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The Pokemon Task Academy (Pokemon Military School IV)

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Future Scriptwriter!
;282;: Well the day is over and ;222; YOOOOUR OUT!
;475;: MEGA KICK!!!
;222;: Wait I have a sky aler- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

;475;: Task 6: Wake up Jirachi.

;466;: Asked it how to spell its name "Z-Z-Z-Z-Z" Shocked Jirachi, didnt wake her up
;202;: Waited for the mellenuim comet and sung, woke up Jirachi.
;360; & ;360; Where still paralized in awe
;025; & ;172; & ;172;: Woke her up with the same tactics as ;202;
;444;: Woke Jirachi up and gave Jirachi a cookie.
;355;: Woke Jirachi up by giving it nightmares.

;282;: Who is out....
;475;: You decide!
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Stabby McStabface
Wobbuffet for same reason as above


Stabby McStabface
oh okay then, i change my vote for Duskull for same reason as above


Future Scriptwriter!
Duskull is out. I WILL UPDATE LATER.


Future Scriptwriter!
;282;: Well, the day is over and ;355; YOOOOUR out!
;475;: MEGA KICK

;475;: Pika Agency and Wobba Agency don't take part in this so...
;282;: Final Task: Final Battle!

;466; VS ;444;

;466;: Used Thunder: ;444; took of 50 out of 357 damage=207
;444;: Used Slash: ;466; lost 70 Damage out of 285=215
;466;: Mega Punch; ;444; lost 90 out of 207 hp=107
;444;: Slash: ;466; lost 70 damage out of 215 hp= 145
;466; Cheated, using all attacks at once. ;444; has 1 hp left
;444;: Slashed.
;466;: Elekible won using T-Punch.

;282;: Who is the winner? Your vote shall decide!

Sharpedo Boy

< Don't take drugs!
;444; to win because elekblie cheated


Future Scriptwriter!
;444;: I may win!

BTW Elekible Addict, I need to do the final part before you do your round, Ok?


Future Scriptwriter!
2 more votes for him.


Future Scriptwriter!

;444;: ooh boy! 1 more vote to windom!

BTW can I elect ;456; for The Military bash? Is that how it goes?

;456;: Can't stop talking about Harry Potter.
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;444; to win because "nobody can spell his name right" cheated.
;444; has won. NO more voting please.

*puts on elevator music*


Future Scriptwriter!
;282;: Well, the day is over and ;444; YOU WIN!!!
;282;: Yes um..
;475;: Hey whatever happened to Pika-Agency and Wobba-Agency?

;025;: Wobbafett why did you try to destroy PMS?
;202;: Oh, but I did! And I failed, but now, NOW I have reinforcments, come my new partners!
;416; & ;479; Step out.
;416; & ;202; Now we can destroy this place!
;416;: We already destroyed your little freinds!
;025;: Nooooo Pichu, Pi2!
;172; & ;172;: Were okay!
;025;: Guys! Your back!
;172; (Pi2): I had an idea, we ask Elekible Addict if people can nominate Pokemon for a ending of this story, the Pokemon are listed on the first post, so what do you say Elekible Addict? Please!!!
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Anyway, if we can do this, I nominate Elekible. He deserves a chance to redeem himself after that disgusting cheating.
no, I'm planning to make these guys mortal enimies for the whole pokemon task academy or till the end of the militarty bash. And this round is going to give them a tad bit more character development.

;282; - Welcome to the Pokemon Task Academy.
;475; - If you haven't noticed the fifth round after the 1st task academy bash was a special round.
;282; - And htis time we're doing it again.
;475; - In fact after every five rounds after a task academy bast will be a special round.
;282; - And this special round will be:
;475; - Funny, Stupid, and annoying pokemon.
;282; - So this round will not count towards the task academy bash but it will feature all the funny, stupid, and annoying pokemon from this version, and the last version.
;475; - This will be hard for Elekible Addict to look up so let's just give him a moment to look throught the last thread and this thread to find all of them.
;282; - Please do not post but we are hoping that you are reading this.
;475; - Although you may PM him but he may not see it.

;282; - Elekible Addict has found the first 3 pokemon more coming soon, here they are:

;199; - Smart, but loves good jokes more than winning.
;048; - Don't know what's going on
;063; - Always uses teleport.
;475; - More Coming soon!

edit2: ;282; - new one
;227; - Crazy and proud of it

edit3: ;150; - Thinks it's a magicarp

edit4: ;272; - Dances and dances even when there is no music
;011; - hardens...

edit5: Just to tell everyone I may not have a round by the end of today, and the reason I'm taking so long is because of server problems. So please have patients and remember, no posting. And I will write all the personalities down again I'm just giving you a sneak peak.

Here are some more:

;427; - thinks everything is a tree so tries to hug it
;247; - is very random
;360; - the stupid one, thinks everything is it's mom
;476; - Always mistaken for a Mr. Potato head and then gets angry
;405; - Likes saying weee all the time

edit 6:
;390; - Is convinced that it is a Genie.
;400; - Worships the great god of the acorns constantly.

edit 7: the round will be up tomorrow, maybe before school, maybe after school
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