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The Prophet Of Nautre And She Who Is Without Equal



The Prophet Of Nature And She Who Is Without Equal

The first half of this fic is narrated by Sage's mother, the second half is narrated by Sage.
Sage meets her new friend Tay to go on a Pokémon journey, but, before that, she must face her past to meet her future...
Chapter One is PG-13

From Johto To Hoenn

My little Sage, all grown up, ready for the new world of Hoenn, ready to move from a bustling city life or Goldenrod and ready to embrace the peacefulness and serenity of Littleroot Town, only fifteen too, she may be in her teens, but she'll always be my baby, oh my little Sage…

I was up; high in the sky on a Pidgeot with the Mover, closely following the truck which was carrying his Assistant, Sage and the two Machoke that would help us move into our new lives. Seeing my Sage from this distance, watching her long golden-brown hair flow out of that window - it was a sight to see indeed…

“Momma! Momma!” my little Sage was running towards me, “Can we go see Professor Elm, please? I wanna a Chikorita!”

Only five and already thinking about Pokémon, she was a great kid.

“Go ask your father,” I replied.

Sage ran through into my husband’s bedroom.

“Daddy! Daddy! Can we go see Professor Elm for a Chikorita for me, please daddy?”

“No, I can’t, I’m too busy,” he replied, almost yelling.

He always yelled at our daughter.

“But why?” she whimpered.

“I have to go to work and we can’t afford it either!” he yelled.

I could hear her crying, all she wanted was a Pokémon, just like her father.

“And stop that crying!” he yelled.

I heard his fist slam down hard.

Then I began to cry…

... “So you’re movin’ to Littleroot Town then?” the mover's assistant asked Sage.

“No, my Mother is forcing my to live there with her, I’m not moving she is!” Sage yelled up, allowing me to hear her.

“Don’t you wanna see Littleroot?” he asked.

“I’m from Goldnerod City, I don’t like the tiny calm insignificant places like Littleroot!” she replied.

“Then you should talk to Prof. Birch, he may give you a Pokémon and you could travel all over the place,” he suggested.

“I guess so,” Sage agreed to his idea…

... “Hello?” I said into the phone, “Again? How much? $1,000? I’ll be right there!”

I placed the phone quietly as not to wake George and I tiptoed to the door, clutching my purse.

“Who was that on the phone?” George called through.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with honey!” I called back.

If he found out he’d kill her.
I got into my car and drove off to the department store.

"Officer," I said as I ran up to Jenny, "I'm so sorry, I"

"Stop," Jenny had been a good friend of mine since we were little, "This is the fourth time this month that Sage has stolen something. I'm not just talking as a police officer, I'm talking as your friend as well,"

I stared at Sage, reading to cry.

"You can't afford this anymore," Jenny continued, "I've arranged for a social worker to come see you on Monday morning,"

Jenny put her hand on my shoulder and walked off.
I hurried Sage into the car and aimed for home as quickly as possible.
Sage and I arrived home a few moments later. Just before I opened the door, I turned to my daughter.

“I thought we talked about this, don’t steal, it isn’t nice,” I whispered, “And don’t tell your Father, you know what he’s like,”

Sage nodded quietly.
Sage, only ten and she was stealing from shops.

“I don’t know,” I sighed as I opened the door.

George was standing there, holding the phone to his ear.

“Nothing was is?” He asked, “Not even a $1,000 coat, no?”

“Sage, go up to your room,” I ordered, “Now,”

Sage nodded, knowing that I didn’t want her to get hurt, it was her or me.

“George, just put down the phone, let’s you and me talk about this,” I said calmly.

He put the phone down and muttered something under his breath and went upstairs and into his room.
I sighed in relief and felt her enter the room.

“On Meganium, what’ll we do with him?” I asked the grass Pokémon.

Meganium was George’s Pokémon, she looked after him and he looked after her.
But she never listened to me…

... “How long 'till we get there?” I asked the mover.

“Just a few minutes then we can start getting you all settled in to your new home!” he replied.

“Good!” I said.

I hated flying…

... “Mommy! Please help me!” Sage screamed.

“Would you stop your screaming!” George yelled.

I knew that this was it; he just couldn’t leave it alone.

“Meganium, I’ve never asked you to do anything for me but now I really need you, save Sage,” I ordered.

Meganium pounded up the stairs.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!” I heard Sage scream.

Then there was silence.

“Meganium let go!” George yelled.

Meganium had stopped him; she had saved my daughter’s life…

... “We’re here,” the assisstant yelled.

“Pidgeot land!” the mover ordered.

“Why don’t you go see Prof. Birch while we move everything in?” the assistant asked Sage.

“It’s ok, honey, you can go,” I said.

And with that, Sage ran off down to the lab…

... A few hours later, she returned.

“Birch wasn’t home,” Sage said, disappointed.

“It’s ok, I’m sure he’ll be home soon,” I said as I cuddled her.

We sat there, cuddling for hours.

“I think it’s time for you to go to bed,” I whispered, but Sage was asleep.

I carried her upstairs and lay her in her new bed and set the clock for her and returned downstairs.

“Hi there, I’m Gabby, I’m here at the Petalburg City Gym…”

I turned off the TV and was just about ready to go to bed when the phone rang…

... “Hello?” I asked, “Yes, yes, of course, yes she’s here, uh-huh, oh no,” I dropped the phone and began to cry.

George was dead.

“What is it Momma?” Sage asked.

She was only thirteen years old and her father had killed himself.

“Honey, your Father, he, uh, he’s dead, I’m so sorry,” I whispered in her ear…

Frm here on this chapter is narrated by Sage

...“Hello?” mother said as she picked up the phone, “Yes, missing? I’ll be right over,”

I could hear her through the door; I was sneaking out to catch a Pokémon.
I remembered the last time she got a phone call this late at night. It was Jenny calling to say that my father had comitted suicide. At the time, it was the best news of my life, now, I missed him so much. My thoughts were interrupted:

“Sage?” mother called, “Don’t you be sneaking off now, I need you to come with me!”

