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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


Ash got 26 years, Liko won't, recency bias fanboys
Honestly being a true Pokemon Master meaning you befriend all Pokemon should be no surprise to Westerners who were introduced to the Western Marketing trick "Gotta catch 'em all." Ash saying he wants to be Pokemon Master was always something I thought of as that because of it and the Japanese version reaffirming that is no shock.

Also Ash is the only guy in the anime who IS a Pokemon Master. You cannot catch Pokemon like Mewtwo or Arceus because they are actual characters but he always earns the respect and friendship of the legendary. Dan Green-Mewtwo more than impressively proved he is a God in comparison to Ash. But everytime he appears he finds new respect for Ash. In Ash's anime this is basically the only way of "catching"/befriending all Pokemon.
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Aim to be a Pokémon Master
Well yes, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that winning a regional league, becoming a Champion, winning the PWC… it was all supposed to be ‘one step toward becoming a Pokémon Master’. The implication is that whatever a Pokémon Master is, it’s someone who is the strongest, and more still.

Instead, what we got basically amounts to saying that the real journey was the filler episodes, and the gyms/leagues/PWC were the real filler of his goal. They retroactively have little to do with his goal.

The implication? It's to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch 'em is the real test. To train 'em is the cause. Travel across the land, searching far and wide. Teach Pokémon to understand the power that's inside.

But all kidding aside, a Pokémon Master has never been a goal. It has tangibility as someone wanting to be the best chef in the world. Oh sure, you can compete against other chefs, beat them, and get a lot of awards, trophies and recognitions as the world's greatest chef. But does any self-respecting chef would consider "I've reached the top, now I shall retire from cooking?"

No, the world's best chef will always seek new challenges and find new ways to improve themselves. Because to be the very best is a motivational drive within you. For Ash, nothing is a waste. Everything he does is one step closer to being a Pokémon Master. It's to learn and live.

Oh sure, he has become World Champion and officially the strongest trainer there is. But that comes with new challenges, and new adventures. And Ash is eager to take them on.

And really, let us think about for a second as to why they are now ending Ash's journey with us. What could possibly prompt the showrunners to retire Ash when he could theoretically have infinite adventures?

Oh that's right, he became the strongest trainer in existence and now there's no one on top of him. How could Ash top that achievement in the future? And that's when you realize that our time with Ash has come to an end.


You can call me Tanner.


The Pokémon Explorer
I'm happy that Ash reunited with his Pidgeot and all. And answered of being a Pokemon Master. So, Ash and Pikachu resume their journey. Thank you for everything, Ash and Pikachu. I'm sure by now that you become a Pokemon Master. It's been a long ride.


Too lazy to pick a pic
I interpreted it that Pidgeot returned to protect it's flock. As that flock became it's new family and not Ash. Similar to Ash's Butterfree and Pink Butterfree. I could easily be wrong however.

I just question a lot of things about this epsiode.

We didn't see all of Ash's Pokemon. Like at all, but I'm just sitting here pleased that they were able to honour Satoshi Tajiri's Bug catching on Ash's wall in his bedroom with the references to Ash's Caterpie/Butterfree. That's the whole reason why this franchise exists because of that individuals passion. It was honoured today.
Pidgeot actually asked to rejoin Ash’s team. It's back.

In the very last episode, but, at least one thing MPM had to do right.


Well-Known Member
Pidgeot actually asked to rejoin Ash’s team. It's back.

In the very last episode, but, at least one thing MPM had to do right
Good, who knows things may evolve. Hope for the best.

(I haven't been a fan of how these 11 episodes were constructed. Pidgeot's back, Ash's Captain of the Birds.


Ash got 26 years, Liko won't, recency bias fanboys
I just hope I won't need to wait 5-10 more years for something with Ash.


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And that’s the end of the line for Ash. At least for now.

And some boring minor trivia: Latios was mentioned by Ash again. Supposedly even wants to meet the duo again lmao.
He was thinking about Latios and Latias when he was in bed, and then later when he was talking about what a Pokémon Master is he mentioned meeting Latios was connected to that.


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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master​

Ash has returned to Pallet Town and meets up with his old friends and Pokémon. However, when seeing him, Gary asks him a question of how close he is to reaching his goal of being a Pokémon Master now that he is World Champion. This is the dream Ash left Pallet Town with and it causes Ash to think. Will he be able to answer the question?

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welp it’s been a nice run and journey I hope we see ash sometime soon atleast for one episode maybe teaching the new main character. I remember first watching the anime in 2016 I wish i was a fan of pokémon much earlier but i used to hate it


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