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The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dragonfree, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. man do i get ignored in all threads someone answer *echoes*
    To charmeleon:when and if you evolve how do you think youll like it is becoming a charizard part of your plan of getting rid of scyther
    To scyther:if charmeleon evolves do you think itll cause problems for you
  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Charmeleon to RevengeStrikerMew 151: *grins* You'll see.

    Scyther to RevengeStrikerMew 151: Him evolving in itself won't cause me any problems. What matters are his actions once he has evolved.
  3. Silver Ryu

    Silver Ryu ~Aqua Dragon~

    Neopets, huh? I'm a member there too. (lunarlight25)

    I love this fic, it's very well written, and I like how most of the Pokemon have interesting personalities. Especially Scyther, he's interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  4. aron fan

    aron fan Guest

    Charmeleon: arent you scared since your P*ssing scyther off hes going to gut you like a fish
    scyther: are you going to gut Charmeleon like a fish if he continues his course of actions
  5. To Scyther:if charmeleon evolves and tries to fight with you how do you think youll fare against him

    To Marks poke's except charmeleon and scyther:if charmeleon evolves and tries to you know get rid of scyther are you going to try and stop him or sit and watch
  6. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    I recently got a blast from the past: I did a google search, and guess what I found? Old QFTL chapters! Comparing them to the modern chapters, there was one improvement that stood out the most, and that was how much your writing style has gotten better. In the old one, the writing seemed somehow forced and awkward. The chapters today have real fluidty of description and dialogue that makes QFTL such a great fic.
  7. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    A Google search? Oh, don't remind me of Google searches + this fic... ><;

    If you're wondering what I'm going on about... I searched Google for Chaletwo once, and found out that the Quest for the Legends has been ripped off. Badly. Go here, here and here and look up the chapters of "Our Great Pokémon Journey" by Kristin, aged ten (DO NOT look at chapters 38 onwards, though!) Does that storyline sound familiar? The world Ouen? Yep, sure do. Hmm, the way the characters behave doesn't. At all. Mitch "laughs evilly", WTF? (And I never use shorthand unless I'm very, very serious.) Marge was mixed with the Mew Hunter? Miss Mary-Sue gets a Vulkan (which is an old fake Pokémon I made) and a Freezachu (which is a fake Pokémon made by Mewkitty of Mew's Hangout) instead of Charmander and Scyther? Tons of stupid references to Ouen that aren't true, such as "How come I always make the leaders sound evil? Guess that's how it is in Ouen" and "In Ouen you can have five attacks!!"? Just thinking of it makes me grit my teeth... THANKFULLY she never got to mangle chapter 30. (She did mangle chapters 23 and 27, though... urgh... -_-)

    Darn, now I'm in a really bad mood...

    Charmeleon to aron fan: I have a plan.

    Scyther to aron fan: No. He is just behaving immaturely.

    Scyther to RevengeStrikerMew 151: You can't tell the outcome until the battle is over.

    Jolteon to RevengeStrikerMew 151: I don't know...

    Sandslash to RevengeStrikerMew 151: I would defend Scyther if I had the chance.

    Gyarados to RevengeStrikerMew 151: What they do is none of my business.

    Dragonair to RevengeStrikerMew 151: Well, saying you'll do something brave and bold is easy enough, but when you're actually in that situation, you turn out to feel like it's none of your business. Even though I wish I would, I'm afraid I doubt I'd do anything about it.
  8. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    To Eevee(now Jolteon): Which evolution did you most want to evolve into?
    To Ash's kid(can't remember name): Who's your mom?
  9. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Jolteon to Shadow Flame: I didn't really mind... Mom was a Flareon, though.

    Alan to Shadow Flame: In your dreams... you don't think the Author is going to get all the shippers worked up, do you?
  10. *imagines what would happen if Dragonfree told who Ash married, shudders* THAT would be bad. How far hast thou gotten with the next chapter, Writer of Fics?(I like that title, maybe I'll use it more often.)SB
  11. MewSP

    MewSP Guest

    *Snickers* Heh, what some people will do to great authors. That really ticks me off, so I can imagine what it does to you. Chapter one was an attention grabber in your fic, but in this wannabe's it was dull. I can even write better in RPG's, and I hate English class! If she gave her E-Mail address, I'd send her chapter one and say: "This is how MY fic is supposed to be written! [insert insult here]."

    Okay, I've rambled and spammed long enough, so keep your magic coming.

