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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


Staff member
The fact that he doesn't use his new shoes are totally a Type: Wild nod, and I keep waiting for them to actually SAY the line.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Ah Tracey finally speaks and he got a team change! I’m so happy for him!

I do hope we get cameos from others, I want to see Dawn on tv in a grand festival with Piplup and Typhlosion standing by her as she gets holds the trophy.

Sad that Misty and Brock departed so soon, but Pidgeot is back! It’s nice seeing everyone one final time, even Carnivine got to make an appearance


Dead inside…
So that settles it. Serena is the only companion who interacted with Ash the least when they returned

Poor Serena

Also Pidgeot is back


Dead inside…
Apparently Jessie loves her Gourgeist so much that it returned to her roster. But James can’t do the same to his Carnivine. Sad.