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The Relicanth Really Can (370)


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The Relicanth Really Can!

On the next Island, Ash & Co. meet up with a man who is looking for Green Shards. He has reason to believe they may be deep in the sea with some Relicanth so Ash & Co. go with him to get them. However Team Rocket want them and the Relicanth...

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is it me or dousn't Relicath reminds you of something but i can't remember what.
vulpix said:
is it me or dousn't Relicath reminds you of something but i can't remember what.

Sort of. There is a rourmered excented fish that sounds just like Relicanth.

Dub Title Guess.
*A Relicanth Robbery!
*A Shard Spectical!

Or Something like that. I like those anyway. Do you?


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It's Coelacanth. They thought it was extinct but really sometimes people catch them.
neopolis3 said:
It's Coelacanth. They thought it was extinct but really sometimes people catch them.

Thats the one. I remember what I heard now They only exist these days in really pure water or something so they only live in barely un-touched countries. So only a few people have ever seen one.

But I think the pun might be on shards.


The dub episode just started, and the title given was "The Relicanth Really Can". Not sure why it changed from "Really, Really, Relicanth"(other than the fact that "Really really Relicanth" is an awful title. Not the the new one is much better...), but...

EDIT: Eppie comments.

-Magikarp sub! 8D
-King Neptune? Eh, boat names are strange anyway...
-The "Adam, (great) man of the sea" line wasn't good the first time and it wasn't good the next 5 times.
-"I'm not afraid of a punch of prehistoric Pokemon!" ...hmm, someone forgot about being terrorized by a bunch of them back in Kanto. :D
-Adam got owned by his wife 8D "Luckily for you, 'great man of the sea', I've been tracking them(TR) the whole time!"
-Of COURSE the treasure is just a lot of Green Shards.
-"Let's do our best to protect the seas and the creatures who live in it!" ...did they HAVE to have this line? It sounds cheesy.

Eh, this episode was okay. If I had to rate it, it'd get a 6/10.
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Yeah, ok!
Whoa, filler characters I actually LIKE?

Atom and his wife were really nice characters. I don't remember the last time we had a couple in the show. His wife was pretty cute too, at least Brock has enough sense not to flirt with a guys wife when he's right there.

TR just revealed more passage of time when Jessie said how many years they've had the Magikarp sub. TR actually seemed like a real threat today, using "real" torpedos instead of ones that turn into nets. They fired one right at Atom too, I guess TR isn't afraid to injure someone when they have to.

Am I the only one who forgot May had Bulbasaur? :p

I liked this episode a lot for some reason, would have made a better season opener than last weeks episode.


This was one of the worst fillers in the whole Hoenn Season so far, it was very boring, and cheesy. A crappy episode nonetheless.



anyone notice the music... it seemed... different

I kinda liked this episode, it turned out a bit better then I expected
Cybercubed said:
Am I the only one who forgot May had Bulbasaur?
no you're not...... i suddenly forgot she had it........ XP
anyways the episode was sorta kewl but it didn't interest me a lot


Not really here.
I actually forgot about Bulbasaur too...I guess o one likes it...XD I lked this episode, but the treasure was obvious, I would've thought it would be like a Water Stone....

7/10 Good Filler, atleast one of the better ones...


Meh, this was an okay episode. Not much to say on it's behalf. More importantly, I was a little shocked by the title of this episode. It's a little bit better than Really, Really, Relicanth!


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It was 0kay. Seviper actually HIT somehing. 7/10


Thank you, SPPf! :)
A little too similar to "Mantine Overboard", and an inferior episode on the whole, but it was slightly better than last week's. That "Man of the Sea" thing got really old really fast. But dammit, TR needs to get a Feebas submarine already.

I actually think a better resolution to this episode would have been to have TR actually get away with the treasure, open it, and discover it's full of wishbones. Cliche, yes, but so was most everything else in this episode.
This was an interesting episode.

Although I still wait and wait...oh never mind.

This episode deserves a 4/5.

Pokemon Fan

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Juputoru said:
EDIT: Eppie comments.
-"Let's do our best to protect the seas and the creatures who live in it!" ...did they HAVE to have this line? It sounds cheesy.
I thought it was made a lot better because it looked like he was talking directly to the Relicanth and not Ash's group. It just seemed funny him telling creatures who live in the sea to protect the sea. :)

Overall a below average episode. However I had expected it to be terrible based on the screenshots so that's something. Thus it was better than expected. The best part was the husband/wife interaction, that was acted out quite well and made the episode feel less bland. :cool:


This was okay eppie to me, I wasn't really crazy for it, so I don't have much to say. Except I have a question, did anyone see a commericial for the series where Pikachu, Mudkip, and Ash were yelling to watch the show. The pitch was kept on for several seconds. But that commercial gave me a headache.
Well, after missing a fair few episodes, this is what I return to see. And.......It was actually quite good. My expectations were low, seeing as this was near the point where AG goes downhill. But it was actually rather interesting. Relicanth are rarely featured, and they did a good job of projecting them as ancient Pokémon. Adam was an OK character, though, as others have said, the "Great Man of the Sea" line was really annoying. This is another episode where the married man's wife doesn't just fade out of the episode(referring to Norman here). I like that. However, I wasn't really fond of the abrupt way Adam and Ash and co. met. Adam popped out of the sea and moments later they were conversing like old friends.
On the upside, this was the first time I heard and saw the Advanced Battle Theme Song. Very impressive. Well animated, and a decent song to match. They pretty much spoiled the entire season in one minute, though. I don't mind, seeing as I avidly follow the Japanese Episode Threads.

Overall rating:
8.3 out of 10!!
A pretty good filler. Not exactly the catastrophe that everyone was making it out to be.

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.:the wanderer:.
On the site before, dont get me wrong, but wasnt the episode dubbed on the site "Really Really Relicanth!"? I thought it said that....But I watched it today and it said "The Relicanth Really Can!" . A little help?