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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


You can call me Tanner.
Can we get some love for all the 3 Tracey fans on this forum? They really won in the end!



Missed opportunity: Tracey's Scyther evolves into Kleavor. It's the end so no need to overthink a reason to explain that.


Farewell, Ash Ketchum. Until the day we meet again!


- If there's one good thing about letting Ash go is that it means I'll never see that face again;

- Good riddance, Brock. No harsh feelings but You've overstayed your welcome;

- Journeys team in the opening. That was to be expected;

- Ash taking a shower. I think that's the first time;

- Darn one of those scenes... Simply doesn't sit well;

- Nice getting a scene of Ash talking with Delia. This one feels a lot like the conversations they've had in the Shudo novels;

- I like the new shows Delia's made. I could see those being used as part of Ash's design if he ever shows up on the Liko/Roy show;

- Tracey is back. After all this years of absentness and silent cameos, he has returns. He lives. He talks. And he leaves as Ash's run is over;

- I like how Ash managed to convince Charmander and give him courage of get out by itself;

- At long last Gary's here. We are close to warping up...;

- Gary congratulates Ash for his win. Such a stark contrast from his first appearance;

- Now the question that's been shown before the mini-series even started. Can't believe a pre-series trailer spoiled a scene from the final episode;

- Tracey returns again. No lines but... Is that his Venonat all evolved?;

- TR is now working on the TR dining hall... Or whatever we call those places in english;

- Of course they'd reunite lol;

- TR's last motto... And they really poured the animation budget on this one. Takeshi Shudo would've been so proud!;

- And Ash messes up and forgets his OTHER pokémon;


- His return is so glorious!;

- TR learned Fly. Who would have thought all those years of being blasted off would've had such miraculous effect?;

- Is it me or did Ash's Pidgeot shrank? I remember it looking bigger;

- Darn, Ash interacting with Pidgeot. I've been wanting that for years!;


- A Poliwhrill. Of course Satoshi Tajiri's favorite pokémon would be shown;

- My understanding is that Ash wants to be friends with all pokémon and that's what a pokémon master is for him. Or at least part of it, anyway;

- And Ash left without telling Delia. Classic;

- Now, time for the final scene. Ash's last shot as the anime's main, undisputable protagonist.

And so at long last, the time for Ash's farewell come.

Episode was pretty good and hands down the best in the mini-series by a long margin. Not going to lie, it doesn't make up entirely for the shortcomings of the last few years but... It's a conclusion. It's character-driven and introspective just like Shudo, with Yuyama, originally built this show. It's a good compromise into being a non-ending while at least feeling somewhat of a closure.

Also, Pidgeot is back

All in all, still surprised I actually got to watch this but now the time has come. Honestly, I have no regrets. The past few years, the show's evolved a lot. Just like the title monsters. There were some improvements, there was so not-so-good scenes but it was quite a ride, wasn't it?

I stopped after the first Johto year and it took some time until I started following it again, more specifically, the final months of DP even if I've had a few times of reconnecting before.

Sucks not getting to see past companions besides the moving background and Cilan in the ED because, really everything post the "original" companions are what helped me keep up with the show. I'm really grateful for May's character getting me back into the franchise so I wish Kaori's the best in the world. Sucks she couldn't get an episode but health and family will be always way more important.

Ash's ending, while nice, doesn't make up for the shortcomings of the mini-series or even the lackluster bits of Journeys but... It was still an acceptable closure.

All in all, it was a good journey with our boy but that'll be far from being the last for me. Just like Ash's dream will goes on, I'll stick around with the series. Wishing Liko and Roy a long and successful run!

*In loving memory of Jiro Dan. May your soul rest in peace!

So, before the episode begins, what was your first impression of Ash? And how did it change over the past 25 years?

It's more or less the same.

He is my favorite character in the whole show and the main reason I watch it.

I'd say he only got better as years went on.

But....yeah, that was a meh goodbye to Misty and Brock.

As they deserve

The end of an era. And man, what a scene.


Ash: Then, they just said I'd marry this girl I'm travelling with and I was all "I don't have time for this, I want have fun around with my pokémon"
Pidgeot: How silly people thinking about that

It's someone who befriends every Pokemon in the world.

Not surprised. It fits, in my opinion

Not gonna lie, Distant Blue Sky was more of a 'farewell' than this.

I can see where you are going but I think this one was decent.

Good luck on trying to befriend Porygon2 and Porygon-Z, Ash.

And that's why his adventures will never end


Poor Tenya Yabuno...

Dude this is Ash

True. Not putting it past him haha

Only Morax gets me <3. Lucario who?

Wrestling tiger gets an episode while the dog is shafted and only get a "by the numbers" cameo in the OP.

Justice's been served.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Can we get some love for all the 3 Tracey fans on this forum? They really won in the end!

Am I one of the three?
I’m thrilled.

