay, with the first chapter, I had thought of an idea and planned it out a little bit. For this chapter, I kind of wrote down what came to my head. It may seem a little confusing now, but it will all work out in future chapters. Thanks for reading, and please review!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  11. fixthe_fernback

    fixthe_fernback I am a fic-man

    (First review...I think. So, just bare with me, please.)
    This is a really interesting fic. It has a nice original concept, and I've enjoyed what I've read so far...however I did find one unmentioned error.

    It should be written as "You wouldn't want me to hurt you, would you? ..." An easy mistake to miss, though it probably would have come up in a grammar check. I'm not a grammar nazi by any means, just thought I'd point it out to you.

    Also, I had a question...It was mentioned in the first chapter that the Leaders are only replaced if they die...what happens if they evolve?
  12. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Thanks for that. I will fix that error. Also... AHA! You have found me out! That is to be revealed in a later chapter... so keep reading! But in all seriousness, it will be in a later chapter and very clever for picking up on it.
  13. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    This is part of the review exchange. I'm acting as the closed reviewer.
    Title that I would like exchanged in return: Shiny Expert: Xander. Although it is twelve chapters, they are short at only 2,000 words a chapter.

    So let's start with the negatives. I'm not super good at grammar, so I won't touch that except to say that it felt, and read well.

    Alakazam, and Arceus felt a bit odd to me. Arceus seemed to have crazy mood swings in chapter 1 and 2. In the first he comes out and seems really nice, and then all of a sudden is really mad at Spiritomb. I know that he doesn't like the pokemon, but a leader should be able to keep his disdain at least a little under control.

    In the second chapter, he goes from being sad about Darkrai, to flying off the handel at Cresselia. It just didn't feel natural, unless you're trying to make him bipolar or something.

    My fix for the above, include a bit more description. Describing how he feels, and even how his face moves in response to certain things could help I think.

    Alakazam is in the same boat, but to a lesser degree, and I would provide the same fix.

    Small nitpick, but in chapter two, you said unretire, and even if that is a word, it doesn't sound right to me. I would replace it with a simple, "come out of retirement,". Overall, more description is definately needed. Just with the places, sights, and sounds.

    Now, on to the good. The plot itself is a unique and interesting idea. The fact that these pokemon have their own heirarchy, and leaders, is quite interesting. If you keep it up, it could evolve into one of the best fics I've read. I really like the Gallade character, and even though he's barely been in it, I think he's my favorite. I also really felt Gardevior's hatred for Alakazam, so props to you for getting that through so well.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  14. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Thank you for the review X-man! I'll be sure to edit those... ah... "mood-swingy" parts. Thanks for the advice.

    EDIT: First chapter has been edited.

    EDIT AGAIN: Second chapter has been edited.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  15. Phoopes

    Phoopes There it is.

    Okay guys, chapter 3 is here! Hope you enjoy it! Also, this chapter is rated PG-13 just to be safe, because of one scene with some blood. (Not much though)

    Chapter 3: Darkrai

    Darkrai awoke from his slumber to find himself in an enclosed space. The room he was in was spherical, which Darkrai found odd. The bottom half of the room was pure white, with a marble floor that was stone cold. The top half of the room was purple, and was made out of a precious gemstone. It seemed like amethyst to Darkrai. Also, on the ceiling were two outward bulges, obviously made of pink sapphire. And Darkrai also noticed an engraved “M” on the wall of his prison. Suddenly, the ceiling opened up and Darkrai was shot out of the capsule in a multi-colored beam of light.

    Darkrai was floating in the middle of a forest, but he wasn’t sure where. Unlike his previous home on New Moon Island, there was noise here. Starlys were tweeting, Yanmas buzzing around, and there was even the sound of a Pachirisu as it scampered up a tree. There was also a small pond nearby, where a few Barboach could be seen feeding. But standing right in front of Darkrai was not the trainer he had seen earlier. It was an older man, maybe in his 50s, wearing an orange leisure suit and brown loafers. He also wore a tie monogrammed with an “R.” There was a Persian standing by his side, grooming itself.

