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The Ransei Rumble I (Historical/Dark themed Pokémon RPG)

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UnlimitedBlade Works
The Ransei Rumble I (Historical/Dark themed Pokémon RPG)

The Ransei Rumble: Recruitment tent.
The doorsteps to Hell await you, Warriors.

Game Administrator: PokemonBreederChris
Assistant GA(s): -----
Helper(s): -----
Current Status: Open.

Idle-thoughts from the Author: said:
Salutations, everyone. Welcome to my first RPG in a long time. It's been awhile since I've been around these forums, but now I'm back. This time, hopefully to stay. Since it's American release, I've been inspired by the spin-off game Pokémon Conquest. For months, I've plotted fan-fiction and day-dreaming adventures of this lore; though never wrote anything down solidly. In returning, I thought these forums could use a nice fun Trainer RPG. Like always, with a twist. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy what you read and are inspired to sign up~

PBC for short.​

* I'm looking for any kind artist out there who'd be willing to develop maps banners, and other random art for this RPG. If you take commissions, please discuss things privately, you know where to reach me.*

Currently working on NPC Sign-ups; they will be up momentarily. I prefer bringing them in bulk instead of one at a time.​

If we get more than five(5) sign ups, I will request for someone to fill an assistant position. If/When that happens, discuss things via VM or PM (whichever you are comfortable with) if you are interested in assisting me manage this campaign.​

"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."
~ Winston Churchhill


The RPG:
Genre: Trainer, Historical, Steam Punk

  • Sign-ups will remain open indefinitely.
  • LSU will be incorporated into the story at each new arc.
  • This game has an optimal release date at November 17th, 2013.
  • Release date will vary depending on interest and activity of the Recruitment sheet.
  • Hiatuses will occur depending on Administrator and Player discussion.
Rating: Older Teen

  • Mature angst and drama
  • Mild depictions of violence and gore
  • Suggestive themes
  • Strong language
  • Comical mischief
  • Mature references

The Story:
Sit around the campfire, come here my tale...

"Let me guess, ya did it. Ya escaped from that horrible excuse of a forest. That desert, whatever, the wilderness, for all I care. After days of struggling through thick brush, nearly tripping over stone and root, and trying to avoid, --by the way, it did get ya, any of that poison-leaf crap floating around. Lucky you. You found a road. Well-traveled, I bet? Then ya should of figured out, you'd not be alone.'

'You took that bright, sun-lit path, ya know, and I know folk like you. You gave yourself a silent cheer; pat on the back. I bet you rubbed your tummy, eagerly anticipatin' what you were eating tonight, right? Tonight you will having a king's ransom worth of food. Quail, roast duck, maybe even some venison? Well here's your dinner now, a big helping of slimy gruel. Did you except a nice warm and soft mattress in some fancy tavern too? I bet your silly eyes glistened with a watery mouth. Each of your thoughts turning toward warmth, food, a shower, perhaps even sharing a bed? Look at ya now, drooling over a crappy lump of gruel. I know your Pokémon partners were happy enough to eat this shit. Off eating in the kennels now I bet.

So ya tell me this was an unfortunate meeting, eh? You just so happened to walk by that, shaking of earth, and thunderous roars. those shouts and drummin' of metal? They were my men. Hiding behind that rock or rotten tree-trunk or whatever it was, didn't help ya. Yea. My soldiers ran, we had no choice, You saw the smoke right? Aurora fell. This is Ransei, this is war. Greenleaf and Jitte were no help either, they were shit. Well whatever, we found you, and now you're here, nicely tied up. You see I got a favor to ask, and you got a debt to repay."

You awaken. Your body feels of lead. You reach for your eyes, they too lazy to respond to the command 'open up!' But you heard the man. You try to reach for the voice, but your hands won't respond. You let out a agonizing moan, your body has remembered the pain from before. When you were 'liberated' from the road.

"Don't look at me, couldn't take chances." The same deeply gruff voice responds. You turn your head to the source. "Saved your life honestly, an' time'll tell if ye friend or foe."

The voice belongs to a large man who'd easily compare to a Snorlax. His gut was large, cloths stained and already had one hand dug into a cloth bag, which you assumed could only be some sort of oat-variety.

You try to respond, but a dry throat leads to a raspy cough. "There, there," the man responds. "We'll get ya some water, but first, I think I should show ya something." He reached into the cloth-bag, cupping the content in his hand. It was a strange purple dust. "They call this Dream Dust, quite the narcotic. An amazing Spice really. And yours--"

You squirm, unsure what this man will do. He points his open palm toward your face, and blows. The dust scatters across your body. You try to hold your breath but fail as your brain turns to auto-pilot. You inhale the dust, again, you feel your consciousness fading. Darkness, blackness.

[Link to the Dream sequence.]

You awaken again, it is the same old worn tent as you remember. The fat man is gone, instead you notice a young girl tending to nearby people with warm towels. Wait a minute you think, I just dreamed of that girl. You sit up fast and your head rushes with lack of oxygen. You squirm, you've regained your body, and then it hits you, it's your body. Your hands joyfully fondle yourself as you're back in your own body.

"Welcome back." A familiar voice sounds, it is the fat man, he stepped into the tent, looking at you. "So, how was your trip? Powerful stuff, Dream Mist can be." He studied your silent response. "Quite expensive ya know, you gotta repay me. But now ya understand, Ransei is in turmoil-- something, something Sun and Moon, jazzy stuff, Fairies in the north, Ransei needs a folk like you to save it. Aurora's dead, Greenleaf's dying. Jitte's gone missing, and ya know, I saved you. You owe me a debt." The man chuckled. You had no aims to help him, no reason to be here, why was he deciding your fate? You knew if you argued, he'd find reasons to hold you, you were a prisoner of debt now...

[due to serebii character limit, had to cut stuff out, there was too little left to feel comfortable with another post. It may seem rushed toward the end.]

The Setting:

This Role Playing Game(RPG) is based off the popular spin-off game Pokémon Conquest. It will follow the story and loose mechanics set my the lore of this world. The setting of this RPG will be the region of turmoil: Ransei. Here, culture, climate, and social customs are similar to Feudal Japan, in which the spin-off game is based off of.
The weaponization of black powder has just started to dominate the technological market. Steam-power has been utilized to explore new horizons through electricity, locomotion, and general well-being.

Ransei is pioneering technology which would later be referred to as Steam-Punk. Giant zeppelins able to carry full brigades and heavy arsonal are being developed to control the air. Iron Boars attached to rails, are starting to connect to each city, enabling quicker transport. Into the sea, humankind is beginning to find ways to swim deeper into the darky depths of water through enclosed metal capsules. Steam-punk technology is pioneering and about to take the world in full swing. There are many through-out the land still, who are invested in the older Feudal-Era technology however. They hold a firm stance against these new metal giants.​

Your Role:

You portray a Warrior. The Ransei Region's equivalent to the main series' Pokémon Trainer. You, your Pokémon, your fellow Warriors, the armies you gather, the regions you support, even the Legendaries you befriend -- all factor into your destiny. How the region will develop, who you become is all up to you. You are the Ransei Region's newest rumble. Assigned by what can only be described as fate.

Starting out as a measly conscripted militia to repay a debt, you become something far greater. From small forays into the forest, to large-scale assaults over enemy walls, you ride the machine called 'war.' Chasing your own dreams, to counter a belief of tyranny. Whether your belief be of Arceus' ultimate power, or a probable worldwide peace, the world's your sandbox. You decide what to do.​

The goal:

The goal of this RPG is to bring the player into a world of turmoil. Straight in the middle of Ransei's many brooding feuds. This RPG will incorporate both player-driven elements and mechanics utilizing random number generators(RNGs). The story will be driven by the players. The environment will be driven by the RNGs. This RPG is considered open-world, but the mechanics are placed to keep things realistic and for not events to stray too far from the path. This path is the outcome of every unique event that takes place in this RPG.