As an OS and DP fan, I think I’ve eaten quite well these last few years, I got to have Dawn reappear several times, got to have my DP trio reunite on screen, Paul returned, then got to have Dawn show up and watch Ash become champion in person, I got to have Misty reunite with Ash and then the OS trio got to go on one last outing and now my boy Tracey got to speak finally and have an evolution. And that’s not to mention Bulbasaur, Quilava, Totodile, and the DP team getting in one final appearance too.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
He was thinking about Latios and Latias when he was in bed, and then later when he was talking about what a Pokémon Master is he mentioned meeting Latios was connected to that.
Kind of amusing that they had Ash still think about the duo, reunion in a future special maybe? Lul.


The Pokémon Explorer
With Ash became a new monarch, he might have to stick around in Galar Region for the next season of the World Coronation Series to defend his title as the new World Champion.


Worried about everything
My only gripe with Ash is that he still couldn't catch a legendary till the end and no I don't consider Solgaleo.
They really should have let Ash catch one of the Lati's among other Pokemon they should have let him have. I think I'd be less upset than I am now.

Can’t wait for the "Liko/Roy were better protagonists than Ash" gang XD
And someone finally says it. If people start thinking that or if the people in charge of the anime give better treatment than they ever did for Ash, I will legit tell them off, even If I don't have a leg to stand on afterwords, I will stand for someone disrespecting Ash who constantly had to eat and claw throught dirt these past 25 years.

This always happened
Never forget when they said that about Alain and then he took Ash's victory
Wait what did people say about that s***stain Alain after he beat Ash?

'Pokémon Master' honestly feels like a goal Goh will achieve before Ash.
That's what I've been thinking too given what we saw in JN. All the more reason to hate him. Seriously it takes Ash years and lot of hard work to befriend those Pokemon, and it sometimes doesn't even amount to anything, but pokemon were just throwing themselves at Goh, like I'm supposed to believe that he has this magical quality that makes every pokemon, even Legendaries wanna join him or he just gets to catch them without hassle and the world bend the rules to his favor.

Blue Saturday

Unfurl your Blessed Wings!
Just watched the final episode of Satoshi's journey in the Pokemon anime and I have to say, it was a pretty fun ride. The best part, hands down, was when Pigeot made an appearance. Fans have been clamoring for this for ages and it was great to finally see it happen. Overall, the animation was on point and it really felt like we were back in the Original Series. Satoshi didn't have any Pokemon to fight with, but he still ran up to take action against Team Rocket like he did in their first fight with Pikachu being unable to fight back.

The old school music track really brought back some memories and it was nice to see Kenji returning with Morphon. I always liked his quirky, slapdash team. It's moments like these, with the old music, Pigeot, and Kenji, that made me feel something. This episode confirmed what we've known since 2017, that being a Pokemon Master is about befriending Pokemon and helping them, with battles being just one way to meet and befriend them alongside other activities. And while there were some great scenes with Hitokage and others, keeping Satoshi's story open leaves room for more screentime, merchandise, and even OVAs or movies.

Overall, it felt like a solid and humble cutesy ending for Satoshi, not some epic finale of his entire journey. Similar to when Goku flew off with Uub at the end of DBZ. The TRio also had some good motto animation and were a catalyst to show off a character's might before being sent skyward and kept open to chasing Pikachu forever. Now they can just focus on Satoshi traveling the Pokemon world and taking on different challenges just cause with no ultimate endpoint like winning a league or whatever.

The show as a whole slowly moved toward more stories like today that felt suitable as a way of showing off the Pokemon world and it's characters. No epic battle ending but just a fun-loving adventure alongside Pokemon and humans. It's crazy to think we've seen the full-ending of Satoshi's story and adventures and have a pair of new kids taking his place.

The journey may continue offscreen, but Satoshi and Pikachu's own personal journey continues.


Well-Known Member
The Journey Ends Today

At last the moments here and….I don’t know how to feel just yet. Once I watch the episode subbed I’ll collect my thoughts about this.


The Pokémon Explorer
We know Ash has worked very hard as it takes years of experience to get to this point. He might as well become a Pokemon Master now because not only did he won a Pokemon League in Alola Region. But also became the greatest trainer in the world by winning the whole World Coronation Series.


Too lazy to pick a pic
And yet, he's still fooled by the three stooges and forget his team in the lab.

Oh, and their guts to get pikachu is the only thing that actually keeps TRio together. No surprise.

I did find strange that TRio didn't know about pidgeot until now and thought it was still a pidgeotto. But then, I remembered that, back in "Pallet Party Panic", the flock of spearows scare them away before pidgeotto's evolution.

And original fearow is probably too scared to get back for more.
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Kind of amusing that they had Ash still think about the duo, reunion in a future special maybe? Lul.

Wouldn't be surprised if Ash's guest role in the Liko/Roy show doesn't revolve around helping those two.

I did find strange that TRio didn't know about pidgeot until now and thought it was still a pidgeotto. But then, I remembered that, back in "Pallet Party Panic", the flock of spearows scare them away before pidgeotto's evolution.


Now, that was a good continuity nod I wasn't expecting.