“How did you know?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

“Mother’s intuition,” she replied, “Prof. Birch is missing, his wife is very upset, we’re going over to see if we can help,”

“Why do I need to come?” I asked.

“Because Helen and Prof. Birch have a son your age,” mother replied quickly, “Now get your coat and shoes, hurry!”

Then she rushed me out the door and before I knew it, we were inside our new-next-door-neighbour’s house.

“Hi Helen, wish we could’ve met under better circumstances, I’m Joyce and this is Sage, my daughter,” mother introduced us.

“Hi there, our son, Tavon, is upstairs, why don’t you go up and see him Sage,” Helen said, "His room is the first door on the right,"

I shrugged and made my way to the stairs.

"He prefers to be called Tay," Helen called to me as I made my way upstairs, "And watch out for Terra!"

I ignored her and continued on upstairs until I came to the first door on the right.
I knocked on Tay’s room-door.

“Anyone in?” I called.

“It’s open,” a voice said back.

I opened the door and was ambushed by an Ember attack...

...“Look dommy, daddy’s winning!” I cheered from my high chair.

“Bayleef, finish it off with Razor Leaf!” dad ordered.

“Bay!” Bayleef yelled as she fired her razor sharp leaves at the Quilfish.

Quilfish was blasted away!

“Quilfish return,” the trainer sighed and walked away.

“Yay! Yay for daddy and Bayleef!” I cheered.

“Well done George,” mother said, “You too Bayleef,”

I’d never seen dad smile so much, sixteen straight victories in one day, and I’ve never seen him smile so much since…

...“Terra, stop it!” Tay ordered.

“Torchic?” Terra landed with a thud and began to cry.

“Oh, Terra is a Torchic?” I exclaimed, whipping ashes off my shoes.

“Yeah, don’t you have a Pokémon yet, want me to catch you one?” Tay asked.

“No, I was supposed to get one today but your Father was out,” I replied.

“Didn’t you get one before you moved here?” Tay asked again.


...“We’re going out for a few hours, Bayleef be a good girl and look after Sage for us,” father ordered.

“Bay!” Bayleef nodded.

“Momma, I’m six years old, can’t I go with you?” I asked.

“No, stay here with Bayleef,” mother said and walked out the door with father.
“Looks like it’s just us now Bayleef,” I sighed.

Suddenly there was a banging at the door.

I walked over and opened it.

“Hello?” I asked.
“Mmmmm, you da Gym Leader’s kid?” the trainer asked.

“Uh-huh,” I replied.

“Can you battle?” He asked.

“Of course, if you win you get a badge!” I yelled.

“Deal!” he said.

I led him to the arena. It was a giant room with a huge PokéBall shaped floor. The new Gym Leader was getting it remodelled to look like a Clefairy.
The traniner sent out a Magcargo and I was using Bayleef.

“Bayleef use your Razor leaf!” I ordered.

“Bay?” Bayleef asked and fired two powerful vines at the opposing Magcargo.

“No! Razor Leaf! Razor Leaf!” I screamed.

“Magcargo, finish it with Flamethrower!” the trainer yelled.

“Magaragoooo!” Magcargo fired hot flames from its mouth and easily defeated the Grass-type Bayleef.

“Oh no, daddy’s gonna kill me, poor Bayleef,” I sighed as I handed over the Balance Badge, “Maybe some of Dad’s berries can help her!”

I ran to the berry cupboard and looked for the greenest, smelliest berries I could find and fed them to Bayleef…

... “That’s and interesting story,” Tay said, “What did your Dad do?”

“I don’t wanna talk about that,” I said.

“Ah come on! Just tell me,” Tay pushed.

“I said no!” I yelled.

Terra stopped crying and dived inside her PokéBall.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered.

I knew he didn't mean to push. I knew from then on that we'd make great friends...

... “What were you thinking?” father yelled, “You could’ve killed her!”

“George stop yelling, people are looking,” mother pleaded.

“No, you shut up, you nearly killed Bayleef, you should’ve known better!” father yelled as he raised his hand to hit me.

“George no!” mother yelled and grabbed his arm.

“I said shut up!” father shouted and hit my Mother once and then he stopped and began to cry, angry with himself, “I’m sorry,”

Nurse Joy then called Officer Jenny and Chansey tended to my mother...

... “Dad had to stay in the Police Station that night while Bayleef stayed in the Pokécenter,” I said to Tay, “I’d never seen Dad get so angry, I’d never seen him hit Mother before that, but after that day, I began to get used to it, he did it a lot after that, and not even just to Mother, me and Bayleef too,”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Tay began.

“It’s ok,” I said.

“Kids, we’re going to go out looking for Prof. Birch now,” mother called up to us.

“Ok!” I yelled, “We’ll be right down!”

“Oh look Joyce, Petalburg Gym, I wondered if they’ll show the Gym Leader,” Helen said.

“Turn it off, now!” mother ordered and shut off the TV just before I came downstairs.

“What was that on TV?” I asked.

“Nothing dear, let’s go look for Prof. Birch,” Mother replied quickly.

And then we began our search around the woods and fields that surrounded the small insignificant Littleroot Town…

... “Somebody please, help us!” Prof. Birch called out.

“You should go, Tala will look after me,” a girl said, clutching a frightened Mudkip in her arms.

“I won’t leave you Kimi,” Birch said, “Not with those Grovyle around,”

“Why don’t you give her back to them,” Kimi asked.

“This little one is for Sage, I made a promise it would get to her,” Birch replied.

“But, it’s their baby,” Kimi pleaded, “They need it,”

“This Treecko is a wild Pokémon, being wild this Pokémon can be caught by any willing trainer, including me!” Birch yelled.

