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The Powers of Time and Space

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by chosen_one386, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Well, it's time for the fourth installment in the Chosen One series. And guess what? It's about the fourth generation! Wow... and I didn't even plan that!

    I have to say that this is the most thought out beforehand fic in the series so far. For the past month, I have developed this storyline, so I hope you enjoy it.

    I twisted around the Galactic storyline a bit as well as the commander and leader positions. So, here it is!



    Two ancient legendaries reside in Sinnoh. One commands space and another commands time. Their power is so great, that they were sealed away 3,000 years ago after the Great War so that their powers would not destroy our world.

    Or our dimension...

    High at the top of Mt. Coronet stands a great temple named the Spear Pillar where these two legendaries have been trapped for ages.

    They won't remain trapped for long...

    The mural on the wall of the temple shone bright with energy, lighting the whole temple. A woman with bright red hair and black eyes stood at a machine in front of two giant statues. The machine had three containment chambers attached to it which circled the two statues. She smirked.

    "Soon the powers of space and time will be mine. All I need now are the three legendaries of the lakes..." She turned around and addressed a man with blue hair who was standing at the back of the temple.

    "Jupiter and Saturn are already at Lake Verity and Valor to get Uxie and Mespirit. I need you to go to Lake Acuity to get Azelf."

    He nodded. "What if the Chosen One and the Legendary Team gets in our way?"

    "Well, get rid of her friends..."

    "And her?"

    "Simple. Kill her." She smirked. "Oh, and if you run into her mentor..."


    "Bring him to me."

    "Okay," he nodded and left.

    She turned her back to face the statues/

    "Soon, I'll have the three legendary lake Pokemon and with their power, I will release the two with the ultimate powers of space and time.

    "Dialga and Palkia."
  2. Nightmare the Scyther

    Nightmare the Scyther Altaria x Aerodactyl

    Oh, this is awesome, chosen! Another installment! Now, as for the Prologue itself, 'twas wonderfully mysterious and contained some kind of legend. That's what Nightmare luffs in Prologues! That's also the way Nightmare usually write her own Prologues...Very nice! And I hope nobody dies this time! *glares*
  3. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Well, as I type this chapter, the forum is down... I hope it gets back soon so I can post this... Anyway, here's chapter 1!

    Chapter 1

    Preparing For a Challenge

    "Guys! Where is Kris?!" A dark blue-haired girl shouted crossly as she scanned the pages of a coordinator magazine, her blue eyes flashing with anger.

    "I don't know, she went out I guess," said the boy standing next to her, flipping his messy black hair out of his face. "She's probably training."

    "Training? She just won a gym match," the girl said, standing up and smoothing out her pink mini skirt.

    The boy shrugged. "Kris is always training these days. You know she has a lot of competition for the Diamond Conference, Dawn."

    "Whatever, Ash," Dawn said, shrugging. She looked around the Pokemon Center one last time to see if Kris was there. She didn't see her, but she did however see a tall boy with brown hair flirting with the Nurse Joy. Sighing, she went up, grabbed him by the ear and started to drag him away.

    "Dawn!" He complained.

    "Brock!" She said back in the same tone.

    Then, a man with bright red hair and green eyes walked in...soaking wet.

    Dawn burst out laughing.

    “What happened, Maxie?” Ash asked.

    “You fell into the Canalave Harbor, didn’t you?” Dawn asked.

    Maxie grumbled, “Yes.”

    She burst out laughing. “Well, if you didn’t have your nose in that book all the time...” She only stopped laughing when he threatened to hit her with it, which would hurt, because it is a very big book.

    “So, where’s Kristal?” He asked.

    All three of them shrugged.

    “Oh, boy...” He shook his head.

    Of course, I was right outside at the Canalave Harbor, looking at a map.

    “Okay, it’s not that far to Iron Island, so we’ll race there and back,” I said to my Pikachu.

    She nodded. “Deal.”

    “Okay,” I said, getting up and stashing my map in my bag. I got into a starting position and started to count.


    “2...” Pikachu said.

    “3!” I yelled and we were off, splashing across the water and on toward Iron Island. As we picked up speed, the water flew past us. After only a few minutes, we saw Iron Island. After we touched off there, we turned and went back. We were neck and neck as we raced toward the harbor.

    That was when Pikachu decided to Volt Tackle me. She slammed into me full force and I went flying into the harbor as she raced on to the Pokemon Center. She didn’t stop and ended up slamming into the service desk full force.

    “Serves you right!” I said as I walked in, soaking wet. Then, I turned to see Maxie, also soaking wet. “What happened to you?”

    “I fell into the harbor...” He grumbled.

    “At least you didn’t get Volt Tackled.”

    As soon as Maxie and I were able to dry off, Ash, Dawn, Brock, and I plotted our next plan of action.

    “The next gym is in Snowpoint City,” Brock said.

    “Where’s that?” Dawn asked.

    “All the way in the north of Sinnoh.”


    “Well, we better start heading that way...” I said.

    “Hey! You guys!”

    We turned to see a boy with dark hair and blue eyes wearing a red beret.

    “Hey Lucas!” Dawn said. Lucas was Professor Rowan’s assistant. And I’m sure you know who Professor Rowan is.

    “Professor Rowan wants to see all of you. He’s at the Canalave library.”

    We all headed over the harbor (without any of us falling in) and arrived at the library. Once inside, I gasped in awe of all of the books... There were thousands of them. A painting on the wall caught my eye. It was of three legendary Pokemon.

    “Those are the three legendaries of the lakes.” I turned to see Professor Rowan.

    “What are their names?” I asked.

    “Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit.”

    We all gathered around a table and Professor Rowan said, “I called you here because I am worried about the safety of these three legendaries. Lucas and I have spotted Galactic agents around Lake Verity and I believe they are after Uxie.”

    “We saw some agents around Lake Valor as well,” I said.

    “That is where Mespirit resides.”

    “So, what would Team Galactic want with them?”

    “They must have something to do with those powers of time and space they’ve been talking about,” Ash said.

    “Yes...Dialga and Palkia,” Maxie said.

    Far to the east lay Lake Valor. A young man with blue hair wearing a Galactic commander uniform set up a bomb near the middle of the lake.

    “I could always levitate across and capture Mespirit, but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?” He turned to an agent. “Get ready to start the countdown...”

    “So what should we do?” Dawn asked.

    “We should go and investigate!” I said, standing up. Suddenly, the ground underneath started to shake violently. The bookshelves overturned and pictures came crashing down. As quickly as it started, it stopped.

