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The Pokemon Task Academy (Pokemon Military School IV)

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I have no idea.

EA, if the previous PMS topics are still around, can you provide a link to them? I'd like to have a look-see.


One battle it is, then.

Now, all we have to do is wait for EA to set a task. And for my PASBL team to get approved. That too.
Here are the links to the previous PMS's: Oh and my last question wasn't a question it was a quiz to supurvize your time. Here are the links to the previous versions:

version 1 version 2 version 3

There you have it. Just a note: I think for now on I'm only going to be able to update once per week on the weekend because I've been very busy with school.

edit: Fircoal may take over this round because my stupid dad told me I can't come on this for a few weaks.
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Well, due to the fact that EA's leaving it up to you, you are now officially the slowest updater.

Haw, haw.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting my shot.


He pmed, me, that I was going to do it, but then he said to ingore that. So,
for now, I'll see what he says tomarrow.

Spire, is that your site at the bottom of your sig?
;282; - Time for a new task!

Task 2: Climb up the hill without being hit by falling logs.

;442; - I don't know what to do. Ahh! *turns invisible and slowly makes it's way up the hill*.
;439; - I don't know what to do. Ahh! *tries to turn invisble but get's hit by a log.
;282; - Mime Jr. is out.
;150; - Flop flop *get's hit by a log*.
;282; - Mewtwo is out!
;150; - I'm a magicarp!
;063; - *Teleports to the top of the hill*
;272; - Da da da da da cha! *Get's hit*.
;282; - Ludicolo is out!
;227; - Sky attack! *Uses Sky Attack but forgot you have to charge up so got hit by a log*.
;282; - Skarmory is out!
;011; - Harden *get's hit by a log*.
;282; - Metapod is out!
;390; - Hello Mojambo, I'm a genie I can grant you three wishes.
;465; - Will you be quiet I'm trying to tell the future *Hikozaru and Mojambo get hit*.
;282; - Hikozaru and Mojambo are out!
;405; - Weeee! *Get's hit by a log*. Weee!
;282; - Rentoraa is out.
;048; - What's going on. I'm confused, are we suppose to be hiking up that hill or something *get's hit*.
;282; - Venonat is out.
;401; - I'm the better joker!
;199; - No I am!
*They both get hit*
;282; - Korobooshi and Slowking are out!
;427; - *Looks at the log and hugs it but then get's hit*
;282; - Mimrol is out!
;219; - Ahh! Quagsire! *Runs to the top of the hill without getting hit*.
;282; - Wow, fifteen Pokemon only three made it. That shows you how stupid the pokemon can be. Only vote for one Pokemon this time voters!
Okay, I updated because I was bored, but I may not do one this weekend since I am going on vacasion.


Stabby McStabface
we supposed to vote for the least stupid, right?

I vote off Abra because he is the most smartest Pokemon this time, and he quickly make it.


Deoxys rulez all!
Abra, because he made a smart move by teleporting straight to the top of the hill.

blue charizard

Koo Koo K'Joob
I know it doesent matter, but macargo.At least he knows his weaknesses!
Meanwhile at Beequeen's castle...
;416; - Rotumu, activate the Spolb again it's time.
;479; - Okay *activates the Spolb and more pokemon appear*
;416; - *Looks around* Holy sh*t it's the Latios pair and a flying typed Arusues.
;479; - WTF? There's an un earthed diglett here!
;050; - Err... a Tyrouge threw me in the sky.
;416; - Wow unearthed diglett's are pretty tall. Almost five feet.

Meanwhile back at the Pokemon Task Academy...
;282; - Abra's out.
;475; - *Is about to kick it but Abra teleport's away*.

Back at Beequeen's Foretress...
;416; - Where is the newest pokemon being kicked out of PTA?
;063; - *Actidently winds up at Beequeen's foretress after teleporting away from PTA* Er... hi?
;416; - Rotumu.
;479; - Okay. *Shocks Abra then throw's it up in the air*.
;063; - *Get's sucked down by the spolb.
;416; - Another Pokemon for our army.

To be continued...
Not open for further replies.