Kimi began to cry, and the Grovyle moved in closer, watching the human thieves that stole their baby…

PS - The title of this fic should be The Prophet Of Nature And She Who is Without Equal. I would change it but I don't know how to change the title of a thred. If anyone knows then please let me know, but it's nothing that's really like priority one if you know what I mean, thanx.


It's okay but it's very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very strange. You made no sign when the narraration changed. It made no sence at all. It's quite violent and I think you should have put a rating. PG-13. You need to double space when someone is talking. Edit it so it makes sence.


I'll put up Chapter 2 tomorrow: searching The Forest For Birch.
Hope you enjoyed Chapter 1!

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
The abrupt scene and time changes were very confusing.

There were some spelling and capitalization error - also remember that numbers are written completely (Nautre-Nature, or-of, 11-eleven, Assistant-assistant, mover-Mover, 5-five, Father-father, Goldnerod-Goldenrod, 10-ten, is-it, 6-six, leaf-Leaf, and-an) but mostly everything was fine.

Grammar needs a bit of work; you need to press the 'enter' key twice to give more space between paragraphs and dialogue, otherwise it'll be a bit harder for your readers to read. I'll also show some examples of grammar mistakes I've found:
“Then you should talk to Prof. Birch, he may give you a Pokémon and you could travel all over the place,” He suggested.

'he' shouldn't be capitalized since it's continuing the sentence and it isn't a proper noun. Like this:
“Then you should talk to Prof. Birch, he may give you a Pokémon and you could travel all over the place,” he suggested.

There are more examples in your story as the one mentioned above.

This is one big, run-on sentence:
I was up, high in the sky on a Pidgeot with the Mover, closely following the truck which was carrying his Assistant, Sage and the two Machoke that would help us move into our new lives, seeing my Sage from this distance, watching her long golden-brown hair flow out of that window, it was a sight to see indeed…

This should be:
I was up; high in the sky on a Pidgeot with the Mover, closely following the truck which was carrying his Assistant, Sage and the two Machoke that would help us move into our new lives. Seeing my Sage from this distance, watching her long golden-brown hair flow out of that window - it was a sight to see indeed…

You use the verb 'yell' way too much. Try to use some other verbs like 'shouted', 'bellowed', 'screamed', etc:
No, I can’t, I’m too busy,” He replied, almost yelling.

He always yelled at our daughter.

“I have to go to work and we can’t afford it either!” He yelled.

“And stop that crying!” He yelled.

“What were you thinking?” Father yelled, “You could’ve killed her!”

“No, you shut up, you nearly killed Bayleef, you should’ve known better!” Father yelled as he raised his hand to hit me.

“Would you stop your screaming!” George yelled.

“Meganium let go!” George yelled.

There were a lack of commas in some sentences. Like this one:
“Pidgeot land!” The Mover ordered.

Without a comma after 'Pidgeot', the whole sentence's meaning changes. 'the' and 'mover' shouldn't be capitalized:
“Pidgeot, land!” the mover ordered.

There was barely any description - several emotional scenes lost its power because there were no details. One of them would be:
“Hello?” I asked, “Yes, yes, of course, yes she’s here, uh-huh, oh no,” I dropped the phone and began to cry.
George was dead.

Even though I'm bewildered at why she would be crying over his death since he had hit her everyday, this scene lost its intensity because of the lack of details.

But good job on most of the correct punctuation in dialogues.

Hm, this isn't the usual bland, trainer story, but it still has no plot. Will the whole story be based on the past - meaning, how George hit his daughter and wife? Because I don't know where exactly this story is heading towards - you don't give too many clues, but instead focus more on past events.

The biggest problem here is the scene transition; changing from past to present, or from one place to another with no other notice will just annoy and lose, potential readers.

The most developed character here is Sage's mother (even though that's not saying too much); George and Sage herself need much more character development. Why does George hit his loved ones so much? Is it from past trauma, or as a way to attract attention? Or maybe perhaps his own father hit him too when he was young and he's just reliving his tortured childhood? See, I have absolutely no idea of his thoughts and just seems as a cheap plot device if no explanations or anything is given.

I think reading 'Advice for Aspiring Authors' will help you quite a bit.


Burnt Flower said:
There was barely any descriptiom - several emotional scenes lost its power because there were no details. One of them would be:
“Hello?” I asked, “Yes, yes, of course, yes she’s here, uh-huh, oh no,” I dropped the phone and began to cry.
George was dead.

This scene is meant to be very emotionless,that was the whole point, it's like he hit her and her duaghter and so shows nothing when he dies.

Burnt Flower said:
Hm, this isn't the usual bland, trainer story, but it still has no plot. Will the whole story be based on the past - meaning, how George hit his daughter and wife? Because I don't know where exactly this story is heading towards - you don't give too many clues, but instead focus more on past events.

Chapter Two will be setting the sene for the rest of the story. Chapter One is just to try and explain a lot of stuff that goes on in the next chapter, I'll be posting Chapter Two later today, I think you'll understand when you read it.
Chapter Two is focused on the present and hints at the future.

Burnt Flower said:
The most developed character here is Sage's mother (even though that's not saying too much); George and Sage herself need much more character development. Why does George hit his loved ones so much? Is it from past trauma, or as a way to attract attention? Or maybe perhaps his own father hit him too when he was young and he's just reliving his tortured childhood? See, I have absolutely no idea of his thoughts and just seems as a cheap plot device if no explanations or anything is given.

This Chapter was all about the Mother, showing her reactions to past events and what they face in Hoenn. Where the narration changes, it is showing how Sage feels about everything going on, it's to help readers compare the two characters and make their own judgements on them, don't worry every chapter that follows will help to develop all the characters, including George.


Hi again, I'm waiting for you to post a new chapter. *waits*. Please hurry. Even though you have to completely change it.


