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The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dragonfree, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. MewSP

    MewSP Guest

    To the creepy dude with the Mutark(sp?):How does your Precious get bigger? And does he/she evolve? And do you return later in the story?

    To Mew:Why didn't you just blast the trainers and let yourself be free?
    To Mew:How often do you appear in the story?
  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Victor: Mutark grows when it tastes blood. Precious is a she, by the way :)

    Mew: I was under control of the Clone Ball and could not do anything against Rick's will. I have a somewhat major role in the story, too.

    EDIT: Wondrous Sableye and I posted at the same time.
  3. bird1111

    bird1111 Well-Known Member

    Warning: The following spoiler tag has a huge spoiler, Do Not read if you did not read the old verson and don't want to be spoiled

    May: [SPOIL]How do you feel about a certain guy who will join you later on in the story?[/SPOIL]
  4. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    May: Huh? Our memories were erased, you know. I have no idea what happens later in the story.
  5. I deleted my post, though…no sense in having two posts that are nearly clones of each other…
  6. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Anyway, I'm halfway down the third page of chapter 17. I've gotten past the bit of writer's block I had, so now I'm writing like crazy.
  7. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Great, Dragonfree! Best news I've heard all day!
    To Scyther: What are your philosophies on, er, making promises? And on life too?
    To Gyrados: Heve you ever seen another Gyrados before?
  8. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Mitch: What is your greatest fear?
  9. The Golux

    The Golux Guest

    Well, first, Great story. Would have posted sooner, had I been a member sooner.


    To Mew: How long have Pokémon clones existed?

    Scyther: How many Scizor have you fought in your life?

    To Mewtwo2: What do you think of Humans in general?
  10. Ash_Junior

    Ash_Junior Irredeemable Nerd

    Chaletwo: would it be possible (hypothetically speaking, of course), that sometime in the future (possibly the near future) that scientists would study every single time you appeared, and somehow be able to synthesize time travel, based off of the readings that they gather thereof?

    Chaletwo: How many appearances have you made?

    Mewtwo: Do you know of any other possible modes of temporal transportation besides Celebi, Chaletwo, and, (although this is quite a stretch) Mew?

    Scyther: Do you consider honor to be one of the most important things in your life (a la Samurai, Klingons, and probably a couple other sci fi things, and unlike a lot of politicians...:D)

    Suicuine: How much time do you usually spend, per day, trying to getyourself to look as good as you do? Is it hard to run when your ribbon things might get caught on a low-lying branch or something? Has that ever happeend before?

    Pikachu (May's): hmm....should I ask if you want to (I'll put it in spoilers, just in case Dragonfree doesn't want people to know...:D) [spoil]evolve?[/spoil]

    Dratini: Were you born in captivity or in the wild?

    Mew: Is Celebi going to play ANY part (however small) in this fic?

    Gyrados: How are you able to synthesize the water needed for various techniques (a la Hydro Pump, Water Gun, Bubble, Bubblebeam, Surf, etc.) in your body? Do you use the moisture that are in your cells? If so, is this why you need to be in water when you are used/are battling?

    Suicuine: How do you produce a low enough temperature to prodce such techniques as Ice Beam, Blizzard, etc.

    Mew/Mewtwo: Is the Teleport Technique something like the transporter in Star Trek?

    Mark: Have you ever heard of Stargate SG-1?

    May: Same question
  11. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Scyther to Psychic: I have already told you what I think of promises: the only way to be sure not to break them is not to make them. Promises are the cause of broken hearts and bad friends. Therefore, I will not give my word for anything.

    Life is the reason we're currently walking around. We do not know whether the world is better with or without us, so life and death should be equal. Multiplying too much is bad; decreasing in numbers is also bad. It's Yin and Yang - balance is what the world thrives on.

    Gyarados to Psychic: No. There were only Magikarp in the Lake of Purity, and I was born there.

    Mitch to Mastercougar: That is something I would rather keep to myself until the right time comes.

    Mew to The Golux: Mewtwo was the first, but many followed afterwards.

    Scyther to The Golux: Only one so far.

    Dragonfree: Mewtwo² is unfortunately still unable to answer questions due to the Clone Ball's power.