The Game Administrator(PokemonBreederChris), will have hidden factors, influenced by the player, to help them along the way. These include examples of regional military strength, resource availability, transportation, and diplomacy among the world's Legendary Pokémon. Mechanics would include roll playing, environmental factor, and stat-cards. (All three explained further in the Mechanics section.

This RPG is designed to be a prologue. It is a trial and error toward a world where many future RPGs could potentially take place. The first chapter will determine the popularity and success of this genre to further the game. It is a game to see if certain designed mechanics are popular enough on these forums. RNGs are more for Game Administrator use, but there will be times the player has to use them. Often RNGs will be disguised as ''acts of Arceus.''​

What you Need to Know:
The Soldier's Handbook.

Note: Further expanded information will be made in the Cafe

The Place:

~Actual in-game map.
with edited paths
Credit to Pokémon Company
...and her territories.:

Each region is governed by a single city-state and their castle. In Ransei there are Seventeen kingdoms. Each Kingdom favors one of the eighteen unique typing-classifications of Pokémon. Below is a list of names, and their typing. Descriptions will be further embellished in the Cafe. Warlords listed are known warlords of each city.
[All images are thanks to Pokemonwikia]


  • Representative type: Normal
  • Leader: Damarikokuru Anrui(Presumed Dead)

  • Representative type: Fire
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Grass
  • Leader: Jitte-san (Missing)

  • Representative type: Water
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Fighting
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Electric
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Bug
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Ground
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Psychic
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Rock
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Poison
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Dark
  • Leader: Gessekai

  • Representative type: Flying
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Steel
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Ghost
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Ice
  • Leader: ???

  • Representative type: Dragon
  • Leader: ???
The Gypsy Caravans:

  • Representative type: Fairy
  • Leader: Tamasaburo

The Elements:

The Elements of Ransei are divided into eighteen unique typings, scattered across four different disciplines. The Disciplines are physical, mental, environmental, and primal. Many warriors are born in Ransei with unique typings. Some born with one type, others born with two. The elements allow the warriors access to great power, as well as easier communication toward Pokémon of shared typings. More info about each type will be expanded upon individually in the Cafe. Here it is for basic knowledge.​

The Physical Types:

Steel, Fighting, Normal, Poison.​

The Mental Types:

Ghost, Dark, Bug, Psychic, Fairy​

The Environmental Types:

Grass, Electric, Ground, Ice​

The Primal Types:

Fire, Water, Flying, Rock, Dragon​

For the Warrior....


Warriors are those who desired to go on a journey throughout Ransei, with Pokémon by their side. They, along side their partners, utilize the Typings of Ransei toward their advantage. They are able to learn Pokémon techniques through their unique bond with Pokémon. This is called Synchronization. Warriors also share in the mysterious concept of evolution. When they bond with enough Pokémon, or share complete synchronization with their perfect sync, their powers will evolve.​


Master Warriors of Ransei who hold important roles in ruling the different kingdoms. They are similar to the main series' Gym leader. They are basically an advanced form of the warrior, the final evolution.​


Soldiers are Warriors who have renounced the partnership of Pokémon, and instead rely on their own strength. Often equipped with weaponry that disables the mythical creatures, they make up the majority of armies that support the Warlords.​


They unique and mysterious concept of Ransei. This is the process of how bonded a Warrior and Pokémon are to each other. The higher the Synchronization, the stronger the two become. The lower the Synchronization the harder it becomes to survive. This is how Pokémon are said to level in Ransei. A Pokémon cannot achieve its full potential without a Warrior, and a Warrior cannot achieve their full potential without a Pokémon.

Perfect Sync: Only few Pokémon and Warriors can achieve this. It is when synchronization reaches 100%. It is said there are only five individual Pokémon in the known existence that can achieve 100% per Warrior.[Late game Mechanic]

Snychro-Armor: A mysterious power among evolved Warriors. This power reflects the Warrior's perfect sync. Their armor will adapt an appearance closely relating to their perfect sync Pokémon. It is said that the Warriors themselves who have achieved this become Pokémon themselves. The higher your sync the more abilities you'll be able to learn.[Late game Mechanic]​

For the Pokémon...


Originally thought to be deities sent by the heavens, Pokémon have become an essential part of Ransei life. Some consider these creatures holy, others call them heretical demons. Some use them for hard labor, while others keep them as entertaining pets. Pokémon are semi-intelligent beings who hold great power in their blood. This is recognized in battle. Ransei is a Warrior's culture, and often Pokémon are put to the test through hard battle where life is on the line.​

Signature Moves:

Pokémon have the ability to learn and memorize many techniques as they increase in synchronicity. However many Warriors will only focus on training up four different techniques for their Pokémon. Signature Moves is that.​

Utility Moves:

Utility Moves are abilities Pokémon have mastered. They are what HM moves are in the main series, as well as support moves like Teleport, and sweet scent. Once a utility move is learned, it is never forgotten, and the Pokémon will always be able to do it regardless of situation.​

The Mechanics:
The One, Two, How to's for the new recruit.

[Mechanics will be further explained in the actual RPG when they are introduced and in the Cafe]


Synchronization is the core mechanic behind Ransei's Pokémon. It acts as the level, the friendship, and the Poke-Amie bond in this game. The higher the Sync, the stronger both the Pokémon and the Warrior. In the start of this RPG, your Pokémon will start with a maximum of fifty percent. Synchronization will factor in many future mechanics like Synchro-armor, and perfect Sync.​

Roll playing:

Roll Playing is the use of RNGs in RPGs. It gives your characters an element of chance when confronting obstacles. It is using numbers and probability to find an outcome before flavoring it with a story. An example of this would be: [Further and more advanced discussion of Roll Playing will be in the Cafe]

PokemonBreederChris encountered Arceus.
PokemonBreederChris wanted to Capture.
PokemonBreederChris attacked.
PBC Rolled 14(100)
Arceus Rolled 100(100)
Arceus evaded attack.

Arceus wanted to flee.
Arceus Rolled 100(100)
PBC Rolled 0(100)
Arceus got away safely.​

Environmental Factor: Basically a roll each new turn(post) of the GM's will encourage environmental factors and changes to either benefit or put to a disadvantage certain Pokémon types.​


These will be a hidden stat tally of the GM to see how Player progress is doing. The GM will keep track of experiences, encounters, abilities, and basic stats such as Health, strength, speed, power, and will. It is to push and block certain events from happening toward players if they're abilities are not strong enough, or if they are too strong in the current story line.​

The Warrior's Code:
In Joining, you agree to these terms...

RPG Rules:
  • SPPF Rules apply. Read up on them here and here.
  • No flaming or otherwise harassing fellow members.
  • Respect fellow members and administrators of this RPG, as you should respect yourself.
  • Bunnying is forbidden without express permission from fellow players
  • Activity is required, posts are required bimonthly unless given a reason for inactivity.
  • Nuzlocke rules apply. Fatality is a real thing, and if not careful you, and your Pokémon will die.
  • Rules are subject to change, on discussion with members and fellow administrators.
  • Further topics regarding regulation will be added if there is confusion, new methods arrive.

Sign-up Rules:
  • Be creative. It gives you brownie points.
  • Reservations are not required, this is open for anyone, at any time.
  • Works-In-Progress sign-ups will be ignored. Put a complete sign-up when you believe it is finished. I do not require a WIP to tell me you are interested.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your sign-up, feel free to VM or PM PokemonBreederChris, or just post your question here.
  • I allow images. However they must not be used as a crutch, they are for basic descriptions. do not base your character off an image, base an image off your character.
  • If your Sign-up barely passes the minimum requirements of these Forums, you will be required to place an RPG Sample as well.
  • If you are worried about Grammar, don't be. Sign ups will only be critiqued on content. If the grammar however is breaking, then it will be asked to be revised.
  • Three unique individual sign-ups are allowed per account, no more.
  • Respect. Sign-ups must be as objective as possible, and not be disrespectful. Put as much effort into your sign-up as you believe this RPG deserves.
  • Read the In-depth guide to learn of what restrictions and advantages you can use in your Character Sign-up. (for instance only allowed to have a maximum of three Pokémon)
  • Further topics regarding regulation will be added if there is confusion, new methods arrive.

