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The Princess And The Togepi (320)

It was also great to see Corsola again, but I wished we could have had an appearance by Psyduck.

Psyduck, the walking DEM who couldn't even swim? I'm glad that we saw Corsola and Misty's new Gyarados instead. :x


I was glad to see Kasumi return, and the fact that the Rocket-dan once again used a blimp was amusing. The Mirage Kingdom looked fascinating for an anime-exclusive location, and Princess Sara finding and healing Kasumi's Togepy was sweet. I was also pleased by how threatening Hanzou was, unlike most Pokemon villains.


I call you honey
I loved seeing Misty again after 40 episodes and it was cool to see her new clothing style and I thought it was really interesting how her Togepi had such an important role in this episode.


Frankly, the Mirage Kingdom seemed like a much better fit for Jouto since we know that Togepy originate from the Jouto region. I now wonder if this whole subplot was a leftover from the OS saga as a result.


Call of Fate
Good episode. I was glad to see Misty again, even if she isn't my favourite anime character. TRio's disguises were lame, but I liked seeing the Princess take care of Togepi after it was injured. I was puzzled by the fact Corsola still didn't have any Rock-type moves. The Togepi paradise appearing at the end of the episode was cool and mysterious. I can't help but think the entire two-parter was created just to give an excuse for leaving Togepi/Togetic behind, since a lot of fans have found its personality annoying, but then again, Misty staying at the Cerulean Gym makes it a non-issue.


Looking at Kasumi's redesigned outfit for her comeback here, I sincerely wish that the animators had simply kept her old clothes since Kasumi looked quite bizarre wearing a new ensemble.
Shedinja's voice sounds kinda like Greninja's