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The Pros and Cons of DP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by MidnightMelody, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. CupidKirby

    CupidKirby Well-Known Member

    Too bad, some people did anyway.

    Dang. You just reminded me how much I miss Butterfree.

    Butterfree didn't appear.
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    To be honest I don't know why people thought the writers were going to still keep Misty relevant. The only reason she appeared in AG was to tie up some last loose ends with the character, like Togepi and showing her as a Gym leader, and after that they were done with her.

    I think people made the mistake in assuming Misty was going to continue to have some sort of relevance to every saga. I don't see her appearing in Best Wishes at all, just like she didn't appear in DP at all.

    If the show ever comes to a concrete end, then yes I'd imagine Misty and all of Ash's friends will get one final appearance. However until that day comes, I think the writers are done with old character cameos.
  3. CupidKirby

    CupidKirby Well-Known Member

    People are still free to want to see her. Listing it as a con is strecthing it, yes, but the hints the writers threw with the lure and theme were still misleading.

    And when it comes down to it, no one knows if she'll appear again, including(no offense) you. You're just setting yourself up for something bad if you keep critisizing all the Misty-lovers.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  4. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    They also gave Marina several cameos in DP either on TV or on Zoey's laptop. Yet Marina herself never shows up in person in DP. Probably it was some early hype for HGSS remakes, but who knows.

    People are free to think Misty can appear of course, but I don't know why they act like they're so shocked and/or disappointed when she doesn't appear. The character has now been gone for what...nearly a decade? And this is on top of 3 new female protagonists coming in after her, so its not like the writers are going to prioritize her over any of the more recent ones.
  5. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Writers obviously arent done with Misty.Her goal of water pokemon master was left unfinished never coming to any significant realization how to achieve her goals nor she was written out in a way which showed further progress of her story being made.Further more several things were left unexplored and unanswered about her past,dreams,pokemon and ambitions not being fleshed out enough as character.
    We saw her going on journey to become water master at end of Johto being randomly called back to take care of gym out of obligation later on staying out of necessity and because of incompetent sisters with components of her story being left at standstill ending up open and undefined.

    Unlike Gary or Brock who decided to change their careers gym leader duties were forced upon Misty never being part of her interest or story.
    At current state of things,said character story is left open being undefined in what direction Misty story will go considering how she only took over gym out of necessity because of older sisters being unreliable not being set up what are her future plans compared to others like May,Brock or Dawn for example who precised what they intend to do with their lives as well hr dreams not going anywhere at this point .

    Since Misty plots in story wrent wrapped up with there existing potential to do more with them having things to offer on table we cant claim how writers are "done with Misty"when they clearly didnt finished their job about her.

    Reason why they act disappointed is because Misty was first and original girl which set up path for future females being part of original trio which made pokemon popular in first place becoming iconic and worldwide recognized being surprising and shocking to them that writers ignore such popular and important for show success character like it never existed in anime in first place.

    Especially after seeing several minor characters who were even longer absent like Gary or Jessibelle making appearance becoming relevant to story again while someone more important was flat out neglected and completely ignored.

    Not to mention from story standpoint writers never fleshed out Misty character enough having room left for further progress as well loads of unfinished things on which they could expand never receiving proper closure being another reason why people will always believe how she might return.

    EDIT:As a matter of fact you yourself used to claim back in DP how Misty might appear in Sinnoh as well being completely certain how we are going to see her when Ash returns home to Pallet so im not sure why you tend to criticize others for daring to think that Misty might return when you also used to share same assumption at some point too.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  6. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    • The contests
    • Some of Ash's Gym battles, especially against Gardenia
    • Paul (even if I do love to hate him)

    • The constant overuse of "Let's go!" whenever someone calls an attack. This has been a problem since the Hoenn saga.
    • The lack of slapstick violence (Pokemon is supposed to be for kids aged 10+)
    • Ash's Chimchar evolving
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I can't believe that after 4 years of DP, I still can't describe the interactions between Dawn and Brock. I mean they....talked?

    Did the writers even try to make Dawn and Brock have any sort of dynamic at all?
  8. MidnightMelody

    MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8

    Once during the Psyduck episode where they both danced lol
  9. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Well, she got bored of it rather quickly.