Well-Known Member
My little Sage, all grown up, ready for the new world of Hoenn, ready to move from a bustling city life or Goldenrod and ready to embrace the peacefulness and serenity of Littleroot Town, only 11 too, my little Sage…
Whoa, total run-on! @_@ It'd be better if you shorten them to two sentences or use semi-colons.

My little Sage, all grown up, ready for the new world of Hoenn, ready to move from a bustling city life of Goldenrod and ready to embrace the peacefulness and serenity of Littleroot Town. Only eleven too, my little Sage…

"Or" should be "of" btw. Also, try to type out numbers instead of using the symbol of the numbers. So instead of 11, type the word eleven instead.

Anyways, the abrupt switch in scenes, time periods, and narrative was kinda odd. While one can tell when its a different time period and etc. it still caused some confusion for me, especially when the P.O.V. switched from the mom to Sage.

Characters . . . I really wished you created your own characters then using the ones in the Ru/Sa/Em game series. Well, Kimi and Tay anyways (Birch is alright seeing as he is the professor and yada ya). As for development/personality, only Sage's mother really developed but we'll see in later chapters for Sage and such.

Description . . . Er, I have no clue what Sage or her mother look like and possibly Tay and Kimi if they aren't the characters from Ru/Sa. Scenary and settings weren't described too well either, work on that.

Mood was pretty good though a bit lacking in a few scenes. Why would Sage's mom cry if George died if you said that she wouldn't care? =/

Grammar/spelling were good (the ones you missed Burnt Flower caught for you) so I won't go into detail on that.

It's a different start plotwise though hopefully Sage's background and past will come into play when she starts her journey with Tay and Kimi (read it in your siggy =P). I'm not sure where this is going either actually seeing as you did tell us more background info than actual plot but meh.

So overall, it's a pretty good start. ^_^ You write in a certain style that I like (though, the sudden transitions to other scenes was confusing on some parts) and you seem to have a pretty good grasp on writing as well.

LaTeR dAyZ!


Do you not get it Breezy? If my...worst enemy died I would cry. It's just sad.


So here it is, the, surprisingly, long-awaited chapter two.
It is solely based around Sage and her personality and relatinship she feels she had with her father.
I'm not sure if it's too confusing, you'll have to tell me.
I'm rating it PG-13 again 'cos of her father being in it and a few toher things.
Here it is:

Searching The Forest For Birch

Mother, Mrs. Birch, Tay and I entered into the forest surrounding Littleroot Town, darkened by the blue moon that was slowly passing by overhead as the sun was going to rise and say hello to the world once more. The only clear things were the trees, all the Hoothoot and Noctowl that watched out every move and that suspicious Murkrow that lurked overhead, following us.

“Hurry it up back there!” I called to the others, “We’ll never find him!”

“You’re going to fast sweetie!” Mother yelled back, “Slow down!”

“We can’t, gotta keep moving, catch me up!” I yelled as I ran deeper into the forest…

I ran for hours upon hours, searching high and low for Birch amongst all the old Oaks and everlasting Elms.

“Professor?” I called out for like the millionth time tonight. “Damn, I’ll never find him at this rate, and the sun is nearly up,”

My supplies were very limited and I had no Pokémon to protect me, I would have to catch one, without the assistance of another Pokémon or any Pokéballs, oh this’ll be fun. I continued to run around, searching for a Pokémon, I passed countless Wurmple, but, hey, let’s face it, Magikarp are more useful, and at least they evolve into something decent! Where in this crazy forest would I find something useful?

“Here Pokémon?” I called out, “I’ll never find anything good,”

Suddenly, right in front of me, was the most majestic sight I had ever seen: a strange dog-like Pokémon, covered in a blue aura. It was sitting high on a cliff edge, howling at the moon; calling out for its family.
Watching Suicune sit there, howling for lost love ones, made me realise how much I missed my father. Sure he hit my mother and me but, I loved him because I knew deep, deep down, he loved me too.
And that was enough to keep me going, all these years.
But then, I lost him, he was gone and I was alone, but, on a subconscious level, I knew he was with me, everyday, and that he would always be here, by my side, through good times and bad times, together forever.
Suddenly there was a giant crash, I got a terrible fright and saw the most tormenting thing I would ever see: the rocks below Suicune gave way, causing him to fall.

“No!” I yelled as I ran forward, and tumbled to my end as well…

I landed on the ground far below with a thud, but I managed to survive, thank goodness. It was painful, but I managed to raise my head and saw no sign of the Legendary Dog Pokémon, it was gone.
I was alone again. I began to cry. This loneliness was so unbearably painful, I felt like I was being punished and tormented.

“Are you ok?” A girl asked me, “You don’t look so well,”

“Who? Who are you?” I groaned as I rose to my feet, “What happened?”

“It’s ok, you fell but Suicune saved you,” she replied.

“Who are you?” I asked as politely as I could at this moment in time.

“My name is, uh, Celena, and this is my Suicune,” she informed me.

“Great, do you know Prof. Birch? I’m looking for him,” My barrage of questions continued, “Maybe you could help me find him?”

“I can’t,” Celena answered, “I’m not permitted to get involved in the affairs of other people, rules are rules,”

Then she suddenly vanished, along with Suicune, but left behind a Pokéball.
I picked it up. FOR YOU it had inscribed on it.

“Meh, if she doesn’t want it,” I sighed, “Go!”

The Pokéball hit the ground and let out a dazzling display of white energy and it began to form a Pokémon, I hope.
I was, however, extremely mistaken, there was nothing and the light just dissipated.

“I’m alone and lost, I have no food or water or even a father to guide me through these times of troubles!” I shouted out to the world, “I would give anything to be back home, gossiping about boys, studying or, God, I would even like to be back with my father, even if he hits me! But no! I have to live in the very pinnacle of crapness!”

I broke down in the few short seconds that followed.