Warrior Template:
Your Character's Bio.

HTML Template: (For easy copy and paste)
[B][U]Warrior's card:[/U][/B]





[B][U]Pokémon's card:[/U][/B]




[B]Signature Techniques:[/B] 


In-depth category analysis:
For help, go here, or here to construct your Sign-up.

  • Formal birth-name, informal nicknames, prestige titles.
  • Which of the provinces of the Ransei Region, your character represents.
  • For the Fairy-specific region, say Gypsy/nomad camps.
  • Unova and Kalos are acceptable regions as well
  • Anything Japanese-related is the Ransei Region
  • Preferred to be Canon.
  • If you want to include your own fan-made island describe the region in great detail. Include technology, and cultural stuff.
  • The physical gender of your Character.
  • If perceived gender is different than your character's physical, place the difference.
  • Minimum age required is Fourteen(14).
  • Maximum age required is Sixty-Four(64).
  • Exceptions are made for Alternate Characters only.
  • Pictures optional.
  • Include physical description of your Character.
  • Describe your Character's:
  • Body.
  • Face.
  • Outfit.
  • Include the emotional description of your Character.
  • Describe your Character's:
  • Mind.
  • Social Behavior.
  • Emotional Health.
  • Inspiration.
  • Philosophies.
  • Include a brief, to-the-point history of your character.
  • Things you could include:
  • Significant events.
  • Family History.
  • Occupation History.
  • Drive and Talents. (could work for Personality too)
  • Any miscellaneous info resulting into your Character's current personality.
  • Anything Miscellaneous goes here.
  • Things you could include:
  • 4[SUP]th[/SUP] wall notes.
  • Future plans.
  • Hidden quirks.

For the Pokémon...:

*In Ransei, the maximum Pokémon you can carry at one given time is three. Pokeballs have not been invented yet.*
  • The Pokémon-Species name and National Pokédex number
  • Put a bolded * next to the Species name, if your Pokémon is Shiny
  • Wailord, Legendaries, Mega-Evolutions, and abnormally giant-sized Pokémon are banned.
  • The informal nickname, or prestige titles given to your Pokémon
  • Max is 50%.
  • The more Pokémon you start out with, the more Fifty(50) has to be divided.
  • Minimum must be 15%, unless Pokémon is recently hatched/obtained.
  • The Physical gender of your Pokémon.
  • If your Pokémon is genderless, place its perceived gender.
  • Optional.
  • Include physical description of your Pokémon.
  • Describe your Pokémon's:
  • Unique physical traits.
  • Fashion Accessories.
  • Include the emotional description of your Pokémon .
  • Describe your Pokémon's:
  • Mind.
  • Social Behavior.
  • Emotional Health.
  • Domesticity.
  • Optional.
  • Include a brief, to-the-point history of this Pokémon.
  • Things you could include:
  • Significant events.
  • Joining History.
  • Drive and Talents.
  • Any miscellaneous info resulting into the Pokémon's current personality.
Signature Techniques:
  • Optional.
  • Describe your Pokémon's favorite or most often used techniques. Include known utility moves as well.
  • Anything Miscellaneous goes here.
  • Things you could include:
  • 4[SUP]th[/SUP] wall notes.
  • Future plans.
  • Hidden quirks.

Important Links:
Important Links

  • Links will be added, as they are created.
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UnlimitedBlade Works
The Story

Toward the Path:
The story that started your journey...

... ... ...

You feel as you were just hit by an aftershock of an explosion. You cough. Your voice sounds deeper. You breath heavily as you try to find your baring. Slowly standing, you scout the torn earth around you. Dust has yet to settle making it hard for you to see and breath. You feel around the ground with a bare fist to find an armored glove that had fallen off. You reach down to pick it up, placing it back on your large masculine hands, as you roll your shoulders and stretch your back. You survived. You look around swatting away the dust near you in hopes to expand your vision. You begin to move, no direction in particular until your steel-toed boots smack into soft flesh. The flesh grunts in pain.

"...Sasuke, Sasuke... is that you?" The voice speaks up to you. You look down, the object is an older man, holding himself in the fetal position. A stream of dark maroon leaks from his chest creating a seeped puddle in the dirt around him. You feel around the body as he continues to call your name. You kneel down to him putting your newly-gloved hand on his shoulder. His calling quiets as you study the land around him.

Among the dusty air, you notice a great marble archway, split in two. What was once gilded on it, peels off in fragile flakes. "Meoth's Gate." You mumble, a deep resonating voice. "Tsk." You kick the column of the archway as you make your way around it.

"Yea, it's me Sōrushirubā," you laugh. "I survived, it seems."

"Good to hear, that A-Aurablast was not expected," the man coughed, he tried sitting up. "Looks like I'm done for..."

"Sir..." You respond, kneeling back to him.

"No, do not worry about me, you must go into the city, find Jitte... Find my son, only they can save us, save Aurora."


"It's an order soldier, they're still in the city, find them, I'll---be fine, we Aurorans are strong, ya know." Damarikokuru forced a laugh. "Hurry up, before it's too late, find survivors, go, we still have a fighting chance..."

"Yes, sir." You respond. As you head toward the direction of the city, you turn back to your commander. Contemplating you throw your waterskin toward him. "Drink up sir, not as good as lemonade, but fresh water should help..."

You do not wait for a reply and walk toward the city. Each step you look toward the columns of fallen archways. They once held a surreal presence, before this goddamned war. Even in this pathway to the city-gates you saw the differences. Meowth's Gate, where you were stationed, was crumbled. The color common among the ruins black from fire. Toward the city, there was some prosperity. After all, these attackers didn't want this city sacked. They just wanted for Arceus' sake. All wars started for that God. You walked with quickened pace, not worrying about stealth. You assumed the flown dust would be enough to cover you. Grass here was neatly trimmed. Many Normal-Types were grazers after all. The battle was now over, it was eerily quiet. Sure in the distance, toward the city there was shouting and blasts. But for now, you enjoyed the quiet.

Birds were beginning to sing again, and the rustling of wildlife softly began its chorus in the forests behind you. So caught up with the music you closed your eyes, as sweet memories of past fun times came to you. You smiled. You smiled until you came upon a fork-in the road. Before you stood a monument with an aura of unease, greeting you with its infamous Cheshire smile. There was the trademark of Damarikokuru Anrui, your captain: Aurora's Warlord. It was Meowth. Now it was an odd cat with a hole in the head. The golden ruby amulet adorned on the forehead had been looted. You looked at the statue solemnly. You recalled your commander. Today he was just a shadow, a wounded old man, seeing him in the state, made you click your teeth and tighten your fist.

He was an elderly gentleman, true, but often he wore polished armor. The armor designed for noble parties, to show off, not really for war. The designs represented the man's favorite Pokémon, Meowth. That evil grin of the cat and those impish eyes engraved across the armor. Often with this platinum armor, the man wore a cape. It was a dark navy, and swaying with the wind made Anrui seem like an immortal god. With Damarikokuru, there was always his partner. No where to be seen now, you thought sadly. This Pokémon was a rather large and long-bodied rodent with hay-color fur. Across its body there were oakwood-brown stripes all in a fascinating lightning-bolt pattern. You laughed remembering how the creature's nose wiggled as it sniffed the air around it. You had a soft spot for the smaller Normal Types after all.

