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The Purr-fect Hero! (053)


meh, that teacher brings up bad memories, it reminds me of a teacher i knew, anyway it was a nice episode i'm not complaining.


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I always love an episode where Meowth takes it all.
its my favorite Pokemon after all and glad to see him as a ''Hero'' for once

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I think Meowth did something good for once.

It's nice to know that he's not all bad.


This episode was ok, but I hated the teacher for screaming at her students. Look at how Brock fell in love with her and gets scared at the moment she screams. Harsh... It wasn't cool that one of her students is on a search for a Meowth after it was saved from that Beedrill incident. That's so old history.


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Aw, Kids Day seems like such a nice holiday... especially when Pikachu has his way with those annoying kids! X3

All in all, it was nice to see Meowth act nice for that little boy and the rest of the kids. That was sweet.


Mmm, awful filler...

i just loved to see all the pokemon of the friends. that's all.



It was interesting. I loved Kids Day in Japan.

I liked that Ash and Co. let their Pokemon play with their Pokemon. We rarely got to see that in Kanto. I liked that the little boy liked Meowths because one saved him. Meowth makes a great pet.

Too bad that Meowth got short-changed. 7/10


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Didn't like this episode. That teacher is scary! She screams at the kids. It was cool for the Meowth-loving kid to keep him in the end.



As far as filler goes, I really like this episode. I loved the way Team Rocket acted in the first few seasons and after watching DP, this was refreshing. Yeah the little kid was annoying, but the screaming teacher and seeing a little kid being carried away by Pidgeotto in the background was funny. And I don't think I'll ever get tired of James in a dress. No matter how many times that gag gets pulled I always smile.


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I don't think I found this episode to be that interesting, because I couldn't remember what happened in it that well. :p

I thought the little kids in the episode were cute, especially Timmy. I liked the way Meowth pretended to be the wild Meowth Timmy met before. I liked seeing Meowth acting nice towards the kid. ^__^


I didn't even remember that this was ever an episode. I guess that's what I think of this episode. Anyway, I watched it recently and it wasn't good. It seemed so bland and it really never made me care for anything that happened in it. Meowth doesn't get many episodes for himself though so I guess that's the only positive that this episode has going for it.


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I quite liked this episode, even if it was a bit boring at times. It was nice to see another Meowth, and one that was actually a hero, rather than a crook. Timmy and the other little kids were really cute, and I'm glad the original Meowth came to Timmy's rescue in the end. A cute concept for an episode!
The scary teacher is just like my sister, and much like my former Dutch and History teacher. It was cool to see that wild Meowth in Timmy's memory, kicking Beedrill and helping someone. And when TR's Meowth scratched Jessie and James to make Timmy believe Meowth was a hero, and when Meowth was shown to the other children, and accidentally talked.

Crossdressing Jessie and James will always remain awesome. 9/10.

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Meowth being good for a change was nice to see


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Yup, this episode wasn't that strong of a filler, although I did appreciated the theme of Kid's day implemented in this episode. That certainly made it much interesting and indeed with that pupil wanting to get a Meowth was pretty funny too.
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Meowth the good guy? Oh this is something. Wait a second, those kids were playing with Starmie and Staryu, they better not get their bodies all dirty. Took Misty a long time to get them cleaned.


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This was an OK episode. I liked how Brock fell in Love with the female teacher and grabbed her hands to flirt with her, but later got scared when she yelled at the kids. I thought It's harsh when she yelled at the children like that, she should've been more considerate with them.

It's really funny when those kids were playing Pikachu's face, but Ash pulled him away from the kids before it could zap them. That scene was my favorite scene from the whole episode, and it'll remain a memorable scene to me. I also liked the scene when Brock said "That's All Folks". That was a nice Looney Tunes reference, and I think it fits the theme of this episode.

I didn't really like the parts with Team Rocket and Mewoth in this episode. Also, it's very rude of Misty to hit Ash and Brock on the head at the beggining of the episode, she shouldn't have acted so violently.
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I screamed when the teacher had her angry outbursts; had I been her student, I'd have reported her. Misty's Meowth impression made me cackle as well and I thought that Team Rocket's magic show was hilarious especially given James's dress and all. Mewoth imagining himself as a super hero and signing autographs was totally adorable as well.