    Chaletwo to Ash_Junior: Humans simply do not have the powers to time-travel and never will unless they start injecting my or Celebi's DNA into themselves or something else dumb.

    Now will be my 999th appearance.

    Mewtwo to Ash Junior: I know nothing about that. Why are you always asking me about everything?

    Scyther to Ash Junior: Honour is what a Scyther's life revolves around. Do something shameful, and you're banished or killed. You're looked down upon if you refuse a battle, if you lose a battle, if you torture your victims, if you don't sharpen your scythes well enough, if you are afraid of delivering a death stroke, if you are caught by a human... it's just what our society is like. If we're tempted to do something dishonourable, we kill ourselves afterwards so we don't have to live with the shame. It's not "one of" the most important things in our lives; it's the most important.

    But I have no right to speak of honour...

    Suicune to Ash_Junior: The ribbons are wisps of vapour, so they can't get tangled in anything.

    Pikachu to Ash_Junior: *shrug* Whatever.

    Dratini to Ash_Junior: There were humans there...

    Mew to Ash_Junior: I doubt it.

    Gyarados to Ash_Junior: I'm not amphibious, so I need water, it's as simple as that. Need water flowing through my gills every now and then. I've never learned any physics, so I have no idea where the water comes from. It just is there.

    Suicune to Ash_Junior (again): They call me the spirit of the North Winds after all...

    Mewtwo to Ash_Junior (again): It's a psychic power, obviously. Just picture a location, and through the power of your mind you can transport your cells there. We don't have Star Trek in the Pokémon world, so I wouldn't know how it works there.

    Mark to Ash_Junior: Er... don't think so...

    May to Ash_Junior: Why don't you stop asking out-of-the-blue questions? -_-

    (I might note that you should remember these are the characters talking, not me, so technically, the characters could be wrong sometime. That does not necessarily mean that one of the statements in this post is wrong, but maybe.)
  12. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Has anyone noticed that [spoil]999 years is one short of a thousand[/spoil]?
  13. Ummm…duh? And your point would be?

    …Oh, wait. I see where you're going with this. You think something is going to happen once Mark gets home/to the championship, right?
  14. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Not really. As a previous reader, [spoil]I'm kinda spoiling too much for Dragonfree's taste here.[/spoil]

    *Rehighlights post*
    Well, you're the boss, Dragonfree.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2004
  15. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Yes, I am. Fear me. Mwahahahaha.

    Anyway, I'm currently halfway down the fifth page. It might become seven or eight pages or something like that. I've always liked this chapter; now it's slightly changed from the original, but the change doesn't really change anything, if you get what I mean.
  16. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    OK, it's only six pages, but meh. I like it anyway.


    Violence: Some rather violent Pokémon action.

    Gore: A bit.

    Sexuality: None.

    Profanity: None.

    Other: Nothing special.

    Chapter 17: The Shark and the Serpent

    When Mark exited the Gym, he noticed that May wasn’t there. Even as he continued down the road, he saw no traces of her. He just assumed she had continued to Aquarium City.

    Aquarium City was probably the town that Mark had looked forward to seeing the most when he started his journey. It was the first and only underwater city in the Pokémon world. Covered in a gigantic glass dome, the city’s oxygen came from plants specifically arranged to keep a healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. It was first and foremost a tourist attraction; it was generally considered a dodgy place to live, mainly because the thought of living underwater with only a glass dome to protect oneself from the Gyarados and Sharpedo outside and one’s life depending on some calculations about the oxygen percentage didn’t appeal to many people. Nonetheless, the tourists loved it – especially because it had an official Pokémon Gym.

    “Hey, wait!”

    Mark turned around. The Mutark guy, Victor, was running after him.


    Victor looked around. “Where’s May? The girl?”

    “She went on to Aquarium City,” Mark answered. “Why?”

    “Oh,” said Victor, scratching his head. “Er… you know Mitch?”

    “Yeah,” Mark replied, puzzled.

    “Do you know what they say about him?”

    Mark shook his head.

    “Well – according to the rumours, he’s a psychic of sorts. They say he can foresee deaths and stuff, and, uh… are you going to join up with May again?”

    “Huh?” asked Mark, not sure what Victor was getting at.