"This world is not safe anymore," you spoke to the statue, laughing. "Was my job to keep you safe, now look at you, looks like you got a bolt straight through the head." You pounded the statue hard. With the vibration a white-plumed hat seemed to be knocked from the statue. You picked it up, it was dented and inside was colored crimson. "Shit, Meowth. What's happening." You scanned over the helmet, feeling the plume between two fingers before throwing it into tall grass.

"Stay safe, guess I gotta go play rescuer to Greenleaf..." You sighed as you wandered closer to the city walls. "Hope no brigands hurt you more, buddy...I just hope Jitte and Greenleaf are still there in the Residential..." You wiped sweat from your brow, as you said your goodbyes to the statue. "Hopefully Jitte's not living like a Dwebble again..."

You remembered Jitte, an incredible warrior, but an idiot. He had long flowing orange hair, wide drunken eyes, a bulky body, and a hook for his right arm. Often the 'Champion of Greenleaf' as he was called, hung out in brothels, or bars. His two favorite things were beer and broads, after all. You passed through the gate still in thoughts, but as soon as you stepped through, you instinctively covered your nose. The commercial area of Aurora smelt of a Murkrow feeding frenzy.

The shadows of day shifted as the sun strode westbound. As you walked the streets, the familiar ambiance of the vendor stalls, callers, people of all creed and color were gone. Aurora was a ghost town. The fightingm must be at the keep now, still better be wary in case there's stragglers around. You thought to yourself as looked at the empty Auroran commercial district. To entertain your mind you imagined the hustling of livestock, shouts of bartering, children playing, just commotion filling the air. This silence made you sick to the stomach. Then you heard it, singing. It was more like wallowing, but it was sound. In a half-burnt tavern, there were Greenleaf soldiers. You walked in, they looked at you and payed no attention, just cheered drunkenly. "You fools--" you shouted out toward them. "They will hear us, do you want to d--"

"Shut up, kid." Atop a stool by the counter sat a stranger draped in a forest-green cloak, worn and patched with thick leather. He waggled his wooden flask at you before taking another drink, and then another, another. His right hand had hook attached. It was covered in the familiar red you've seen all day, making you wince. The red however this time were berries. This man kept stabbing the tiny fruit and tossing them into his mouth.

"So kid, tell me your story, it involve bright colors?" He spoke in a mock enthusiasm. "Mine involves fireworks, and children laughing of course." He chuckled loudly. "Ah, and drunken revelry."

The man's iron hook slashed at a keg, peeling scraps of timber with it. Amber-blue liquid gently poured out. "I can tell you my story, it has dancing. Cheering as our proud soldiers road out to greet the villagers, their damn high horses--- Aye; I remember that day well, was the last war."

A faucet of the brew grew fierce as the hook stabbed into the scrape slashing the barrel again. The hooked stranger swung at you nonchalantly "That day. I'll never forget it. Furukusa's retirement. Heh."

With quick reflex, the hooked stranger brought a cup beneath the leak. A loose filing splintered as the hooked man pierced the wooden cup with his iron hand. It cracked. All the liquid gathered, splashed onto the floor furthering the already increasing stain. "Oh for Shuckle's sake, what kinda Dunsparce quality wares does this tavern sell?"

The stranger threw the cup still holding remnants of the liquor at you. "Go clean the mess up, Auroran."

You gave the man a sharp stare of disapproval. "Don't look at me like that, it was your fool leader who got us into this mess. That lazy Muk is probably full of Croagunk puke right now, what's he do? Send in his pretty little retired Warlord and where are they boy? Dead? Aurora can only compare to Trubbish's backside. You Normal-Types can never decide on a leader."

"Are you... Jitte?" You asked reluctantly.

"Aye, and who's asking? Eh, never mind, don't want to remember a dead man's name. Now what was it that ye was asking? ---Right, Good and fair Furukusa. The Peasant's premiere. Now let's get on over to Baita's group...Heh, we won the city, lost the castle though. Been eerily silent up there for a good hour now." Jitte waved goodbye to the drunken soldiers with him. his face was Voltorb-red. Eyeing the amber-blue stain on the floor, he thought aloud: "We'll leave it for the Yakshan rags to clean up, later."

He kick-closed the door behind him, with almost a skip to his walk. You look at the soldiers again, one very fat soldier stands out to you, you cannot put your finger to it, but as if from another life you've met this man. Jitte guides you out the door.

"The sun shined right and red all over his small castle. Victory; the last of Gessekai's forces retreatin'. Now, I ain't one for superstition but that red sun didn't settle me right one bit. But the kingdom of Greenleaf did'nay care, nor did the warlords. We're all getting a fine buzz on Furukasa's secret stash o' spirits. Good quality, that guy knew his drinks---anyway, we all let our guard down, even me, for once." Jitte paused as he lost his composure to disbelieving laughter.

"Damnit. Next thing was heard was glass shattering. Not just your run-of-the-mill glass either. Twas that high class Magcargo-spew; yea, up a little ways in Ignis. It Ain't supposed to shatter like it was made by one of them purple bunny's light-screens. So we hear it, then we feel it. Shards, sharp and many, come down as if that great god of winter, Articuno cast a blizzard upon us 'erself. Red sun was warnin' us for sure. Shouldda listened. Hehe."

Jitte stopped, and took a swig from a canteen he carried. His eyes darted left to right inspecting the many merchant stalls across the city road, all of them in shambles. "I saw it all. I did, s'why you come lookin' for me? Cause of me name 'Jitte? ' Hero of Furukasa's Greenleaf region? Harbinger of the Golden Dawn? Survivor of Beedrill's sting? Vanquisher of the mighty Gyrados? Harasser of the Tangela tribes? I've given up on my days of 'hero,' leave it to those upstarts up north. Something about boy-kissing Fairies."

"I believe they're called Kalesian, sir." You respond timidly not wanting to interupt.

"Well whatever they are, they brought those weird pink cottonballs with them and they like kissing more than hand-shaking, queer's an understatement." Jitte sighs, looking to the westward sky. "It'll be sundown soon, hope's last remnant before we're all reminded of that frail Wishmur of an emperor Gessekai. What has it been? Sixteen years since his rise to power? Since Furukasa's folly--- well ...all our folly. Should of never let Gessekai take seat..."

Jitte walked in silence as he huffed looking toward the sky.
"Glass shattering, pieces falling, and a body following. The body of Furukasa. Luckily... she...She had her Cottonee with'er, so we caught the body b'fore it got all mangled-- He had no affinity to the ground, and let me tell ya." Jitte rubbed his tailbone, looking back at the stranger. "Ground's a Zubat with super-sonic."

'Well, let me tell ya, not many folk know this, but let me tell ya. Ices'what killed him. Ya know how they all were sayin' spear point to the heart right? A 'poetic ending' for such a man as he...hah. Well, which of them elements leaves no trace behind? Dark? Close but nah...Ice. Secret of that element is, they've mastery of conjuration as long as they got ice or even water with'im. Ya ya, conjuring is more for them purple-bunny folk, I know, or them ghosties even, but nah. It was Ice."

'Fought a white-bear-thing once, what was it? Teddiursa? Eh whatever, weak gods they are. It's snot came like deadly bolts off a crossbow. It's snot. Never knew a sneeze could be fatal, till I met that bear. It Hurt. Nearly pierced my neck. Ya can't trust ice, kid. Don't trust ice. Ever'

'Ice is what got him, and it got him good, and we all didn't expect it. And what was left of the apothecary's quarter--the place he fell from--was only his adviser. Ya know him, Katsurao, now works for Gessekai I believe, here in this city, leading the troops. He's a drudge honestly. He was the advisor to Furukasa once, and now turned tail. Hehe. Kid, I miss that guy; he was as dull as a Bidoof, but had the stomach of a Swalot. Man could eat'n'drink anything. ---Yea, Katsurao -- Thing is, something 'as hard as rock, n' cold as metal' hit him, what he said. Lucky the bastard got away with his life, knowing him to be a witness, ya know? I smell fishy play; and it ain't some silly Magikarp's splashing. I mean, he's the current 'wizard' to that damn Weasle. I bet it's a high promotion to keep'im quiet, no? Hehe look at your face. I don't need ta start conspiracies now, we gotta clear out these soldiers enough already." Jitte walked silently with you for awhile, both of you thinking, searching the streets for survivors. You two noticed a wounded Stoutland, trapped beneath a wooden plank. Both you and he went over to lift the plank. The dog was happy, barked and then ran off. No thanks? Yeesh, you thought as you looked to Jitte who just laughed.

