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The Problem With Paras (044)

Mrs. Oreo

poor Meowth never stood a chance with Cassandra since she got a Persian.

The fact that Cassandra's grandma found a Persian added insult to injury ha ha. But yea, Meowth was kind of doomed from the start and his crush was never gonna advance into anything solid. ^^;


I didn't think Meowth's crush on the girl was healthy since they were different species. Also, Paras just wasn't good enough to get an entire episode to itself.


It's somewhat embarrassing, but when I first saw this episode, I mistakenly thought that the Persian that Kiyomi's grandmother had found skulking around the property was Sakaki's. It makes no sense now that I think about it more, but that was my first assumption. Looking back, that was such a low blow to Nyasu's ego and his desire to stay with Kiyomi.
Meowth's illness happened so suddenly and I liked how he was hitting on Cassandra the medicine specialist. Sure it seems gross, but it worked. Meowth coaching Paras made him seem so crafty.


In hindsight, Kiyomi seemed like such a tease regarding Nyasu's affections. Nyasu was so blatant with the way that he was flirting with her, yet I now feel as if Kiyomi kind of knew what he was doing, yet she led him on and didn't even reward him for helping Paras.


Unknown Member
I think this was the first episode of the series that kind of focused on Meowth, so it has a special spot in my heart. It was adorable to see Meowth having a crush on a human, I don't see it was something we saw so often back in the original series (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though. I forget a loooooot of things and details).

He sure is damaged, falling for someone who simply showed him some kindness; it goes to show what kind of difficult background he has.

Jessie and James attempting to leave him when he was burning with fever was mean as hell, but it made me laugh :D I love how close they are to each other nowadays, but the coldness they used to show from time to time towards each other in earlier series always was hilarious to me.

I found Paras' cowardice endearing, and at least it grew into a fine Parasect by the end. Experience simply seems to be tied to confidence.


Paras seemed like such a novice that I was indeed shocked when it evolved at the end of the episode, although I didn't understand why Parasect was supposedly good at creating medicine.


I call you honey
This was where Ash's Chameleon began showing his ego and disrespect towards Ash which I now realize wasn't even explained? Paras was so weak, but still kinda cute.


Daizy said:
This was where Ash's Chameleon began showing his ego and disrespect towards Ash which I now realize wasn't even explained?

In my mind, his sudden disobedience here was caused by him losing respect for Satoshi due to Satoshi asking him to lose on purpose.


KyogreThunder said:
I liked Meowth's crush on Cassandra. Paras was sort of cute, but Charmeleon's disobedience annoyed me.

It seemed to bother everyone since it came out of nowhere, which is why Paras defeating him gave me a strange kind for pleasure.
Okay I really didn't like how Meowth was so loyal to Cassandra and then she just left him for a Persian that her grandmother found. Meowth liking a human girl in the first place was all kinds of wrong sure, but Cassandra seemed so ungrateful even after Meowth helped Paras to evolve. I really felt that Parasect got the short end of the straw though since it only appeared for a few seconds.
Paras being a weakling kind of went hand in hand with how it is in the video games because I don't remember Paras being an impressive Pokemon and neither was Parasect now that I think about it. Paras needing to evolve to produce better medicine was a good motivator to get it to evolve and I liked how Ash was holding back when he battled it. Poor Meowth became friend zoned by the owner of Paras and it was icky that he liked her at all. 6/10


FullmetalJackie said:
Okay I really didn't like how Meowth was so loyal to Cassandra and then she just left him for a Persian that her grandmother found.

She pretty much ditched Nyasu because she didn't want to separate him from his friends, even though for once Nyasu wouldn't have minded leaving the Rocket-dan organization permanently given his crush on the girl.


On a quest to be the best...
Pacing on this one’s a bit too slow, but there are some funny gags, & this might give us some insight into Charmeleon’s character development.

This was the first time Ash asked Charmeleon to battle, & was ready to battle, to protect Ash or to help him win. But Ash didn’t need to win; he was trying to help Paras, so he told Charmeleon to go easy, to loose intentionally. Maybe I’m over thinking things, but maybe, just maybe, Charmeleon stopped listening to Ash because asking him to loose broke his trust?