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The Purr-fect Hero! (053)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
The Purr-fect Hero!

It's Kids Day and Ash & Co help at a school showing their Pokemon and allowing the kids to play with then. However a boy doesnt want to see them, he just wants to see a Meowth due to one saving him once. Can he find it?

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Ororo Munroe

Kids Day seems like a nice holiday. This was a nice episode. I like how Misty was copying Meowth.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Ash should have let Pikachu shock those kids. They should learn that you don't maul Pokemon if you value your health.


I like this episode its my favourite they must make more episodes about meowth in the hoenn saga

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
The meowth that saved that boy seems to be alot like my mom's cat Kahn. He was very friendly and lyal and guarded the house with his life.


Team Awesome
I love the episodes when Team Rocket get to be more like heroes instead of villains ("A Promise is a Promise", "Plant it Now Diglett Later", "A Poached Ego"), and this is definitely one of them. It's great when they say that they're not into hurting a kid's dreams. The kid Timmy is kind of annoying, but I like that he and the other kids love Meowth so much. I also like when he starts crying and Jessie tries to comfort him. :) The part where the kids start grabbing Team Rocket and playing with Weezing like a beach ball were also hilarious. :D

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
I like episodes when Team Rocket are the good guys or the center of attention too. "Candid Camerupt" started out like that, but it all went downhill.

I liked the scenes when Ash and Brock were like,
"Kids day should be for men!"
"Real men!"
"Real tough men!"

Doesn't Kids Day in Japan also double for Boys Day?

I like the hero Meowth.



Battle Factory Champion
I thought the gag involving the Teacher constantly exploding everytime the kids p*ssed her off was quite funny.

First of all, normal-type pokémon are weak against Rock so why on Earth can a Meowth(who happens to be one of the smaller, less powerful normal types) be able to completely smash a large boulder/rock in half. Unless of course it was using low kick which happens to be a fighting attack and in turn would be effective against the boulder, but anyway it's just a cartoon so who cares.

Good episode nonetheless, I enjoyed humor throughout, even if the plotline was somewhat pointless.
I think it was using Mega Kick(I'm not sure if Meowth can learn that attack, but...). When it comes to regular rocks, type doesn't matter.:)

The Japanese kids are so lucky they get to have days like this.^_^; The wild Meowth...it's about as uber powerful and cute as Ash's Pikachu is! Really, I thought its voice was adorable...but I love cats, so there.:p 7.5/10...Good kitty! Nice kitty...


Strawberry Milk
this was a good filler. That teacher was awsome yelling at kids to get them to shut up. And that meowth was awsome seeing him destroy the rocks.


Well-Known Member
The teacher was scary and the Wild Meowth was wikid(but not as kool as Tyson's) Too bad Meowth got found out
LOL, that teacher was funny, and somewhat scary;), the wild Meowth part was alright
I remember the first time I saw that episode. I was on holiday, but I managed to understand it quite alot. However there were a few patches of silence.


~ Forever Lonely ~
The teacher shouting at the kids was funny and I kind of liked that meowth!And I love it when team rocket are good.


Master Coordinator
i liked this episode


Well-Known Member
A nice filler episode, I always get a laugh when James just causally mentions how rich he his and how well he had it when he was a kid.


Don't die, ketchup!
I always like episodes focusing on Team Rocket.