“It’s ok,” a husky male voice soothed my shaky nerves, “I’m here,”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

“Shh,” he whispered, “It’s all ok, you’re safe, and I love you Sage,”

“Dad?” I asked. I looked up and looked into his deep dark eyes and realised that this was what was missing, this is what I missed.

When times were really rough for me, he was there. Whenever I felt alone, he was there. No matter how many times he hit me or yelled at me, he was there when I needed him the most.

“I though you were dead,” I cried, “Mother said so,”

“Your mother is lying through her bloody teeth!” dad screamed and hit me again and again, until I bled.

“Why?” I moaned, “Why do you hurt me so?”

“Because you deserve it you selfish little *****,” he replied through gritted teeth, “You don’t care about others, you do what you want, when you want, no matter how much it affects other people’s lives. You steal, cheat and break rules and laws, and you don’t give a **** as to how it hurts other people, especially your mother and I. And what’s more, you leave us to clean up after you!”

He raised his hands once more and pounded down on me so hard that I fell unconscious…

When I woke up I was lying in a hospital bed. The staleness of the place seeped into my nostrils.

“What? Where? Who?” I said wearily, confused at what had happened.

“You’re ok,” mother was here, “You fell off a cliff, Prof. Birch and Kimi here found you, you’re safe,”

“It was all a dream,” everything clicked into place, “Celena, Suicune, Dad, all of it was a dream! Prof. Birch found me?"

"Yes, you were at the bottom of a cliff, it's ok, he got you back all right," mother told me, "Sleep now dear,"

“Yes, you should rest now, we’ll be back soon to check up on you,” the doctor ordered, "You'll need your energy for the Treecko your mother tells us you're getting from the good professor,"

I fell asleep so fast and had very muddled visions of, of something that couldn’t have been that important if I forgot all about it in like 5 minutes.
I rested and revitalised and was sent home a few days later.
But the dream I had before, about falling off a cliff, it made me understand why father hit me, I was really selfish, I couldn’t believe it.
I was disgusted with myself…

“Honey you’re going to be late!” mother called to me a few weeks later, “Remember you’re meeting Kimi and Tay today, to go off on your wild Pokémon excursion?”

“Yes mom!” I quickly shouted, “C’mon Tori, let’s go!”

I ran downstairs with my newly adopted Treecko closely following me at my feet.
I met Kimi and Tay at the gate and mother and I went through the whole embarrassing conversation of changing underwear everyday, remember to eat properly, etc, etc, etc.
I knew I was gonna miss her terribly, but it would be ok ‘cos I’d had my friends with me, all of them: Tori, Tay, Terra, Kimi and her Mudkip, Tala!
This was the begging of a whole new Pokémon era!
I couldn’t wait to see what happens next!


Great chapter. A few spelling mistakes. A couple grammer and it's still definately rated PG-13.


Thanks gonbemaster!
Chapter Three will be up either later on tonight or tomorrow.


Here's chapter three aswell, chapter four will be here soon, introducing two new main characters, sort of, to the series, but first, enjoy chapter three...

When Kimi runs away into the woods it causes a huge sene between her and Sage, and a terrible secret is unvieled...

PG-13, as always

The Future Looks Murky

I was watching her and him carefully, I didn’t truly like anyone new until I’d been with them for almost everything and everywhere and all of the time. It’s my parent’s fault, not mine, no, no, not mine, never me, no.

“So Sage, why you want to be a trainer?” I heard Tay ask the tall girl with green eyes, like a cat, except my mother is allergic so we can’t have cats, like a bug.

“My father was one, gym leader actually,” Sage solemnly replied, “What do you wanna do?”

“I’m gonna be a Pokémon Breeder, what about you Kimi?” Tay said.

“Me? Um, I don’t know, I’ll decide in time,” I sighed.

I preferred to keep to myself, I liked being alone, I was used to it.
Tay had had both his parents his whole life, Sage probably as least had her mother, but I had no one in my childhood, no one especially important…

… “Sandra, babe!” dad shouted to mother, “Where do yous tink your goin?”

“I’m going out snugglepuss,” mother said in her girly girly voice, “I gots a show to do in ten minutes,”

Mom was a lap dancer, she didn’t make too much money, dad was a regular at where she worked, but, they were never happy…

… “Kimi?” Sage came into my line of vision, interrupting my memories, “You ok?”

“Fine, great, perfect,” I replied, “Just remembering,”

“Remembering who?” Tay poked his nose in where it didn’t belong again.

“My parents,” I replied.

“Oh, they can’t be worse than my parents,” Sage began to babble on about how she had it rough.

She went on for hours about how her dad hit her all the time and how he really loved her deep down inside and all that crap. And how her mother was always like oh George no! Stop hitting our baby girl, she’s just a stupid little selfish ***** who can’t think about anyone but her bloody self! I edited her description in my head, personally, I couldn’t care less about what her bloomin’ parents thought or did.
Her dad was an idiot, he didn’t realise that he had a beautiful treasure right there beside him all this time, but, of course, in Sage’s thick tiny brain, he loved her, stupid cow, wish she didn’t come back up that cliff.

“Argh!” I screamed out,” I don’t care about your bloody parents!”

I stormed off into the woods.

“Did I do something wrong?” A bewildered Sage asked a confused Tay.

“Well you do tend to blab about your parents, a lot,” Tay mildly suggested a reason for Kimi’s abrupt departure.

“Well, our adventure is getting of to a wonderful start,” I sighed and chased after her, with Tay closely following.

I was alone in the dark woods.
Just the way I liked it.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Wurmple jumped on me!

“Argh!” I screamed again, “I don’t care about bloody Wurmple! Tala go!”

Tala, my Mudkip, burst out of her Pokéball and bounced along the ground and came to a halt only when she banged her head into a tree and knocked herself out.

“Oh, you’re so helpful,” I shouted as I called her back inside her Pokeball.

