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The Pokemon Task Academy (Pokemon Military School IV)

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Ok, i'm done so here is the new round. You may post, for the record the winner of this round should be the most stupid/annoying/funny

;282; - Guess what everyone, Elekible Addict finally done!
;475; And here are the contestants:

;199; - Smart, but loves good jokes more then winning.
;048; - Don't know what's going on.
;063; - Always uses teleport.
;227; - Crazy and proud of it.
;219; - Always afraid of Quagsire. Thinks the one he competed in his round is stalking him.
;150; - Thinks it's a magikarp.
;272; - Dances and dances even when there is no music.
;011; - Hardens...
;427; - thinks everything is a tree so tries to hug it.
;247; - is very random.
;360; - the stupid one, thinks everything is it's mom
;476; - Always mistaken for a Mr. Potato head and then gets angry
;439; - Likes to mimic people
;405; - Likes saying weee all the time
;390; - Is convinced that it is a Genie.
;400; - Worships the great god of the acorns constantly.
;465; - Thinks she can tell the future
;489; - Has bad eye sight, often mistakes some pokemon for others
;401; - Is very funny but only concentrates on that
;442; - Doesn't know what it is and doesn't know it's skills

Okay the task is comming after school you may post now


20 Pokemon, eh?

This is going to be a long one, unless we could vote out two at a time, or make teams of 2, then vote out those teams.
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yay, thank you for posting

Meanwhile in a distant place

;416; - You know I have been thinking, Gardevoir and Eurueido has a bunch of things under control at the PTA, kind of like her slaves. Why don't we try to take over PTA and steal Gardevoir's position
;479; - That's a great idea, but how are we going to do it? She has like a whole army and everything to protect it.
;416; - Why don't we make an army, we already have me, my underlings, you, and
;202; - Me!
;416; - Hmm... but Psychic pokemon could help with moving boulders and stuff
;202; - Like me?
;416; - No, I mean a Psychic pokemon that could do something
??? - Did someone say they need a Psychic Pokemon to help you?
;479; - Yes
??? - Well look no more because we are here?
;416; - Who are you guys?
??? - Well we are, let's show em guys!
;065; - I am Alakazam the Awesome.
;199; - Super Slowking is the name.
;097; - I'm Hipey Hypno
;249; - Duh... Lugia
;376; - And I'm the leader Smashin Mashin Metagross. And together we are the...
;065; ;199; ;097; ;249; ;376; - The Psychic enforsers
;376; - Hey kid *looks at Wobbufet* would you like to join us, your a psychic pokemon and you'll make a great defence.
;202; - Sure!
;376; - So what do you need help with anyway?
;416; - Just to defeat some old foes. Wobbufet, take them to the Pokemon Task Academy
;202; - Okay let's go Psychic Enforcers
;376; - *In his mind* Pokemon Task Academy, where have I heard that name before?

To be Continued...
Now someone please post so I don't have to double post
oh that was an accident I deleted the first post

Back at the PTA:

;282; - Okay Task 1 will begin now. It is to...

Task 1: Avoid the flying log

;282; - Just wait one second *looks at the Pokemon standing by the bush*
;202; - Hello Gardevoir, hello Eurueido missed me?
;282; - Your that Wobbufet from that previous round right?
;202; - Yup, you wanna meet my freinds? Come on out Psychic enforsers
;282; - What, the Psychic enforsers?
;376; - Yes the -, *looks at Gardevoir* hold on guys she know it already *the whole Psychic enforsers appear from the bush*
;282; - Metagross, it's been a long time *looks at Lugia*. Ha ha ha how did you manage to become the leader when Lugia a legendary used to be?
;376; - Oh one of the missions Lugia got badly hurt and suffered some brain damage. He's still part of the team but since fans call me "almost uber" I decided to take over. So Gardevoir why did you quit anyway, you were a great team member. I see your new pathetic job.
;282; - Pathetic are you kidding it's really fun?
;376;- How about joining us again?
;282; - No. Say why is Wobbafet with you. And why are you here I know you don't do missions without a job hirer.
;202; - Oh Bee-
;376; - *Covers mouth* honey. Yeah we found him in bee honey then he wanted revenge on you. So he asked to attack you. *Wispers in Wobbafet's ear* quiet kid you don't want her tracking Beequeen down. So we let him join us. Galactic enforcers attack!

To be continued...

Sorry I'm doing too be continued so much school has started and I'm busy. And I want you to know what's going on. Someone post so I don't have to double post


Well, I could have the Psychic Enforcers arrive during my round, and them getting the tar beaten out of them all. (All the contestants in my round are Dark Pokemon, and I've got Darkry as God. So there.)
Task 1: Defeat the Psychic enforcers!

