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The release of D/P in UK?


Want a Green World!
Hello desperate fans of D/P ... i was just wondering if anybody knows the release of D/P in UK/America because im so desperate to get it! ASAP!!!

Sorry if this post has been posted before...!



Johto Champion
I am from UK aswell, but i don't see it coming out here for a long time. I can get it from a shop though, that sells American games so it is ok for me.


Want a Green World!
waa!!! thats sucks...
Thanks alot to all that helped!!

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Arise from the Ashes
i think i do as well but im not complaing UK/Europe are the last to get anything its where i got my emerald from :D

i hope the release date for D/P in UK/Europe is not going to be to long from the american release


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They're not actually allowed to do that you know.

Really? since when? HMV imports CDs, as long as they call them imports its fine.

To thread starter. I'm in England too and an planning on importing from America. There shouldn't be any differences and everything will work fine, it shouldn't be too much more expensive either.


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Ive never done that ive been patient but i heard its not coming till january which kinda sucks as it would be great to get from father christmas! :D


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It's tax dodging. They don't have to pay our extortionate VAT on privately imported goods. Of course it's illegal.

You pay customs duty if you are planning on selling it though.


It's legal to import, if it was'nt, then ebay would burn and die. I can't wait for D/P, so i'm going to buy it from a import game shop nearby when ever it comes out in America


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Don't know. I live in the states, so it doesn't really make a difference to me.


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Looking at all the past release dates (sorry, i'm not rewriting them all, look on gamefaqs for them), EU and AU will most likely get the game Q3-Q4 2007. Since the game is region free and able to trade worldwide regardless of version, i highly suggested importing from the US when it's out.

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I'm from the UK but I always buy mine online from America or got them while on holiday, the only one I've bought in England is Red every other game is either bought online or when I'm on holiday.

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Ive never done that ive been patient but i heard its not coming till january which kinda sucks as it would be great to get from father christmas! :D

I hope you mean January 2008 because if you think it'll be out as early as January 2007 you're incredibly naive. Jan 08 doesn't sounds like too much of a stretch to be honest, it may not be as late as that but I can't see it being too long before that. My guess is that it'll be October 2007.