I ripped a branch of a nearby tree and swiped at the Wurmple with it and sent it into the same tree.
Then I quietly threw a Pokéball and easily caught that stupid worm.
My tiny legs quivered at what I saw next: the giant blue bug that fell out of the tree.
It was big and blue, with tiny little shifty eyes that watched me ever so carefully. But what I noticed the most was the giant horn that sat upon its very small head – Heracross!

“EEEEEEKKK!!!” I screamed and grabbed the Pokéball that contained my new Wurmple in it and ran for my life.

It swung its huge horn to stop me, I jumped over it and just missed it be the skin of my teeth! Then I briskly continued with the running and screaming, but at a level pace that would make sure I don’t get tired so fast…

… “Honeystructure please, I beg you, don’t do it!” My mother pleaded.
“It’s too late for cutesy names now Biscuithead!” dad yelled as he signed the divorce papers and, literally, kicked my mother out of the house…

… “That was five years ago,” I said as Sage and Tay caught up to me, “They got divorced and my father, after a year or so, kicked me out too, I lived on the streets, stealing and pick-pocketing for years, until I came here for a new life,”

“You’re not the only one who came here for a new life, I did too, my father, he, uh…” Sage began her tale once again.

“Good God, why do you always do that,” I bellowed, “You always turn a situation around a make it seem as though you were the one who was hurt in all of this, the world does not revolve around you, and, if it did, then God help us all!”

“I’m sorry,” I began to cry.

“Don’t give me that I’m sorry crap!” I shouted as I slapped her thin face.

Sage looked up and saw something very strange indeed, causing Tay and I to look up too.
The Murkrow, that flew past the moon just a few nights before, was circling above us, and began to come on down!
It landed in front of us and turned to face all three of us, one at a time, then it took back into the sky and disappeared.
That Murkrow was a sign, we were falling apart and I knew that that couldn’t happen…

… “Father forgive me for I have sinned,” I said as I entered the confessional at the local Church, “I’ve been seeing again,”

“You are a Devil child,” The Priest said, “I cannot help you,”

He turned me away, just like that…

… I’ve always been able to predict future events, they’re not always accurate but, it helps me to know what is to come and I had seen the future:
Sage was in the finals in the Pokemon League contest, she was down to only one Pokémon and still had to defeat the tired Pikachu that stood before her.
Tay was standing behind her, cheering her on.
Meanwhile, I was in intensive care, something bad was coming, and whatever it was, it would cause drastic changes in our triangle of friendship.
I could not allow us to drift apart.

“I’m sorry,” I said and I gave Sage a big hug, “Please forgive me,”

“It’s ok,” Sage soothed my ragingly wild thoughts, “I shouldn’t have been so selfish, I didn’t know,”

“Look guys!” Tay exclaimed, “Oldale Town, we made it, guess running from Heracross did us good,”

“You ran into Heracross too?” I asked.

“Don’t worry,” Sage laughed, “Terra shots fireballs, although she can’t control it too well, but hey who’s judging?”

“Good point,” I laughed with her, “Hey, I almost forgot, I aught a Wurmple, I’ve decided to become a Pokémon Coordinator,”

“That’s so great,” Tay said, “Let’s go, it’s nearly nightfall and we need some rest,”

And so, we all headed towards Oldale Town, laughing at out past mistakes and discussing what things would happen in the future, but I never told them that I was a Devil child…


Like the chapter. Keep up the good work. At the begining you did first-person for Sage then you quickly switched to Sage. Needs editing, but it was good.


gonbemaster said:
Like the chapter. Keep up the good work. At the begining you did first-person for Sage then you quickly switched to Sage. Needs editing, but it was good.

That was a mistake, it should be narrated by Kimi all the way through, but it's fixed now.


Chapter Four is here now too!
It shows the biggest chnage in Sage and Kimi's secret is out as of this Chapter, yay!
I'm not too sure if PG-13 rating applies to this one, it's not as violent as the others, we'll see when people reply to it.
Well, anywho, enjoy!

The Ghost Of Oldale

We slid down the hill and, when we reached the bottom, brushed off the dust that had collected on our clothes before walking past the sign that welcomed us into Oldale Town.

“It’s so empty,” Kimi said as she leaped over a puddle of mud, so as to not get her white boots muddy.

“I know, maybe Nurse Joy will know something,” Tay suggested.

“Or maybe we could ask the giant Gengar?” I gulped as my breath got caught in my throat and my stomach turned at the sight of the ghost, “I hate ghosts,”

“Kids, come inside, quick!” Nurse Joy and a Blissey appeared from the PokéCenter.

But it was too late; the Gengar had already noticed us.

“We should battle,” I yelled to the others, “Tori! I choose you!”

That was the first time I sent Tori into battle, even though I knew she couldn’t win.

“Alright, let’s start off with…” I was interrupted when Gengar began to control my body.

It lifted me right up into the air and threw me hard against one of the nearby houses. When I fell onto the ground, my head hit the sidewalk and blood splattered on Tori’s shocked face.
Everything that happened next was so fast and blurry. Someone rushed over to me, there was yelling and sobbing, unanswerable questions were be asked and they expected me to answer. But I was in a far more important place…

… I woke up on a couch. I recognised this place, it was my old home before I moved to Littleroot Town, I was home. I sat up, weary and tired. I looked around.

“Finally, I didn’t expect you to wake up,” Celena was sitting in a chair across the room from me, Suicune at her side, “Actually, I kinda hoped you wouldn’t though, I wanted to see the expressions of pain and torment on your face forever,”

“Celena?” I asked, “Who? What are you?”

“You shall see soon enough,” She replied, “Now, tell me, what do you think of this?”

She pointed out of the window.
I followed her arm, right to her hand and to the tip of her finger.
I was horrified at what I saw…

… “Joy is there anything you can do?” Tay asked.

“I’m sorry, we’ll have to wait, that was a nasty blow she took, but I’m certain she’ll be ok, sorry I can’t do anything else for her,” Nurse Joy replied.