"Hmm, have you seen any of those Fairy-gypsies? They're spreading their foreign ways like a plague ya know, it's worse than those giant ships that fly up in Valora. I find the fairies a bunch of zealot-nuts, how I like to call'um.'

'For some reason, Gessekai gets his power through the night. He claimed he were chosen by Lugia to be the ruler. Whatever, if one of them Pok-ee-mans were to talk to me, I'd clubber it, than me-self, fer drinkin' too much. I know there's rumor of some of them capable of human-talk, but they're those weird bipedals up in Illusio mostly.'

'Whatever the crazy reason, Gessekai and the 'god' backin' him up, went on this rampage, and look at your poor Aurora, this is the result. There's talk only Ho-oh can stop this madman... Gessekai got the better end of the gods, if ya think about it. Ho-oh sounds more like "Shuckle" or "Dunsparce" the footstools of these damn beasts..."

You shook your head, something Jitte obviously noticed.

"Right right, well Furukasa was Ho-oh's chosen, I think, I know leader of Greenleaf and all that, makes it odd a Fire-type chose a land of Grass, huh?" Well I know Furukasa was equally influential at that in beatin' up Gessekai. Poor guy didn't know loss till Furukasa showed up. Granted neither Gessekai or Furukasa had the God with'um, just claims of mouth.. Which is funny, Gessekai didn't know loss till Furukasa found me. Everything was goin' fine, Gessekai was losin' and the "bright dawn" as we all called it, seemed to be comin'. Sadly, our "bright dawn" was that of a red sun, and dead lord. It's all been going down hill from there, now that Aurora's fallen--"

"Aurora has NOT fallen." You adamantly correct him.

"Kid look, most of your troops have ran. It's fallen."

You scoff at him quickenning your pace toward the castle to find any scouts.

"Sucks when your side hits the 'high-tide, and all go down hill from then and then." Jitte spoke with arms raised behind his head. "I'm jus' hopin' them rumors about Gessekai findin' a way to make night permanent ain't true. I like to see my hands and feet and the random street post before I slam into it. Damn Zubats. Good ole story, make sure ya have a light-producin' partner with ya--always."

"Jitte, the castle is near, we should be quiet, and careful, as you say, Gessekai's forces could still be around."

"Eh, yea, we need to ally them upstarts in the north. I heard Dragon doesn't stand a chance against those foreigners, and Dragon's the strongest breed we got."

"Hmm, Dragnor has never fallen, has it? You may have a point. Fairy might be the answer..."

"Yep, but ya know, what's to talk about them? I think all those rumors about them is just crazy superstition. Hehe. Whatever it is, I can tell Gessekai fears them, heck we all probably do, dang kissing Fairies. But that's the slightest of news, ya know? Eerie things happening. Fear's takin' hold of these kingdoms; and somethin's feedin' off that fear. Gessekai's planning something, why march so south and take Aurora? Looks like the majority of his men moved back to Ignis, I've no clue, worried that Fountaine or Greenleaf'd be attacked but..."

Jitte stood silent and shouted "There's no one here." You stopped looking back, how drunk, how fearless was this champion of Greenleaf.

"You idiot." You sharply whisper to him.

"Should run kid." Jitte smiled as he stood still staring off into the distance. Eerily he stood, as if accepting a foreseen fate. "Ya heard me, ya Swellow-slurping grimer sludges!" Jitte shouted random drunken ramblings, and around him came sixteen Yakshan soldiers, one of them a warrior. His Dark Pokémon hidden in shadows.

We were followed, you thought. Did Jitte know? Did he lead us away from his soldiers on purpose?

Jitte laughed as they swarmed him, he did not put up a fight. He was a wanted man, wanted alive. You however were an disposable soldier. You hopped they did not find you, until a sharp pain slashed through your back, a Mightyena had found you. A dark man spoke as you fell face first into the ground. "Odor sleuth, you colorless swinub."


Again you awoke, this blacking in and out sensation was becoming a familiarity to you. Whistling, metal clanking to wooden and stone floorboard becomes louder each passing second. You hear coordinated shouts echoed throughout the cold empty halls. Occasional door creaks or wind echoing through old hallways, you can't tell. Quick greetings from the guardsmen were met before they passed along to do other duties heard around you, then you notice, you're being carried. This pattern lasted for nearly an hour, your groggy mind tried to comprehend. The metal footsteps stopped, shoving you, their captive toward a heavier-set guard. Jitte? You wonder as you stumble toward the guard. Any breath, any fidget, screeched through this man's armor. The heavier-set guard pivoted around the captive, suddenly grabbing the captive, untying the ropes that bound you. The guard snarled as he furiously ripped the head-cover off your head. You were wearing a cap? No wonder you couldn't see.

"Look at what we got here, boys. A little pretty face." He spat on the floor, next to you. He motioned to one of the guards by the side of the prisoner, eyeing a scroll. "Gimme that." He swiped the parchment from the other guard, quickly scanning it.
"Ohohoho, says here you're a thief, in cohorts with Jitte, eh?" He sing-sang, in a sinister glee. "He's going ta love ya, pretty face."

The guard looked over you, inspecting. He reached for the loose cloth beneath your armor? you noticed you were stripped of your exo-skeleton. With much force, the guard tore off the fabric, leaving your right right shoulder bare. "So what's the matter kid? Got the Sneasle measles, an urge, need'd'ta steal? Takin' an idol'sa punishable by death. Ya know."

"I didn't steal..." You weakly mumble.

"Course ya did, an' ya hear me? Punishable. By. Death." The guard swung at your stomach, "So where's it?" He punched again. "Aye?" He jabbed the ribcage. "Hate that pretty face." He swung an uppercut to your jaw. you stumbled, coughing up blood, losing balance. "Not answering?" He slammed his metal boots into your now bare toes. "Still no answer? What's with that proud look in your eyes..." He threw you against the wall. You had no strength, you fell to their knees.

He walked over to a wooden table. The room was dark, only details worth noting were the occasional cracks taking amusing shapes. Two doors, both locked, opposite of each other, and dirt or dust on the floor. The only furniture being an old wooden plank atop two stone bricks. A candle was lit on the table offering some light. Beside the guard, slept a miniature wolf-like hound, rough grey-fur surrounding its body save face and paws, which were black as midnight. The nose of the beast was bright pink, a sore stand-out feature that diminished anything intimidating about this beast.

"OI! Get up ya mutt!" The guard kicked the wolfhound in frustration. "Do yur job. Get up, get up! Ya as ugly as a Nosepass. GEET UP!" The guard kicked the hound hard, stabbing it beneath the ribs with the toes of his boot. The hound yelped, springing to its feet. It sprinted right into the table, knocking a stone-leg from the board. It turned toward the closed door, clawing at it, leaving scratch marks. The guard slowly followed chuckling. He bent down and picked the small hound up by the loose skin at its neck and shoulder-blades. "Lady Ekipai is not gonna be happy with ya mutt. Damn it you were the closest sync-my Phanpy-romp. Stupid monsters. Only thing useful for is a good stress relief. Heha. "

'Tss. Damn it, You filthy, Grimer-skinned, wimpy mutt!" The guard looked over to you. "I cannot harm ye, yet... Ekipai's orders... but I can harm this mutt all I want." He looks over to the Mutt.

