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The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision!



Oy, Dragonfree, you could've said I beta-d it for ya. *is shot* Just kidding.

Anyway, as you know, I quite like this. Nice plot hints. The last line is awesome.

Elemental Charizam

Sudden Genre Shift
A battle chapter! I liked this event, the idea and the way you wrote it out. Some battles were a bit short, but seeing as there were so many that's understandable. Besides, they were enjoyable and the shortest had good reason to be. I liked the end most though, the end line especially rules.

I liked May in this chapter as well, especially with the 'strange' line. That cracked me up XD The announcer was funny because of his likness to a real-life announcer as well.

Overall, great chapter!



Just me
Shaking hands means that Charizard grabbed the end of the green edge of Scyther's scythe. It's called shaking hands because how exactly they did it is not the most important part. The purpose was to show that they've reached an agreement and aren't enemies anymore.

Charizard to Shadow Flame: Wiser... much wiser. A lot more mature... I'm suddenly realizing just how much of an idiot I was as a Charmeleon. I despise almost everything I did. I need to make up for it somehow...

May to Shadow Flame: Well, tomorrow there are two things going on: Ash is giving out starter Pokémon, and then there's also some trainer's market thing - they've even got Master Balls, I've heard. And the day after that is the day of Chaletwo's appearance, which is the last event of the festival.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
wow that was cool excellent - when's the next chapter coming up?


Just me
That was a very spammy reply, Dragon trainer. Try to say a bit more next time, and don't rush me...

The next chapter is coming when I've written it.


Oh, awesome chapter there! I loved the battles, but I got really scared in the Scizor - Sceptile battle. I thought Sceptile's skull was crushed, resulting in death. But apparently, he was fine. The Hitmonchan - Chansey battle was hilarious X) Hitmonchan enters the arena, greets Chansey, beats the crap out of it and walks out. I didn't really got what happened at first, but then I understood and it really made me laugh.
I like your battle-style. You don't always use existing tecniques and the Pokémon can even make up their own, making it very realistic.

Oh, yeah, I almost lost my breath for a minute there when I realized that Scyther was going to battle Charizard(Charmeleon back then). I thought someone was going to end up dead, but I'm very relieved that no one did, since I love both Charizard and Scyther ^^;

Otherwise very good chap, I'm glad that they finally made up. No grammar mistakes as far as I can see, but I usually don't look for that since I'm not the person to point out those things.

Keep it up! Awaiting next chapter! The encounter with Chaletwo gets even closer..


7 Inches Of Fun
Not suprised that no one has commented on the Jynx Charmeleon thing...:p
If I was one of the trainers, I most likely would've read that contract clearly before signing it...though I wasn't. Scyther died before...Evolution gave Charmeleon a more mature mind eh? The brain must have expanded. Hope that Mark doesn't get killed by Chaletwo...or else it would be more...bleh...wonder who WILL get killed though. What starters will Ash pass out...hmmm...more events in the festival to come, hooray!

Yuugis Black Magician

Namaikina Imouto
Great chapter, much more intertaining then what I was expecting, good job. Charizard, though, seemed to have evolved pretty fast don't you think? I mean, your only on the 23rd chapter, but oh, it's you Fan Fic, and I'm not ot talk, seeing as how in my Fan Fiction, my main characters Nidoran became a Nidoking by the fifth chapter. I'm awaiting the next installment...


Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Excellent chapter. The Frenzy Tournament is something that brings a new taste of Pokemon Battling to the future Fanfictions. Also, the evolution for Charizard was something I was looking forward to. Now, I have a few questions:

To Charizard: Do you have any Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard relatives in other stories? Also, now that you have matured, do you think the new friendship between you and Scyther will actually last?

To Leta: Did you feel quite bad that you didn't get a chance to participate in the Frenzy Tournament?


Just me
Charizard: Not that I know of. Just Charlie.
I have no real reason to believe that Scyther and I won't get along, but of course you can never know...

Leta: ... I guess it doesn't really change anything. I'd have lost anyway.


Didn't get a chance to review last night...

Ahem, Probably the best (or one of the best) chapters yet. I loved the frenzy tournament! Like Ryano Ra said, a inspiration (or something) for future fics.