    “Hello there Darkrai!” The strange man said. There seemed to be something sinister about him. It could have been the way he stood, or the way he talked, but Darkrai couldn’t quite put his finger on it. “My name is Giovanni. I will be your master from now on.”

    Darkrai immediately decided that he didn’t like this man at all. “Master? Not on your life you badly-dressed fool! Nighty-night!” Darkrai tried to launch a Dark Void attack at Giovanni, but something held him back. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t attack Giovanni. “What the Hell is this?” Darkrai demanded. “Fine, let’s see how you like a Dark Pulse!” Once again, Darkrai couldn’t get off his attack.

    Giovanni chuckled to himself. “Oh Darkrai. You really thought that you could attack me? Ha ha ha! I specially designed that Master Ball myself so that you would be unable to attack me! Remember that feeling you got? Like something being injected into your skull?” Darkrai nodded at this. “That was part of the special design of the Master Ball. It injected you with a serum that would leave you unable to attack your trainer. That would be me! Ha ha ha! I also didn’t know that you could speak a human’s language. You could be more valuable than I thought…”

    “You say that I can’t attack you, correct?” Giovanni nodded, obviously pleased with himself. Darkrai grinned. “That’s a shame,” Darkrai continued. “but you certainly overlooked something! Take this!” With this Darkrai suddenly launched a vicious Dark Pulse attack at Giovanni’s Persian. It connected, a direct hit, and Persian screamed in agony as it was launched through the forest. Persian smacked his head on a honey tree, let out a small cry, and lost consciousness.

    “Persian! No!” Giovanni screamed as he saw blood start to flow from Persian’s head. “Darkrai! You’ll pay for this!” Giovanni called Persian back to its Pokeball, and was about to do the same with Darkrai.

    Darkrai chuckled to himself. “Actually, Giovanni, I think that you’ll be the one paying for what I did.” Giovanni looked confused, then turned around when he heard an angry buzzing noise. A swarm of Combee and a queen Vespiquen looked angry at Giovanni. Very angry.

    Giovanni glared at Darkrai. “Return! Now! I’ll deal with you later.” The same rainbow-colored beam of light that had brought Darkrai out to the forest brought him back inside his prison. Darkrai was pleased with himself. Not only had he managed to hurt his kidnapper, but also his partner. This day couldn’t get any better, he thought. But then Darkrai realized something. That Vespiquen looked familiar. He was almost 100% sure that that Vespiquen was the one that represented her species at the annual Pokemon conference. Darkrai had been wrong. The day had gotten a lot better. Now Darkrai was ecstatic, yet also tired. He fell asleep to the faint sounds of a certain someone in an orange leisure suit being stung by a swarm of angry Combee.


    Darkrai awoke to find himself chained to a wall in a bleak-looking room. Everything in the room was a dull gray. The tiled floor, the barren walls, the table and chair in the center of the room. Giovanni was sitting in one of these chairs, this time with a Mr. Mime at his side instead of a Persian. Giovanni was wearing the same suit that he had been that morning, but it was considerably torn up. His face and hands were swollen and as red as beets.

    “Really, Giovanni? You think you can contain me with chains?” Darkrai said this snidely, and then disappeared, effectively breaking loose from the chains.

    “Mr. Mime, use Reflect!” Mr. Mime obeyed, and a wall of light appeared in front of the invisible Darkai, which he promptly ran into.

    “I should have known better than that,” Darkrai thought. “No wonder he had a Mr. Mime with him. He boxed me in.” “What do you want from me, Giovanni? And how did I ever get in your possession? The trainer that caught me has half your age!”

    Giovanni noticeably winced at the jibe about his age, but explained. “It was simple really. I put up ads offering $50,000 to the person who could tell me the location of New Moon Island. The person who knew was born into a sailing family, and had kept it secret for years. But money convinced him to give me the location. I gave him a Master Ball, and ordered him to catch you, thinking that you would be naïve. I was right. He caught you, and came back to our hideout. He traded you for the money, and I thought it would be a good idea to train you in Viridian Forest. That was my one mistake. You know the rest, and now we’re here.”

