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The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)


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Befriending every Pokemon in the world? Sounds super dumb lol


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So I guess this is the part where we hope for one last Ash movie(s)... not AU of course. How about a Pokemon streaming service! Access to every episode and movie sub and dub!

Did Pidgeot actually rejoin Ash as people are saying though?


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It's someone who befriends every Pokemon in the world.
You can really tell they pulled this out of their ass last minute lol.

His hyper obsession on battling and winning leagues really plays little to no role in his so called dream. I get that battling is one if the way ash communicates, but still what’s the point of chasing for victory and saying it’s a step towards becoming a pokemon master when just randomly going around looking for pokemon would give him more progress towards his goal?

It’s an expected cheap answer to what a pokemon master is, but for me it just leaves a sour taste since it makes a good chunk of this 25 years feel pointless.


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Wait did Pidgeot actually rejoin Ash, can someone confirm lol??


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Mediocre episode. Pidgeot was nice but the first half was pretty uninteresting.

Well goodbye Ash, its have been interesting 26 years.

Onto Pokemon Horizons!


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Finally it's over. Hopefully the next series doesn't continue the bad habits of the post DP Ash anime series (as well as the cookie cutter filler plot like episodes with a villain like the "comedic" Team Rocket that's been happening since Johto.) This anime has been a huge disappointment ever since DP ended. Good riddance to bad rubbish, sorry not sorry.
Also I definitely would have preferred the coma dream theory ending over this, at least it's interesting.
The cookie cutter team rocket episodes decreased exactly after DP
But still hope the new series have less of that


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I interpreted it that Pidgeot returned to protect it's flock. As that flock became it's new family and not Ash. Similar to Ash's Butterfree and Pink Butterfree. I could easily be wrong however.

I just question a lot of things about this epsiode.

We didn't see all of Ash's Pokemon. Like at all, but I'm just sitting here pleased that they were able to honour Satoshi Tajiri's Bug catching on Ash's wall in his bedroom with the references to Ash's Caterpie/Butterfree. That's the whole reason why this franchise exists because of that individuals passion. It was honoured today.
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