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The Punchy Pokémon! (029)


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As with most other people, Primeape's giveaway was vexing.

And what cheeses me off even more is... Ash, you've had Krabby in reserve before you even caught Primeape, ever since Butterfree left, WHY ISN'T IT ON YOUR TEAM.


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I really liked this episode, except for the part where Ash gave away his Primeape. It was great to finally see many Fighting pokemon and their attacks be the center of the episode for the 1st time. Pikachu was very funny.



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When I first saw Hitmonchan, my first thought was, "Why is that Pokemon wearing a dress?" =)

It was sad to see Primeape go, especially since Ash had just caught it only a few episodes before. Primeape was really strong, and probably would have done really well on Ash's team if it stayed.


I swear that this is one of my favorite episodes ever. The opening scene where Pikachu tried to defeat Hitmonchan in a boxing match was great and then Ash entering Primeape into the P1 was also great to watch. Sadly, they let Primeape go for some reason. Really, I still don't see the point in having Ash ever catch a Primeape and use it just for this episode and then release it.


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Ash, you've had Krabby in reserve before you even caught Primeape, ever since Butterfree left, WHY ISN'T IT ON YOUR TEAM.

I never even thought about Krabby lol. Yeah he should have used it more. But maybe it's good that he didn't because he may have just given it away and then he wouldn't have that Kingler he uses in future episodes!
I actually found this episode quite dull and a bit unnecessary. Ash leaving Butterfree was a really sad moment, but him leaving Primape was just a little stupid. Why bother going through the trouble to catch it in the first place?!
Cool episode, and a nice fighting tourney. I hate most fighting types, but the tourney was nice to watch. Jessie and James stealing the Hitmonlee-trainer's clothes and dressing like him was really funny. Primeape was released too soon. Just when he started caring about Ash, it is released. Ash should've kept it, now they just started bonding.


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This was the episode where Ash & Primeape bonded more, I liked it. Its too bad Ash let it go too soon never to be seen again. What was the point of Ash capturing Primeape in the first place if he gave it away not too long after? The P1 Grand Prix was interesting to watch.
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I can't believe that after so many years primeape will make a return. The writers threw me off completely with this since never has it crossed my mind that a pokemon he let go will come back. Amazing but as for the episode it's a shame since i felt it was a pokemon that had so much potential and to let it go like that was lame. Now it's returning. As for this episode the only complaint i had was that it was gone to soon but that might change now surprisingly lol.
I can't believe that after so many years primeape will make a return. The writers threw me off completely with this since never has it crossed my mind that a pokemon he let go will come back. Amazing but as for the episode it's a shame since i felt it was a pokemon that had so much potential and to let it go like that was lame. Now it's returning. As for this episode the only complaint i had was that it was gone to soon but that might change now surprisingly lol.

He's not returning.

AceDetective said:
there not returning. the same thing happened ages ago. all of ashs pokemon were in an opening (including primeape) and yet it didn't appear. its just a nice thing they do for fans every now and then
^ This is what's going on.


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What that thing up there said.
It's a shame though, it'd be nice for him to return.


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After watching it again, I was very amused by watching Pikachu trying to battle the Hitmonchan. His daydreaming of Hitmonchan defeating him badly was priceless.


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I really like the introduction to a lot of the Kanto fighting-type Pokémon. Also, the P1 Grand Prix was also interesting to watch - even if you knew who the winner would be. I do agree with most of the people that giving Primeape away was just completely unnecessary. Primeape had way more potential than just being under Ash's possession for four episodes - with only 1 appearance. Yeah, why bother capturing Primeape in the first place if you gave it away not long after?

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Insert all the Rocky references/jokes at your leisure, because there might be for all I know—as I haven't watched any of the movies. The beginning probably counts, I'm sure a lot of people placed “Gonna Fly Now” as a joke during the opening sequence because there's no training montage in this episode when it needed one.

I wonder if this episode relates to the Fighting Dojo in the games. It features a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee, respectfully, though there's no Dojo Master, so it's a maybe. I don't know exactly where they are on the map except that it's somewhere near Celadon City. As far back as I can remember, there are no episodes that make a callback to the Fighting Dojo, so this is the closest we'll probably ever get.

So... how come Ash wanted to teach Pikachu how to box, like, out of the blue? Just because they run into Hitmonchan? Pretty odd, if you ask me, but hey Pikachu's Rocket Punch is pretty cool. Rather pointless, honestly, but it's pointlessly cool. Considering Pikachu can learn Mega Punch through use of TMs... but we don't see TMs in the anime. Well, apparently in the anime, numerous Pokémon can learn TM-based moves naturally, so... perhaps Pikachu can learn it in the anime?

I have to admit that while the writing is “meh”, what the episode revolves around is interesting because we get to see other tournaments outside of gym battles. It's almost like an alternative of sorts that anyone can participate in if they qualify, but for a specific type that we frankly need to see more of. But what does take away from mood a little bit is that the one-shot characters aren't fleshed out well-enough for us to really care whether they win or not. (Well, Hitmonchan's clearly got a personality, so... it probably counts.) The plot of the episode kicked off because a girl wants her dad to come home. Why? Because his absence is worrying his family. What are they worried about? Who knows, she just wants him to return home and give up training. Of course, we're not told about what goes on home when he's not there, so everything seems kinda petty, unless this really is a big problem. And considering it doesn't sound like he's getting paid for this, that could mean he's not working.

