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The Regis

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Actually, Skarm gets Curse as well, it's just that no one uses it anymore. Btw, you forgot Psych Up, the one attack that makes Regice the ultimate CM counter. All 3 of them get Explosion, although you probably wouldn't want it on Regice.


yo, x-ray everyone of my friends uses the regis, they got mad spdef and def. next time talk properly
How come, I get the Gut feeling youtwo are the same person. The Regis are OK, I like useing them occasionaly, but theyre not my mainstream team

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i dont use the regis but im tempted to have regice because of it being like better blissy but with 3 weknesses rather then 1 and regirock is okay as well but i cant stand registeel there not bad but there not some thing i would use.


I just do with the three regis what I do with the three legendary birds and dogs... catch and store. Don't bbother to train. Actually, i do that with all my legendaries. I like my legendaries "pure" XD


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Mewbiraxys said:
The regis are the honen trios. The trios are always powerful but not as powerful as Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza. Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza belongs to the group where Mewtwo,Lugia and Ho-oh belong.
off-topic: I noticed something!

1st generation: 1 in game mega legend (mewtwo)
2nd generation: 2 in game mega legends (lugia, ho-oh)
3rd generation: 3 in game mega legends (kyogre, groudon, rayquaza)

so following this pattern:

4th generation: 4 ingame mega legends (be afraid of the 00ber generation 4!)

on-topic: the regi's have great defence, and are great pokemon in skilled hands, I've used registeel before because it's more balanced in the defences, but if I go up against someone who only has physical or special sweepers I'll break out the correct regi to defend against their whole team, their reaction is priceless when they get PWN'ed by a regi.

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Awwww.... this thread was dying nicely too...

grovile said:
How i get them? i have was in the Sahara and see the place but how i open answer??
You mean Regirock? Well, there are two doors. The first one opens when you open all three doors from the Sealed Chamber and the Second is opened by walking up to the top wall, going right, right, down, down (one step each time) and using strength.

But this has nothing to do with this thread....
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Cooltrainer Rip

Well, better this thread than barging in on General Discussion and saying
i have was in the Sahara and see the place but how i open answer??
lol. The regi's backstory I find very interesting. If memory serves:
Pacfidlog Ancients said:
In this cave we have lived,we feared the pokemon,we sealed it....
Nope,memory doesnt serve. Anyone care to finish the story?


I actually had trouble opening regirocks also, butgot it at the end


IMO, the Regis are great. Most people don't like them because they most likely don't even know how to use them. If you train them right and get them the right moves, they can rip through teams...rather slowly, but their defences more than make up for that. They can be a force to reckon with, unless your one of the people that are like this: "WHATF!!? Regiz sux!! Soop0rp0worz sux cux it l0worz ur statz!!!!LOLZORZ!!!WHFBBQ!?"

Regice in my opinion is the best one. Just train him up in Defence and your all set. Regirock has too many special weaknesses and Registeel just has too many weaknesses.

The regis were really fun to get too. I loved the whole "Uncover ancient areas and use ancient text to find ancient pogeys"...it's just a lot of fun. As someone before said, it's better than going through cramped caves to find big birds that like caves for some reason. Why didn't they just make them bats then!? :rolleyes:


"Live in the Moment"
I always thought the regi's were in the game to try and connect the ledgendary's together kinda like how the dogs were ones to look over ho-oh and lugia and lugia and ho-oh looked over celebi. so it was like that it was the three regi's then it was groundon and kyogre then it was rayquaza, and that they were somwhat connected. i also read somwhere that the regi's had somthing to do with jirachi but i dont know if that one was true.
I myself dont use ledgendary's but i like the process of catching them it's a way of testing your skill's i guess.

;379; ;378; ;377;
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Cooltrainer Rip said:
Pacifidlog Ancients said:
In this cave we have lived,we feared the pokemon,we sealed it....
Nope,memory doesnt serve. Anyone care to finish the story?


Pacifidlog ancients said:
In this cave we have lived.

We owe all to the Pokemon.

But, we sealed the Pokemon away.

We feared it.

Those with courage, those with hope.

Open a door. An eternal Pokemon waits.

Regi second compartment doors (?) said:
Ancient Tomb: With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle.

Island Cave: Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice.

Desert Ruins: Right, Right, Down, Down, then use strength.


IMO, I stiil say that the regis are what the brids and dogs you do with in the past... to capture and spice up your pokedex, or to simply have more "rare pokemon" sitting around... ehehehe
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