    “You still haven’t answered my other question Giovanni. What do you want from me?”

    “It’s simple Darkrai. I want to take over the world. Not just Kanto, but also Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. I’m powerful. You’re powerful. Why not make an alliance? Together, we could rule over everything. I’d be willing to forgive that …incident… that happened in Viridian Forest today. Think about how satisfying it would be. So, I have just one question for you: Are you in, or not?”

    Darkrai thought this over for a bit. On one hand, if he said no, Giovanni probably had the means to hurt him. On the other hand… if he agreed, he could try to escape later. Darkrai was mulling over this decision when he sensed something outside. It was funny, Darkrai hadn’t really paid much attention to the lone window on the opposite side of the room. Darkrai grinned. This was his chance.

    “Actually Giovanni, it was nice of you to offer, but I’ll pass. I’d rather go with them instead.”

    “Darkrai, I have no idea what you’re talking…”


    “Darkrai! Come with us!”

    “A jailbreak?” Darkrai thought. “My day just keeps getting more and more interesting.”

    At that moment, a kamikaze Combee had smashed through the window. Giovanni jumped, and in the process dropped the Master Ball that was Darkrai’s prison. Distracted, the Mr. Mime no longer held up the barrier. Darkrai was free. Attacks were flying everywhere, and Darkrai deftly dodged them. He was on his way out. However, before he left, there was some business that he needed to take care of. Darkrai quickly fired a Dark Pulse at the Master Ball. It crumpled into dust. He felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He fired a Dark Void at Giovanni, hitting him squarely in the chest.

    As Darkrai floated away, and as he was falling asleep, Giovanni could just make out Darkrai saying, “Lights out!”

    Once again, hope you enjoyed the chapter! Just letting you guys know that next chapter will be introducing a new character. As always, please review!
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    Phoopes There it is.

    Chapter 4 is here! In this chapter and in Chapter 5, we find out how Darkrai was rescued. Enjoy!

    Chapter 4: Vespiquen

    Earlier that day…

    Vespiquen was very happy today. The Hive was functioning well, and she was relaxing on their throne inside the honey tree. She watched as many Combee flew around the Hive, busy with their work. All was well…


    “Ohhh… my head,” a Persian moaned.

    Vespiquen frowned. This was an odd occurrence. It wasn’t often that a Persian whacked its head against her tree. In fact, the collision was so hard that it knocked one of the branches of her tree. Her beautiful tree. Now Vespiquen was angry. That Persian had damaged her tree, and it was going to pay for it. The whole Hive sensed that their queen was angry, and were ready to attack.

    Vespiquen burst out of the tree, ready to attack, just as she saw the Persian being returned to its Pokeball. The owner was an odd man in an orange leisure suit. The next thing that Vespiquen saw completely shocked her. Darkrai was floating in the forest, and then the odd man recalled Darkrai back to a Pokeball. Vespiquen was the leader of her species, so she was at the annual Pokemon conference and had heard Darkrai was missing. This man must have kidnapped him. This man needed to be punished.

    “Hive. Attack. Now.” Vespiquen was cool, calm, and collected when she gave this order. She had given this exact same order many times when there were trespassers, but this man was worst of all. He had kidnapped a legendary Pokemon.

    “Yes, my Queen,” a thousand Combee voices droned simultaneously. All attacked the man in the orange suit simultaneously as well.

    Vespiquen winced as she heard the man rip off a string of curses that her ears had never heard the likes of. But that didn’t matter. She called the Hive back.

    “Hive. Cease,” she commanded.

    “Yes, my Queen,” the thousand voices droned again. To the man in the orange suit, this sounded like another attack order. Scared out of his mind, he booked it.

    Vespiquen turned to her most trusted drones. “Follow,” she ordered.

    “Yes, my Queen.” This time, only about ten drones spoke. They obeyed their queen, just as they always had, and followed the man back to a hideout of some sort.