    To Chaletwo: Sorry if someone has asked you this before, but where are you when you're not in Green Town?
  12. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    *Dies from insane laughter* I skimmed all the way to number twenty. Man oh man, I'm glad I'm not well known enough to have something like that happen...but in a few years, eep...sadly, I think that crap rip-off was better than the first writing of my fic (not in grammar and structure, of course =P) but obviously, the only reason it was than my original would be because of its stolen, mutilated plot. Couldn't you report her or something? Honestly, why can't people come up their own ideas anymore...

    Yeah, MewSP, I already asked that a while ago, but I'll let Chaletwo answer.

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2005
  13. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Sorry if that question was offending.

    Chaletwo: What's up with the murders? You having a bad millenia or something?

    Mark: What's your favorite non-legendary?
  14. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that on your site. That "Great" Pokemon Journey has the lowest amount of description I have ever seen in a fic. EVER.
  15. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Dragonfree to SilverBlaze09: Heh, I might tell you at the very end of the fic, though, in the final Author's Notes. ;)

    Chaletwo to MewSP: I do not exist when I'm not in Green Town. When I leave, I am not really leaving, but traveling exactly one year forward in time.

    Chaletwo to Shadow Flame: This is one of those things that should be so obviously important to the plot you shouldn't even bother to ask...

    Mark to Shadow Flame: Vulpix, I believe.

    Dragonfree to MewSP, Chibi Pika and Mastercougar: *cough* Er, you do know that many of the parts where she was not busy mangling my characters were copied directly word-for-word, right? The whole first chapter except for the last paragraph was copied-and-pasted from the original Quest for the Legends. With "he" replaced with "I", of course, and that done so rushedly that she forgot to replace it twice (I mean, seesh! Didn't anybody get suspicious when they saw a first-person fic about a girl suddenly refer to her twice in a row as "he"? And didn't anybody notice that it's written like third person, not first person?). Yes, that's exactly how my twelve-year-old self wrote the beginning of this fic. ><; The last paragraph is a shortened retelling of the rest. She corrected the "he" in the second chapter's author's note. Then she's shortened everything until Alan's speech, I believe (in which she just took out the paragraphing)...

    Wait, I'm feeling so ranty that I'll list all the OOC-ness in the fic.

    - Rick's OOC lines
    "Ah, whatever. I should've kept the real ones.."
    Which is the exact opposite of what he really said in the original...
    "Come on, boy. Your turn. Prepare to lose.. well, win."
    What the heck happened to Rick's confidence?
    "THen he muttered under his breath, 'I hate battling..'"
    I have no idea whatsoever what is up with this... at least he is supposed to care enough about battles to yell at Mew for losing his battle. -_-
    "and went to the back of the room and read a comic book called 'The Electric Tales of Pikachu 1'"
    Rick... reading comic books? Does somebody who lost his parents in a car crash, has been taking care of his little brother ever since and spends his day cloning Legendary Pokémon sound like somebody who would read comic books? In his cloning lab? -_-;;;;

    The Mew Hunter's OOC lines
    "'That Mew. It's ancient. He doesn't know how to unlock it's powers but I do. I will get Mew and get my revenge. Mew will soon be mine!!' he said. He laughed evilly along with his pal Scyther."
    Laughed evilly? Scyther does NOT laugh evilly. There are times when he laughs in the fic, but at those times he is neither laughing because he's evil or because he's feeling entertained. And the Mew Hunter doesn't laugh evilly either; he laughs manically, madly or insanely. Not evilly.
    "And I'm evil."
    *clenches fists* HE IS NOT EVIL! HE'S MENTALLY ILL! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Besides that "evil" people don't say "I'm evil".
    "'I suppose you've never been to Hoenn before. They use 2 Pokémon each. They make a team,' said Sako, rolling his eyes, giggling."
    Okay... he's both half Marge, and he rolls his eyes and giggles? -__- She named him Sako, by the way.
    "Just 'cause your puny Pok�mon evolved doesn't mean you'll defeat Scyther. It's my most powerful Pok�mon. Poliwhirl was just weak."
    *shudder* Okay, okay, she copied the original in which I did it too, but the Mew Hunter would never in his life refer to a Pokémon as "it". He doesn't call Pokémon puny or weak either.
    "'How did all of my POk�mon escape?' he said angrily."
    He would be devastated, not angry. [spoil]Sort of like if your only friends in the world had just left you for good.[/spoil]

    Mew's OOC lines:
    "Mew was puzzled. I had just gotten it and I was letting fo to the wild? Mew thought I was the one who was insane. But it obediently obeyed and flew off, back towards where it came from, Cleanwater City."
    Oh, so miss Mary-Sue is so great that a Legendary Pokémon would only go away from her to "obediently obey" what she says?