    “I mean, will you meet her sometime? I need to… er, give her some tips on catching a Mutark.” His gaze darted to the sides; he was obviously a very bad liar, but Mark wasn’t the type to point that out so he ignored it.

    “Well, I’ll probably meet her at Aquarium City, but to be honest I don’t know if she’s going to come with me from there or anything.”

    “Right,” said Victor. “Hey, will you be attending the Pokémon Festival?”

    “What festival?” Mark asked curiously.

    “The festival in Green Town – the one they have every year based around Chaletwo’s arrival.”

    “Oh – I didn’t know they had a festival,” Mark replied, blushing slightly. He felt stupid.

    “Well, I’m going, of course – I want to see Chaletwo, he’s a Dark type – and she is likely to, since she doesn’t seem the type to miss it, so will you?”

    “Of course,” Mark answered brightly. “I love Legendary Pokémon; I’d never miss that in my life.”

    “We’ll meet there, then,” Victor said, holding out his hand.

    “Sure,” Mark replied, shaking it.

    “Good. Bye, then,” said Victor, smiling as he turned back towards Scorpio City. “See you.”

    Mark had slightly disliked him earlier, but he seemed like a nice guy after all. Now Mark knew about the Pokémon festival. He looked forward to it, especially getting to witness Chaletwo’s appearance. Of course, there were probably fun tournaments and such, too…


    It wasn’t a long way to Merville, a tiny village near the seaside. Old-fashioned houses were spread irregularly around. A lot of them seemed deserted, giving the village a glum atmosphere. A dirty shop stood just by the harbor, looking just as deserted as the empty houses but nonetheless with a big OPEN sign in the window. Above the door, it said “Underwater Equipment”.

    Mark walked up to the wooden door and grabbed the doorknob. It was open. He stepped carefully inside.

    A bearded, middle-aged man leant onto the counter, looking asleep. As soon as Mark came in, however, he sprang up and was instantly by his side.

    “A customer! What can I do for you? Headed to Aquarium City, are you? Then you’re in the right place! We’ve got everything, all 100% organic!”

    “Er,” Mark just stammered.

    “You’ll need an H2Oxy 3000; these things allow you to breathe underwater,” the clerk said, reaching for a small mask-like object on a shelf. “You put it on like this,” he put it on to cover his nose and mouth, then quickly took it off again as it appeared to prevent him from breathing, “and it will work oxygen out of the water. Clever, isn’t it?”

    “Are you sure it... works?” asked Mark skeptically. The shopkeeper shrugged. “It should work.”

    He stuffed it into Mark’s arms and started searching for something else on the shelf.

    “Let’s see... you’ll need an Aqua compass. It always points at Aquarium City.” He showed Mark a compass which, unless Mark was very much mistaken, pointed straight west, back to Scorpio City. The guy seemed to realize that too, since he shrugged again and threw it into the garbage. “Well, this spray will make you completely water-repellant.” He sprayed something that smelled like cardboard all over Mark. He coughed.

    “Then there’s the Sharpedo-ward,” the shopkeeper continued eagerly, taking out a bottle containing a black, suspicious-looking liquid. “If you open it in the water, it will send any Sharpedo swimming! And there’s a special rock here to be able to sink easier. I’m sure you’ll visit again, buddy? I’m always ready at hand! Now, in total, this will be, uh…” He counted on his fingers. “…9,999 Pokédollars.”

    “What?” Mark asked, nonetheless finding the guy a bit funny. “I’m not going to buy it all… I think I’ll just go with the H2Oxy-thing, and, um, do you have a Dive HM?” He put the rock and the Sharpedo-ward down.

    “You already used the water repelling spray!” the man complained.

    “That’s stupid, I didn’t ask for it,” Mark argued. The shopkeeper sighed.

    “All right then.” He handed Mark a CD case. “Your ID number?”

    Mark reached for his Pokédex. “0439522166,” he read from the screen. The shopkeeper entered it into the computer and mumbled: “You’re not getting any for the way back.” Mark ignored him and walked out of the shop.

    Outside, he noticed a sailor who hadn’t been there before. He was a tall, muscular man and was just standing there looking blankly into the air. When Mark came out, the sailor turned around.

    “Hey. Kid. Battle?”

    Mark shrugged. “If you want.”

