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The really pointless, very minor crap that you care about.


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Is there something on the show that is really minor, yet you just can't help but wonder about it, or look forward to it each week? It could be anything you percieve as a small detail. The appearence of a certain character, the inclusion of a favourite pokémon as background material, the usage of a specific piece of music, the introduction of a new attack. You name it.

Let's take...oh, I don't know....Gravy, for example. As strange as it may sound, one of the things he looks forward to on a weekly basis is how a new pokémon is going to sound. What will it's voice be like? High pitched, croaky? Will it roll it's r's? Will it say portions of it's own name? I'm sure a lot of you out there think it's a fairly inane factor to anticipate, but alas, it's a trait he is forever tethered to.
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Not really, no.
I gotta say the first thing I look forward to is who's animating an episode.
If it's a crap animator, it'll make me want to miss watching the episode entirely regardless of how good the plot may seem. Yeah, it's stupid...i know :p


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I consider animation (and music) to be more than trivial nonsense.

Maybe it's because I've heard that brain damage joke one too many times (no thanks to a certain turkey sauce), but I get a kick every time a Pokemon gets wanged on the head. Whether it's Turtwig clamping onto Chimchar or Piplup's skull, or Paul's Gliscor dicing Ash's Gligar with its claw, or Muku.BIRD being mind-manipulated into bashing its fluids against a wooden floor, or Piplup ramming its cranium on TR's mecha, it never fails to amuse me. No other form of pain in this horrible, sadistic, violence-ridden program do I anticipate more than excruciating above-the-neck injuries.


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Usually it's what Abbot and Costello, a.k.a. Gravy and Suikun have to say about an episode. Whether it's some random junk about Probopass and Claydol, Muku.BIRD, or some other nonsense about , it's nice to hear something that's not evolutions and captures. Or if it is, they don't sound as Zardish with it.

And yes, I compared you two to Abbot and Costello. It's that funny.


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This may be dangerous to say but, I can't help but get a little excited everytime a Pokemon evolves. I don't mean the main crew's Pokemon necessarily, although they're the most exciting ones. Idk...Even if it a pokemon of a COTD, I like watching them evolve lol. xD


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I enjoy it when Dawn's Pachirisu nibbles on a Poffin! Even though it's so small it's really cute and it makes me laugh! :) ;417;

Crystal Clair

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I like when the characters are noticably well drawn or well shaded. This inspires me with my own art.

I also have a thing for scenery. I love screencapturing trees, sunrises, sunsets, houses, lakes, fields and all the things that help me paint them.

I'm one of those animation director obsessors who will have a heart attack if their favorite character is animated by Shimura or Kinoshita. I dont say Takeda because I've gotten off very lucky with him. Takeda did "Champion Shirona Appears" and "Pachirisu in Kabarudon's mouth" and although people constantly complain how bad the latter was animated, I personally thought it wasn't that bad.

I sometimes obsess how the pallette in the show would constantly change through the seasons after the digital coloring switch, complaining that they made Cassidy too pale or or just faded the colors too much.

btw can anyone think of a good reason why the lineart sharpness changes a lot? I used to think it was the animation director but "Champion Shirona Appears" has softer lineart while "Pachirisu's in Kabarudon's mouth" has sharp lineart.
I also have a thing for scenery. I love screencapturing trees, sunrises, sunsets, houses, lakes, fields.

Gosh, same thing here. D: I have that little obsession for... like, the environment Ash + Co. are in. <~ Really weird, but it's important to me. From cities to forests... s:
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I enjoy the backround pokemon as to me it makes it seem more real.


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I always look forward to watching Brock flirt with girls, and how Team Rocket recites their motto.


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I don´t like it when the floors in the Pokémon Centers are shiny and pink-ish.
When all of Hikari´s Pokémon have the same eyes I´m gonna vomit...

I like, however, when it rains in dramatic moments, when everyhing is dark and cloudy, when some DRAMA is on screen...now, that´s the good old kanto-magic!

To be honest...I always hope for some funny Jessie-based comedy scenes with wacky animation. Like the infamous sock-puppet Jessie.

It is always a nice thing when the twerps don´t walk around in a generic forest or in a generic town, so I like episodes with a unique setting.


I look forward to a character's quirks and oddities. Pokemon as well.


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I dislike Sudowoodos lack of attention. Way back in that maze episode when there's that Onix attacking, everyone got to attack the wall but him. Ash was like "Use Mimic to help me cheer them on!". What, when Bonsly evolved he learned Mimic but lost Double Edge and Low Kick, it really makes me feel for the little guy.

One thing I look forward to though, are Happiny and Croagunk's appearences. They're Brock's funniest pokemon of all time and it's about time his pokemon had personality.

I wonder though, will Staravia sound really high pitched and roll its r's when it evolves....I sure hope not that's one thing I can't stand. Starly was cute, this thing is just pathetic imo.

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I look forward, almost every episode, to hear TR's Extended Sinnoh motto theme to play. I don't know why, but to me it makes the episode just a little bit better. I also look forward to it if it's animated by anyone but Takeda.

Another thing is also when TR does their motto, I always try to find little obscure refrences in their motto to the wind, land, and sky. Also their whole earth and space routine too.

Blackjack Gabbiani

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Anything dealing with Team Rocket. Especially other agents besides the two+cat we usually see.

Hell, ANY Evil Team activity gets me pumping. They're, like, so much more awesome than anyone else. Well, *almost* anyone else. But per capita anyway.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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Any Evil team from the games appearing, my favourite pokemon appearing, pokemon in the background (and I get annoyed when they are not pokemon found in that region in the games)

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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Any Evil team from the games appearing, my favourite pokemon appearing, pokemon in the background (and I get annoyed when they are not pokemon found in that region in the games)