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The Renegade Ranger(PG)


The Point of Origin
This fic is rated PG for violence and some language

The Renegade Ranger

Rangers protect, serve, and help people and pokemon alike. They use pokemon in their quest by capturing them using a device called a stylus. It’s like a spinning top. Once you get a pokemon, you can either use them to catch other pokemon or to clear obstacles, but once you use them, they are released. They are unlike trainers who actually keep their pokemon. They don’t believe in actually taking pokemon from their Habitat. My name is Mickey. I was a trainer once then I became a ranger to further train my Typhlosion. After I learned that I could not capture pokemon and keep them because of taking pokemon from their habitat is wrong, I had to hide the fact that Typhlosion is my pokemon that I caught. Unfortunately, a ranger from Ringtown, Fiore named Lunick found the pokeball in my room in a ranger base. Now I’m here in the Ranger leader of Ringtown, Spencer’s, office.

Chapter 1:
How a card can change one’s life

“You know you can’t own pokemon. It’s out of its habitat.”

“I’ve had this pokemon since I was eleven!”

“So you’ll have to release it!”


“Then you’re fired!”


“I can’t believe this. First my stylus breaks, then I get fired. Lunick always messes things up. What am I to do now? I have this stupid Ringtown ranger uniform on. Maybe I’ll rent me a hotel in Summerland. Whatever it is I’ll figure it out. I do need to fix my hair to look like Jin from that fighting game and this headband is cutting off my circulation.” I say on the outskirts of Fall City.

“Mickey is that you?” A voice says behind me.

“Kindra, how have you been?” I say looking surprised.

“Fine?” says the five feet 14 year old. She always wears a blue skirt and a white jacket with a blue tank top. Her hair was brown and always in pigtails. We talked about all of the good times we had on our journeys together and how she was about to vacation here in Fiore. I told her that I was fired from being a ranger. She was surprised as much as I was when Spencer told me that I was fired. We waved good-bye to each other and I went to Summerland…


“We found one Leader!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes it looks like he was a Ringtown ranger.”

In Summerland…

“Room E11 and here is your card key.” The receptionist says to me.

I go up into my room and looked out of the window. Summerland was a tropical paradise. Trees, Beaches, the goods. I was going to call room service until I saw some shady characters walking around the hotel. It was the Go-Rock squad. A band of wannabe rangers who used super styluses to capture pokemon. They are always wearing red, black, and white jump suits with a yellow wig on. I get Typhlosion’s pokeball and head out of the hotel.

“Okay the ranger with the Typhlosion is in this hotel!” One of the Go-Rock members said.

“What does he look like?” The other member says fixing his wig.

“He has on the Ringtown uniform on.” The member replies.

I overheard them talking about me. They are not what you call smart. I ready my pokeball. I think to myself that they have never seen a pokemon battle before.

“It’s him use the super stylus!” The Go-Rock member says. I released Typhlosion as so as they saw me.

“Okay shut your yap!” The other member says lunching the super stylus towards me. The stylus started to make a blue ring around my Typhlosion. If the ring got too tight, they could take my Typhlosion from me!

“They must not know. Typhlosion go and use flame wheel!” I yelled as the Volcano pokemon was released

“Typhlo!” Typhlosion yells turning into a red fiery missile while charging towards the stylus.

The stylus breaks easily. The men were shocked to find a pokemon so strong! I of course knew they were no threat but why did they want Typhlosion or even me. The other member showed me a Poliwrath. It seemed to be controlled by the stylus. With a water pokemon teamed with a stylus means trouble for Typhlosion. The Poliwrath made some pretty bubbles but not the ones you would want to be in. The bubble traps my Typhlosion. Now the stylus is making rings around my Volcano pokemon. The battle has just begun.

“Typhlosion use a thunder punch on Poliwrath then break the stylus with a flame wheel!” I say filling the exhilaration from the battle. Typhlosion charges up his electrified fist. The sparks breaks the bubble and Typhlosion punches the spiral center of the tadpole pokemon. Then Typhlosion turned into a flaming missile once again and broke the stylus. “This is too easy.” The Go-Rock members ran away with their wigs flying off.

