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The Punchy Pokémon! (029)


On a quest to be the best...
Early series syndrome, as well as the possibility that the writer of this episode just wanted to have Takeshi get involved in the tournament, so having him use Isitsubute was the only way to accomplish that since he didn't have own any actual Fighting-types.
In the card game there weren't separate rock, ground, & fighting types. Different parts of the franchise are allowed, or at the very least should be allowed, to change a few details to suit their medium.

I was kind of surprised when Ash "released" Primeape so early. Especially after they started to bond. I remember hoping it would come back during Johto at some point after finishing its training.

Oh well.
That would've been cool.
Sucks that Primeape got booted, imagine if it stayed on Ash's team.
I thought they were setting up Primeape vs Hitmonchan for the finals but nope.