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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master​

Ash has returned to Pallet Town and meets up with his old friends and Pokémon. However, when seeing him, Gary asks him a question of how close he is to reaching his goal of being a Pokémon Master now that he is World Champion. This is the dream Ash left Pallet Town with and it causes Ash to think. Will he be able to answer the question?

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"The time has come,
It's for the best I know it
Who could have guessed that you and I -
Somehow, Someday, will have to say, goodbye"

The end is neigh....in about 2 hours 15 minutes give or take. Thank you for everything Ash and Pikachu <3
Can't believe this is the last freaking episode thread of an Ash anime episode in Serebii....truly an end of an era


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One Hour Left


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So, before the episode begins, what was your first impression of Ash? And how did it change over the past 25 years?

I mean, it is a fascinating observation to see how the perspective of Ash changed despite Ash himself not really changing at all at his core.
I initially saw him as rash and unrefined, trying too hard to be good at strats he isn't and too at unease
Obviously that arose because my first impression of him was in regards to DP where the conflict with Paul and inner conflict within himself existed
Over time I've realised how he isn't trying hard, he just has his own mantra and style of battling that is based on unorthodox out of the box thinking and that creativity is the reason he stands out among others, and of course seeing him be more at ease with himself and peaceful