    “One on one,” said the sailor and threw a Pokéball into the harbor. The red energy materialized into a blue shark-like Pokémon; it had no tail, but a yellow star shape on its head.

    “Sharr,” it growled.

    Mark decided that Gyarados would most likely be his best bet for this; he had also not gotten to battle much lately, because pretty much only gym arenas had pools for non-amphibious Water Pokémon.

    “Go, Gyarados!” The sea monster came out of the Pokéball into the calm sea. He dove into it and seemed to enjoy the water judging from the low, purr-like growls he was producing.

    “Sharpedo, Crunch!” ordered the sailor. The shark immediately lunged at Gyarados and sank its fangs into his white tail fin. He roared in pain and tried to shake Sharpedo off; it still held on. Gyarados slammed his tail against the harbor wall, Sharpedo still stuck on. Receiving a harsh blow, the shark let go off his tail. Blood oozed out, making the water slightly murkier. Mark bit his lip; he just hoped Gyarados wasn’t too hurt.

    “Another Crunch, Sharpedo!” the sailor shouted, and his Pokémon darted towards Gyarados’s tail again. This time, however, the monster just let the shark bite him. He waited perfectly still, obviously in pain, but didn’t move.

    “Let him go!” said the sailor desperately. Mark first wondered why; then he remembered one of the things he had managed to register in Pokémonology: Sharpedo always had to keep swimming forward so that water would flow through their gills. If they were held in place, they could suffocate…

    “Return,” said the Sailor, holding out his Pokéball to recall Sharpedo. The shark disappeared in a beam of red light.

    “You ought to teach your Gyarados some manners,” the sailor commented coldly. “That’s a monster.”

    “Sorry,” Mark just muttered as he recalled Gyarados.

    “I could sue your pants off, you know,” the sailor continued. “And have your Gyarados disposed of for breaking the Agreement.”

    “I know,” said Mark miserably. He had no idea why Gyarados had tried to literally drown the Sharpedo – and he had been too stunned to recall him.

    “But I’ll let you slide this time, just because I don’t have the time,” the sailor said as he turned around and walked into the village again.

    Mark stared blankly at nothing for a few seconds before realizing what he was supposed to be doing. He released Gyarados from his Pokéball again, and took out the CD he had bought earlier.

    “Gyarados, you’ll need to learn Dive so we can get to Aquarium City,” Mark explained, holding the disc forward. Gyarados touched it lightly with his forehead, and the disc’s deep blue color ripped loose from it and sank into his body. He shook himself slightly, and then nodded.

    “Okay, great,” Mark said nervously. “Now I need to get on your back, I guess.”

    Gyarados obediently swam nearer to the bank and turned his side towards Mark. He walked unsurely to the edge of the concrete, not sure exactly how to mount Gyarados. Finally, he just grabbed the dragon’s head tightly with his arms and somehow managed to use the plates that stuck out on either side of the first segment of armor as footing while he sat in front of the first fin.

    “Is this okay, Gyarados?” he asked, worried that it might be uncomfortable for the sea serpent. He just nodded slightly.

    “All right…” Mark took out the H2Oxy and held it in his hand. “Be ready to dive, Gyarados… one, two… THREE!” He took a deep breath and put on the H2Oxy as Gyarados dove under the surface. Holding on for dear life, Mark felt like he was in some kind of a rollercoaster with very sub-par seats that additionally included the thrill of not knowing whether one would drown in it or not.

    He was relieved to find that the H2Oxy did work; while breathing was a bit harder than on dry land, he could manage this way. The water repel-spray apparently also worked, as he didn’t seem to be getting wet. Mark also discovered that it had been a mistake not to buy the Sharpedo-ward.

    It was probably the smell of Gyarados’s blood in the water that attracted them; at least they looked like they were expecting some easy prey. There were around ten of those sharks like the one the sailor had, and they all stared murderously at Mark and Gyarados.

    The dragon shook Mark off and darted at the Sharpedo. They scattered, but for some reason he kept on chasing one of them in particular and, to Mark’s great disgust, caught it. Gyarados, having locked his jaws securely around the shark’s body, started shaking it vigorously until he ripped a bit of flesh apart from the body and swallowed it. Catching the slowly sinking corpse again, he took some more. Now the scene was getting shrouded in the Sharpedo’s blood, saving Mark from having to see any more Sharpedo innards.