“Hmm your skill might be useful to our cause.” A man says in a black Wintown Ranger outfit standing next to the hotel.

“Who the heck are you?” I ask returning my Typhlosion into its red and white sphere.

“I’m what you call a renegade ranger.” The man says.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“I want you to join us. See we renegade rangers used to be rangers. We mostly got fired or quit.” The man explains. “The name is Neil.

“Why do you dress in black and still wearing your old uniform?” I ask. I really think I need to stop asking him questions.

“All of your questions can be answered if you join us. Here’s a card.” Neil says giving me a black card with the picture of a Lucario saying, “The revenge is sweet but the help to the world is sweeter.” The man walk’s toward a blue dinosaur looking pokemon with a shell on its back. He boards his Lapras and rides off on the ocean.

I go back to the hotel and ponder on the decision. The fact that I could get my revenge against Lunick was great. Moreover, I would be protecting pokemon. I decide to go. I spray painted my Ringtown uniform black to look the part. I call Kindra telling her about what I’m doing. She doesn’t seem to like the idea but she’s glad I am doing something. I wake up and eat my morning breakfast. I gather my pokeballs and grab the card. I read the card’s directions and head to Sekra Range.

Hours later…

I made it to Wintown, the northernmost city in Fiore. This place is colder than most places but I can deal. As I head towards the entrance towards Sekra Range, I see a wanted poster of Neil. I could see his dark but calm eyes. He had a black long perm. I ignored the picture and headed further out of the city limits.

“Welcome to our secret base!” Neil says. “This is where you will be briefed and debriefed on your missions.”

“Hi umm where do I sign up?” I ask.

“How old are you?” He asks me while booting up his computer.

“16.” I say waiting to get my official I.D.

“Mickey Brown, age 16, Rank 5.” The computer says in a robotic voice processing the I.D.

“Why rank 5 so early?” I ask while receiving my I.D.

“You are more experienced than most of the renegade rangers that we have with your battling skills and all. Now let me show you around.” Neil says starting to showing me around the base.

“You never answered my question of why do we wear black?” I asked Neil.

“It’s just to show that we’re outcasts.” He says still showing me the base. I never did like the word outcast.

The base isn’t large. It looks like the other ranger bases with machines and maps. Everyone was wearing black ranger uniform talking with each other or being briefed. Mostly Fall City design.

“I sorry that you couldn’t have a chance to get to know everybody but you’ll be going on your first mission now. You’ll investigate The Go-Rock squad in the Olive jungle.” Neil briefs me. “You’ll have a partner to accompany you.” I liked the fact that I wouldn’t be alone.

“Okay I’m ready!” I say getting ready for my first mission. The last mission I went on was back when Lunick had stopped Gordor and I had to make sure there were no more Go-Rock members in there secret base.

“Hi, I’m Donny I’ll be your partner.” A boy who looks 15 wearing a black Ringtown ranger uniform with a black headband and has a red ponytail says. “So you’re the ranger well let’s go.” He was a little too excited.

Donny and I walked out of the base. We talked about how we got to be in the renegade rangers. He was a trainer 2 years ago but joined the ranger union after being last in the Hoenn tournament. He was fired from being a ranger for catching pokemon permanently. His pokemon, Donphan, was at Fiore Temple and had followed him after the Gordor incident so he caught it. Spencer saw him and fired him on the spot. We took a sub to Summerland so we got there faster.

“Well we’re here!” I say pointing at the entrance. It was raining and it was very humid. Typical in Olive Jungle. I was glad that my hotel was just a few miles away because as soon as I’m done I can go straight to sleep. As we entered the deepest part of the lush green jungle with plenty of pokemon and exotic plants, I spot a Grovyle family being tortured by the Go-Rock squad. We hid in the bushes and tried to think of a plan.

“I’ll get Grovyle; you just save the rest of the family.” I commanded quietly. We split up and I hid in another bush. I had to act now!