"You're required to obey, you are but a tool to the great Aurora nation." The guard threw the hound to the ground kicking it again. "Get back up. Oh so powerful god." The guard beat upon the hound. The hound held an apathetic look to its eyes, not caring. There was no spark to its eyes. It was already 'dead.' You could only look on with disgust, for nothing would seem to interrupt this frenzy. Nothing until a brief smell of burning filled the room. The table which leg got knocked from, held a lopsided position, the candle still in its holder, leaned outward. Hot wax dripped onto the parchment left on the table.
In a panic, the guard left his victim, and reached for the scroll; throwing it in your direction. As the dust clouds settled, the scroll was left open, for the prisoner to read. The guard mumbled curses to himself as attempted to restore the broken table.

"SS, Hakkin's 'special statue,'
you were right.
It's made from fire.
PL's about to be real happy when he finds out.
Guards are on to me, I gotta ditch. Heading to Fountaine next,
Gessekai's gonna burn down all Aurora over this thing.
I know they're looking.
Run. Get out.
Idol was just a bonus, we got what we came for.
Remember don't lose heart. We're doing this to see a bright dawn. The golden feather, burns the fires of our heart.
Remember it.
Meet me at the rendezvous point in a few days, we'll be waiting. With this and that fire.
First Aurora, and then the world will be ours.

SS? You were SS, Silver Soul, that was your nickname among fellow Warriors. Was this letter addressed to you? What was this idol? This fire? Who was HG? Your eyes widdened in wonder as you scanned this parchment.

"Charmander's flaming tail! Gimme that!" The guard scuffled with his boots as he attempted to quickly snatch the scroll; kicking dust toward the prisoner's eyes. He grabbed the scroll from the floor after a few swipes, and stuffed it within his armor. He spat by the prisoner, but his angered look grew to a mischievous glee. "Looks like your little brothers'n'arms were found out, eh thief? You terrorist's days are numbered. I'll make sure I gift yer head ta Gessekai-Sama, all wrapped up nice-like. Truth be told, we got many of them statues of that cat. That cat makes enough gold for twenty of them statues. Worthless. Just like yur life.'

"I'll be promoted, ta head, captain of guard, maybe even Warlord o' Aurora, then all them Pokemon will do my bidding." The guard laughed wickedly before stopping, looking over his captive. "I really hate you're pretty face."

What the hell was he talking about? You quizzically looked at the man, both you and he had mouths agap to speak, when footsteps were heard. 'Karplump. Karplump. Clickity-clack.'

They were quite loud, hard and hurried. They echoed throughout the hall behind the door. The door opened and closed behind the guard . A distinguished woman who seemed stout with her thick coat of feathers blanketed across her body, appeared. Her voice screeched, sharply lowering the defenses of all around. "Guuuuuunthar?!"

"Wait a minute," you managed to speak. "Y-you're...You're Auroran... what in Giratina's realm... what's going on?"

With a wince, the guard stared angrily at the hound, and you, the woman payed no attention to your remark. She watched the guard as he snarled but said no word and simply left; the hound mindlessly followed. A yelp from the hound was last heard before he slammed the door behind him. The lady sighed as she leaned against a stone wall. "Foreigners. What is Katsurao thinking, hiring filthy, disgusting, foreigners for this bland city's guard....Oh? You're one of those petty thieves aren't you? Yes I'm Auroran, Gessekai has always ruled the city, something had to be done about that Meowth and its rebels. They thought they owned the city." She laughed, inspecting the prisoner. "Hmmf, you're the brat that was with Jitte? Good."

Rummaging through her coat, she pulled out a pipe and put it to her lips. A split second of smoke left the pipe's end and she inhaled as if it were lit. "Ekipai-Sama, darling. My name. I am, you could say...." She smiled joyfully, "Katsurao-Chan's ever-hopeful, fiancee." She took a drag from her pipe.

"We're supposed to be saving you...thieves, for his interrogation, but lucky you. He's out on official business, he's left forever ago, doing some sort of clean up against you rebels... it's been so lonely without him." She grumped, taking another drag.

"He's a busy busy boy, but he had to go do something for Gessekai-kun. Praise the lunar Lugia. Oh! he said it'd be a special surprise for -us.- Gessekai-kun is cooking up something big; and you silly thieves and then those kids up north and their hoax is driving my poor Katsurao-Chan and his friends Spinda-crazy!" She pouts. "Making it no fun in the castle anymore."

You look at this woman crazily. This is Auroran nobility at its finest, you sigh silently to yourself. Loyalty,honor, chivalry -- any knightly code means nothing here.

"You hear, some silly terrorists claiming a 'golden' feather was found, and now all these raids happening around Gessekai-kun's; what is everyone doooo-hing?" Ekipai-Sama whined.

"Katsurao-Chan won't ever propose to me because of you, and your silly feather--I doubt it's even gold, gold's only for the nobility, not some peasants." She groaned angrily. "They're threatening to hurt our Lugia-Sama, our god! Lugia-Sama, with Gessekai-kun, already rid this Region from those barbaric Darmanitan. Why do we need another waaaaaaaaarr?'

'what are they trying to do? My beloved subjects are like slowpokes, ugh. Stupid feather is ruining everything, I was going to get married. MARRIED, but no, My widdle Katsurao-Chan has once delayed the OH SO VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION once again for his "Gessekai-Sama." Maybe HE and Gessekai-kun should marry." She takes another drag, but with frustration throws the pipe to the dusty floor.

"If only Lugia could fly down from the heavens and smite all those nasty peasants, and bless me with Katsurao-Chan's heart. Why do common riff-raft even -have- Po-kay-mon? I mean, they're -only- reserved for the nobility, the knights and lords. Warriors to defend our kingdoms! How'd they even get their hands on them! Should not be allowed. What is Gessekai-kun's armies, or even the Auroran City Guard doing? Pokémon shouldn't even be doing the things people have them do! They're sacred! Not meant for thieving or..." She winced. "Dirt mucking. Eeew. The poke-slayer Jitte, glad we finally caught him. Sure he is loved in Greenleaf, but he defeated a Gyrados with his own bare hands! and it's SO true, Katsurao-Chan swears by it. Apparently those two were, uhm, companions back when the evil Furukasa tried hurting Lugia-Sama and Gessekai-kun. I never met Jitte of course, like, I'd wish I could meet him, he's be an excellent soldier for Gessekai-Sama...maybe?'

You looked at the crazed woman, letting out a smirk.

"Wha? What's that smirk for? Don't you dare smirk at Ekipai-Sama...u-unless Ekipai-Sama commands it!" She winced as she punched the stone wall beside her. You tried holding laughter, your eyes watering. "Good...cry, good thief.'

'Well, I'd hate to leave you from your friends, guess I should send you to the dungeons. The last of you traitorous guardsmen are there, you rebels and thieves. I hope your compatriots all rot in a Swalot's stomach.'

'GUARDS!" Ekipai-Sama angrily stomped her feet to the stone floor. Two guards opened the door rushing in. "Take the prisoner to the dungeons! Remember, being slow is a CRIME!" While one nodded, the other guard sighed. He looked at you, and once again a wooden bludgeon to the head. You feared you'd suffer some permanent brain damage at this point.

"U-uhm, uhm, wake up? Wake up, wake up...please wake up?" Gentle nudging, and soft warm voice washed over you.

"The bucket. Use it." a disatisfied voice replied.

"But the guards'll be angry..."

"Well, as an alternative. It's been awhile since I've reliev--"

"Eew no... F-fine, I'll use ...the bucket."