    The drones reported back to Vespiquen, telling her the coordinates of the hideout.

    “Excellent work, drones. Now we travel.”

    “Yes, my Queen,” The Hive spoke monotonously again. Vespiquen liked those words a lot. They showed respect, and were usually the last words that her enemies ever heard. But now she had a task to do. Vespiquen took off, heading right for Mt. Silver. Arceus would be pleased with her, and that was something that every Pokemon wanted.


    An hour later, at Mt. Silver

    Vespiquen burst into the cave with the Hive, “Arceus!” she shouted. “Arceus! Where are you?”

    Arceus had been taking a nap, and needless to say, he wasn’t too pleased with Vespiquen bursting into his chamber like this. “What is it Vespiquen?” he asked gruffly. “This had better be good.”

    “I know the location of Darkrai!” This piqued Arceus’ interest, and he listened patiently while Vespiquen explained the events of that morning.

    “That sounds like the work of Team Rocket,” Arceus said. Seeing Vespiquen’s confused look, he explained. “Team Rocket is a rouge group of humans that try to steal Pokemon for their own personal gain. The man that you saw was Giovanni, their leader. They haven’t had much success in the past, but capturing Darkrai is probably essential to a plan of theirs. Hmmm…” Arceus was deep in thought, thinking over what should be done. “I’ve got it!” he said suddenly, startling Vespiquen.

    Vespiquen was waiting for an explanation, but heard none. Instead, she saw Arceus standing with his eyes closed, faint psychic waves radiating from his back. “Good. It is done. They should be arriving soon.”

    “Who is coming? And I thought that only Psychic types could communicate telepathically?”

    “I figured I would get Pokemon who could teleport here, so we can rescue Darkrai as quickly as possible. So, I chose the leaders of the Alakazam and the Gardevoir. And to answer your other question, I am all types. It’s a privilege you get when you’re God.”

    Before Vespiquen could respond to this, two Pokemon appeared suddenly. The Alakazam and Gardevoir materialized next to each other. When the two saw each other, both looked disdainfully at one another. Arceus seemed not to notice this. “Good. You two are here now.” Arceus gestured at Vespiquen. “Vespiquen has located Darkrai, and I want you three to rescue him. You two will follow Vespiquen to the building where Darkrai is located and break him out. Is that understood?”

    “Yes, Arceus,” the three answered in unison. Vespiquen figured that they should leave as soon as possible, so she gave the Hive two quick commands. “Hive, friends,” she said gesturing at Alakazam and Gardevoir.

    “Yes, my Queen,” they answered, just like they always did.

    Vespiquen took off, headed for the place where Darkrai was held captive. Over her shoulder, she called, “Hive, follow.”

    “Yes, my Queen,” the same monotonous tone rang out again. This sent a chill up Arceus’ spine. He had purposely meant for some Pokemon to be a bit creepy, but he had really outdone himself with Combee.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Also, I'm looking for a beta-reader. It would much appreciated if someone would volunteer for this job. Also, don't forget to review!
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    This seems like a good fic, I haven't seen any errors.
    If you plan to have one, could you add me to the pm list please?
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    I never really thought about having a PM list... but okay! Sounds like a good idea to me. The PM list will be in the first post.

    EDIT: First post edited with all new details. Thanks again for the idea, Chimpchar.
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    The Series is pretty great! I loved Chapter 3, "Darkrai"
    It was my favorite chapter. I didn't see any errors.
    The way you described the Master Ball was awesome!
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    Thanks Cropod. I really had fun describing the Master Ball. Since it is the "Master" Pokeball, I thought, "Why not make it expensive?" Because, if it were made out of plastic, then more people would be able to afford them, which is why you only get one per Pokemon game. And the Darkrai chapter my favorite too. I always have fun with legendary Pokemon, so that's why I had fun with that chapter! Chapter 5 should be up later today, by the way.

    EDIT: Chapter sent to beta-reader. Should be up soon!
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