But who cares about trouble at home and the possibility of father-daughter time, let's check out this nifty tournament!

I think this is the first time Brock's become more forward with the ladies, or at least touchy-feely. He at least kept his hands to himself when it came to Suzy, and yes, he's flirted with older women (namely Jenny), but he grabbed Rebecca's hands when he agreed to take up on her favor. Yeah, Brock is a teenager, and she looks no older than eighteen, so it's easy to let this slide. But considering she's not an interesting character by herself, I could pin this on her beauty drawing him in. But then again, he's admitted to this eventually, didn't he?

I'm looking too hard at this scene, moving on. What did Brock agree to do? Beat Hitmonchan in the tournament—where he says he will use his Geodude. Hey... um, Brock? Only Fighting-types can only enter the tournament. Geodude is obviously not a Fighting-type, you can't get away with it—


—oh you got to be kidding me. Why did they qualify Geodude? Yeah, the fight doesn't last long, thank goodness, and Geodude proves to be no match for Hitmonlee. Brock's face—moments after telling Rebecca all was well—almost screams like he didn't think things through.


You can just hear his brain crumble.

Not one of his smarter moments. You'd think knowing about type advantages and disadvantages would be part of his desire to be a Breeder.

While brief since Team Rocket's disguise is as paper-thin as tissue (thus there's not much to talk about), I do love how James pretty much passes out near the end after holding Jessie up for so long. Either he's a wimp, or Jessie's too heavy for him. Or both. But at least he's got stamina.

Pfft, love how Pikachu sabotages Team Rocket's plan, he takes such glee in foiling them. Well, actually, it's more Meowth's plan, since he was the one who put the gadget underneath the ring and had the remote in-hand. You know, I think he really is the brains of the group, especially since he carries out a lot of the plans thus far. Sure, his haughtiness is what becomes their downfall, but he really takes pride in everything he does.

Now that I reach the one event everyone remembers best in this episode (or hell, the entire original series in general), I'm going to be frank in that I don't care about Ash's decision here. Primeape's departure falls short because we didn't get to spend time with Primeape, like at all. But it's almost as if the characters acted like he had been on the team long enough to know everything about him, so everyone (mainly Misty as she explains to the audience what happened) is happy to know he's progressed. The episode may or may not have been worth the watch depending on if the character development was really worth it in not seeing him since episode 25.

And yet, ironically, his departure from the team is one of the most memorable to date. I can kinda see where people are coming from with this, but it just baffles me how a lot of people ask about Primeape. “Train it for a while”? More like “train it forever”. At least the narrator lampshades it by saying how Ash and Primeape were just now getting to know each other.

Gee, Ash, you would have known Primeape better had you spent more time with him instead of being scared stiff of him. Perhaps it really is for the best you give him to someone who really will bring out his best potential; bonus points the guy knows how to train Fighting-types. At least you make it up with Charizard, have to give you that.

Fare thee well, Primeape. We hardly knew ye.

Primeape: Episode 25 – 29

...hey, wait a minute. What happened to the guy Team Rocket tied up and stripped down? Is he still there on the toilet?
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Despite Primeape unfortunately leaving and never returning, I always thought that this was a fantastic episode, and definitely one of the main ones that springs to mind when I think about the original series. Primeape wasn't around for long, but it was great. It had a lot of character. I'm sure people who watched at the time will remember it fondly. Primeape's story was basically Charizard's story, condensed into 5 episodes, with Primeape leaving to "train" at the end of it, similarly to how Charizard left to "train" at the Charicific Valley. Real shame it wasn't around for longer, or that we never saw it again. I guess it made sense as it had completed its "story", similarly to Butterfree. Better writing could've easily found a way for Primeape to stay though.

I always thought Geodude's inclusion was because it came under the "Fighting-type" in the TCG (Fighting, Rock and Ground). Anyway, obviously it was great seeing Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Team Rocket were at their best in this episode as well, shame how things have been for them more recently.

The idea of the P1 Grand Prix is always something that resonated with me as well. I really enjoyed the idea of it and I remember at the time, I genuinely expected Ash to compete in another one in the Johto region. I'm disappointed the P1 Grand Prix hasn't been mentioned since. I thought it would've made a mint side competition for Ash to enter whilst on his journey. May have possibly led to Ash getting more Fighting-types as well, like Tyrogue, Hitmontop, etc. I guess the P1 Grand Prix is just resigned to fan fiction nowadays.

Overall, a strong episode that has lasted long in the memory for me.
Like others said, it's weird how Ash gives Primeape away after just getting him 4 episodes ago.

Adorable-Pikachu-moment #1: Wanting to fight against Hitmonchan
Adorable-Pikachu-moment #2: How he just hands Meowth the device he installed back with a happy grin on his face.


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Frankly speaking, I'm so glad that Ash decided to hand Primeape over to Anthony here. Its violent tendencies clashed with Ash's style in my opinion and it was way better for Ash to give Primeape over to an experienced Fighting-type trainer. Aside from, I was glad that Brock got to compete in the tournament as well.


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If I remember this well, Primeape was left for training, why don't get it back? after this much years, it must be the strongest Pokémon Ash will ever own