    “Is everyone okay?” Professor Rowan asked.

    I got on my Poketch. “Max, what was that?!”

    “It came from Lake Valor!” I heard him say.

    “All the way from Lake Valor?!”

    “We should split up and go to each of the lakes. Lucas and I will go to Verity,” Professor Rowan said.

    “Ash, Brock, Dawn, and I will go to Valor.”

    “And I’ll got to Acuity,” Maxie said.

    “Let’s get going!” I said, and we all flew off for our destinations.

    A young woman with purple hair looked out across the water of Lake Verity and smirked. She turned to the legendary, trapped inside a barrier she had created.

    “I better go ahead and send you to Mt. Coronet,” she said.

    Suddenly, Lucas and Professor Rowan appeared. “Release Uxie now!” Rowan ordered.

    The woman laughed. “I don’t think so!” The barrier around Uxie started to glow and it and the legendary disappeared. “You’re too late, anyway.”

    Lucas rushed toward her with a Shadow Punch, but she blew him back with such force, he crashed into a tree and it fell down.

    “Golbat! Take care of that pest!” She yelled. Suddenly, a flock of Golbat surrounded Lucas, who was nearly unconscious.

    “Go, Empoleon!” Rowan yelled, releasing the water/steel-type. “Ice Beam!” Empoleon shot a beam of freezing ice that slammed into the Golbat, driving them away. When he turned toward the woman, she was gone.

    “Are you okay, Lucas?”

    “Never better, sir.”

    He sighed. “Let’s get back to the lab. Actually, you go back to the lab and I’ll go to Acuity. Tell Max to tell everyone to meet up at the lab if anything happens!”

    “Yes, sir!” Lucas said, running off.

    Meanwhile, Maxie had arrived at the Acuity Lakefront. Scanning the lake, he saw no Galactic agents.

    “That’s strange...” he said, releasing his Mightyena. “Check out the surrounding area.”

    “Okay!” The dark-type said and scrambled off.

    Maxie suddenly sensed a high amount of psychic energy in the air. He followed the energy wave toward a clearing. A man with light blue hair wearing a Galactic commander uniform had Azelf surrounded in a powerful barrier.

    “Let it go!” Maxie ordered.

    The man turned to him and smirked. “This is Galactic property.”

    “Last time I checked, this lake belonged to Azelf.”

    “And last time I checked you were the leader of Team Magma.”

    Both men glared at each other, and both got ready to attack.

    So, we have all three Galactic commanders here...but something deeper is going on...Stay tuned for Chapter 2!
  4. Nightmare the Scyther

    Nightmare the Scyther Altaria x Aerodactyl

    Good chapter, good grammar, yadda yadda yadda. I have a lot to do, so I'll hurry up a bit. Yes, nice chapter, though it reminds me too much of my Diamond. But I know you - right when you think we're getting bored of the video game plots, you're going to make an abrupt twist in the story and stuff. I can tell this will get really good soon. Good job!
  5. Ranger Registeel

    Ranger Registeel orly n00b?

    I've been a closet reader since the 3rd installment in this series, but I'm just now going to review.

    Description: Lacks a lot. Even if this is a continuation to a series, you should still describe every character to their fullest extent. You should also describe the surroundings. What does Canalave City look like? What about Iron Island? The lakes? Overall, this area could use a lot of improvement.

    Creativity: You have a good idea. It's very creative and interesting. You could tune up some things here and there, but still very good.

    Accuracy: Well, I know the Lakes and Pokemon didn't match up correctly, but you may have done that on purpose. Azelf is at Valor, Mesprit at Verity, and Uxie at Acuity.

    Other: I think this has the potential to be a very famous fic on this site if you improve upon your description. Take your time on chapters. When you rush, the chapter isn't as good as it could be.

    That's it for now. I'll continue reading!

  6. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    No new news today... Hmm... Well, here's chapter 2!

    Chapter 2

    Fighting over Mespirit

    We finally reached Lake Valor, only to discover a completely dry lakebed.

    "The explosion must have cleared all of the water out!" Brock explained as we stared at the lakebed. Suddenly, I spotted a temple in the middle.

    "You guys spread out around the forest!" I said, rushing toward the temple. Brock and Ash headed to the right as Dawn went to the left.

    If he wasn't careful, Maxie could end up burning down the whole forest. Every fire attack he had thrown at the Galactic commander had been dodged and most hit the trees around them. Suddenly, a beam of energy slammed into him and he went flying into a tree... But it wasn't psychic energy...It was light energy!

    "It can't be..." he said, looking up. The commander had disappeared with Azelf. In a fit of rage, he got to his feet and shot a Flamethrower at a nearby tree, downing it immediately.

    Professor Rowan appeared with Mightyena and , seeing the tree, said, "May I suggest anger management classes?"

    Maxie rolled his eyes and sighed. "Let's just get back to the lab..." But still, he wondered...

    How in the world could the commander be a light-type when every one of them, other than Kristal, was dead?

    I ducked into the temple and immediately saw a small pool of water surrounded by the inscribed temple walls. I suddenly spotted Mespirit, but he wasn't alone. I recognized Saturn, one of the Galactic commanders. He had trapped Mespirit inside a psychic barrier. Before I could do anything, he teleported him away and spotted me.

    "Look who's here; the Chosen One," he smirked.

    I glared at him. “What do you want with the three legendary lake Pokemon?”

    He shrugged. “If you beat me in an Aquapolian battle, I might tell you.”

    “Fine!” I said, charging up a Light Beam.

    Meanwhile, Ash, Brock, and Dawn had met back up just outside the Valor Lakefront.

    “We should get back to the lad,” Ash said.

    “What about Kris?” Dawn asked.

    “Max said she wants us to go on ahead,” Ash replied.

    They headed off for the lab and passed right by Jupiter, who was making her way to Lake Valor.

    I dodged another powerful psychic blast and landed in the dry lakebed below the temple. I fired another Light Blast at Saturn and he teleported out of its way. He appeared behind me and started to run for it.

    “Later, Chosen One!” He said, flying off into the forest.

    “Coward!” I yelled, flying after him. This led to a chase through the forest. He ran on ahead, dodging my Light Blasts. Suddenly, he stopped short in front of a cliff. A Light Blast slammed into him and sent him over, but he grabbed onto the cliff face just before he could fall to the rocks below. He struggled back onto the cliff, where I grabbed him. If I had let go, he would fall onto the rocks below and he wouldn’t have much time to levitate back up either.

