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The Promise Between Ash and Pikachu!! (963)


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The Promise Between Ash and Pikachu!!

Hearing about Treasure Island from his classmates, Ash & Pikachu head to the island to explore. While there, it's the first time Ash & Pikachu have been out adventuring alone in a very long time and so they begin to strengthen their bond. However, before too long, a mysterious Pokémon appears overhead...

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Mamane, Kaki and Rotom have casually ditched Ash to let him have his harem.

Also Pelago shoutout (at least beans) :)

Ash just referenced Litten too despite not catching...obvious by now what's going to happen

Also Kalos music is great :) I think it's Kalos...
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Wow.. In true SM-fashion, they made Ash fail at Climbing the cliffside not once, not twice, but thrice.. -.-

They made a fake-out with the Wimpod going back to its pod, then going back to Ash as if to join him, but then to return to its pod again.

Tapu Lele took interest in Ash.

For some reason, at the tail-end of the episode, we need Rotom to still give us the dex-details on both Tapu Lele and Wimpod.


I felt this episode was very good showing Ash and Pikachu's bond, as well as improving dynamics between him and the girls with them forcing him to go shopping with them. Wimpod stuff was good too.

Just a shame it was overshadowed by the tremendous Litten episode.


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Nice episode, with Ash and Pikachu relaxing in the island, with having some exaggerated bonding moments xD. That Wimpod seemed to show a connection towards Ash, but well....ultimately left with its gang. Tapu Lele taking an interest in Ash was intriguing though. Pretty nice episode overall, 8/10.
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An episode I've been waiting for so long, has finally came!!!! :D Let's get this Sato-Pika focused episode started!

-The decorations are so pretty. It's really cute seeing the girls go shopping together and bonding. It's kind of funny too. And Ash is already stuck with the girls, as usual.

-Ahh it's so relaxing watching them out at sea

-It's a bit disturbing seeing Ash and Pikachu excited seeing another Crabcrawler get beaten up to the point where it's foaming to the mouth but whatever, they could be training.

-Ash is as happy to see the Nassy as me!!! They're quite intriguing aren't they? :) Lol who knew my fangirling on the Alolan Exeguttor would get included in this episode. I'mglad the Nassy and Ash are ok! These scenes are so fun!!!

-Ash and Pikachu sleeping together after his speech. X3

-Okay that scene was just great. I can see the transition of Pikachu getting angry over the shopping bag filled with goodies getting stolen, him getting off Ash's shoulder as Ash gets dressed, and Pikachu taking down the Pokémon to get it back, and then him smiling, looking happy as he succeeded in his mission.

-The little water bug seems more scared of them than they are of its sounds. Aww, it went back to its family! :,)

-What did Tapu Lele do? Stimulate his hands? I thought that she were finally going to give him fingernails. :p

-So Kukui tells Ash about Tapu Lele than Kiawe? I'm sure he'll tell his friends about it tomorrow.

Overall, this was a pretty sweet episode. I really love hearing Ash talk passionately about the many memories he made in Alola and how he loves the region. It's a bit weird that Rotomdex got an electronic cold of sorts but Kukui's reaction was pretty hilarious! It was nice seeing Ash think about his POkemon like Rowlet could've helped but it would've just fell asleep. Ash reflected on his time in Alola and strengthens his bond with Pikachu. Their chemistry was brilliantly shown here, the duo never gets to be alone for this long. My only complaint is that it's kind of cliché and predictable that Ash and Pikahu would save a Pokémon but hey, it's fine and gives them an issue that isn't annoying. Great episode, really appreciated that they included the Alolan Exeguttor!!!!!!!! :):) See, fangirling over a Pokémon has its rewards.

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That Wimpod is going to be the Krookodile of S/M, isn't it?
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I thought the beginning was hilarious, the girls doing some shopping (Btw, Mallow looked cute when she was trying on a different headband, and the same goes for Lillie and Shiron, when they were wearing different gems), while the boys were typical, and didn't want to do any more shopping like the girls wanted to...but then, they leave Ash all by himself with them lmao (Go get em Ashy Boy!). Too bad it was cut short, but for good reason, because I did enjoy all the moments Ash and Pikachu had on the island:

