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The Problem With Paras (044)


In my nightmares
This episode wasn't all that bad. But it could have been much better. Silly Paras.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I thought Paras was really cute.

It just lacked a bit of confidence, it was surprising to see Team Rocket helping it out.


Somewhat not a very good episode for me. It was a complete waste of time to see Meowth falling in love with Cassandra and her not training enough for her intimidated Paras evolve into Parasect. It just ran away when it battled Ash's Charmeleon and crying about it.
Meowth falling in love with a human?
How... interesting.....

And Cassandra should've given them a "smart" potion!


Funny episode, Charmeleon was evil when he hurt the poor Paras....

And Meowth falling in love with an human was strange....



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I don't really like this episode; it seems rather childish. But Ash telling Charmeleon to deliberately lose may have caused him to lose some of his respect. Or at least contributed to it.


Let's go to the beach, each.
This was the first episode of the dub that aired on KidsWB. Because of that, it is also the first Pokemon episode I ever watched! Loved the story, especially the parts involving Meowth. He seemed to be VERY fond of that girl with the Paras. Even going as far as to train Paras to become strong enough to evolve. While it was out of character for Meowth, I also thought it was sweet. I liked how weak Paras was the most. Even a little water made it faint haha. I was sorry to see Meowth get heartbroken in the end though. 9/10 for being neat.
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Want to See again

Cassandra (Kiyone) is one character I would love to see again. The shipping between her and Meowth was awesome.

Blazing Charmander

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I never gave this episode much time back in the day, perhaps given the somewhat pathetic plot that exists on the surface. However, watching it again I have only just come to appreciate the good direction this episode received. Having Cassandra introduced to us through interaction with Team Rocket was unique, and Meowth's infatuation towards her was strange yet adorable.

We also got a very harsh display of Charmeleon's developed disobedience which was aptly explained by Cassandra's grandmother, so this episode wasn't all that worthless. I've always been a bit miffed at the 'monster' that Charmander became upon evolution up to mid Orange Islands, but I thought that its disobedience in this episode made great viewing because it almost came across as villainous - ironically perhaps moreso than Team Rocket were in this instance. It made me feel for Ash, Paras and even Team Rocket who it unleashed its wrath upon. It seemed that Ash proved it right after this episode though in that he made some very rash, inexperienced and pathetic decisions as a trainer.

Sub-par plot overall which is saved significantly by very good direction and substance, as well as great animation (which some research has led me to the name of Hiroshi Sakai. If only he was on the books of the animation team these days)


Man of Mystery
This was the first episode to be dubbed for and aired on KidsWB.

Yep, it was. I remember that.

I loved this episode back in the day. It showed the soft side of Meowth, Charmeleon being Charmeleon, and Paras evolving. This was such a great episode.


I get it. Charmeleon thought Ash was taking it's opponent's side and supporting Paras. That's why Charmeleon stopped trusting Ash.

No, that is not the reason.

Maybe not the sole reason, but surely it helped to prompt Charmeleon's disobedience. I mean, you have a Pokemon who's much more fierce than the other ones in Ash's roster and is being told not to do his best.

Though I wonder why they didn't allow for Paras to make the first move.


Shiny Flygon
Charmeleon being defeated by a Paras was strange.. But these thing are always happen, so I wasn't so surprised.
This Paras was so weak, but after it evolved we didn't see his real power, and still, a water drops of Squirtle shouldn't have been so affected. The same for Pikachu's Thunder Shock.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
That paras was so pathetic. It makes a magikarp look strong. Good thing it evolved though.


Maybe not the sole reason, but surely it helped to prompt Charmeleon's disobedience. I mean, you have a Pokemon who's much more fierce than the other ones in Ash's roster and is being told not to do his best.

Though I wonder why they didn't allow for Paras to make the first move.

Hey when Ash called charmeleon it had an evil look on his face and didn't know that it had to go easy on it and purposely attacked paras for it's own enterainment. I mean when it was still charmander maybe it's evolution was impure and based on it's form it acted ruthless and wild.


No longer posting
Very bizarre episode...Paras evolving into Parasect after only just beating TR's Pokemon by fake faintings, and poking Charmeleon? Wow... Was upsetting to see Charmeleon completely ignore Ash. It may have been bizarre, but I did like the episode regardless.



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Staff member
Paras was funny. It seemed like it was so weak that even a gentle breeze would knock it out. ^_^

I liked Charmeleon when it was a Charmander, but I didn't like it in this episode because I thought it was a total jerk in the way it disobeyed Ash. I guess I didn't like how Charmander's personality changed upon evolution...


Well-Known Member
I liked this episode,Paris was so weak. Charmeleon is a douche but I think he is strong and cool. I wish it would obey Ash more. Glad that Paras evolved eventhough I like Paris better.