    No. The addition of Brock seem like a last-minute decision from what I watched.
  10. Yeul

    Yeul Green Eyed Girl

    Croagunk. Jesus Christ Superstar: Sinnoh Edition Winner for 5 years running.
    They FINALLY gave Wallace an appearance.
    May and Jasmine, hooray!
    They got a Steve Burton soundalike for Volkner, but that disappears when he gets happy again. :/
    Reggie's sooooo handsome!
    Looker is as charming as ever, and he beats up Galactic Grunts too.

    Ash doesn't look very cute, he looks and sounds like a guy who's on the cusp of puberty. Isn't he meant to be cute? At least Best Wishes got that right and made him look utterly huggable.
    Dawn's a whiny helpless disappointing (not hating on her, just disappointed. Don't be hatin') step down from the Freudian heroine I'd like to call May. As with Ash, this was fixed in Best Wishes with the deeply flawed yet likable jungle girl Iris, who reminds me of a mix of Hare and Guu from that one anime whose dub I can never seem to find.
    Brock was put into an uncomfortable Catch 22 situation: He's just THERE most of the time to take care of Ash and Dawn, and doesn't provide any importance at all to the saga which is made even more jarring with Croagunk's downright EPIC spars with Saturn's Toxicroak. I can understand the shock and outrage that it'd most likely cause if Brock left forever after AG, but demoting him to this is just even more outrageous. Again, Best Wishes (AKA what the writers wished upon when they wanted the best series ever for the fans) fixed this with Cilan, and it says a lot when the guy's more popular on the poll than Brock by a good margin.
    Paul was unnecessarily cruel (they could make a nicer character that still pushes Ash to the limit with his strategies) and his entire backstory is logically flawed. He seems to be more obsessed with power than the Ushiromiyas, and seeing him brutally disregard his brother's (who's a cherub in comparison) ambition and settling down to support Paul is just egh. I don't know whether or not Trip fixes this, but he is nicer (and more attractive looking and cute and I like him basically) and he doesn't dwell on his losses, unlike Paul who pours all the scalding blame onto his poor sla- Pokemon.
    Too many Pokemon from previous regions. I'd like to see the new Pokemon and what they're doing, not all these Hoenn and Johto and Kanto Pokemon doing filler stuff! Best Wishes fixes this by deliberately excluding every pre-Gen V Pokemon (except Pikachu/Meowth/a cameo of Giovanni's Persian) and making the new Pokemon hilarious Eagleland arseholes with personalities and traits previously only fully given to humans and Croagunk.
    Many other people have said this, and it needs no introduction: Lack of chemistry. The main reason why people loved the original trio was that it was three people with clearly defined goals that obviously had problems with eachother, creating a sitcom dynamic that was cherished by the kids growing up during the OG while the adults could enjoy the TRio's puns, gags and double entendres. The DP trio features absolutely none of this, and it's just three people journeying together for the convinience of it. This is by FAR my worst problem with Diamond and Pearl, and it basically reduces the anime to a merchandise driven kiddy show while the TRio (those brave souls) attempt to salvage what's left, but even then that still fails as they're demoted to appearing for the sake of appearing. Best Wishes again fixes this by, well, rebooting focking everything and turning Ash/Iris/Cilan into a trio the newer generations of Pokemon fans can look up to and enjoy, whilst making the TRio even more interesting than the past ten or so years could ever try.

    This is just a musing about Paul and Silver. Perhaps they're saving this for a later region (or maybe not if Diamondshipping's semi-canon) but the comparisons with Silver are definitely there, and isn't it odd when Silver (the darkest rival in the series by far) is much nicer to his Pokemon than Paul is? I think the guy might have a chance if the anime is going to end sooner or later and they want Ash's final rival to be someone more memorable than Gary, who has unfortunately fixed all bridges with Ash and is now at a convent studying diligently for the Professorhood.
    ...God, this post feels really long!
  11. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade


    -May returning and showing us her awesome pokemon team
    -That summer school arc
    -Dawn leaving at the end


    - Dawn winning the wallace cup over May??? biggest FAIL ever. Way to destroy May's character and send her off as a loser. Fans will never get over that
    - Ash becoming a one dimensional character in not being anything like his former self
    - Brock became useless
    - Team Rocket not being funny anymore and there blasting off just became sad
    - Chimchar is the only pokemon that got any development on ash's team
    - Lame gym battles
    - contests becoming unrealistic
    - No interesting rivals at all. Kenny and Zoey were boring, Nanda disappeared for like 150 episodes.
    - Way to act like Misty never existed
    - Dawn had no personality or charisma
    - They had more pokemon from the past than DP pokemon, just pathetic
    - The gaps between gyms was just unbelievable

