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The Purr-fect Hero! (053)


Zyar said:
I don't think the kid in this episode had a Pokéball, anyway, so I always figured the wild Meowth decided to just stay near him until he could catch it.

I think it's likely that the Nyasu did become more of a school mascot than an actual owned Pokemon, too. Not that I would've minded either way if it had been caught, but it wouldn't have seemed very fitting for the COTD to have his own Pokemon while none of his friends did.


Call of Fate
Another boring filler episode. I liked it how one of the kids flew on Pidgeotto, but that was it. At least Ash was smart enough to not let his Charizard out.


KyogreThunder said:
At least Ash was smart enough to not let his Charizard out.

I can imagine Lizardon getting temperamental if one of the kids had decided to interact with him since it might've annoyed Lizardon to the point where he would've retaliated by aiming a Flamethrower at a kid or something.
The preschool kids playing with the Pokemon at the beginning was cute and it was funny to see Meowth pretending to be a good guy for the little boy since he thought that it was the same Meowth who had saved him before. The screaming teacher was funny too and my absolutely favorite scene was the magic show part where Team Rocket disguised themselves as magicians just to steal the Pokemon. I felt bad for Meowth at the end. 7/10
This was a cute episode.


Well-Known Member
Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"This episode has a bit more of cultural Japan than expected"

Episode: 6/10


On a quest to be the best...
Rewatched this tonight. Silly, goofy, fun.

Did not remember Timmy’s wild Meowth returning near the end; that was cool, tho perhaps a bit predictable.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Misty’s doubts about Timmy’s story about the Meowth that saved him is understandable. The only Meowth she has encountered keeps trying to steal her Pokémon and doing things not normally associated with any Pokémon. Her question of if this Meowth could also talk is a valid question. But it was nice seeing TRio Meowth getting some love and attention that wasn’t completely negative. I also liked how mean the teacher would get and the kids are perfectly unfazed by her screaming.