Drip. Drip. SPLASH! Freezing cold water splashed on the floor. Darkness faded, shapes took form, colors danced, pain endorsed. Cold and freezing: a sudden shock to reality you, your face refreshed by a bucket of water. A young girl, dressed in worn, mudbrown cloth, smiled as she leaned over the prisoner. "Finally, you're awake! You've been sleeping for like, hours--"

"---sixteen minutes, forty-eight seconds." Replied a deeper voice. A tall, and well journeyed man sat in the corner, feet outstretched, his hands folded behind a pillow, resting against a pillar he was chained to. His arm was shackled to a chain attached to a wooden post dug into the floor. His gaze never left the opening of a small window atop the stockades. He wore only ragged pants, and an iron bracelet-with chain attached. Around his neck was a loose-string of leather. "Good thing too, she was about to feed us a delicacy of moldy bread and maggoty stew! Mmm-mm, my favorite."

"Well, I was only exagger--"

"Please, our little guest here doesn't need to be bored with your ramblings." The tall man looked toward you. "Pleasure's mine, you can call me 'Danshuu,' I find it appealing to our present predicament." He pointed to the girl, smirking. This here's the 'wife.' She can go by 'Baba-gejo."

"W-Wife? But I'm not marri-- No! A-and I'm only fifteen. E-excuse me." The girl defended herself toward Danshuu, and then quickly looked back at you, giving a quick half-effort curtsey. A gesture apologizing for Danshuu's rudeness. She was the only one in the room without bind. You tugged at your arms, and sure enough. Shackled. "I'm, I'm in-charge of making sure the stench here doesn't bother Ekipai-sama..." She gulps. "Ever. ...Well, My name's Hi---"

"--Yea, Baba-gejo here is basically our chamber-maiden." Danshuu laughed.

"she cleans our poop." Another man enlightened. His hair was bright orange. He was biting into a crusty piece of bread. "My name's not important, just call me, uh Sōrushirubā . I am another unfortunate soul to fall in this war. Which regiment were you? Can't believe, betrayed by our own city..." The man looked disillusioned.

"W-well that's not all I do..." The girl blushed in embarrassment.

"Only thing important ta Ekipai-baba." Sōrushirubā reassured the girl. "So what're you in here for, thought the battle was long over, the dead rot the streets, the captives...well besides us, not here."

"--Oh! So--Sōrushirubā -san; your arm..." The girl pointed over to Sōrushirubā'sarm shocked, blood slowly trinkled down the shackle on his arm. He looked and shrugged.

"Just got caught on some small rust, I gather, Auroran cleanliness, nothing t'worry abou--"

"Rust?! I could of sworn, they're new... I think, uhm, excuse me, I guess I didn't clean them properly." She bowed apologetically. "Here, let me see if I can fix them so you're more comfy..." The girl waddled over to Sōrushirubā , and inspected his arm, wiping away the blood, removing the shackle, from the wooden stake with little effort. The chain suddenly disintegrated.

Danshuu looked at you snorting. "Heh, you see that? 'Wife.' She fetches you water, feeds you, makes sure you're nice and 'comfy' ...hehe; even cleans up after you. Wife."

"O-oh." The girl timidly ducked her head, and hid her face behind the pole Sōrushirubā's chain was attached to. "I'll go fetch water, than---"

Sōrushirubā smirked, suddenly grabbing the girl's wrist. "What would Ekipai-baba think if her prison-wench left a man as me unchained? Should I go inform those two snoozing guards over there?"

"B-but, it's not like you can do anything..." The girl replied, pulling away from Sōrushirubā , he easily released her. "I mean, uh. There's still the jail bars...And besides, your arms are tied up too, uhm..." She leaned over to double-check if his arms were indeed tied, they were. As she inspected, an unfamiliar hand clasped her butt. She winced looking to Sōrushirubā , who only laughed.

"Oh wife, what would I do with out you?" Sōrushirubā patted the girl on the butt, pushing her toward the jail's door.

"...If any guards ask about the darkspot on the mud...It's all....all 'Danshuu's' fault!"

As she quickly wandered off, huffing. You noticed a newly acquired stain, down the girl's legs seemed to be tinkling driblets, as she ran away.

" 'Ey what'd I do, it was Sōrushirubā ...bah, well I'm not complaining" Danshuu spoke, cleaning out his ear with a finger, his hands were not bound, but his leg was shackled. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked out the window.

"Hmm? Ain't it night? Look here, sky's got an orange hue, and I'm pretty sure we're we passed sundown... Ya think..." Danshuu turned to the stranger; as a thunderous roar of footsteps and shouts echoed. "Yup. Looks like we got ourselves a fire. Damn, this was such a nice castle too..."

Danshuu looked out the window, groaning. Sōrushirubā smirked, his hands drawing shapes in the mudfloor. The jail's bars seemed to now have the rusty quality his shackles had previously. His arm was crimson red of dried blood. Sōrushirubā opened his mouth about to say something when all of a a sudden a loud crash of glass and metal came from above. Echoes of shouts returned to the castle following the crash. Dogs howled and barked. Another loud crash, ropes snapping, a tree falling? Distant rumbling, walls, ceilings, foundations were all collapsing. Near the prison where the three were kept.

he prisoners gazed blankly at a wall, as the noise got louder and louder. A voice was heard.

"Break it with style! Brick-Break that wall!"

"Hah-huh." The room shook, rubble flew from the ceiling. "YAMA." A bellowing roar came with a sudden cloud of dust. The prisoners within quickly became silhouettes to each other as vision blinded with the clouds. The wall had collapsed. Chains rustled in Sōrushirubā's direction, and then metal shattering.

"Took you long enough, Hātogōrudo, my brother." Sōrushirubā's laughed, hugging his rescuer. He looked suprised at another figure who emerged from the wall. "Purichina, sir, you came to?"

"And leave my loyal soldiers behind? Never. It was poor luck that got you down here, brother, but now we've arranged your escape." A boastful voice rang throughout the small room.

"Is that the commotion going on?"

"Yeup. A personal favorite of mine. From the classics."

"Peasant revolt? But this city just flet battle."

"A-yeup. If by peasants you mean a pile of dung and hay, and by revolt you mean a thick smoggy fire." The man named Purichina proudly spoke. "But yea, luckily my fire caught some, I dunno, tavern aflame? And a whole avenue by this keep's struggling... Benjo-sama's here too, he's riling up some more turncoats to aid against the witch Ekipai."

"Genious, haha." Two voices replied in unison. The trio laughed looking out the window admiring their work. Danshuu silently watched them, until their laurels were interrupted by a scream. The dust began to clear, and the girl, who had splashed now her second bucket to the floor looked at them in fear. Two guards stood behind her, both wielding clubs.

"Well looks like we got us witnesses. What should we do Purichina, brother?" Hātogōrudo looked to his captain.

The strong tanned man smiled as he stroked his chin. "Well, we can't have that now, can we? I say we burn'um. You like that idea Arch, m'boy?" Behind him, a flash of bright orange fur entered the room. With it, the temperature seemed to rise. Danshuu seemed to be most effected by this heat. The sudden change of heat looked like the oncoming of a fever to him. The orange creature cautiously approached the girl and guards, ignoring Danshuu and yourself as it passed them. It seemed to be canine in appearance, but also had feline like qualities. It's fur was wildly unkempt. The creature snarled and roared. A flare erupted from its mouth.

"Tough looking Growlithe, ya got there." Danshuu stood up, wobbling. Noticing Sōrushirubā's surprise to how he also was without shackle wiped his upper lip, sweat splashed off him, causing a larger puddle than the spilled water. "Oh please, like you thought you were the only one with tricks? Rusting the chains in hopes they give out, nice one." Danshuu nodded.

"Harriette! Silence him!" Sōrushirubā demanded, a giant cone shaped monster charged from behind Hātogōrudo and Purichina, its outstretched palms as large as it's face.

