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The Problem With Paras (044)


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Dark Magic said:
There's no way Paras is THAT much of a weakling, for any reason. How it evolves without doing anything but poking other pokemon for a 'win' is ridiculous, how is that experience.
Because they made it think it did a good job and congratulated it and stuff, slowly making it more confident.


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meh. Paras wasnt very interesting. Charmeleon going Psyc was awesome. TR being "good" and helping with the evo was un-expected. 6/10


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I thought this episode was pretty cool, and I loved seeing the Team Rocket scenes

The battles vs. Paras were great too.

The best part of this epi. was badass Charmeleon
I think that this really set the tone for badass pokemon,
and Charmeleon makes look like little angels
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Would this be considered a turning point for Ash?


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htis was a good episode


I can't fathom all the hate this episode is getting. Every episode before this is basically Ash making his mates use the most powerful attacks they got and win with it. This episode was unique in that ash was helping somebody, while showing he could control his pokemon's power. I think it was hilarious too, I love seeing pokemon evolve.


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This was the very first episode of Pokemon I saw, ah the memories, and I also believe this is the first episode of Pokemon to premiere on Kids WB. I love this episode from TR being superheros and helping Paras to watching Ash and his Pokemon help out Paras, unfortunately Charmelon was the only one looking for a true battle, but glad it was Charmelon going all out that made Paras finally evolve into Parasect. Also I love Cassandra's outfit very nice on her.


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This episode is okay except at the end when Meowth is loses being the company mascot to a Persian. I felt bad for Meowth.

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Well,i suppose this wasnt that bad episode but i didnt like it too much either.Seriously i never thought that paras can be that weak,and watching how he battled was pathetic.Anyway it was interesting to see how team rocket for a change decided to be good in sort of way,but i definitely didnt liked charmeleons stubbornes and disobedience.
All in all an ok episode.


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After watching this episode I neglected my Paras in Red like a red haired step child.

lolly lops Paras is red!1!


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Riva said:
I distinctly recall James asking her "Don't you recognize superheroes when you see them?" after laughing about either him of Jessie being trainer to Meowth when he was close to death.

So do I. I also remember her disgust towards Team Rocket when they just left Meowth alone while he was feeling sick.

Wasn't too impressed with those guys =\ Just when you think Team Rocket can't get any lower... they grab a shovel.

My favorite part was the bit when Paras was training with Pikachu and Charmeleon. lol it OWNED Charmeleon with that stab in the gut XDDDD

Sadly, I didn't enjoy much else in the episode. Paras was just sad and pathetic, and Team Rocket themselves really didn't impress me this time around.


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I get it. Charmeleon thought Ash was taking it's opponent's side and supporting Paras. That's why Charmeleon stopped trusting Ash.


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I remember that when I watched this episode, I thought it was funny. Poor paras. It was cool seeing charmeleon.