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The Punchy Pokémon! (029)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
The Punchy Pokémon! (029)

The Punchy Pokémon!

After finding a Hitmonchan owned by a trainer, Ash decides to enter a Fighting Contest called the P1 Contest with his Primeape. Does Ash stand a chance or will he be K.O'd in the first Round?

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Ororo Munroe

Primeape's disobedience lasted much shorter than Charizard's. I like how both ended up obeying Ash because he helped them. This was a nice episode because it had both Ash and Brock fighting in a competition.

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
It was kind of odd how Hitmonchan's trainer was pressuring Brock to throw in the towel, but when Brock offered him the towel, he had sort of a "never give up, never surrender" attitude.

It was funny when Pikachu handed Meowth the bomb. Pikachu was adorable when he stuck his head under the ring.

Primeape, gone after such a short time. Awww, man...

What were the entry rules for the P1 Grand Prix? I thought it was like only Figting types, but Brock entered Geodude.



So hot he's on fire.

I think it was pretty much just physically strong Pokemon. Wasn't this the first appearance of Machop, or am I wrong AGAIN? XD (<3 Machop.)

Heehee. Machop. >3


Phantom_Bugsy said:

I think it was pretty much just physically strong Pokemon. Wasn't this the first appearance of Machop, or am I wrong AGAIN? XD (<3 Machop.)

Heehee. Machop. >3

No, I'm pretty sure you're right. I can't think of any CRAZY CAMEOS either. You know, like the ones Machamp always seems to have. (Like in this episode. And the First Movie. And... *blah blah blah*)

...Hey, is there any reason you like Fighting Types, other than that Brawly trains them? XD ('Course, I can hardly look down on that... *created a Netbattle team using Rock types and has started to actually like Rock types more recently*) Nosepass! <3
Hey, I love Nosepass too!
*ahem* I dunno what Ash was drinking when he tried to make Pikachu fight a Hitmonchan o.o....Its Rocket Punch was clever though. Also, I will never forget Brock's 'Geo in the face':D. That was ROFL material, I tell you! But, I'm lost as to why he entered it in the first place. Fighting Types are strong against Rock Types.......Eh, guess the animé follows its own rules >.>;;.
It's a shame to see Primeape leave. It added much personality to Ash's team.....If only Ash could go back and reclaim it.......Oh well, let bygones be bygones.

Overall rating:
6.5 out of 10!!
A good debut for the Hitmons, but did Primeape REALLY have to leave?!?

SC~ out


Well-Known Member
This episode has the only instance I can think of of Ash actually training a Pokémon in Kanto. Too bad we never see Rocket Punch again, it was an awesome move.

Then some ugly dude comes out with a totally inconsistant character and introduces them to an equally inconsistant tournament. Then Jessie sees some dude with a Hitmonlee, fantasizes of a harem she could probably have anyway, and steals it and for some reason takes off all his clothes, even though the Hitmonlee was out of the Pokéball and could beat the crap out of TR.. The guy is never seen again, nor does he get his clothes or Hitmonlee back. Brock thros in the towel, even though Geodude seems fine. Not a bruise on it, nor does it have trouble moving or weakness in it's voice. Poor thing must be so tired being perfectly comfortable. TR cheats and doesn't get disqualified and Primeape wins the tournament. Then the ugly dude takes Primeape to help it be able to win the tournament it just won. Also, what had the potentian to be nice fights were totally boring and contained only Pokémon having their same limb fly all over the place.

On the other hand, Pikachu actually having character and Machop were nice.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I wish Primeape hadn't left. This was the second example of the writers cheesing me off (first was the Saffron City/Lavender Town arc) - in an attempt to keep Ash at rookie level for a little while longer, they write his first really strong Pokémon out of the show after four episodes. If he'd held onto that thing through the Orange Islands, just imagine the possibilities.

At least this episode properly introduced the likes of Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machop, Machoke, and Machamp. Anthony was a mighty unmemorable character, though (I keep forgetting his name for some reason).


Battle Factory Champion
Aww I wish that electric surge did hit the ring, it would have made for a right laugh. Yeah sad Primeape left, even more so after seeing it cry as Ash was leaving.

What was Brock doing entering a Rock type against a fighting type in the first place anyway. Also shows you Brock's lack of competitive spirit throwing in the towel (of course he had to) in that he much has his interests in the welfare of his pokémon's health rather than their actual battling skills.

P1 Grand Prix was a little bit predictable, other than for Team Rocket's antic's which more than made up for it.


By far one of the best Kanto episode. The whole fighting tournament was awesome, Hitmonlee owned the contest. I can't believe Ash gave away Primeape, and after it started listening to Ash. It would have did great in the Indigo League.

Lil Brother

Just kinda there.
I never liked this episode when I was younger but then I re-watched my recording of it was great. I was on the bridge of laughing when Pikachu came out from the bottom of the ring, it was adorable.

But sadly, the odd plot brings down the score. The Hitmonchan guy probably told Brock to quit because it would be an easy way to get an opponent out of the way, y'know? He had a "ha, one down" look on his face when he offered to towel, which makes me feel sorry for Primeape that he was left with a man like that, who, on top of that, abandoned his family but was magicly convinced to come home for no reason. What happened to the man with the Hitmonlee and he get stripped to almost nothing, anyways?



Team Awesome
It's too bad that Jessie's borrowed hitmonlee didn't knock out Brock's geodude. Apart from this episode and "Princess vs. Princess", she hasn't really gotten so close to beating the twerps again. It's pretty interesting that she was able to command hitmonlee, too, considering that she and James stole it from its trainer. Hmmm. I can only imagine what happened when someone found the original owner in the bathroom. *snerk* ;)

Again, I think it's strange that Ash got rid of Primeape so quickly, especially since it just started listening to him. At least it got a nice sendoff on a high note, considering its first episode, but I think Primeape was let go before we got a chance to see what he can do. Ah well.

On a more positive note, I like how James got tired of holding Jessie up and sank all the way down to the ground at the end of the motto. LOL :D


F&J Manga-Ka
The strangest (and somewhat funniest) scene was TR leaving Hitmonlee's trainer bound and gagged and in his underwear -- on a toilet! One thing puzzles me -- did they leave him in the men's or women's restroom?! I mean, if someone walked in there...


Didn't Ash say he would come back for it one day, but then again he said that to Pidgeot as well didn't he?


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
crawdauntpro said:
Didn't Ash say he would come back for it one day, but then again he said that to Pidgeot as well didn't he?

Primeape is just another pokemon that Ash has left somewhere, promised that he will come back for it and the writers have then forgottern about it. It is very unlikely that Primeape will make a return, though with them going through Kanto again, there is always hope.