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The Problem With Paras (044)


A terrible episode. Paras was kind of cute in the beginning but it annoyed me by the end of the episode. I never liked Ash's Charmeleon as I never saw it as a truly strong Pokémon for it to be disobedient to Ash.


aka Lamia
I liked the Paras in this episode lol. It was funny seeing it being beaten by pretty much everything. I really hate Ash's Charmeleon. I agree with Rebecca R because it doesn't seem like that much of a strong Pokémon at all yet it has the nerve to be so disobedient. And in the future episodes, it just becomes so boring and predictable that it won't obey. Charmander was cute and deserved rescuing by the team, but Charmeleon needs to be left at that same spot the Charmander was!!


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Yes, this episode was definitely average indeed. I personally liked the whole concept of the story implemented in the anime, but they could did a better job at doing it in my opinion. Anyways, this episode is fun to watch and I personally did like that at least Charmeleon had a role(Seeing he was a Charmeleon for just three episodes before he evolved again)

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
This episode firmly established Ash's Charmeleon as the first "rebel" Pokemon. Charmeleon didn't need to obey Ash to be cool. As a Charizard I praise it even more. No other of Ash's Pokemon has had the guts to stand up to him. As much as I like Ash, sometimes his Pokemon steals the show.
This was a very funny episode, Meowth being in love and trying to help Paras, and letting it train against Jessies Arbok and James's Weezing. Paras got such easy wins, but experience is experience. Cassandra's grandmother was funny as well. It was nice to see a rebel Pokemon standing up to Ash.


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An alright episode wasn't too impressed by it. Paras being so weak was annoying to see, It got such easy wins.
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I loved seeing Charmeleon as a bully


Just a member
Meh, this episode was terrible. Jessie and James were really selfish at the beginning of the episode, I didn't like how they're willing to left the ill Meowth behind for capturing Pikachu. It's nice of Cassandra to nurse Meowth, but it's really odd when Mewoth fell in love with Cassandra and imagined her in a sparkly background.

Cassandra's Paras was really weak, It's unbelievable that Paras evolved into Parasect after just believing that it beat Team Rocket's Pokémon(even though it didn't actually beat them)and poking Charmeleon! The "wins" Paras got were just cheap, Ash and TR's Pokémon did those fake knockouts just for giving it experience.

Also, this is the episode where Charmeleon started to disobey Ash. When he was a Charmender, he listened to Ash.....but his perosnality changed a lot after evolving into Charmeleon. He was even more disobedient as a Charizard.
The first official episode where Charmeleon adopts his 'as you can see, I just don't give a f---' attitude.
Paras was kind of cute because of how not confident it was, sort of.


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I cackled when Jessie felt Meowth's forehead and burned her hand. I thought Cassandra was so nice by helping heal Meowth, and it's no wonder why Meowth got a crush on her. I liked that Meowth also wanted to help Paras, even if it was for his own sake. Seeing Paras finally evolve into Parasect at the end after slaying Charmeleon was pretty cool as well.


Paras was weak and boring and plain uninteresting. I was so pissed off when it managed to defeat Ash's Charmeleon...

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
This episode marked the start of the golden era for Charmeleon/Charizard - at least for me. His best moments were as a rebel. James Dean would have been so proud.


Cassandra liking that wild Persian more than Meowth was messed up. I thought Meowth deserved more for helping Paras. 6.5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee Meowth falling in love with a human just cuz she saved him from a fever was endearing, but also kind of awkward. I liked Paras and how weak it was, plus seeing Meowth help it was nice. :]


Nyasu suddenly falling ill seemed kind of forced just so that he'd meet Kiyomi, although his crush on her was humorous even though it was destined to fail. Nyasu helping train Paras so that Kiyomi would be happy was sweet, and I liked seeing Paras take down Satoshi's Lizard since he was acting arrogant.


Meowth fanatic
Omg. I loved the plot, especially the parts involving Meowth. He seemed to be very fond of Cassandra, even going as far as to train Paras to become strong enough to evolve. While it was out of character for Meowth, I also thought it was sweet. <3