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The Renegade Ranger Version 2.0 PG-13


The Point of Origin
Ok, I've been debating on posting my FULL re-write of this Fan Fiction for the 1st installment of Pokemon Ranger series for the longest. I've had it sitting here on my computer for 4 years now and its about time I get to posting here it is my final re-write if Renegade Ranger. Now it is a bit dated so I'll have to update the Pokemon used in the series and regions since I was only using everything but 5th Gen pokes in the series.

This is a fic based off the the ending of the first Pokemon Ranger game.
I suggest you read up on the plot of the first game so you can get some of the references and character motives. Here we meet Mickey, a Pokemon trainer who enlisted in the Ranger Union around the time Lunick(the main character in the first game) was about to finish of Go Rock(the antagonists of the first game). Here we catch up with Mickey sometime after the incident at Fiore Temple.

Rangers protect, serve, and help people and pokemon alike. They use pokemon in their quest by capturing them using a device called a stylus. It’s like a spinning top that encircles the pokemon, communicating the ranger’s feelings to it. Once you get a pokemon, you can either use them to catch other pokemon or to clear obstacles, but once you use them, they must be released.

Rangers are unlike trainers who actually keep their pokemon, unless it is a partner. They don’t believe in actually taking pokemon from their natural habitat.

Chapter 1: How a card can change one’s life

“You know you can’t own pokemon. It’s out of its habitat,” Spenser stated firmly.
Feeling myself grow even more defensive, I protested, “I’ve had this pokemon since I started my pokemon journey!”

“You still expect me to let you keep It, You must think I’m a fool.” he reinforced

“I do actually. This pokemon has been with me for years. What can it do in the wild?!” I was outraged at the prospect of giving up my first pokemon.

“This conversation is over.” Spenser responded walking out of the office

“WHAT!” I shouted. But it was too late. Spenser left the room and there was nothing more I could say.

Angry, I stormed out of the building and sat on the sidewalk. Fall City is a nice temperate town. I guess that’s where it got its name. It always feels like fall here. I sat there thinking about the recent pink slip I received. I looked my ranger uniform, which consisted of red shorts with a yellow ring around the hems, a black tank top with a standard red Ranger jacket. I ripped the Ranger Union logo off of out of anger. Then I looked toward my hair. It hadn’t been cut in ages but I liked the shaggy spiked haired look, especially since its raven black. Women like that sort of thing. I pondered my next movement. I figured I would rent a hotel in Summerland, a resort like area. Spend my last couple of days there before I head off to Unova to start my League Challenge…..again.

“Mickey is that you?” a voice said behind me.

I turned around suddenly, surprised at who I saw. “Kindra!” I could notice that mahogany brown ponytail anywhere. She always seemed to like her hair in that style.

“Fine?” said the 14 year old. She had a tropical themed dress on.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I had not seen her since we went our separate ways after our Hoenn League Challenge.

“On a vacation of course,” She responded with usual cheery smile. “I see you joined the Ranger Union.”

“Yea, I came here just to continue training,” I said looking at the ground. “It was fun while it lasted.” I held up the pink slip I had received recently from Spenser. She looked at me with disappointment.

“What the hell Mickey, why do you always get fired or quit?” She scolded and gave me a squinty eyed stare. I always hated her stare. It makes you feel a mix of fear and turmoil.

"I’m not supposed to have a captured pokemon in the service.” I said looking down at the cement sidewalk as the Tailow’s sing.

“Really now, good that it’s not your fault this time.” She joked with a sarcastic snide. I laughed, finally breaking my depression. They always did say that laughter is the best medicine.

“I’m about to rent a hotel room in Summerland wanna come?” I asked my former journey partner.

“Eh sorry Mickey I can’t, but we can hang out tomorrow if you like.” She informed me.

“Sure, but do you still have the same Poke’ Gear number or do you use the stupid Poke`NAV thing?” I questioned.

“No you fool, I have the new C-Gear that just came out not to long ago but I still have the same number. Stop living in the past Mickey." She told me rolling her eyes. Kindra was always on top of the newest tech regardless of how good it actually was. Me, on the other hand, just stuck with my old Poke' Gear.

"Well, its been awhile since I've been a regular trainer Kindra," I retorted. "Besides Silph Co. is supposed to be sending me my new model Poke' gear since I've been such a loyal customer all these years."

"That old thing BAH! The C-Gear is where it's at! 4G wireless connection and everything," She went on.

"Whatever Kindra, catch ya later." I said trying to end to conversation before she continued her rant. I made sure she had the same number and then we went our separate ways once again. I smiled and thought about our old journeys together as I got my luggage from my old quarters and left for the first bus to Summerland.

“Room E11 and here is your card key.” the hotel receptionist said to me.

I took the card and went up into my room, gazing out the window when I got there. Summerland was a tropical paradise. Trees, beaches, the goods... Looking at the magnificent view, I saw shady characters walking around the hotel. It was Go-Rock, a band of wannabe rangers who used styluses to capture pokemon just like regular rangers do. They were always wearing red, black, and white jumpsuits with a yellow wig on.

Wondering what they were up to, I grabbed my Typhlosion’s pokeball and headed out of the hotel.

“Okay, the ranger with the Typhlosion is in this hotel!” one of the Go-Rock members said.

“What does he look like?” the other member asked, fixing his wig.

“He has the Ranger uniform on you idiot!” the member replied. I peeked around the corner to see what I was up against. Not much I assumed but my assumptions have gotten me in trouble more times than I can count. I spotted what seemed to be a Poliwrath. I stepped out just to get more of a peek.

“It’s him—use the stylus!” One of the Goons shouted.
“Damn it!” I cursed. I placed my hand of Typhlosion’s Pokeball. This would be a piece of cake...

