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The Psyduck Stops Here! (555)


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At first, I thought it was the psyducks blocking the path from the games, but now it turns to be just another filler.

You really make this too easy.


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Good episode. Most of the main characters team got some extra battles in other than Sudowoodo and Pachirisu. Pretty funny at times and it managed to "sorta" keep an element of the video game minus Cynthia and the headache potion. Great for a filler.

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This episode was good. I like how Ash’s solutions to most things involve brute force. These Psyduck must be really strong to counter against everybody’s pokemon. “Bet ‘loser’ is a part of it”. Dawn’s comment was hilarious. Like Brock’s attempts to distract the Psyduck. I also like all the little Psyduck. All the Muk reuniting were weird.


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Sry for the delay but it unfortunately took me some time to find and get this episode!)

As Lisa said, it was a decent episode. Some may consider it boring or a filler, but I think that it was entertaining though!

The only thing that bothered me was that Ash and Co. initially acted a bit clumsily.
Ash, Dawn and Brock, what about the following strategy:
Either you blast away the three roadblockers by attacking with three(or more) of your own Pokemon, because I'm sure that the Psyduck wouldn't have been able to withstand such a massive joint attack OR you just distract them by attacking with only one Pokemon and while the Psyduck are busy defending themselves you fire off some more attacks ( e.g. Energyball or Thunderbolt!) and hit them hard!
Ash, you've already proven yourself to be capable of thinking up strategies like this!

And believe it or not, but I also thought of this "digging-under-the- Psyduck" plan- not during the battle but even at the beginning of it!
This tactic would have just been perfect and I see absolutely no reason why it shouldn't haved worked. Psychic simply musn't affect Pokemon under the earth, that's a violation of the rules which have to apply to every Pokemon battle! :(

And it annoyed me that Gliscor is STILL so dumb. It makes Ash look ridiculous and it's a shame for him as an honorable Pokemon Trainer! I just can hope that the writers will have Ash get rid of it (i.e. Oak it) as soon as possible. And chances are not so bad, because it envolved so early...Let's hope for the best!

Anyway, apart from our heroes' clumsiness and Gliscor's shocking performance, I really liked the episode because it was full of intense battles and had a nice, pleasant "save-the-Pokemon" plot!

6/ 6.5 out of 10 points!


Gliscor cried!! He still has the same personality that Gliger had.
and he still faces a problems in the air.

At least he was able to help Ash get past the Psyduck! ^_^


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At the beginning it seemed boring. But after Brock put on the Mexican outfit and the parts after that the episode got interesting. It is good to Muk and Gliscor is a little bit like Gligar. At first,I thought Cynthia would make an appearance like D/P/Pt. But the anime isn't always like the game. But this was a good episode.(not the best.)

gtab x3

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A really boring, and way useless episode.
they wasted half the time battling, and such. Right at the end brock the know-it-all wondered why are the psduck here, which ****** me off since it was like only one minute for the whole show to end then we figure out that there are muk in psyduck's old pond.

All Ash had to do was tell Pikachu to use Thunder on the Psyduck to beat them, then walk over their charred bodies into the horizon. But no, thwey waste 20 minutes of my life doing unecessary garbage.


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I'm a little mad that it wasn't made into two different episodes. The whole part about finding another lake for the Psyduck, finding the Muk, and then finding a new place for the Muk could have been a whole nother episode insted of being cramed into the last five minutes of the episode.


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All Ash had to do was tell Pikachu to use Thunder on the Psyduck to beat them, then walk over their charred bodies into the horizon. But no, thwey waste 20 minutes of my life doing unecessary garbage.


yeah because we all know how HEARTLESS Ash is................


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From Turtwig to Croagunk, from Piplup to Swinub, Ash, Dawn, and Brock's attempts to get those Psyduck out of the way proved fruitless... if at first. Fortunately, they managed to send Team Rocket blasting off again, and they did it just in time to see those Psyduck eggs hatch into baby Psyduck. Helping those Muk find their new muddy home proved to be a weird bonus to conclude this otherwise good episode.


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I loved this episode. When the Psyduck eggs hatched it was so cute and then the Muk love dance was freaky but good. A very random filler but still loved it.

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Nice episode, the baby Psyduck were really cute.

I don't think there was any point in the long battle with the Muk, considering if only took Pikachu to blast them out of the water.

Poor Gliscor still hasn't learnt how to avoid crashing though.


Where am I?
I wanna baby Psyduck!
Gliscor sucks at flying in this episode!
Brock dances around with marracas singing about girls!
The Psyduck beat Pikachu!


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This episode was very entertaining. The Muk seen at the end was funny for the sole reason that it was very random and totally unexpected. I also laughed so hard when Brock dressed up in his outfit and Dawn says, 'What ... are those? And why are you dressed up like that?' Ah I loved how she said why are you dressed up like that.

This episode wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. If you want a good laugh then watch this episode.