    It wasn’t long until Gyarados appeared to have finished all that was edible of the Sharpedo, since he came swimming back to Mark like nothing had happened. Mark wanted to say something, but was unable to because they were in the water. He got uneasily on Gyarados’s back again, and they continued towards the distant light that was Aquarium City.

    The Sharpedo appeared to have learned their lesson and didn’t bother Mark and Gyarados further. He was fascinated by a group of cute, light blue seahorses called Horsea and the larger, more vicious Seadra leading them; the Horsea fluttered their tiny, wing-like fins and managed to swim very cutely that way, while the Seadra flapped its spiked fins slowly and gracefully, ready to defend the young ones. After the Horsea swam past, Mark noticed what looked like a swimming rock. Then he realized that it was a rock-like fish Pokémon.

    Various Pokémonology lessons whirred past; then finally this Pokémon’s identity clunked into place. It was a Relicanth, and they were…

    “Incredibly rare!” Mark mouthed behind the H2Oxy. He prodded Gyarados’s head slightly and pointed at the ancient fish. The message was understood; Gyarados darted at the Relicanth and grabbed it by the tail. The fish, however, quickly started glowing red as it summoned some large rocks from different directions that smashed into the sea monster’s head. He was knocked unconscious by the blow, and the Relicanth managed to disappear, very quickly for a Rock type.

    Mark had no choice but to recall Gyarados, and now he was in trouble. This had clearly been a very powerful Relicanth to beat Gyarados in one hit and be so strangely fast. Now he had no Pokémon to Dive on, so he’d have to swim all the way to Aquarium City.

    He started swimming a bit, but the lights of the city never seemed to draw any nearer. He had to rest after a short while, and discovered then to his horror that the Sharpedo had noticed that Gyarados was unable to battle. Their shadows steadily grew closer…

    Mark was basically panicking when suddenly, what seemed at first to be another Gyarados shot forward and started fighting the sharks off. The Sharpedo quickly realized that they didn’t stand a chance and disappeared.

    Mark’s savior now turned gently around. It was not a Gyarados, but it was another sea serpent – this one had a more draconic head, and a sleeker, darker body. Nothing at all could be read from the expression in its deep, black eyes.

    Then it neared him, and came close to his face. It tilted its head slightly while examining him thoroughly; he hardly dared to breathe through the H2Oxy. Then, slowly and gracefully, it turned its side towards him in what was clearly a gesture for him to mount it.

    The monster blinked. Mark guessed he didn’t have much of a choice, whatever the Pokémon’s intent was; the Sharpedo could come back if he tried to swim by himself. Trembling, he wrapped his arms around the creature’s scaly neck; there was something so comfortable and motherly about it that he felt safe if he only held on to it well enough…

    The dragon shot quickly through the water, so smoothly that Mark barely felt it. He lost all sense of time clinging on to the creature’s neck, but after some amount of time, they came to a halt. The gigantic glass dome that covered Aquarium City was ahead; beautiful lights from the inside illuminated the sea next to it and just two meters away was the entrance to the tube that led inside.

    Mark went off the monster’s back and dragged himself exhaustedly in through the door. Suddenly he remembered that he had never heard of this Pokémon before; he quickly took his Pokédex off his belt and pointed it out at the sea serpent.

    “Monarking, monster Pokémon. This very rare, aquatic Pokémon is said to be somewhat magical and is highly intelligent. They said to occasionally help humans whose lives are in danger.”

    He slowly put the Pokédex down. The Monarking outside the glass gave him a slow nod, and then swam away. Mark lost sight of it as it blended into the color of the ocean around it.
  17. Indigo

    Indigo Guest

    I thought I'd just take a glimpse at your latest chapter, Dragonfree, just to see your style again...and I found myself engrossed and read the whole chapter.

    This proves that quality precedes over quantity in the biggest way. I adore, ADORE your use of words, and I can't believe English isn't your first language. Your descriptions are vivid, yet not overdoing it in the slightest. Just the right amount. I'm afraid to say the word, but it was...perfect. Really and truly.