“There is something we can do though Tay,” Kimi said.

“What?” Tay asked, worried at what answer he would receive.

“Vengeance,” Kimi said coldly, “Gengar must die!”

“I agree,” Joy said, “Blissey, stay here and look after her until we get back,”

The three of them left the room and went outside, leaving me alone with Blissey…

… “Oh no,” I whispered, “What…what is that?”

“I call it,” Celena said, “Home,”

“But,” I moaned, “So much pain and suffering, you enjoy this?”

“Yes,” Celena laughed, “Don’t you?”

“No,” I cried, “No!”

I was awake, in the hospital bed with Blissey by my side.

“What is going on?” I asked aloud.

“GET BACK HERE!” a voice screamed in my mind.

“No! No! Argh!” The pain was too much for me to bear.

I was back, in the room with Celena and Suicune.

“Now, darling, we must talk,” Celena smiled, “You be a good girl and go to Mauville City, we’ll meet in person there, and I promise you it will be worth it,”

“Why?” I asked, “Why the hell should I do what you asked?”

“Because if you don’t I’ll have Suicune rip out your heart and you’ll never feel anything again, but you will be alive, just dead inside,” She sneered.

“That’s not a reason, that’s a threat!” I picked out a table and threw it at her.

“You don’t seem to understand!” She said as the desk smashed into her face, unscathed, she continued, “I’ll give you something you’ve never had before, I’ll return your father if you go to Mauville, it’s simple my dear,”

“What? You’re gonna return my father to me as long as go to Mauville City, oh I’ll be so tired, what a price to pay for returning the dead!” I shouted.

“Who said your father was dead?” Celena asked…

… “Tay! He’s too strong,” Kimi yelled, “Tala, Terra, Wurmple and Tori aren’t enough, we can’t… we can’t… we… argh!”

“Kimi? What’s wrong?” Tay asked her as she fell to the ground, “Kimi?”

Tay ran over to her and saw nothingness in her eyes…

… “I’m seeing the future again,” Kimi whispered to herself as she saw the three of us enter into Mauville City.

She saw me in my Gym Battle, her and Tay helping out Rydel and then she saw the most horrifying sight of all: Celena and Suicune!
They were standing in the centre of the city. I was at the West exit, Kimi was at the North exit and Tay was at the East exit.
Then there was a Togetic and a terrifying explosion and then the future became empty…

… “What do you mean?” I asked the smiling Celena.

“Your father is alive, you’ll meet him soon enough, but you must promise to go to Mauville, otherwise you won’t be going anywhere,” she replied.

“Alright, but you must do me a favour,” I said, “Get rid of the Gengar that is terrorising Oldale Town,”

“What’s this?” Celena pretended to be shocked, “A selfless act?”

I stared her down; let her know that I wasn’t afraid of her.

“It’s as good as done love,” She said and vanished.

“I woke up in the hospital with Blissey again, Kimi, Tay and Nurse Joy around me too and Tori curled up, sleeping, at my feet.

“They’re so tired from battling Gengar, it was a real party, you should’ve been there,” Kimi smiled weakly.

“Yeah, Kimi had a vision and everything,” Tay said, hurt at the fact the she didn’t tell him, he obviously cared for her deeply.

“It’s ok, we only met her a few days ago, it’s not really something you tell someone instantly,” I said, “And besides, you’re not telling her something,”

“What!” Tay blushed, “What? I uh, how did you know?”

“I know stuff nowadays, like I know we need to go to Mauville City,” I smiled.

“Mauville City, are you sure we wanna go there?” Kimi looked worried.

“What? Is there any reason not to go there?” I stared into her eyes.

“No, no reason I can think of, but we should head for Petalburg City first, there’s a Gym there,” Kimi suggested.

“Ok, I’ll meet you outside,” I said, “In about an hour, you guys get the supplies we need and I’ll rest here,”

Kimi, Tay, Nurse Joy and Blissey went outside and waited for me like a good boy and girls.
I must say they were surprised when I came out.
My hair was now shoulder length and purple, I had cut my jeans so that they were more like shorts and I’d also ripped the sleeves off my jumper.

“Wow,” Kimi exclaimed, stars in her eyes, “You look so amazing!”

“Not bad,” Tay nodded in agreement.

Then we set off, heading for Petalburg City…

… “La-la-la,” my mother sang happily, tending to her garden, “La-dee-da-la-la-la!”

“Hello Joyce,” my father appeared behind her, “Long time no see,”

“What? George, what are you doing here, you’re dead?” mother asked, confused.

“Never was,” father said.

My mother began to say something as a tear came to her eye and then she let out a cry as the knife slowly slid into her stomach and killing the baby she was secretly carrying. She fell to the floor.

“Don’t worry about Sage,” father laughed evilly, “I’ll take care of her,”

Then he left her, dying on the floor…


Definately PG-13. Death despair cussing. That's the reason. It's good, but I think there are a few grammer mistakes. Keep up the good work.


Here is Chapter Five.
Feature's Officer Jenny and more of Celena's plans for Sage.
PG-13 as always!

Breaking And Entering

After the disaster in Oldale Town, I somehow regretted letting Tay and Kimi come along with me to Mauville City, I knew something bad was gonna happen there, I just wish I knew what, I don’t want them to get hurt because of what may happen, or may be happening, to me.
Should I tell them about Celena and Suicune? Would they believe me?
I think that those are the two most important questions right now. We’ll be nearing Petalburg City soon, but there are still the woods to go through.
I’m scared of what’s to come for us in the future. If they, or anyone else, are hurt, or worse, then I’ll kill Celena myself.

“Sage?” Tay whispered in my ear, “Look”

He pointed to a pink thing in the grass ahead of us.
I crept closer to it, quietly.
This was something rare indeed. There aren’t too many small pink Pokémon around.
I lept onto it, tried to grab it but, it fled.