    “What? Are you going to kill me?” Saturn asked.

    “Saturn!” I turned around to see Jupiter running toward us. Before she could attack me, though, I froze her in her tracks.

    I turned back to Saturn. I had on question burning in my mind. Several times during my journey in Sinnoh, I had met a blue-haired man in a Galactic uniform. Each time, he seemed interested in my developing the powers of space and time. I had finally learned that his name was Cyrus, but I wanted to know more.

    “Who is Cyrus?” I asked.

    Saturn hesitated, unsure whether to answer or not, but he quickly made up his mind. “Cyrus used to be the leader of Team Galactic and our current leader was one of his commanders. She challenged him for leadership one day, won, and became our leader.”

    “And her plan?”

    “To awaken the ancient powers of time and space one top of Mt. Coronet using the three legendary lake Pokemon.”

    I smiled and nodded. “Thank you,” I said, letting him go.

    “Saturn!” Jupiter yelled as I teleported away. He fell towards the rocks below and luckily was able to stop himself inches away from them. He let out a sigh of relief and levitated back up.

    “Gee, thanks for telling her everything, Jupiter said.

    “Shut up! Let’s just get back to the bas,” he replied and they teleported off.

    Meanwhile, everyone except for me was gathered at Rowan’s lab.

    “Where is she?” Maxie asked.

    Ash shrugged. “Maybe she went off to rescue the three legendaries by herself.”

    That was when I walked in, in a happy mood because of my discovery. “Everyone, I have some information we need.”

    “She had to nearly kill a guy before she could get it, though,” Pikachu said.

    “Who?” Ash asked.

    “Saturn. She threw him off a cliff.”

    “I made sure he could levitate back up, so he’s alive. Listen, I found out where their headquarters are,” I said.

    “Where?” Ash said.

    “Mt. Coronet. Saturn told me that the Galactic leader is planning on using the legendary trio to awaken the powers of time and space. So, we need to head there, now.”

    “We’ll come with you,” Professor Rowan said.

    I nodded. “Let’s head out.”

    We soon arrived at Mt. Coronet and spotted their headquarters.

    “Rowan and I will sneak inside somehow,” Maxie said.

    “Good. See if you can get Max inside the computer system. The rest of us are going undercover,” I said.

    “What about me? I don’t have a uniform,” Lucas said.

    “Hang on a sec,” I said, teleporting into a storage building nearby and hurrying through it invisibly. I soon found where the uniforms were stored, grabbed one for Lucas, and teleported back.

    “Here you go!” I said, throwing it at him.

    A few minutes later, we split up and snuck inside. We had four groups: Maxie and Professor Rowan, Lucas and Dawn, Ash and Brock, and me. I went alone because I secretly hoped to bump into Cyrus and I had some questions for him.

    “I don’t see why I have to wear this uniform,” Lucas said.

    “Because Kris said so,” Dawn replied.

    “Why do I have to do what she tells me to?”

    “Because she’s the Chosen One.”

    “Hey! You two!” They turned to see two agents and their Crobat.

    “Go, Piplup!” Dawn yelled, releasing her water-type.

    “Go, Abra!” Lucas yelled, releasing his psychic-type.

    “Piplup, Hidden Power!”

    “Abra, Ice Punch!”

    The Hidden Power transformed into ice crystals and slammed into one of the Crobat. Abra’s Ice Punch scored a direct hit on the other.

    “Let’s go!” Dawn said. They recalled their Pokemon and beat a retreat only to run smack into Jupiter.

    “Going somewhere?” She smirked.

    Ash and Brock hurried down another passageway and in turn, were cornered by two agents with Weavile.

    “Go, Torterra!” Ash yelled, releasing his grass/ground-type.

    “Go, Marshtomp!” Brock yelled, releasing his water/ground-type.

    “Torterra, Body Slam!”

    “Marshtomp, Ice Beam!”

    Torterra slammed full force into one Weavile as Marshtomp’s Ice Beam took out the other. Unfortunately, Saturn appeared.

    “There’s only four,” Saturn said.

    “And that is significant why?” Jupiter asked.

    “There’s supposed to be five. Where’s the Chosen One?”

    He aimed this question at Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Lucas, who were trapped in a holding cell.

    “We don’t know!” Ash snapped.

    “It doesn’t matter anyway. Our leader sent Cyrus after her. She’ll be lucky to get off Mt. Coronet alive,” Jupiter laughed, and walked off with Saturn.

    Ash groaned. “Kris, please don’t do anything stupid...”

    Now ash should know that Kris does a lot of stupid things. I remember her plan when she and the Hoenn group first met Maxie. Good times, good times. Chapter 3 up soon!

    Nightmare: Yes, I intentionally switched the three Pokes of the lakes...

    Ranger Registeel: OMG! Another reader! I'm glad you like it and yes, description is not my strong point, but I am working on it. I seem to get so excited by a storyline, I try to move the plot along fast and ignore description... But still, I hope you keep on reading.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2007
  7. Nightmare the Scyther

    Nightmare the Scyther Altaria x Aerodactyl

    Yes, Nightmare hafs liked this chapter! She hafs been busy lately and busy again today, so she shalls hurry.

    This chapter's plot in the story was good, as usual, but also as usual, it had a few grammar mistakes. More, when compared to other chapters. A word or two were missing their last letters, and at one point you started out calling the agents' Pokemon Weavile and ended up saying that their Crobat were beaten. A little mix-up there, grammar mistakes, seems a little rushed, other than that, 'twas a very interesting chapter! Good job!

    @RR: (Hope you don't mind being called RR) By now, Nightmare hafs gotten used to chosen's fast-paced stories. Fast-paced as they are, they are interesting nontheless. Lack of description hafs been noticed a long time ago, but chosen hafs still gotten better through practice, as always. And please don't think Nightmare is trying to start a fight. Nightare dislikes forum fights. And real fights.
  8. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Thanks for pointing out that mistake, Nightmare! *fixes*

    Chapter 3 is almost done. It will be a page shorter, but, it has a lot of surprises in it.
  9. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    No new news today... Well, here's chapter 3!

    Chapter 3

    Sneaking into the Galactic Base

    "Are you sure this is going to work?" Maxie asked.

    "As long as we don't run into any of the commanders," Rowan replied.

    Thanks to Rowan's psychic abilities, they had snuck into the base easily and invisibly. Unfortunately, the commanders of Team Galactic were such powerful psychic-types, they would be able to detect them easily.

