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The Psyduck Stops Here! (555)


I loved that Ash got annoyed by the Psyduck and attacked them with Turtwig; I especially liked that Turtwig bit a Psyduck's head. Seeing all of Ash and friend's Pokemon flop against those Psyduck made me see red and Team Rocket's antics here weren't much better to be honest. Thank God for Brock's silly dance; it was mildly entertaining at least.
Sorry, I couldn't resist, but..

"Hey! You can't do that to my Piplup!"
Yeah, you know water isn't very effective against water!

I'm kidding, because 1.) I know game mechanics don't adhere to the anime (well, not 100%, they don't), and 2.) I know that's not what Dawn meant when she made that exclamation. It was a joke.


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This episode was ok but it did have its funny moments like Brock and Dawn dancing (seriously there relationship wasn't as bad as people say. they did have some funny moments) and Dawn calling team rocket losers.


All those Psyduck and not even a Misty flashback?? I liked that we saw a lake full of Muk even if they were in mating season. 6/10

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It was cool seeing the Psyduck roadblock from the DP games, plus I liked seeing Turtwig bite a Psyduck and Happiny lift that huge boulder. Brock dancing to cause a distraction was funny as well. ^^
The wild Muk group doing courtship was my favorite scene + I liked when Brock did his Latin dance and when the Psyduck eggs were shown. :)
Heh, this episode reminded me of how annoying Misty's Psyduck was during OS. I liked that in the end we saw some of the Psyduck eggs hatching, but that wasn't exactly "cute" in my opinion.


Ash seemed less bright this episode. I mean, he could not see that it was obvious Piplup was trying to make peace with the Psyduck. Dawn did a few things good this episode, by making a good plan of digging under the Psyduck with Swinub
What I liked about this episode was the inclusion of the Psyduck roadblock, though it would've been better if Cynthia and the SecretPotion from the games had been involved.


It was somewhat frustrating to watch Satoshi's group struggle to get past three Koduck, even though watching Pinpuku grab that huge rock was hilarious. In theory Urimoo's tunnel should have worked, but I did like that Glion was the solution since he could fly over the Koduck. The last minute Betbeton subplot was amusing too, even though it was slightly bizarre.


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Nothing really important happened here, but it was entertaining. The Muk storyline kinda seemed wedged in to me. It was nice to see that every Pokemon got some screen time except for Pachirisu and Sudowoodo.


Frankly, I'm kind of amazed that the Koduck roadblock from this episode didn't involve Shirona given how popular she was, and of course she was involved in this event in D/P/Pt.


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The whole episode made me mad because almost 15 minutes were spent with Ash and the others trying to get over the Psyducks and the last few minutes were about some Muks having a mating frenzy in a lake.

It was just a stupid episode with no purpose.


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I enjoyed this episode. The baby Psyduck were adorable. Brock's Mexican dancing was funny and I love that even the Muk got a happy ending.

I also like that thye included the Psyduck block from the game which was cool.