The little Crabrawler boxing match it looked like (where they former their own ring), a small moment with the Cutiefly, then Ash running after Alolan Exeggutor and imitatiing them (wth Ash lol), and Ash and Pikachu end up having a little snack together. Was cool to see Ash referencing the people/pokemon so far, Pokemon Master, and then I thought it was pretty adorable to see Pikachu jump on and nuzzle Ash, then take a nap together (Too bad they were awoken by a bunch of Wimpod though). Then they come across a Wimpod who's trapped in the cliff/cave-like area and Ash and Pikachu help set it free, with the help of an Alolan Exeggutor (Smart thinking Pikachu to go and get one, after Ash couldn't climb up the wall to get above). I'll admit it though, when they free Wimpod and it comes back to thank Ash, I actually thought for a couple seconds, that Ash would catch it, but...it was a fake-out lol. Then at the end, Ash sees Tapu Lele (heals Ash's hands from trying to climb the wall), goes home, and tells Kukui and Rotomdex about the Pokemon he saw.

I really liked this episode actually. Seeing the Pokebeans was cool, the store they were in looked familiar, and how Wimpod was inside a little cave (reminded me of the games).
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Those Exeeggutors were really nice to Ash and Pikachu. Also I really like that Ash reflected on the bonds that he made in Aloha.

Man Kaiwa Sopheies and Rotom just left Ash there with the girls. Bad move guys bad move
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This episode was absolutely adorable. I really enjoyed watching Ash and Pikachu bond (I think Ash actually mentioned how it's been awhile since he and Pikachu have spent some time alone), as well as watching them interact with the island's Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu's excitement at seeing the Crabrawler match was kind of cute, and the way the Crabrawler stared at them, then hightailed it out of there made me laugh. I thought the Alolan Exeggutor were going to attack Ash, based on that shot of them in the preview, but their attitude was more like, "Who the fudge are you? Meh, whatever, back to our walk." Even better, they actually played with Ash (or Ash played with them).

Once again, Pikachu proves that he is more intelligent than his Trainer. :p Good thinking, Pikachu, asking an Exeggutor for help in saving the Wimpod. Once again, Ash shows his selflessness and love for Pokémon. The poor kid got pretty scratched up trying to climb that cliff. That scene of Wimpod thanking Ash was sweet. At first, I thought it was going to ask to join his team, but alas, the writers fooled us on that one.

So, Tapu Lele did notice Ash. Not only that, but it actively healed his wounds. It was almost as though it was thanking Ash for saving the Wimpod, and I liked that.

The shopping segment at the beginning was actually pretty entertaining. There were Poké Beans! I love how Kiawe, Sophocles, and even Rotomdex found excuses to escape, leaving Ash by himself with his harem to join the girls on their trip to the accessory shop. I loved that "Oh crap" look on Ash's face when he realized he was stuck with the girls.

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Kind of refreshing to have Ash meet new pokemon and not have a pokedex on hand, even if we got the pokedex entries at the end instead.

And that Wimpod was adorable when it was saying "thank you"!


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i thought this was a cute episode. that scene in the shop was fun. lol at kiawe and sophocles leaving ash behind to do more shopping with the girls. it was nice seeing ash interact with the different pokemon on the island and express his happiness towards the people and pokemon he's met in Alola. wimpod and exeggutor were also awesome.

now i wonder what role tapu lele will play in the future.
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Even Rotom left Ash...though it was because his detective show was on soon (I thought I heard something like Alola Tante Raki). Also, Ash and Pikachu playing was adorable.


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Overshadowed by the Litten episode, but still harmless fun. Loved Ash and Pikachu's antics (anyone get more OS vibes?) and the constant stares they get from the Pokemon. It does more or less prove my theory, their SM forms can finally hold an episode on their own.

Wimpod teased a capture but was just going back to thank Ash. Oh well, it's nice to see some wild Pokemon who don't treat Ash like a butt monkey anyhow.


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Typical that Ash gets stuck with the shopping, lol.. After the others walk away.

A good episode with some touching moments. Nice reflection on their time in Alola and together. Hopefully they take Tapu Lele further from here.


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This episode was cute I guess. Seeing Ash and Pikachu play together was adorable.

What got me though was Tapu Lele at the end. It healed Ash willingly and it seems like it might be interested in him too, just like Koko was. Wonder if they'll make the other Tapu have an interest in Ash when they get round to it...

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Interesting how Ash said he believes he can obtain something important in Alola in order to become a Pokemon Master. I hope this doesn't become an irrelevant line and Ash does indeed find something important to perhaps find out what it is to become a Pokemon Master.