“Damn!” I muttered as I bashed my elbow on the ground…

… “Sage get down from there!” mother called up to me.

Three years before I moved to Littleroot Town, I got stuck up a tree and fell off when my dad rammed into it. I banged my elbow really hard and broke it. It still hurts after all these years…

… “Hey you!” a female voice commanded, “Get away from that Pokémon!”

“Who? What? Huh?” I asked as I stood up from the dirty path, “Who’s there?”

“I’m Officer Jenny,” she boomed, “And you’re under arrest, that’s my Sentret!”

“A Sentret?” Kimi giggled, “Sentret aren’t pink, they’re brown!”

“This is shining Sentret,” Tay sighed, “Any Trainer can see that,”

“I’m sorry, we didn’t know,” I said to the good policewoman.

“I guess I’ll let you off with it this time, but Ill be watching you,” She said spookily as she disappeared ahead of us.

“Weirdo!” Kimi exclaimed.

“Look who’s talking vision girl,” Tay teased.

They both giggled together, laughing at each other, with each other, whatever.

“C’mon guys,” I broke them apart, “We gotta keep moving,”

The sooner we get to Mauville, the sooner I get Celena out of my head.

“What’s her deal?” Kimi asked Tay quietly.

“Maybe she’s possessed,” Tay suggested.

And the giggling commenced once again…

We continued walking, watching the Wingull fly overhead and the Zigzagoon eat berries and rare candies, we even saw one evolving - it was majestic.
But there wasn’t time for sightseeing; we had to get to Mauville City.

“It’s nearly nightfall, hey look, a house,” I pointed to the hut by the beach.

The three of us walked up to the door and knocked on it loudly.

“It seems empty,” Tay pointed out.

“Well duh!” Kimi laughed, “Thank you Mr. Obvious!”

“Will you guys cut it out!” I ordered as I opened the door, “Hello?”

It seemed empty enough and the phone was ringing.
I went over and answered it.
It was Prof. Birch.

“Hi there Professor,” I gleamed.

“Ah, Sage, is Mr. Briney home?” He asked me, “I figured you’d be nearby, so I wanted to call and make sure he met you. You could learn a lot from him Tavon,”

“Dad,” Tay moaned, “You know I hate being called that!”

“Anyway, he’s not around?” Birch continued.

“I’m sorry, no,” I replied.

“It’s ok, I need to talk to you anyway Sage,” Birch said coldly, “It’s you mother, it seems your dad is not as dead as we all thought, he stabbed her,”

I froze. Paralysed at the images flashing in my head.

“I TOLD YOU I’D BRING HIM BACK,” Celena’s voice echoed.

“She’s alright but, apparently, she was pregnant and the baby, well, it’s dead I’m afraid, I know there is nothing for us to do now, but, I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to come home just yet,” Birch continued.

“Why not?” I asked while tears flooded down my face.

“He’s waiting for you,” Birch said, “I have to go, call me when you get to Petalburg City, bye!”

The phone clicked as he hung up.

“Aha!” Officer Jenny smashed through the window, “Breaking and entering, you’re all under arrest,”

“Please go away,” I sobbed, “I can’t deal with this right now,”

“What, what’s happened,” Jenny softened her tone.

Tay and Kimi explained everything that had happened over the past few days.

“I, uh, I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry,” Jenny said as she rubbed my back and gave me some water to drink, “I want you to have this,”

She reached out her hands and gave me a Pokéball.

“No, I couldn’t, I don’t want her that way,” I said, my eyes drying up.

“You deserve it,” Jenny said.

“And you don’t!” Celena appeared, right in front of everyone.

“Oh no!” Kimi, Jenny and I said at once.

It became clear that we all knew her, even though I already knew that Kimi knew about her, why else would she not want us to go to Mauville City?

“Jenny,” Celena sighed, “What did I tell you? The Sentret must not fall into her hands, the connection formed between them will be our downfall!”

“No, you’re psychic powers don’t work anymore Celena!” Jenny yelled and threw Sentret’s Pokéball to me, “Sage catch!”

I caught the Pokéball!

“Sentret! I choose you!” I called as I threw the Poéball up in the air and released the pink Sentret.

I caught her just as she came back down and something surged through us both and we saw what we must do: stop Celena!
I thought about it briefly, but it was just enough time for Celena to probe my mind.

“Not today my dear, we will battle some day, after you deal with your father,” Celena cackled.

“I’m not going back to Littleroot Town!” I shouted at her.

“I know,” She said as she vanished, “But Petalburg City is where you must go, the Gym Leader, Norman, had an accident and is out of town at the moment and left his big brother George, who just happened to be in town, to take care of the Gym!”

“Oh no, Uncle Norman, I hope he’s ok,” I began to cry again, “Oh dear, what about May and Max, do they know or are they still travelling with that boy, urgh, what is his name again, I can’t remember!”

“Sage,” Tay put his hand on my shoulder, “We should go to Petalburg City, you need to deal with this,”

“He’s so right Sagey,” Kimi said, “Kick his *** in a battle, defeat him, move on and win a badge all at once, three birds, one stone!”

“You guys are right,” I smiled, happy to know that I had good friends with me, “Thank you Officer Jenny, for every… hey, where did she go?”

Jenny was gone. Celena must have done it while we were talking. I knew we would meet Mr. Briney someday, but it wouldn’t be today.
We have to hurry to Petalburg City, to deal with issues and take our first steps in our journey to become Pokémon Masters!


Chapter Six and, maybe, Chapter Seven tomorrow.
Getting closer to the first Gym and the first real battle to be shown in this fanfic, Chapter Eight.
I have edited chapter one slightly to make Sage and the other haracters older, fourteen or fifteen thereabouts.


Yay! Another great chappie. Still PG-13. I think that you did that chapter great. The best chapter so far.