"Woah!" Danshuu dodged by ducking behind a wooden post. The wooden post shattered in two. He took the broken half, swinging it toward Sōrushirubā. The beast jumped toward its master's call and blocked it, shattering it to small fractures.

"Hurry it up, Sōrushirubā. We got to make up for lost time...Our holy Ho-oh needs redemption." Grumped Purichina.

"Hmm, so that's how it is." Contemplated Danshuu; he looked back at the 'wife' and two guards. "Hmm, well, sorry folk, guess my buddy Sōrushirubā here is right." He nonchalantly went to Sōrushirubā putting his arm around his back. Danshuu shrugged, and hopped behind Sōrushirubā and his giant companion.

"W-why you...Hariette ki--"

"Now now, Sōrushirubā" Purichina interjected, you know we can use all the help we can get, and this fella seems strong."

"Sure." Replied Danshuu, as he patted Sōrushirubā, entering the newly created entrance, disappearing. The guards tightened their grip on their clubs, the girl walked back taking slow careful steps.

"Rrrrrrrrrriiiii" Arch roared again, protesting their movements.

"What are you waiting for Arch, flame-up or something and burn them!" Commanded Purichina. The canine complied, its coat caught on fire, and to the horror of the guards and girl lunged foreward only to be suddenly shot into a still-standing wall of the jail-cell. The trio of rebels looked agap as right before their eyes a beam of highly pressurized water hit the growlithe with such force.

From the beam's direction came a figure. "Clever, Purichina, masking your true intentions with public disorder. Causing rebellion, confusion among my own troops. Turning the very nobility against Aurora's citizens. Now, I don't really care what's going on up north, none of my business, but, you come in here and mess with Aurora, now, you're making it my business... you..." The figure looked toward the stranger. It was your commander, fully healed it seemed. You smiled happily "Commander!" You exclaimed. He looked over to you coldly.

"What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to find Jitte, my son, and run..." He looked over to the trio scanning them, focusing on Purichina. "Tell me upstart-boy, have you ever faced a true warrior, or have you always been just a bully?" The old guard seemed to be glowing with the taunt, his eyes and body had a magical appeal.

"Don't you talk down to Purichina!" screamed Sōrushirubā, spit spraying across the floor. "I'll kill you, old man!"

On cue to his rage, the giant coned pokemon leaped toward the gate-guard it's palms raised and open. "That's it, show him a Hariyama's true spirit!" Hariette shot a gust of wind toward the elder guard, only to be blocked by a blue humanoid appearing in-between them, its eye glowed red. The Hariyama halted its movement, whatever glare the blue humanoid gave, destroyed the pace.

The older guard patted the hair of the blue humanoid. With a cheerful smile it waved at the Hariyama, which prompted it to lunge foreward once again. The blue humanoid sidestepped and licked the cheek of the Hariyama, shivers errupted on the Hariyama's body as it let out a groan.

"Bleeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaama." It complained wiping at its cheek.

"Come now guard, you know of the evil the Moon-guard spreads, let us go peacefully and no one will be hurt." Chirped Hātogōrudo. "We will be the saviors of this land, uplifting it of tyranny!"

The old man ignored Hātogōrudo, looking to his blue-monkey friend. "Just a leer and a lick? Even if it's a Hariyama, don't toy with your opponents, it's embarrassing..."

"Simi!" giggled the blue-monkey, as Hariyama once again approached angrily. The Commander looked to the rebel-trio. "I can't forgive you, putting fire to such a prideful city. You are arsonists, you are enemies of Aurora." He turned to the two other guards and the girl. "Hurting its people, regardless of whatever-revolution is going on." He looked to you, his fellow soldier, and then back to the rebel-trio. "I am Damarikokuru Anrui, Warrior of Aurora. Guardian of the Meowth gate. You will not leave unpunished for such vandalism."

"Ohoho, looks like we got us a noble here, a proud 'Warrior." Crowed Sōrushirubā. "Purichina, Aniki, I'll handle this whelp; won't be too long. You're a Fire-type, and that Simipour seems powerful."

Purichina nodded. "Just don't take too long, don't want to waste any more effort than needs be."

"Nah," Sōrushirubā affirmed. "Hariette's strong, she can take on fifty Auroran guards, regardless of their caliber. Ain't that right Hari?"

"Ya." The Hariyama slapped the licked cheek, regaining its composer.

"B'sides, a halfpint washboard." Sōrushirubā looked at the girl. "Those guards and that othe--hey." Sōrushirubā looked to you. "Hey, how'd you get free?"

You replied in cold stare, hiding your composure as you were nearly decapitated by the Pokémon battle. Luckily your head was missed and restraints shattered.

"Hey, twas those tarded guards that locked ya up, not me... It's a shame, we could of used you like that other prisoner, but you seem to know that old man..." Sōrushirubā spat to the ground. "Well Hound of Night, ya ready to face the revolution?"

Your commander coldly turned to you. "Sasuke, run. No excuses, run. Find Jitte like you were supposed to; or the Medicine Man. Find them. Tell them your tale... Take the girl with you, she is useless here, will only get in the way."

The young girl squirmed at her mention, as you solemnly nodded. Your captain looked toward the entrance he came through. "This leads through the sewers, take Spark, and run."

Spark? His Linoone?You looked through the pathway, it stank of moisture. By the entrance was the Spark, the Linoone, standing perfectly straight on his two feet, his tail hitting back and forth, the floor in 180 degree angles. "Go now." The old man instructed, you did not disobey, you nodded your head, left and took the girl forcefully carrying her along. She did not protest. She was more-so in a stupor. The old man turned to Sōrushirubā and his Hariyama.

Sōrushirubā shouted. "Hariette, don't let them escape!" Hariette tried speedfully rushing toward them only to be blocked by the Simipour.

"Sasha, Scald that punching bag. Make it BURN." Commanded Anrui. Sasha let out another sprout of water, this time steam swirling around it. Hariette winced in pain and was brought back by the painful heated water. "Now go, Sasuke, find them."

You ran, not looking behind you, the Linoone Spark following by your side. You knew its job, to be a last resort of protection. Your commander knew you witnessed some valuable information worth sharing, was it that note? You thought. You did nothing but run, closing your eyes. You were sick of war. Echos of the battle between your commander and the weird Sun-Zealot became your music as you escaped.

You saw the light of the tunnel, your escape, the girl was lagging behind, but Flash was beside her. You rushed ahead, got tired of that smell, wanted this to end. You were too hasty, as you rushed you didn't think of the poor construction of a weak wooden stick holding up a crumbling wall. Your body knocked it down, and rocks befell you like a tomb. Again you felt the darkness creep upon you, you beckoned for the girl, told her to run, your voice was fading out, but you knew you were clearly saying something to her. You took your palm, a dark shadow spewed from your eyes into it. A gem formed, you gave it to her. Sound was wonky, lights distorted. You screamed.

... ... ...


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Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Reserving. I've been looking forward to see a RPG like this for a long time. Hopefully it's successful!

Also, are characters from Kalos/Unova allowed? Since the two are significantly farther away then the other regions... Just wanted to double check


UnlimitedBlade Works
Reserving. I've been looking forward to see a RPG like this for a long time. Hopefully it's successful!

Also, are characters from Kalos/Unova allowed? Since the two are significantly farther away then the other regions... Just wanted to double check

Thank you for your interest, though no need to reserve, this is an open missionary. Well until there's 20+ people, then I might close the doors.

And yes. Kalos represents Europe, Unova North America. Or their more specific counterpart: France, and New York City.
I'll allow user-made regions as well. If they so desire it.
Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, Shinnoh, and the other regions that are based off of Japan geography are ''part'' of Ransei however. Think Ransei like the ancient empire of Japan, and Kanto/etc the modern regions that came after Ransei did its whole ''empire falling'' thing.
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