    "I think this is the control room," Maxie said, stopping in front of a heavily locked door. "How are we going to get in?"

    "It has a psychic barrier around it, so I can't teleport us in."

    But, of course, what happens when you get two geniuses, plus one on the phone, together? You end up with a very easily unlocked password key. Maxie and Rowan made their way into the control room. It was filled from floor to ceiling with computers.

    "Now, where is the main computer?" Maxie asked.

    Suddenly, the door flew open and Jupiter and Saturn walked in. They froze when they spotted Maxie and Rowan.

    "Uh...we're lost?" Rowan said, in a pretty pathetic attempt to explain why they were there.

    Unfortunately, they didn't buy it.

    "Great excuse, genius!" Mightyena grumbled at Rowan.

    "Feel free to kick him," Maxie said. He and Rowan were surrounded by agents and were being led by Jupiter and Saturn further up the mountain. Suddenly, they spotted a huge temple with Aquapolian writing all over the walls.

    As soon as they walked in, they came face-to-face with a machine where Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were trapped. Further into the back stood two gigantic statues of legendary Pokemon.

    "Dialga and Palkia," Maxie said.

    "The powers of time and space." Both men turned to see a woman with bright red hair smirking at them. She wore a Galactic uniform and a Mightyena stood by her side. She turned to Jupiter and Saturn. "I thought I told you two to just bring me the Chosen One's mentor." Both looked down. Neither Maxie nor Rowan wondered why they were nervous around their leader. Maxie, of course, had been leader of Team Magma and was used to having complete control and command over admins. Rowan was used to striking fear in the hearts of his assistants with his stern disposition.

    This woman had that overpowering leadership presence that most team leaders had.

    "It doesn't matter. I'm sure you, professor, can help me. You see, this machine has broken down and I can't seem to find the problem with it," the woman said.

    "What makes you think I'd help you?" Rowan asked.

    She ignored him and turned to Maxie. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Of course, you have something I need, too. You can read Aquapolian and in those ruins over there are the instructions for the ceremony to awaken the two great powers."

    She teleported in front of the two statues. "These aren't statues, actually, these are Dialga and Palkia themselves, frozen in time and space." She teleported back up to where the machine was. "Well, you, Maxie, know who I am, but, you, professor, do not. I am Mars, leader of Team Galactic." She turned back to the machine. "Of course, you two don't have much choice in helping me. I have sent one of my commanders after the Chosen One and told him to kill her. I might change my mind if you help me."

    Maxie glared at her and mumbled, "Fine."

    "Where is that control room?" I asked.

    "Beats me," Pikachu replied.

    We were silently walking through the base. I had just gotten word from Max that Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Lucas had been captured and he was unable to communicate with Maxie and Rowan. So, I set off to the control room.

    After creeping down several hallways, I found a door that was heavily locked. Or, at least it was supposed to be locked. Someone had left the room in a hurry and probably forgot to lock it. I snuck in and got out Max's disk. It contained a computer program that would immediately link up with Max's system and allow him to access the system the disk was in.

    I quickly found the main computer and started the procedure Max told me I had to go through to allow it to hook up. I had Pikachu stand guard because it would take a while.

    Unfortunately, she could only alert me when people were about to walk through the door, not teleport into the room, because as I turned to one of the monitors, I came face-to-face with Cyrus.

    Meanwhile, Rowan and Maxie were being forced to help Mars revive Dialga and Palkia. Rowan looked for the problem in the machine as Maxie started to read the inscriptions on the walls.

    "You two go check on the Legendary Team!" Mars snapped at Jupiter and Saturn. They both nodded and teleported away quickly. "You know, Saturn and Jupiter are twins. Of course, they look nothing alike, but still..." She teleported over to where Maxie was reading the inscriptions and raised her voice so Rowan could hear.

    "You know what is the strangest occurrence in twins?” She asked Maxie.

    “What?” He asked, distracted.

    “Twins that aren’t the same type. Jupiter and Saturn are both psychic-types, as are the twin gym leaders of Mossdeep in Hoenn. You hardly ever hear of twins being, say, one psychic and one fire.” She turned to Maxie. “Isn’t that right...brother?”

    This seemed to capture both Rowan’s and Maxie’s attention. The two Mightyena, who were obviously related, just went on glaring at each other.

    Mars smirked, knowing that she had caught Maxie’s attention and said, “You’re really protective of the Chosen One, aren’t you?” He glared at her as she went on.

    “Surely you realized Cyrus was a light-type.”
    “I suppose thus belongs to your friend that’s been trying to hack into our system?” Cyrus asked, holding up Max’s disk.

    “Yes,” I said, glaring at him.

    “Well, I can neither let you hack into our system or stop us from awakening Dialga and Palkia,” he said. “I’m sorry I have to do this. I was really looking forward to you learning their powers.”

    Before he could do anything, I teleported to the open door. Seconds later, a powerful blast flew past me and slammed into the wall. As I ran for it, I turned to Pikachu and gasped.

    “That was a Light Blast!”

    “How is that possible? All of StarClan is dead,” Maxie said.

    “Not all of them. It seems like the Shadow still doesn’t have all of his power yet,” Mars said. “It’s really isolated up here in Sinnoh, so he might not even know Cyrus is here.”

    “And you’re sending him to kill the Chosen One?”

    “Oh, yes, and he’s closely related to her, too.”


    “You probably knew his younger brother, he was your best friend after all.”

    Maxie spun around to look at her.

    “Yes, Cyrus is her father’s older brother.”

    Egad! Big shockers in this chapter! Stay tuned for chapter 4!
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2007
  10. Nightmare the Scyther

    Nightmare the Scyther Altaria x Aerodactyl

    CYRUS IS KRIS'S UNCLE?! ftw?! The new leader of Galaxy is Maxie's twin?! ftw?! Nightmare luffs! more! more!

    Oh, and this: "Well, you, Maxie, know how I am, but, you, professor, do not...

    I think "how" should be "who".
  11. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    I'm glad you liked my plot twists, Nightmare. Next chapter will be long and full of action.

    Thanks again for catching that! *changes*
  12. Nightmare the Scyther

    Nightmare the Scyther Altaria x Aerodactyl

    squee for long chapters! *squeehuggle* But remember: quality over quantity.
  13. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    I'm almost done with it... It's about 11 pages in my notebook. Longest chapter I have ever written. It may be up in the next couple of days. NOT tomorrow, because my aunt and uncle are coming down for Father's Day. Well, maybe tomorrow... Who knows?
  14. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    This chapter is probably the longest chapter I have written ever, so, enjoy!

