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The Really Gross Recipe Game

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The really gross recipe game
Okay this is pretty easy to play.
I post a food and you have to make the instructions really gross ex.

How to make a cake:
First add 1 cup of spoiled milk then 3 teaspoons of.....
you get it.....

BTW It was approved


How to make pancakes:


Get one fish, and leave it out all day, and then mix with .....

The Thunderbird

Dreams come true
3 cups of dead animals then mix it with...
And mix it in with SOOOOOOOO much crap,and dung,and waste,and Koffing smells,and Toxin,and Neopet fart(IT'S STINKY LIKE HELL).

There's your pie!

Lord Sonny XIXI

dont forget to spit in the mixture 3 times and flush it down the toilet when you poo.
Also,put it in the sewers,asking your friends to crap on it after easting super beans,then send it back via toilet.

You get a NICE pie.

Mmmm :)

Lord Sonny XIXI


To make soup, you first put in your arm in a bucket of sewage......

Lord Sonny XIXI

sacrafice your life and burn yourself. Have someone pour in the ashes and...


Stabby McStabface
then get 100 Jolteon's Spike
Not open for further replies.