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The Pokemon Task Academy (Pokemon Military School IV)

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Okay, welcome to the Pokemon Task Academy! Orriginaly this thread was called "Pokemon Military School" but I thought it wasn't a good name for it. So, when I had it closed so I could start a new thread on it so it will be more orginized, and in the proccess I changed the name. Now lets get down to buisnees shall we?

Okay first thing, 7 or higher pokemon will participate in a round. They each will have personalities. They will do certain task's and you have to vote out which Pokemon you think did the worst. Now, different people may run a round. But you cannot do it without permission. What I mean is that when regestering is open, you could PM me with their round. When you PM me you have to show me the pokemon, the personality, and the announcer. However, the announcer won't matter because the announcer has to be Gardevoir. If it is not Gardevoir, your round autimaticly (sp?) comes to an end. *Note, there has been an edit* I have decided to make Eurureido (kirlia's alternate evolution) the co-annoucer. You don't have to have a co-announcer but if you are going to use one, you have to use him. *end of edit*

Here is the schedule for the rounds:
Elekible Addict (currently)
Captain Swapert

After 10 rounds, there will be something called a Task Academy Bash Bash. Where the 10 pokemon duke it out to get the Task Academy cup in a round. In the previous thread, we have had 1 military bash and 7 rounds. So, after 3 rounds we will have another military bash. Here is the winner of the previous military bash and the pokemon that are going to participate

Hall of Fame​
;025; - Can be competitive, but likes to help people
;474; - Only does something if it's calculations approve's of it

Task Academy Bash:
;452; - Stealthy, Smart, but likes to annoy people (Elekible Addict)
;487; - Is fancied by everyone but is really polite (Captain Swampert)
;004; - Nice and likes to help people a lot (Fircoal)

Last thing, here are a requirement of rules that you will need to follow. Most of them if you dissobey, you get a warning. But, depending on what you do, you may get banned. Three warnings and you get banned. If you post again you will be reported to a mod.

1. When you vote, it will only be counted if you have a reason (warning won't be given.)
2. Your vote won't be counted if you vote out the pokemon just because you don't like the species.
3. This is my pet peeve. No starting rounds or tallying without permission. (If you start a round without permission you will be forced to delete it. If you don't delete it you get banned.)
4. No updating rounds without permission. (If you update without permission you will be forced to delete it and if you don't you will get two warnings.)
5. You can only get rounds aprooved by me.
6. (This vote wont get you any punishment) If the person who is doing the round takes forever to update, you are allowed to have a conversation.
7. New: If the person who is running the round says "no more voting" that means no more voting. Vote, then you will be forced to delete it. If you don't, one warning to you.
8. Have fun

Any other rule I forgot please remind me and I will add it to this list. Now here are the people that have been warned or been banned.

XDbonsley - 1
kirbyace - 1


Banned and been warned by a mod

Firewater, you may start your round.
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Firewater, this thread has appeared so any time now.

W00t! First post in the new thread!


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the announcer has to be Gardevoir. If it is not Gardevoir, your round autimaticly (sp?) comes to an end.
Why? Please give a reason for this rule, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
^^ It's something from the orriginal Military school that I don't want to break. It was kinda like a tradition to me ever since you broke it. I don't mean to be so harsh, but I don't like breaking a tradition. Also, I'm planning a round in a long time that has to do with Gardevoir. Hey Octoboy, I have a question, do you like my new and orginized thread? If you have any suggestions how to make it better PM me. And that goes for everyone out there!

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Where is Firewater.BTW should I do the milltry bash.Gald the threads back and runing.
I'm gonna do the millitary bash. And no we don't need that ^^. I'll start a round and when firewater comes he may do the next round if he likes so here it is:
;476; - Always mistaken for a Mr. Potato head and then gets angry
;439; - Likes to mimic people
;manyula; - Tough and takes everything seirously
;405; - Likes saying weee all the time
;435; - Likes snapping her fingers in a Z formation
;466; - Often asks people how to spell it's name. If they spell it right, he leaves them alone. But if they spell it wrong he attacks them.
;282; - What's this, we are short of one Pokemon
;359; - Oh no your not. The chanceller liked me so much he decided to bring me back. Here is my personality: Has zero personality, just does things according to the task.

New task comming soon unless firewater comes!
Task 1: Chugging contest
;476; - Asked by absol "What is Mr. Potato head doing here" and got angry and shot out a Mud shot at it. Came in third
;439; - Mimicked Weavile. Came in second
;manyula; - Put all of it's focus in to the task. Came in first.
;405; - Said wee. Didn't finish the task and came in last.
;435; - Was asked by Elekible how to spell his name. First she snapped her fingers in a Z formation then spelled it Elekebler. Was shot a thundershock at but dodged it and broke it's bottle. Didn't get to finish the task but it drank a bit of it. Came in second-last.
;466; - Attacked Sukatanku for spelling it's name wrong. Destroyed it's bottle. Came in fourth
;359; - Mistook Dainoosu for Mr. Potato head. Was hit by a mud shot. Came in fifth
;282; - Who's my taxi victum.
;475; - It seems that our old taxi driver is dead in an accident with his taxi. And we don't have the money to fix it. Hehehe, I got a better way instead of a taxi. And it doesn't even caust (sp?) money.

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Rentoraa out for the same reason as Omega Weaville

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I did it!!
Remtpraa out for saying weee to much...

Also do I have to PM you to request a round?
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