    Chapter 4

    Running From a Great Threat

    I burst down the hallway, fleeing with all my might. My first instincts in these situations were always to fight; never to run, though I was not surprised by my own reaction. That... Light Blast was powerful and if I got myself into an elemental environment (i.e. Mt. Coronet), I could possibly save Pikachu's and my tail.

    Plus, something about him unnerved me. I didn't dwell on that fact much, though. Light Blasts were flying past me with such speed, their impacts with the walls of the base nearly knocked me off my feet.

    Finally, I found the exit out into the caverns of Mt. Coronet itself. Luckily, I had outrun Cyrus a bit, so I stopped short and focused on creating a rock barrier between the base and the cavern. Within seconds, a group of gigantic rock pillars blocked the path and I hurried on, knowing full well that it would slow down Cyrus for a bit, but not long.

    I stumbled about in the dark, not generating any light so that I would have a chance to get away undetected. I hurried along so fast and clumsily, that I felt a sharp searing pain. Without stopping, I knew that I had cut my arm very deeply on a large rock. I felt blood drip from the wound as I hurried on.

    Cyrus stopped short before the great rock pillars and smirked. He knew the Chosen One was in her element here. He walked right through the pillars and started to search for her. Then, he spotted a trail of blood and grimaced.

    "She must have cut her arm open on this rock. Oh well, at least she left a trail so I can find her."

    I had to stop and let my arm heal. I was losing too much blood and it couldn't heal when I was using so much energy to run. I came to a dead end and collapsed to the floor, gripping my arm. I froze. Cyrus was nearby. I felt my arm heal as I became invisible and prayed he wouldn’t find me.

    My prayers were in vain, because several seconds later, a Light Blast exploded above me. I became visible again and turned to face him. I couldn’t run anymore. We glared at each other for a while. Pikachu decided to break the silence with a Volt Tackle.

    “Pikachu, no!” I yelled as she slammed into a barrier and went flying into the cavern wall. A Light Blast flew towards me and I dodged, nearly falling off of a cliff face I didn’t see in the dark. I suddenly got a very crazy idea. I had to get away from here before I got hit by one of those powerful Light Blasts.

    “Pikachu! Get back to the others!” I said.

    “I’m not leaving you!” She cried.

    “You will or I’ll teleport you there!” I shouted.

    She hesitated, then nodded and ran off. Cyrus didn’t go after her, so my plan was working. I stepped close to the edge of the cliff. Cyrus and I locked eyes and I could feel him asking me what I was doing. I looked over the edge, took a deep breath, and jumped off. I freefell for a while, estimating the time at which I needed to start to levitate. Unfortunately, I estimated wrong and as the floor of the cavern loomed closer, a wave of panic spread over me and I screamed.

    A wave of hopelessness shook Maxie to the core and he fell to his knees. “It...it can’t be...”

    “Judging from your reaction, Cyrus did his job,” Mars smirked.

    Maxie got to his feet and spun around to face her, firing up his powers. “You...”

    Mars smirked again and Maxie fired a raging Flamethrower at her. It slammed into her barrier, ricocheted off, and slammed into the temple wall. Mars retaliated with a psychic blast that sent Maxie crashing into the wall. He fell to the floor, weakened. Mars stood over him.

    “I think you need to get back to work,” she said.

    Cyrus was a bit shaken, though he didn’t admit it because he claimed the passiveness and emotionless of psychic-types. He levitated down to where the Chosen One was, followed by Pikachu, who thankfully, landed in a pool of water.

    “Kris!” Pikachu shouted, racing over to her body. All four of her arms and legs were broken and a pool of blood surrounded her head. The contents of her bag were scattered around the cavern floor. Cyrus stepped around them, hearing glass crunch underneath his feet. He looked down and picked up a picture of the Chosen One and a man and woman. The woman had light brown hair and bright, cheerful blue eyes. She had her hand on the shoulder of the Chosen One, who was obviously four or five at the time. Cyrus recognized the man and was shocked. He had dark blue hair and dark eyes. Cyrus turned to where Pikachu was sitting mournfully by the Chosen One.

    “Are these two her parents?” He asked.

    Pikachu swung around to face him. “Yes, they were! Why?” She snapped.

    “I just...know her father.”

    “Join the club!” She snorted.

    “He is my younger brother.”

    “You mean WAS.”


    “He and Caroline died about 2 and a half years ago in a fire.”


    “Wait? You’re a StarClan member...and you killed Kris?! What kind of light-type are you?”

    Silence hung in the air for a while, until...

    I groaned. My head felt awful, as did my arms and legs. I swore to myself never to jump off a cliff again. I tried to open my eyes, but I was too tired and was gaining strength slowly. These days, it took a lot to kill me because of my increasing health powers.

    I blinked an opened my eyes to behold the furriness that is Pikachu.

    “Kris? You’re alive?!”

    I sat straight up, despite my legs still healing (very painfully, too). My stuff was strewn across the cavern. I then spotted Cyrus. I sprang to my feet and backed up a bit, trying to see if I could trust him. Then, I saw my picture of my parents in his hand.

    He saw me looking at it and said, “I...I knew your father...”

    I snorted. “Join the club.”

    “Haven’t I already been in this conversation before?” Pikachu asked. She turned to me. “He says that’s he’s your father’s older brother.”

    I looked up at him. “How is that possible?”

    “Sinnoh is very secluded, so the Shadow probably hasn’t checked up here for a StarClan member,” he said.

    “Then how did he start this war?”

    He shrugged. “We’ll find that out later. For now, we have to stop Mars.”

    “You’re going to help me stop... Who’s Mars?”

    “Our leader. And yes...” He handed me my picture. “I am going to help you.”

    I decided I could trust him and started to pick up my stuff as Cyrus called Saturn and Jupiter. Amazingly, they were easily persuaded to help.

    “But...why are you helping us?” I asked Cyrus as we ran back to the base.

    “I realized that if Mars releases Dialga and Palkia, it could make things worse in this war. Plus, without you to stop them, we’d be in even bigger trouble.” He said.

    I nodded and we raced on to where Mars was.

    “Okay, you guys are free to go,” Saturn said, unlocking the cell.

    Ash hesitated. “Why?” He asked suspiciously.

    Jupiter shook her head. “We’ll tell you later. Just come with us.