“Hello!” I say punching the first goon I see. After I punched him I kneed him in the stomach to knock him out. As a renegade, I can things like that. His little friend comes from behind and I just elbowed him in the nose. I turned around and grabbed Grovyle, before the other Go-Rocks noticed. I put the green gecko pokemon somewhere safe. I through out Typhlosion.

“Thy!” Typhlosion screams. I nod my head and he goes on to help Donny. All of a sudden a blue streak comes across my face. When I look down I see a Stylus. Next I hear a familiar voice.

“So Mickey long time no see.” A voice says up in the trees. A Boy with a Ringtown ranger outfit with a red headband with blue shaggy hair. “Who would have thought that Mickey would be the enemy?”

“Lunick. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kick your ***!” I say. I usually don’t swear but this guy gets me mad.
“Why don’t I have to be the enemy? Just because-” I say before he cuts me off.

“Give me the Grovyle and nobody gets hurt.” He says while his Minun comes for the rear. I look at the battle between Donny and Go-Rock Squad. Donny had released his Donphan.

“Typhlosion come here we have a score to settle.” I tell Typhlosion and he immediately comes to me. “I know you do not know how to battle but try to capture my Typhlosion.”

“Okay!” Lunick says getting his stylus and putting it in the launcher. “Minun let’s go!” He says while the Blue rabbit looking pokemon stands by his side.

He launches his stylus and it starts to circle Typhlosion but it’s not enough. It breaks the line. Typhlosion tries to shoot a flamethrower at the stylus but it moved just a little bit too fast.

“Typhlosion wait until it starts to feel tight then use flame wheel!” I tell my fire pokemon. It started to make rings around Typhlosion. While this was going on, I looked a Minun that whole time until…

“Minun discharge NOW!” Lunick says while clenching his fist and giving a slight grin. Typhlosion was shocked at full power that left him paralyzed. Typhlosion could have been caught just then if it wasn’t for a little green surprise.

“Grovyle!” The little green gecko says. Grovyle had used a leaf blade cutting the stylus line and knocking Minum out. It had a favor it had to return. I returned the volcano pokemon. I let Grovyle finish the bout. Grovyle was quick but Lunick’s stylus was quick too. All of a sudden, his stylus got a speed boost ensnaring Grovyle in a tight bind. Now I couldn’t think of anything but to wait.

“Grooooo!” The green gecko pokemon yells. The leaves on its arm began to grow thanks to its special ability overgrow. It had made a mini explosion. Lunick’s stylus had broken. In shock he exits the jungle saying words that would stick to me for probably the rest of this fic (If it lasts that long).

“Mickey, a person’s values makes him strong. Knowing what you fight for and why is almost important as fighting itself.” Lunick says walking away. “I don’t know why I told you that but hopefully it’ll help you.” I didn’t understand it. Somehow, I knew that it would help in my days as a renegade. I turn around and see the Grovyle at my feet. I guess it wanted to stay with me to repay its debt. I through the pokeball at it. It sealed itself as soon as I threw the pokeball. I felt overjoyed. My eyes brightened as went to go find my partner.

“Mickey they’re gone!” Donny says from behind. “They left after Donphan and I broke their styluses.”

“Let’s go back to base and debrief.” I say heroically. “No. I’ll go to my hotel and you’ll debrief us.” I say while slightly laughing. I start to walk back to my Summerland Hotel


“Did you capture the Venesaur?” A man with grey hair a purple suit and white beady eyes says.

“Yes Sir Rock!” A grunt says in the shadows of an office.

“Ha ha ha!” The man laughs manically.

Back at the hotel…

I take off my clothes and take a long shower. Getting all of the dirt and grime off my body from the mission I did earlier. I check my poke’gear for any messages to find one from Kindra. It said that she was in Fall City checking out some factory. I assumed she was talking about Dusk Factory. She also said that she had seen some mysterious figures there. I sent her a message back saying meet me there tomorrow at 12:00. I also sent a message to Neil saying that I will be investigating Dusk factory. I decided to watch a pokemon reality show but I nodded off.