The pokemon battling weren't losers either, except the chansey. It should've used safeguard or something. Yay umbreon.

THe battle between scyther and charizard wasn't very exciting (to my memory, I'm gonna go a re-read the last part again). But everything else was. I really wish it wasn't 11:27pm last night, but I'll edit if I think of anything.

TO Charizard: If you wanted to kill yourself, why didn't you cut your throat?

To Leta: why were you acting so wierd before the tourney?

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
I have a few more questions that are directed towards Leta:

To Leta: Will you leave Mark once you evolve, IF you evolve? Also, what are your feelings on battling stronger Pokemon than you?


*exhales heavily* I'm finally able to review chapter 23. I read it on Friday, planned to review it, then was banned from the computer for being two minutes late for dinner. Which of course, in a parents eyes, is worse than murder. Apparently I've contracted a deadly "obsession", and need to be put into quarantine. Away from the computer. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, on to the review. Only one thing to pick up on:
“It’s a thingy where your Pokémon battle without trainers,” she explained. “Look, I have a thingy on it.” She held up a booklet and then started skimming it.
Repetition of 'thingy'. Doesn't really matter that much, but...

The rest of it was great though. All of the longer battles were still interesting, even the insignificant ones. I enjoyed the Scizor Vs. Sceptile duel. It seemed to me that the Frenzy Tournament was made for Mark, as it suited him quite well. I saw right from the beginning that it was going to be Scyther Vs. Charmeleon, but aside from the well placed evolution, I was kind of dissapointed at the end. No cool brawl like in Marge's Gym then. But it worked out even better when they put aside their differences, so I was glad in the end. So thats three thumbs up from me then.

Oh, wait, I only have two thumbs... ^_^;;


Tortoises pwnz you!
To Jolteon: Are you angry at Mark for putting you in the tournament, which ultimately lead to you breaking your leg.

Great chapter BTW.


RevengeStrikerMew 151

wow great chapter i dont know about you but i almost but havent forgot about chalenor im still waiting on something to give me hint about him or the destroyer

Blaziken's Emberz

Chapter XXIII Review:
Dragonfree, you've done it again! Here's my review of Chapter XXIII for "The Quest for the Legends..."

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and SHING! The scythes are slashing. Here I go again for a review of Chapter XXIII for "The Quest for the Legends," a Pokémon-Academy-Award nominated fan-fiction. The description was nicely done with some good touches, but the trainers of the Pokémon that were in near-death experiences in the Frenzy Attack Tournament, a unique style of Pokémon tournies.

Now for an added bonus, is Casey the Pidgeot your Pidgeot in your team? Because I am in your forums and saw your team with a Pidgeot named Casey. And if you did, I knew that that name was familiar. The grammar was great and the length was sublime, so therefore, this story is very good and deserves a five...out of five.

~ BE

Shiny Lugia

Good chapter. I almost thought the battles were real because it was so well discribed ^^. I liked the battle between Sczior and Scyther which was very symbolic in a way (e.g. hating someone then being friends). But I thought the old version of that battle was a little better since it tells a little more of Scyther's past. Oh well :p.


Ah yes... I recomember Fury. And I shall refrain from giving anything away. Mwahaha... nice chapter, I like the unfair pairings and brutality, and now I can't think of what to say...

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
Yup, I’m finally here, you probably didn’t notice, but I didn’t show up last chapter. A little grounding isn’t gonna stop me from reading the first fic I ever read on SPPf, though :D

Well, the 22nd was good, especially now that he finally has a license, but I especially loved the 23rd. All the unique battles, the way you portrayed the Pokémon’s thoughts, and of course, the battle between Charizard and Scyther…I loved it. Leta is interesting; for some reason I suspect there’s more to her than what we know. I’m a suspicious reader :p Ah well, awesome job, as usual!



Excellent Chapter, I know I said I would read silently from now on, but... I lied. J/K I'll go away, in a moment I just wanted to let you know I thought it was excellent (especially the Umbreon battles lol) also one minor discrepancy Vibrava is not a dragonfly, he is an antlion. a creature who looks similar to Trapnich but goes through metamorphosis and looks like a dragonfly. See? Ok Im out.