    Ash turned to the others and nodded. “Let’s go!”

    Mars’ plan was working perfectly. Rowan was almost finished fixing the machine and Maxie was done translating the ruins. Unfortunately, she had left out one very important factor...


    I burst into the temple and yelled. “Stop!”

    She swung around to face me and shouted in rage, “Chosen One!” Cyrus appeared behind me and she shouted at him, “I thought I told you to kill her!” A powerful psychic blast flew toward us. We both teleported out of the way and over to where the two great statues stood.

    “It doesn’t matter...” Mars teleported over to the machine and pushed Rowan out of the way. After fooling with the controls for a bit, the three containment chambers with Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie in them started to glow. The three lights suddenly merged together in mid-air and turned blood red. Then, the light disappeared and a blood red engraved chain fell into Mars’ hand.

    “Behold! The Red Chain!” She teleported over between the two statues and pulled out the Diamond and Pearl Orbs. Levitating them above the statues, she held the Red Chain up and shouted. “Arise! Powers of time and space! Dialga and Palkia!”

    The temple started to shake violently. The walls gave way and crumbled to the ground. Diamond and pearl lines started to appear on both statues. A large diamond shone on Dialga’s chest and two large pearls shone on Palkia’s shoulders. Then, the two great powers opened their blood red eyes and roared, shaking the entire mountain.

    I had to do something. I ran at Mars with a Light Punch at full speed.

    “Kristal, don’t!” Maxie shouted. But I ignored him and slammed full force into a psychic blast so powerful, that it nearly sent me off the side of the mountain. I didn’t give up, though, and I charged and fired a powerful Light Blast at Mars. It was deflected as well.

    She held up the Red Chain. “Dialga, Palkia, destroy her!”

    The two great powers turned to me and charged up two powerful blasts. The attacks slammed into one of my most powerful barriers and were deflected, but not without cracking it first.

    Mars held up the Red Chain again, but before she could order another attack, Cyrus teleported up to where she was standing and grabbed the Red Chain. She stood there, obviously startled that he was bold enough to even approach her. Cyrus took this chance and blew her off her feet with a Light Blast. She landed on the temple floor near Maxie.

    Cyrus smirked and held up the Red Chain. "Finally, I have power over time and space!"

    I gasped. Mars lept to her feet. "What are you doing?"

    "Taking what is rightfully mine. I knew the Chosen One would distract you long enough for me to get to the Red Chain," Cyrus replied.

    I started to shake with anger. Sure, he wanted to stop Mars from getting to the powers of time and space...because he wanted them himself.

    Still, it was a mystery how I couldn't tell his true intentions. Powerful light and psychic-types could block their minds from being read, but few could block people from telling their true intentions. And even fewer could block an angel from doing so.

    "I bet he lied about being my uncle, too!" I shouted, enraged.

    "No, he was telling the truth..." Mars said.

    That hurt most of all... That he, a member of StarClan would do this and also, being my uncle, he had betrayed me.

    The Diamond and Pearl Orbs started to glow and the Red Chain as well. Mars backed up a bit. "We need to get off this mountain...NOW."

    None of us hesitated. Mars led the way as Maxie, the Mightyena, Rowan, and I followed after her. The mountain started to shudder as Dialga and Palkia charged up, ready to unleash their powers onto the world.

    "What's going on?!" Ash asked as the mountain started to shake under their feet.

    "Mars must have unleashed Dialga and Palkia!" Jupiter exclaimed.

    "Follow us!" Saturn said. He led them as they rushed to get off of the mountain.

    We raced down the mountain after Mars. Suddenly, a huge wave of energy flew through the air. It was heavy and dark, but we didn't hesitate. Mars led us to the exit and we stood, confused, in a forest outside the exit that hadn't been there before.

    "Are you sure this is the right exit?" Maxie asked her.

    She nodded. "I know Mt. Coronet like the back of my own hand."

    "Then how did this forest get here?" I asked.

    "I seem to remember reading about a huge forest near Mt. Coronet. But the forest vanished after the Great War," Rowan said.

    "Oh, no..." Mars said, turning white as an Absol's fur. "That means... Dialga's powers are turning time back faster than I imagined..."

    "There you are!" I turned to see a boy about my age with dark blue hair running toward us. He was is traditional Aquapolian clothing.

    "Yes? And you are...?" I asked.

    "It's me... Lucario!" He panted.

    "How is that possible?" Pikachu asked.

    "I swear, I am Lucario!"

    "Before the Great War 3,000 years ago, the legendaries had Aquapolian forms so they could blend into the population when needed," Maxie said.

    "I thought you would look older... Not Kris's age," Mars said.

    "All of us legendaries are 16,000 years old; 16 years old in legendary years," Lucario said. "But now is not the time to go deeper into the subject! Follow me!" He said, rushing through the forest. We followed after him as the sky turned blood red.

    "Where did this forest come from?" Saturn asked as he, Jupiter, Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Lucas exited into the forest from Mt. Coronet. "It wasn't here before..."

    Ash turned and glanced up to the top of Mt. Coronet. Waves of energy spread out from where the Spear Temple had been. "What's going on?"

    "Excuse me?" Ash turned to see a girl with long blue hair and wearing a traditional Aquapolian dress.

    Of course, Brock ran straight to her. "My name's Brock, what's yours?"

    She blushed. "I...I'm Suicune."

    "Suicune? As in the legendary of wind?" Jupiter asked.

    She nodded. "Yes."

    "Wait a minute... You're not the real Suicune... Are you?" Ash asked.

    She nodded. "Yes, I am. Now, follow me!" She said, leading them further unto the forest.
    "This must be it..." Cyrus said, standing in front of a huge entrance deep inside Mt. Coronet. It was easy for him to get past the traps laid out by the legendaries; he was a StarClan member and he had objects of light with him. He entered into the temple, where a huge round altar sat in the middle. Engravings of Dialga and Palkia (looking newer by the second) lined the walls. One large engraving showed a huge dragon-like creature that had dark black wings and stood on six legs.

    "Finally, I found the Temple of Dimension."

    We stopped at a clearing in the forest and took a look around. The forest started to look newer and newer by the second. The strange thing was, our Poketchs were still on our wrists.

    After I stated this, Mars said, "Palkia's power of space must be limiting what Dialga's time powers affect."

    Suddenly, I got a call on my Poketch. It was Max.

    "Max? What's going on?"