    I see the use of HMs and fake Pokémon in this chapter. So they must be present throughout the fic. Normally I don't like that concept, but everything you do, Dragonfree...it works for me. If you were a published author, I think you'd be one of my favorites, and that is saying something. You could write something to me about Geology, and I'd be intrigued. Just the way you write...clicks. There's no other word for it.

    I'm liking Mark, too...looks like the normal teenager in a...a cool way. A "Dragonfree-ized" way, if you catch my drift. That's cool.

    Wait for me to catch up, Dragonfree, and then I will undoubtedly be a loyal reader. Just by this, I can tell that I am going to like this fic.

    Keep it up. Or Scyther kills you. :p


    Oh, and one more thing: I can't seem to find a way to abbreviate your name. I abbreviate almost everyone else's name, and yet I can't find anything for you. Is there a nickname that you'd like, or should I continue writing out your name? Either way is fine.

    And as my final word...;123;
  18. The Golux

    The Golux Guest

    Monarking, huh? I wish I had pictures of your original Pokémon... ;176;
  19. Ryano Ra

    Ryano Ra Verdant Vitality

    Ryano Ra here...just like Indigo, I just had to take a glimpse at Chapter 17, although I winded up reading the entire thing...and I tell you, you have a true gift. Writing the way you did, it makes my heart beat better every time I read a new paragraph. My imagination opened widely as I felt the body of Monarking, and I could nearly smell the blood of the dead Sharpedo that the Gyarados had devoured. The way you presented Gyarados' personality really brings out what all Gyarados should act like; their hasty temper with a mixture of darkened happiness makes him kill and eat other Pokemon. I must say, I am very impressed. Your word choices were spreaded wonderfully, and I don't care that the length was six pages; length doesn't matter to me, just as long as the chapter means something...and this one did. Dragonfree, you have a really true gift. Of all of the FanFiction writers here, you are one of the best. Tomorrow morning and afternoon, I'll be reading this from the beginning so I can become one of your royal reviewers. Until I return with reviews of the remaining chapters from before [Chapters 1-16]
  20. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Whoa... Indigo. o_O Never thought you'd start reviewing. Anyway, in honour of that, I'll reply to you like you reply to me.

    Whoa, thanks... at least you happened to hit a good chapter which doesn't depend on having read everything that came before it. If it had been, say, chapter eleven, you'd have been way too confused. xD

    Wait a minute... you're not supposed to be the one who says that to me; it's supposed to be the other way around...

    Heh, thanks. You should've seen my first piece in English ever... XD Needless to say, my spelling and grammar have improved a lot.

    I actually thought it was kinda lacking in the first part, but I'm glad you didn't think so.

    *is freaked* It can't be perfect... o_O;;;

    Yeah; I like to add logic to game stuff, though. So Pokémon don't need to know HM moves to be able to do things, but it makes it much easier for them. There aren't a lot of fake Pokémon in it either; just a few. You might notice the lack of Hoenn Pokémon until now, though; it was about at this time in the original that Ruby and Sapphire came out in English, and up until then I only had Kanto/Johto Pokémon in it. That hasn't changed much.


    xD Geology? The funniest thing is actually that it isn't really as far-fetched as one would think, since through a little bit of inspiration I seem to be able to make something I'm proud of from a typical school assignment like "What if you won the lottery?" or "Imagine you are [character x from a book]." Don't know how it happens.

    I'm glad to hear that. ^^;

    Ah, Mark. He was kinda flat in the original, but I put a bit more of me in him this time. I sometimes think it came out good and sometimes not...

    Ironic, isn't it, that we've turned from a semi-flamewar to two people who shower each other's fanfics with praise? Heh...

    Wouldn't dream of stopping. ;)

    I don't like having my name abbreviated, so just call me Dragonfree. ^^

    Fwee! Scyther! :p

    *throws Indigo a Vertical Pie* Hey, you've been giving me all this pie, I have to pay you back.

    EDIT: Two more people replied while I was typing this out...

    The Golux: There is a picture at my site, but it's very old and kinda OOC because I've been changing Monarking to be less vicious and more magical.

    Ryano Ra: :eek: Thanks... Gyarados isn't acting quite like all Gyarados would, though, as you'll find out when you read some of the older chapters. ;)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2004

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