    trust me, there is more
  12. NT86

    NT86 Member


    -Ash's team overall, especially Infernape.
    -Dawn as a parallel main character as opposed to a sidekick.
    -The whole Team Galactic storyline.
    -Hunter J being such a badass villain. As she wasn't a member of Team Galactic or any of the other crime syndicates it gave her some sense of individuality. It's still left to be seen if she actually died underwater, because I could see her appearing in Best Wishes at some point.
    -Paul as Ash's most intense rival.
    -The fact that some of the gym leaders were used for more than just a single episode gym challenge. Namely Maylene, Volkner and Candice. This has happened in previous generations, but still nice to see.
    -Phasing out Brock at the end of the series as the character had run its course and provided him with a new goal of being a Pokemon doctor.
    -Jessie's Yanmega. Sure it didn't come out on top against Ash and co's Pokemon but I always liked it for some reason.


    -Not casting Ursula as Dawn's biggest rival.
    -Team Rocket still in pepertual comedic roles. By this point they'd become parodies of themselves.
    -That stupid Wobbuffet still hanging around.
    -No Arcade Star Dahlia in the anime. Loved her game design.
    -Brock still in perve mode everytime a female was around.
    -Ambipom going into training instead of competing in the Grand Festival. Yeah, he was a great ping-pong player but he'd have added a lot to Dawn's team in the Festival.
  13. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    Hmm what's this? ^.

    Buzzing a link to some unknown site!

    Wait a min, what the FU-!@?\3jgbc274698yfnber8
  14. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    -Ash's team
    -Brock becomig a docter.
    -Team Galactic plot
    -Hunter J
    -Legendaries being used by trainers more.
    -No slapstick violence

    -Ambipom being realeased.
    -Ash vs. Tobias was too short.
    -Dawn's pokemon not evolving.
    -Piplup' forced mascot status.
    -Dawn not winning the Grand Festival.
    -Kenny's beating Ash.
    -Gap between 7th and 8th gym.
    -Team Rocket, I had grown tired of them from Hoenn on.
  15. Pros:
    -It was probably the best saga in terms of character development
    -Dawns journey to getting into the grand festival was handled better
    -Ash had a pretty good team.
    -The tag battle arc was really interesting
    -Chimchar going from one trainer to another was new
    -Hunter J and Team Galactic
    -I thought the trade was a good way to go

    -The filler episodes were dryer as ever
    -Team Rocket were annoying little shits
    -The saga got really bad after the Team Galactic finale (I thought the 7th - 8th gym gap was good until that point)
    -While Dawns journey was well handled, the contest episodes themselves were tiresome and not nearly as good as Hoenns
    -The dub music
  16. Emperor Empoleon

    Emperor Empoleon Honor of Kalos

    - Ash's Growth and the development of his team members.
    - Rivalries
    - Animation seemed a-lot better compared to previous series..Could just be me :s
    - Dawn's story was more interesting to keep up with than Ash's other traveling companions
    - Battles and Contests were more fun to watch
    - Best League so far
    - Elite 4/Champion introduction
    - Team Galactic/Hunter J villain plots were pretty cool
    - Together 2007 <3


    - Torterra getting trolled :[
    - Aipom/Ambipom's flip-flopping goals..
    - ..Too much filler..Some were pretty good though.
    - League was great, but still too short
  17. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    indeed. I remember when promotional pics of DP were first coming out, we saw one of Satoshi, Hikari, and SHINJI (though most of us assumed he was some kind of relative of Jindai at the time) with their respective starters. Then shortly after that, we ended up with another image showcasing Satoshi, Hikari, and Takeshi.... I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one going "Great, he's still limping along." -_- At least Takeshi didn't end up catching Hikozaru like that image seemed to suggest (we already had one sorely neglected starter in Mizugorou).
  18. MegSuicune251

    MegSuicune251 Pokemon's #1 Fan

    Pros: A deeper and more complex storyline, less filler episodes, all the game characters making appearances(Riley=WOOT!!!).

    Cons: Contests were too annoying and cheesy imo, the voice actors need improvement, the English themes.
  19. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Ambipom being released to play ping pong will forever be remembered as the worst thing about the DP series.
  20. SapphireRaichu

    SapphireRaichu Dragon Type Trainer

    - Paul
    -The sinnoh league
    -cynthia( she was the best)

    -Ash's Torterra
    -Charizard wasnt in the sinnoh league
    -Brock, mostly because he was just there and didnt really do anything

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