    "What's going on?! WHAT'S GOING ON?! You know what's going on! Those time and space energy waves are spreading across the planet, making the natural disasters worse!" Max exclaimed. "If this keeps on, the time-space continuum will cause a chain reaction in our dimension.”

    Mars shook her head. “If only Einstein was born yet.”

    “Time’s moving along so fast... That means...” Lucario thought for a moment. “Cyrus is a StarClan member, so he’s not going to just stop at getting Dialga and Palkia. Wait a minute... He’s probably at the Temple of Dimension!”

    “The Temple of Dimension?” I asked.

    Mars nodded. “It’s deep inside Mt. Coronet.”

    Lucario said, “Follow me! We have to get there fast!”

    “Max, keep monitoring the situation, okay?” I asked.

    “Sure will!”

    We raced back into Mt. Coronet, straight into an unknown danger.

    Cyrus paced around the temple. He had nearly all of the ingredients he needed to perform the ritual to awaken the power of dimension. Set on the altar were the Diamond, Pearl, and Opal Orbs. The Opal Orb was the power of dimension’s object. Cyrus thought about what he needed last. He also had the Red Chain. Wasn’t that enough?

    “Of course...” He turned to the engraving. “The power of dimension is a ghost legendary, so it requires a sacrifice...”

    “Of the Chosen One’s blood.”

    Wow, this is the longest chapter... ever! Whew, my hand is tired! Chapter 5 up... soon!

    If I ever get this chapter up. It is taking me forever to get on here! Grr....
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    OMFG! Legends with Aquapolian forms? The Temple of Dimension? Kris almost died? OMFG! Action! Excitement! Lengthy chapter! Nightmare luffs!

    But Nightmare kinda got lost a bit inside the cave. Maybe it's just because Nightmare is also listening to music now, but meh...

    Oh, and..."But not is not the time to go deeper into the subject! Follow me!"

    Nightmare thinks the first "not" should be "now". Nightmare wonders where Cyrus will get the blood. In the cavern, perhaps? At the bottom of the cliff? By trying to kill Kris again? What an evil uncle...
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    I'm glad you liked this chapter. The next one will be slightly shorter, but not by much.

    I get lost all the time. It happens to everyone.

    *changes* Thanks for catching that!

    *laughs* Yes, he is a really evil uncle...

    Chapter... 5 up soon! I keep on thinking I'm on chapter 4 for some reason... o_0
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    It's time...for the pre-chapter news! Actually, there is no new news... Except for it being Father's Day... Well, actually Sunday was Father's Day... I must be confused because of Dialga's time warp. Well, this chapter will be shorter than the last one, so enjoy!

    Chapter 5

    The Temple of Dimension

    "Is this it?" I asked. We had stopped before a great entrance deep inside Mt. Coronet.

    Lucario nodded. "Yes, it is. There are traps, though. Cyrus probably walked right through them... Seeing as he had the Diamond and Pearl Orbs and the Red Chain.

    We entered into the first room of the temple. It wasn't a room at all; it was a large cavern. A single rope bridge led from our end to the other.

    Lucario pushed me forward. "Once one of us makes it across the trap, all of us can go across safely."

    "But why me?"

    He shrugged. "You're the most...powerful of all of us."

    I glared at him. "What about you, o power over energy waves?"

    He just stood back and motioned to the rope bridge with his head. I rolled my eyes and started to walk across. I got to the middle and stopped. Nothing happened.

    "I think it's broken!" I yelled back.

    Before anyone could respond, a huge gust of wind kicked up. I hung on for dear life as the rope bridge twisted around. A few seconds later, it came untied and fell into the cavern as I struggled to fly to the other side. I inched my way forward, the wind becoming stronger each second. Finally, I reached the other side of the cavern and collapsed to the ground. The wind stopped abruptly and the cavern disappeared. As the others walked across, I asked, “Let me guess... That was Suicune’s trap?”

    Lucario nodded. “Yeah.”

    “Well, someone else is going across next time,” I said as Maxie helped me to my feet. He, Mars, Rowan, and Lucario exchanged nervous glances.

    “Actually, I don’t think any of us can...survive those traps,” Mars said.

    I sighed. “Fine...”

    The next cavern looked exactly like the first, except it was filled with magma. I turned to Maxie. “Well?” I asked.

    “Well what?”

    “Aren’t you going to handle this since you’re the power of the land?”

    Apparently not, since I soon found myself out on a rope bridge again, dodging magma pillars that were rising out of the pool below. The rope bridge quickly burnt down, so I found myself flying across the cavern again. I landed safely, but a little singed, on the other side. Without saying a word to the others, I left Entei’s trap and headed straight into Raikou’s trap.

    The third cavern was exactly like the other two except for the lightning striking around the cavern. I had had enough of facing these traps alone, so I grabbed Pikachu and held her up above my head as I raced across the bridge. My plan worked; all of the lightning was directed to her. As I got onto the other side of the cavern, I tripped and fell. Pikachu went flying into the wall. She was nearly fried to a crisp.

    “I have such a loving trainer, don’t I?” She said.

    “Are you okay?” I asked.

    “Yeah, my trainer just used me as a lightning rod, but I’ll be okay.”

    I sighed and went through the entrance to the next cavern. But, it wasn’t a cavern! It was a forest! As the others walked in, I said, “It’s getting late...maybe we should stay here for the night.”

    About a half hour later, I was dead asleep, my head on Maxie’s shoulder and Pikachu curled up in my lap. Rowan and Lucario had gone back up to the base to see if they could find anything that Cyrus might have left behind stating what he was after. Mars was sitting across the fire from us.

    “This is all my fault,” She said.

    Maxie looked up from the book.

    “If I hadn’t gone after Dialga and Palkia in the first place...If I hadn’t awakened them...”

    “Cyrus would have eventually awakened them himself... But why were you after them?”

    She shrugged. “For power. I always told myself that it was the right thing to do because I’d be keeping them away from the Shadow.”
    Maxie nodded. “I just hope that Greevil doesn’t discover that Cyrus has them.”

    “You and Kris are really close.”


    “I remember when our parents died.”

    Maxie nodded.

    “Did hers die in a fire as well?”

    “Yes...they did...”

    “There’s got to be something here to help us...” Rowan said, rifling through the paper on Cyrus’s desk. Azelf stood nearby, searching the desk as well, her messy blue hair flopping down into her eyes. When Lucario and Rowan had gotten back to the base, they had run into Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, all in their Aquapolian forms. They were powerless against Dialga and Palkia, but they still wanted to help search Cyrus’s office.