“yawn!” I say waking up ready and alert. I put on my uniform and headed out the door. It was 11:00am. I took the ferry to Fall City. When I got to Fall City, a festival had started. I had to keep cover because renegade rangers were wanted here. I don’t know why we were wanted in Wintown and Fall City. I walked to Dusk Factory quietly, not trying to catch any attention. It was 11:59am. Kindra was supposed to be here. I waited thirty more minutes before going inside of the since dismantled factory.

The factory was surprisingly lit. The factory was functional. It had scientists, machines, henchmen you name it. The factory looked run down from outside. I started to snoop around the factory trying not to be caught or it’s a one-way ticket to graveville. There weren’t many cameras in there so I had a chance to snoop and get out. There were many pokemon in cages. Mostly fire, water, grass types. If it were up to me, I would at least put some psychics or something in there.

“Mickey, Mickey over here!” I hear someone say to me.

“Kindra, what are you doing in here?” I ask her.

“I was checking out the area until some of the scientists saw me.” Kindra explains to me. “They locked me up and put me in this cage.”

“Well let me get you out of here.” I say quietly reaching for Grovyle’s pokeball.

“Here they come!” Kindra warns me. I find a corner to hide in so nobody would see me. I wait there for a couple of minutes. I got back up and grabbed Grovyle’s pokeball once again. Next thing I know I fill a sharp pain in my neck. The room got fuzzy and I started to feel faint. I was out like a light.
is fic is rated PG for violence and some language.

This is chapter one. Please help me out with any problems you have

FT92 ;157;

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
.. First: Lol

Your prologue is simply lol. Your fic is lol.

They are unlike trainers who actually keep their pokemon. They don’t believe in actually taking pokemon from their Habitat.

EEEEEH. Wrong. Top rangers can take pokemon out of their habitat, because they are, and can be trusted, to have the will and the power to make the emotional bond that's needed to keep the pokemon calm in towns, and help them get back to their home habitat. They also have a partner pokemon, that can be taken anywhere. Partners are usually helpfull pokemon, such as Spenser's Fearow, or the Dragonite bus Rangers' Dragonite.

Played the game have you not D:


“You know you can’t own pokemon. It’s out of its habitat.”

“I’ve had this pokemon since I was eleven!”

“So you’ll have to release it!”


“Then you’re fired!”


Spenser is not like that. Spenser would muse and mull over this, he would ponder it for a good long while, and realise, he has a good ranger, that has spent time and etc and only did one mess up by owning one pokemon, when it is no different than having a partner pokemon.

Then Spenser would probably go over the fact a trainer he trusted and thought was so truthfull, had lied and decived him.

So yes, your breif, and poor characterisation of Spenser, is very, very poor indeed.

I'm sorry but it's like watching a train wreck, your character is a blatant gary stu, Renegade Rangers? If they were fired or quit, their stylus's would have been taken away, or they would have been found and busted by the Rangers, as I don't think you fully understand the concept behind, Pokemon Ranger, and if you played the game I shouldn't have to spell it out for you. You've gone and made it seem like your character is a poor, misunderstood character when he's not, he's shallow, and the pokemon in this fic are pokebots. Then it's also rushed, the description is also poor, as poor as this fic is rushed, and well, overall.

You should go back to the drawing board and play Ranger some more, before attempting to make another fic about it.


The Point of Origin
I've taken this into consideration. I made spenser like that because it's my fic no offence. I do have and completed the game. I know how everyone acts. I just twisted the personalities to make more controvercy.

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
I've taken this into consideration. I made spenser like that because it's my fic no offence. I do have and completed the game. I know how everyone acts. I just twisted the personalities to make more controvercy.

And you know, not alot of people like their fave characters personalites being twisted, or OOC'd for the convenience for a Gary Stu plot/character/fic. How would you like it if someone made your character into a stupid, little ignorant villian, just because they wanted to glorify their own character?

A real challenge to a writer is to keep the characters that are cannon, In Character, and not twist them up to anything they fancy.

So yeah, it's your fic, but you've not made one Spenser fan happy ;/