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The Rainbow Islands

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Hancade, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Hancade

    Hancade Abomination

    Beyond Johto further in the sea there are rumored to be 19 Islands. 17 of them have names that match there types, like Fire Island, Water Island, Steel Island, etc. There are two weird Islands we call them Blank Island( where there are no wild pokemon) and Rainbow Island the center of the Islands where the elite four are as well as a rare Legendary who is rumored to have the ability to destroy all of the Islands. There are eight, you must fight them in this order to become a champion and fight the elite four, Ice, Fire, Electric, Flying, Dark, Steel, Water, Fighting. The only way onto Rainbow Island is through the small bridge on Blank Island. The types for the Elite four trainers in this order are Normal, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, and then Champion Travis uses a mix for his types. Also for those who prefer the Contest lifestyle there are normal halls on Normal Island, Super on Dark, and Final on Ice. There have been rumors about a group in black wearing R's using types that beat the local Islanders like water to fire, etc. well they have been everywhere except Blank Island and Rainbow Island. Another thing is that local Island's Radio, and Cable Station have Shut off and there have been no letters returned from either Fire Island or Dark Island. Anyway you and your friends are all from Blank Island and have graduated from the brand new trainer school there, a boarding school where trainers are raised with rental pokemon based on where you are from. As you leave they allow you to pick one pokemon who will be your partner for the rest of your life. You and a few friends are invited into a Lab where Professor Sanders is and he asks you if you can do him a few favors you wanting to continue growing with your Pokemon you accept. You accept a Pokedex that matches your Island type, he then asks you to try and meet every pokemon that has ever existed on the Islands and also asks you to go to Ice Island and see what is going on with the radio tower and to see if you can get it up and going again. Also he asks you to visit the Fire( You can only visit it once you beat the Ice gym) and Dark Island (Which you can only visit once you beat the flying gym). As you walk off he hands you and your friends a ticket and tells you that the only way to get more tickets for more Islands is to beat Gym leaders and once you beat the Steel Gym you will be allowed to any Island Except for Water, and Fighting.

    Sign up form:
    Name: Include a nickname if you want.

    Age: Easy enough.

    Island of Birth: You can pick any except blank.

    History: Please do no do anything too dark or too perfect, try to make yourself more human.

    Personality: Follow the same guide lines as the History section.

    Other: Funny quirks, or maybe something silly about your character.

    Physical Appearance: Please nothing too perfect, just average people, feel free to base it off yourself or heck even have fun with it and create a whole new person.

    Afterwards: What your character wants to be after he/she completes the quest to come.


    Nickname: If it is your Dragonite versus a wild one, Give it a nickname.

    Species: What type of pokemon is it.

    Personality: What is your pokemon like, how does it act around others.

    Physical Appearance: Is there anything different about your pokemon from the wild ones.

    Move set: Please make it appropriate to it's power level.

    My own sign up

    Name:Cyrus Claudio


    Island of Birth:Normal

    History: He was born on the Normal Island, He was one of the first students in Blank Academy. Cyrus has had a great life with Pokemon, his dad is a teacher form the Academy and gave him his first pokemon which was Porygon;137;. He barely passed my classes because he didn't do any of his homework.

    Personality: Mellow, nice, he likes to stick to myself, and is Easily Trusting of others. He is easily annoyed by hot-shots, and braggarts, he often sing to myself when bored and is easily distracted.

    Other:He has an intense fear of poison pokemon, when I was little i was bitten and chased by an Ekans when visiting family on Poison Island.

    Physical Appearance: I am a little taller then most and a little chubby, I am of some sort of average looks. My skin is a little Tan, and have to wear reading glasses, I have a buzz cut, I prefer to wear light jeans, and a dark gray sweatshirt along with a necklace with a star on it.

    Afterwards: I would like to be a Normal gym leader and a Pokemon Professor.

    My Pokemon
    Name: 01010000 It's P in Binary Code

    Species: Porygon

    Gender: Genderless

    Personality: Quirky and awkward prefers to travel behind me, and when it sees a computer it loves to solve it's problems, Cure it's Viruses, and etc. A Naturally good Pokemon. Hardy likes to fight.

    Physical Appearance: My Porygon is a little smaller then the average but the eyes of it are a dark metallic blue.

    Move set: Sharpen, Conversion, Conversion 2, and Tackle.

    I will allow up to eight people more to join. for your move set please use B/W2 for the move set. and also list what Occupation you would to be after the adventure in order to create a more in-depth character.

    Rated pg-15.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2012
  2. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    As much as promising this game could be, you need to put the sign up in the sign ups section when registering new player otherwise within a few minutes a mod will close and give you the modslap. I learnt my lesson...
  3. Hancade

    Hancade Abomination

    can you explain a little better
  4. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    The thread in which members sign up for an RPG is called a sign-up thread, and it belongs in the Sign-Up subforum. Once the majority of players have been accepted and you are actually ready to start role-playing, you create a new thread in the Role-Playing section.

    Also, please make some corrections to your sign-up sheet, and note it for anyone applying to your RPG. The sections for Appearance, personality and History must be at least 100 words each. Also, sign-ups should be written in third person (and RPing should also be done in third to avoid confusion during the game). So instead of "I was born on the Normal Island" it should be "Cyrus was born on the Normal Island." Avoid switching between these, don't capitalize random words, and there should be a space after most types of punctuation, including colons (the : sign).

    Please be sure to read the RPG Rules. Aakash98, this goes for you too - minimodding isn't allowed, and you'll get infracted if you do it again.

    Good luck with your RP,
  5. Hancade

    Hancade Abomination

    Thank you. I am doing it now.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2012

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