    “Ah ha!” Rowan said, picking up a notebook with pages covered with notes in it. He leafed through it. As the others looked on, he turned pale.

    Now, it takes a lot to get Professor Rowan unnerved... That’s why Azelf, Lucario, Mesprit, and Uxie nearly freaked out at his reaction to what he had read.

    “We’ve got to show this to Maxie!” He said, rushing out of the room with the others right behind him.

    I groggily stumbled away from the campfire. Mars and Maxie were dead asleep and Pikachu, who was on my shoulder, was half asleep herself. I had decided to go on without the others. I had this feeling that this power of dimension was a real threat.

    I walked along the passageway, through several doorways, all along watching as the inscriptions on the wall became newer and newer. I finally came to a large room surrounded by inscriptions. In the middle of the floor was a reflection of a clock.

    “What’s this?” I asked, looking up. A huge clock inscribed with Aquapolian numbers was imbedded in the ceiling. The hands looked like they were counting back to...

    “16,000? It says 16,000... How...” If the clock was made 16,000 years ago, how did the Aquapolians who made the temple know that in 16,000 years time, it would start counting back?

    “Hey Kris! Who’s that Pokemon?” Pikachu asked. I turned to see an inscription of a huge dragon-like Pokemon with midnight black wings and six legs on the far wall.

    “I don’t know...” I said, taking a closer look. “It says it is the power of dimension...” I put my hand on the wall and when I took it off, if had been coated in fresh blood.

    “Wake up!”

    Mars and Maxie not only woke up, they leapt to their feet and, ready to attack, faced whoever dared to wake them up. Seeing it was Rowan, Maxie backed down, but Mars didn’t.

    “What are you freakin doing waking us up in the middle of the night?!” She shouted at him, showing that she and her brother shared one thing; a temper that flared up fiercely from time to time.

    After she had calmed down, she snatched the notebook out of Rowan’s hand and looked at the page, turning very white.

    “What is it?” Maxie asked.

    “It...It’s a list for stuff needed for the ceremony to awaken the power of dimension,” Mars replied. She read down the list. “The Diamond, Pearl, and Opal orbs, the Red Chain, and...”

    There was silence, after which Maxie nearly shouted, “What?!”

    “The Chosen One’s blood...”

    At that, Maxie turned pale as well.

    “Surely it only means a few drops?” Rowan said.

    Mars shook her head. “I know Cyrus... He wouldn’t stop at a few drops.”

    “Um... Maxie?”

    “Yes, Rowan?”

    “We seem to be short one Chosen One.”

    Maxie swung around to where the Chosen One had been, only to see that she was gone.

    “Oh my god... Come on!” He said, rushing down the corridor with Mars and Rowan right behind him.

    I screamed as the blood seeped out of the wall. I suddenly heard a great crash and I turned to see all of the exits blocked off. I frantically searched the room for an exit. I finally found another exit, but it was halfway submerged in a pool of...blood. I would have to swim across it to get there.

    I stood at the edge, breaking out in a sweat. I had to get out of the room, but it was something terrifying to have to swum across a pool of blood to do so.

    I took a deep breath and waded in, gagging from the stench. I tried to close my sense up as I waded across the pool. Pikachu stood at the very top of my head as I waded through the exit.

    Maxie, Mars, and Rowan rushed down the corridors as fast as they could. They didn’t go far, though, until they ran into a huge stone door.

    “It’s locked by some kind of legendary code,” Maxie declared after reading the inscriptions around it.

    Suddenly, the door to the corridor slammed shut. They were trapped. Maxie frantically started to unlock the code as Mars and Rowan stood back and waited.

    Mars yawned, taking on her psychic nonchalant manner, and leaned against the wall. “I have to admit...You’re actually quite handy in these kind of situations.”

    Maxie ignored her and she rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she felt the back of her uniform start to seep with... she turned around and screamed.

    “Blood! There’s blood coming out of the wall!”

    Maxie and Rowan turned to see that she was right; blood was starting to seep out of the wall.

    “Hurry up and solve the freakin code already!” She screamed at Maxie.

    He swung around to face the door and thought for a while. “That’s it! Giratina!” The door flew open and they escaped the horrible dungeon.

    Only to encounter another locked door.

    I emerged from the pool, feeling very dirty. There was blood all the way up to my chest and it was fresh, too. I shot a Hydro Cannon into the air and soaked myself to the skin. At least I had got the blood off.

    I glanced around the room and gasped. Somehow, I had ended up right back in the chamber I had started in.

    “Why hello Kristal.”

    I swung around and came face-to-face with Cyrus.

    Ok, maybe I should have made this chapter PG because of the blood... Tell me if I need to post that at the top. I didn’t come up with that scene until I was in the middle of writing this chapter. Chapter 6 up soon. I have driver’s ed all next week, though, and them 4th of July the next week after that.
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    How about...PG 13/T? Yeah...the caverns with the traps were...odd. But fitting. But only the three beasts get traps? And Groudon? And...blood! Nightmare luffs it! It reminds her of...Nightmare forgets the title, but there was an old movie she watched before. There was a ghost in the people's house and only the young daughter, about six years old, could see it. It turned out the old owners, who looked just like the new ones though they weren't related, had died in that very house and their spirits were still lurking, causing chaos. The family ended up running away and never going back because they had to run through the house with evil spirits and blood pouring out of the walls - the whole basement was flooded with blood. Their dog almost drowned in the blood. But the father went back and saved him :p

    In short, Nightmare luffs! Nightmare wonders what Cyrus will do. And if Maxie and friends will reach the Chosen One in time. Nightmare thinks Cyrus might accidentally activate the Red Chain or something and bring the Chosen One into another dimension. Or maybe the Red Chain brought all that blood? meh...Nightmare wonders who's blood it is.

    “We see, to be short one Chosen One.”

    Nightmare thinks the comma should be an "m".
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    Cool! I just spent the last thirty minutes reading the entire story. I've gotta say, it's good. Description's a little sketchy, but so is mine. The whole blood deal was a nice touch, fits in perfect. Keep it up, you've got me won over!
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    Nightmare: Hmm... Some of your questions, but not all will be answered in the next, but extremely short, chapter. Thank you for catching that mistake!

    duncan: OMG! Another reader! Thank you for reviewing! I added the blood because, as you know, the power of dimension is a ghost-type and, well, blood seems appropriate.

    Chapter 6 up soon!

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