;011; - I liking harding *keeps on using harden for the duration of the battle*
;063; - I like Teleporting. *Keeps on teleporting for the duration of the battle*
;475; - I see their going to do nothing *throws Metapod and Abra back to the task academy*.
;150; - Flop flop flop. Splash! *Does nothing*
;475; - Sigh *throws him back as well*
;272; - Da da da da da cha! *Uses water gun*
;439; - Da da da da da cha *uses mimic which turns to water gun*
;405; - Wee *uses thunderbolt*
;390; - Hello Mojambo I will grant you three wishes.
;465; - Your not a Genie *uses vine wip*
;390; - How dare you *uses flamethrower*
*Both attacks miss and go for the Psychic enforcers*
;202; - I'll take all the hits guys! *Uses Mirror coat and Ludicolo's water gun, Mime Jr.'s water gun, Rentoraa's thunderbolt, Mojambo's vine wip, and Hikozaru's flamethrower go back and hit all of them. They all faint*
;476; - Hey venonaut why are you sleeping while the rest of us is fighting
;048; - What fight? There's a fight why am I here what should I do ahh. Ooh a Mr. Potato head *looks at Dainoosu*.
;476; - Do not call me a Mr. Potato head *KOes Venonat*.
;475; - If you're just going to KO people you may not as well be here *throws Dainoosu back*
;282; - Darn, we still haven't done a scratch on them and we have lost 8 people!
;360; - *Walks up to Hypno*. Are you my mommy?
;097; No... I mean yes. Son can you do me a favour? See that pokemon over there *points at slowking that's not in the psychic enforsers* could you use destony bond at it.
;360; - Anything you say mommy. *Walks up to the slowking that's in the Psychic enforcers* Mommy told me to destony bond you *uses destony bond*
;199; - And who's your mommy?
;360; - Hypno
;199; - *Looks at Hypno* Why did you do that? *Uses Psychic which KOes Hypno and also KOes Alakazam*.
;282; - Good job Wynaut, now we just have to get rid of their main defence Wobbufet.
;475; - I know we could hit it with a physical attack and a special attack!
;282; - We may lose one but at least we will KO him.
;475; - But who will we use?
;199; - *The one not from the Psychic enforcers* I'm the better joker!
;401; - No I am!
;282; - You guys want to know how to settle this!
;199; ;401; - How
;282; By taking all your aggresion out on that wobbufet.
;199; ;401; - Fine!
;199; Psybeam!
;401; - Ariel ace!
;202; - *Looks at the attacks*. Huh? Mirror coat destiny bond on Korobooshi! *Wobbufet, Slowking, and Korobooshi faint*.
;282; - Yes 3 down 3 more to go!
;065; - Ahh! We lost half of our team! Psychic on that wierd ghost thingy.
;442; - I wonder what wierd ghost thingy he's talking about? I don't see one. *Faints from Psychic*.
;475; - Let's see who we have left and who they have left.

Team Pokemon Task Academy:

Team Psychic Enforcers:

;489; - *Walks up to Alakazam* Your Mananphy your my hero!
;065; - No you fool I'm not! *Uses Psychic*
;489; - But how? I have the best eye sight in the world.
*Goes silent for a moment*
;489; - Then how can I play? I quit the pokemon task academy.
;490; - *Appears out of nowhere* Can I take your place then.
;489; - Actually no, but can you help me!
;490; - Sure *uses heart swap on Alakazam* I gave him weak stats like mine! Finish him off!
;489; - Hydro Pump! *Faints Alakazam. But then they both faint of exsaustion*.
;249; - Duh! *Makes an all out flood*.
;400; - Oh great Acorn G-d help us! *Throws an acorn at Wynauts head*.
;360; - Mommy? *Accorn hits him* Just wait one second! I have an idea! *Uses Destony bond on Lugia*. KO me guys!
;282; - Holly the accorn must of hit Wynaut on the head and made him smart!
;219; - Ahh! Quagsire is comming. *Runs like crazy and bashes into Wynaut which makes it, Wynaut and Lugia faint*.
;475; - Sweet Metagross is the only one that is not fainted and we have Skarmory, Biidaru, Mimrol, and Pupitar left!
;427; - *Hugs Metagross*.
;376; - Ahh get it off me!
;400; - Superpower!
;227; - Ariel Ace! *Skarmory gets in the way of the superpower and it gets KOed by it*
;282; - This is all up to you Pupitar!
;247; - Fudge the race cars who eat the hi my name is Pupitar! *Uses Hyper Beam. Which KOes Metagross and Mimrol*
;282; - Good job!
;376; - *Regains conciouness* Psychic enforcers let's retreat. *They all gain conciouness and as they are about to teleport back Metagross says "This isn't over yet, we'll be back" and they teleport away*.
;282; - Now voters please vote base on who was the least stupidiest because we want to see who is the most stupidiest pokemon.


;400; for at least having the sence to attack very time, he was in it. and he used superpower.

;474; - Sorry Data Error.
Fircoal: YOu're not in it.
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
Fircoal: Did you hear me?
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
^ You're suppose to vote for the most stupidiest, I will count your vote but you may change it

Biidaru: 1
Mewtwo: 1

Since there are a lot I will let 5 go, first 5 to three goes.


Now voters please vote base on who was the least stupidiest because we want to see who is the most stupidiest pokemon.

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
Biidaru out for above and for making Wynaut smart. Very non - stupid.


Biidaru is OUTTA HERE.

;466; - Hey, Spire.
Spire - Yeah?
;466; - Spell my name.
Spire - E-L-E-K-I-B-L-E. Spell my name.
;466; - S-P-Y-E-R.
Spire - SHUT UP!

SPIRE used Hadoken!

ELEKIBLE fainted!

Well, that was pointless.
Biidaru is out, please more voting please. I mean it it's first three to five
edit: voters, you may vote again
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cool. Wynhut for becoming smart again.

;466; - ;474; how do you spell my name?
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
;466; - WAY! WRONG!
;466; used thunderbolt on ;474;
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
;466; - Will you ever learn it's spelled. E-L-I-K-I-B-L-E.
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
;466; - I spelled it wrong.
;474; - It's E l e k i b l e.
;466; - Sorry Data Error.
Fircoal: What is going on?
;474; - Sorry Data Error.
Fircoal: BAck to normal.


Wynaut for coming up with a good plan.

;466; - Spire?
Spire - Yeah?
;466; - Why did you Hadoken me?
;466; - Wheee!
;405; - That's my line, you idiot!


Deoxys rulez all!
Wynaut for the above reasons.
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