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The Princess And The Togepi (320)


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The Princess & The Togepi!

Lured to Hoenn under false pretenses, Misty meets up with Ash & Co. to take part in a Togepi festival. However Team Rocket are being ordered by General Hansen to kidnap her Togepi so he can rule the Kingdom. Will they succeed?

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This was a good episode, although the sequel was better. Misty pulling Brock's ear was funny, especially May and Max's reactions! I was gald to see misty again, although I'm not a rabid fan like some(not pointing fingers).

Overall rating:
8.1 out of 10!!!
A good episode, one of the better, in fact. Good work Nintendo!!

Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
I'm pretty upset because i'm gonna miss this, Togepi Mirage and Candid Camerupt because my parents are going for a small break and i have to stay at my nan's for 3 days from Tuesday morning to Thhhursday afternoon. The worst thing is that my nan don't have Sky but only Freeview.

Hopefully, when i go to my friends house tomorrow with another friend (Half Term), i can persuade him to tape it for me.

Pokémon Master Josh

Orange Champion
I liked this!

Miranda, Shedinja and Ninjask's voices were cool and Shedinja and Ninjask looked so cool!

I want Misty to come back permanently!!!


Battle Factory Champion
Yep good filler, always a good idea to bring a character back, even if it is only for a few episodes. I can't stand Togepi, I'm sorry, but it's overated to hell, I think it's best they got rid of it.

Team Rocket were cool, though the Russian accent for the motto was crap(the motto's usually my favourite part). Hanson seems like a real villian, something that Pokémon in this department has SERIOUSLY lacked over the years.

Sorry Max, but Misty still remains the champ at ear-pulling, some brute strength in that :p

It's poised nicely for the next episode tomorrow, which I hear is supposed to be very good, so fingers crossed.

PS:please bring back Gary (I demand his Japanese voice actor to return at once!), because there's yet again, far TOO much arse kissing between the characters, we need someone to shake it all up, it's all getting too cosy for them....
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Very entertaining.Misty is SO funny.flipping Brock by the ear and not flinching was funny when Ash and Co. stared at her,gobsmacked.


One of the better episodes.


Ah, another favourite of mine.

Voices: Some of the best so far! The russian accent was good and the princess's voice was very similar to Misty's.

Pokemon: I've been waiting to see Shedinja for ages! It's Solarbeam attack was awesome, and those Ninjask's really kept me on the edge of my seat! Shedinja's voice wasn't bad, it should have been more 'hollow'. Ninjask's was fine.

Characters: Lot's and Lot's of new ones! Great character personalities. Also, I agree with Sharpshooter, Hanson was the real villian of this episode. The return of Misty was great, and she was soooo funny when she pulled Brock's ear! May and Max's faces were priceless. And, that's probably were Max get's his ear-pulling from.

Content: I must say, one of the best storylines yet! The Mirage Kingdom was fantastic and it wasn't the normal storyline either.

10/10 for me!


Nice episode. Ninjask looked rather smoother than I would think though. Heh, and Team Rocket had the WORST disguises ever. Overall, nice episode. Glad all the Pokemon pronunciations were correct this time ^_^;;.

Factory Head Noland

This episode was so cool, I'm so glad to see Misty again (it's been a l-o-n-g time!).
The Princess' Mother sounded a lot like May.

I loved the part when May, Max and Misty are in the garden and Shedinja comes after them and Misty sends out Corsola to use Spike Cannon but it doesn't effect Shedinja.

When Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Mudkip went down that hole that the Ninjask dug where did they go? And how did they get back up??

Shedinja's Solarbeam was so awesome! So was the Ninjask's Shadow Ball. If the Colonel has 2 Ninjask then how come he doesn't have 2 Shedinja??


Soaring high above
maybe because he only had 3 pokeballs and a shedinja can't be got without a spare Pokeball.

Great ep, lookin forward to part 2!

Silver Fusion

Hyper Coordinator
I liked this episode it was very good when I saw shedinjas solar beam i thaught it would would be weak but I was wrong.


Well-Known Member
It was great! The next episode will be sad. One question: Did the woman with the princess have a london accent?

Aero The Dragon

At first I thought that Shedinja was using Hyper Beam, that looked a pretty strong solar beam to me!
I liked this episode, mainly because I'm a Shedinja fan..


I like Shedinja too. I also liked this episode because Misty made an appearance and Brock actually battled a real trainer.

~*Aurora Wish*~

This was good next to "A Togepi Mirage!". Misty is back, we meet Princess Sarah and Miranda, and it has a good plot. High 10!


I say 10/10! I loved the part when Misty pulled Brock's ear good, old, classic Misty-style! :D She's the champ at pulling ears! This episode was very entertaining as well and it was great to see Misty again. :)


it would be nice if Misty stayed. After all, she's my fav female character on the show. i would give this 7-9/10