    Mitch's OOC lines:
    "Come here. Come with me."
    Is it just me, or does he sound like some kind of a paedophile stalker?
    "A man grabbed Volcanot, Gregory, Tamron, Tessa and I and teloported us into the streets of Scorpion City."
    Teleported? Oh, right, she's decided that because Mitch can mysteriously appear right beside you when you aren't looking, he's got to love flagging his 00ber teleportation ability.
    "I bet you recognize me, don't you?"
    Have you ever noticed how subtly and mysteriously Mitch speaks every single line of his? *takes out OOC stamp and slaps it on*
    "If you'd gotten bitten, you'd be begging for my help if you were alive.."
    Right... Mitch implying that he would have wanted them to get stung. *stamps*
    "Ah, come on. Enough said, who's goin' first?"
    Mitch would not say "Ah". He would not say "come on". He would not say "Enough said". He would never in his life say "who's goin' first". *stamps every word*
    "I've battled a Sandslash 5 times and it always lost,' said Mitch."
    Mitch does not brag. -_-
    "'I concede defeat. Here is your Venom Badge,' said Mitch, and handed it to me, although ungratefully."
    The line itself isn't that bad, but at last adverb is. "Ungratefully"? -_-
    "Go, Scorplack. See if you can beat this!' said Mitch."
    I know this is kinda picky, but Mitch does not say anything in such a manner that it would end in an exclamation mark.
    "Urrg! Get back up, Scorplack, you can overcome this Aron! Try your... Bite attack"
    Urrg? What is that supposed to be? Mitch would not say "Get back up", again it's the exclamation mark thing, and Scorplack does not bite (as incorrectly claimed all over these chapters) but sting.
    "No! My greatest Pokémon.. lost?"
    This is so not Mitch.
    "'It's to bad. They hafta go east of Metal City, not west. They'll end up at the storm that is raging there, and they will end up and Maroon Island, where the Tokay will take all there Pokémon. They will never see them again!' said Mitch as he too healed his Pokémon, Scorplack and Venomoth. He laughed evilly."
    If Mitch were dead, he'd turn around in his grave...

    She changed Marge into "Fiona" since she already mixed the original Marge with the Mew Hunter, so no OOC lines for her...

    Alan "Tyson"'s OOC lines:
    "'Yeah, yeah, say it, don't spray it,' Tyson said rudely."
    Just about the whole rest of the conversation was copied-and-pasted, but this... -_-

    And that's about it for "Our Great Pokémon Journey"'s OOC-ness, as far as this version is up to now. Thank God.
  16. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Oh, ha ha ha ha ha! I stopped in at the site you pointed out and wow. This girls is a real *coughidiotcough*. She knows how to turn a perfectly good (and terrificly written) story, written by a fanfic legend into a piece of junk. I checked it out and I just couldn't even read it. No description or anything, and each chapter is a paragrph long. x_x
    Hey, you saw how at the top of the page there was a thing for comments? You should add one saying that this is yours. Honesly. I can tell that the site was made by a bunch of overprotective adults who think Pokémon is for 6-year-olds and stuff, but you have proof. And you have claimers for each chapter. What this girl did was practically illegal.
    Honestly Dragonfree, I suggest you try and do something about it. But meh, that's just my opinion, and you don't have to, but this is like an early stage of pirating.

  17. i seriously agree with psychic you should post it saying its your and give the link and stuff. it was kinda funny how she copied it and stuff but it isnt funny when she completely kills it and makes it her own.
    jirachiman out ;385;
  18. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    I already did (in March last year, actually). And the editor made her admit the theft and apologize. Otherwise she'd have gone on with that second fic of hers that was also going to be set in Ouen... -_-

    Also, remember that this was written in 2003. She ripped off the original. Not even the UMR. Stop saying that she turned a wonderfully written fic into a piece of crap, because frankly the original was just as much of a piece of crap apart from not being plagiarized. If the original was well written, I'm God right now.
  19. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Yay! The little child has seen the error of her ways! I feel so much better inside (seriously)! A second fic? That would just be scary. *shivers*
    Yes, she did rip off the original, but that was still pretty darn good, with about the same (amount of) plot. Don't get too worked up about it, you did improve a heck of a lot in the past few years, I'll tell you that! You might think it was junk (I don't use bad words ^^; ), but maybe I don't (at least it wasn't that bad, eherm, just kidding).
    On a slightly lighter note, do you know how she found it in the first place (and why she copied it)? Just wondering.

  20. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    You've never read the original. What you read was the UMR, not the original. While the UMR didn't change the plot, it was ten times better written than the original (and even then, it was not good at all compared to what I have now). The original was just ridiculous, and I'm telling you that the beginning consisted of the exact words that Kristin then stole for chapter one of Our Great Pokémon Journey. That is, it was so bad that it makes me squirm just to look at it.

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