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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


Call me Robert guys
My bro Pidgeot returned to Ash and is staying with him!!! Finally <3!!!!

Don't care about whatever else happened, the episode was a win for me based on that alone <3!!!


S-Class Indigo League Fan
So Ash started a new journey with only Pikachu and Pidgeot in his roaster.

If only Butterfree had truly come back from the war

No confirmation that he took Pidgeot with him. It’s most likely just Pikachu as usual.

People who understand Japanese who literally watched the episode have said Pidgeot rejoined. I get that you want to be all cynical because you’re disappointed or whatever but that is factually incorrect.
The moment they express an emotion other than pure happiness then yeah they’ve already surpassed him LOL
Like what? Crying after losing their first league?
Getting out of the cycle of samsara .. I know, but that "Buddhist stuff" like a joke in my region

We use it when someone says something like "bro just enjoy the process who cares about the result just enjoy bro "
That's not just Buddhism. Kind of whole Indian philosophy.
.....That is exactly the kind of mentality Buddhism tries to reprimand.
Yeah, I know a lot about Buddhism, I know what you're talking about, and it's funny because I recently critiqued some issues I have with their belief system (non-dualism and the non-existence of the essence) but that's a topic for another thread

Flame Haze SnS

All I can say is...Poor Primape.


Bittersweet Satisfaction
Let's be honest, between each gym there was N episodes of Ash befriending pokémon and their trainers
And these episodes were a good chunk of the series too
And still the main draw of the series has still been on the battling and other such goals. Even SM and JN which tried to do something different still had to rely on the big tournaments at the end to get people to watch. Even if you say that they put a lot of episodes for random pokemon befriending, you can’t say the battles weren’t the thing they pushed as important.

Like if befriending all the mons is really ash’s goal what’s the point of all the moments he’s super competitive in the past? Take the whole ideological conflict with paul, which is to see whose way in training was correct. What point is there to this conflict if ash’s goal doesn’t really have anything to do with getting stronger? Even if he’s not the absolute strongest, it doesn’t prevent him from just befriending pokemon as he want even if paul beat him and showed that his way is better go get strong mons. It just means ash’s way is better to actually befriend them, and that should be enough for him.

All the moments where ash is super serious about winning and tries his hardest to train with his pokemon to achieve their hoal just loses their bite when this last 11 ep seems to imply all ash really wants is to randomly go around and befriend pokemon, and all that previous effort really didn’t have a point.