“Okay, shut your mouth!” the other member answered, launching the stylus towards me. The top started to made visible yellow rings around my Typhlosion. Once the rings begin to encircle a pokemon, it only takes a few revolutions before it completely ensnares the pokemon. The number of rotations around a pokemon differs between the species.

“Typhlosion use Flame Wheel to break the stylus!” I yelled as the volcano pokemon was released.

“Typhlooooo!” Typhlosion roared. It covered itself in flames and charged towards the spinning top.

The stylus broke easily from the rushing flames. The men were shocked to find a pokemon so strong! I of course, knew they were of no threat, but why did they want Typhlosion or even me?

“Crap, where’s the Poliwrath?” One of the goons screamed. The Poliwrath fired a monstrous bubble at my Typhlosion. When partner pokemon are used, they only use a certain attack. Water pokemon always use bubble, and this bubble doesn’t hurt, it traps.

“Typhlosion, use a Thunderpunch on Poliwrath then focus your attention on finishing off the stylus!” I yelled, feeling exhilarated from the battle. Typhlosion charged up his electrified fist. The sparks broke the bubble and Typhlosion punched the spiral center of the tadpole pokemon. Typhlosion then focused its attention towards the stylus. It grabbed the grey spinning top, charged its paw, and gave it the coup de grace by crushing it.

“Son of a….retreat!” The Go-Rock member yelled as he ran away with his partner.

“Damn good job Typhlo,” I complimented my Typhlosion. I extended my fist towards Typhlosion and we met half way. The fist bump is our winning ritual. I picked up the Poliwrath and used a quick super potion on it. It hopped up and ran off.

“Just doing my part.” I reassured myself, still feeling like the ranger I think ought to be.

“Not bad.” A voice said in the distance. I turned around to see a man with piercing grey eyes with his Lapras. His eyes were all I could look at. As if they were made with tranquil fury.

“Who the hell are you?” I demanded, recalling my Typhlosion into its red and white sphere. I have always been a suspicious person and this had a look of oddity written all over him.

“I’m what you call a Renegade Ranger,” he replied slightly moving his brown lock of hair.

“What do you want?” I asked, still a bit apprehensive.

“I want you to join us. See, we Renegade Rangers used to be rangers. We mostly got fired or quit,” the man explained. “The name is Neil.” I observed the 20 something male quickly trying to figure him out. He wore a different version of the standard Ranger Uniform. One I was unfamiliar with. It was black, apparently spray-painted. Instead of the vest it was just a very tight shirt that basically showed his chest and abdominal muscles, and pants that had a yellow around the hems except with the RU logo on it. The pants also a Poke’ ball belt, indicating that he was, in fact, a trainer.

“Are you trying to become darker and edgier by wearing black?” I joked still attempting to figure the guy out. “You’re not Venom you know.”

“Ha all of your questions can be answered if you join us. Here’s a card,” Neil said while chuckling, giving me a black card with the picture of a Lucario. The man walked toward a blue dinosaur looking pokemon with a shell on its back. He boarded the Lapras and rode off on the ocean.

I returned to my room and pondered on the decision of being this “renegade”. I lay down on the bed and folded my arms behind my head to get comfortable. The premise of being a Renegade Ranger sounded fun actually. Going against everything Spencer stood for and training my pokemon? Sounded like a good idea to me. Not deciding too swiftly, I called up Kindra to see what she thought.

“Hey Mickey, What’s up? She answered.

“Hey I’m thinking about joining this group called the Renegade Rangers.” I explained like school girl talking to her friends about a new boyfriend.

“Why does this not sound good?” Kindra said very unsure about the situation. "Just don't go joining some organization just because they seem to mean well, do Team Aqua and Magma ring a bell?"

“Just hear me out okay,” I said starting to explain myself, “It seems to me the group is a bunch guys, like me, who were fired from the Ranger Union. The way I see it, I can continue to serve as a Ranger, protecting pokemon albeit probably being well…err…illegal.”

“Well, I’m fine with it for now.” She told me calmly.

“Wait what?” I responded in shock.

“The eleventh commandment Mickey, thou shall not get caught.” Kindra responded in an eerily happy tone. "Just make sure you know what you're getting into, I don't wanna end up hearing about you on the 10 O'clock news"

“Okay then it’s settled,” I said while still a bit shocked by her words. “I guess I talk to you after I get signed up and everything.”

“Be safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!!” She cheerfully told me while hanging up. I put down my Poke’gear decided to get ready for the next day. I went to the local convenience store and picked up some scissors and some yellow and black dye. I returned to my hotel and removed my ranger uniform. I decided that since I am going to become a Renegade Ranger I must play the part. I proceeded to cut the sleeves on my jacket. Give my jacket that biker look. I decided to ditch the shorts and grabbed an old pair of Khaki Cargo pants that I never wore. I eventually put both articles of clothing in the dye.

After it finished dying, I put on my pajamas, ready for bed. I looked in the mirror and attempted to flex my muscles. My barely there tone showed. I needed to buff up. I then took a look at my hair. I took the scissors and cut it to the point where it wasn’t shaggy. I combed it back leaving a few spikes in the front. I was set for tomorrow.

Beep, beep, beep went my annoying alarm clock. Instead of hitting the snooze button like I usually do, I turned my alarm off and got ready for the big day. After taking a quick shower, I put on my newly dyed uniform. Complete with the yellow hems I saw Neil have at the bottom of his pants, except on the part where my sleeves would be. I got a continental breakfast also known as those generic Brand Flakes you get at the super market. Chock filled with little to no sugar, much to my displeasure. Once I walked out of the hotel I realized that I was in Uniform.

“Crap, I forgot that I’m basically an outlaw.” I said to myself. I took off my jacket and decided to place it in my book bag for safe keeping. Just like Spiderman I thought to myself heading towards the bus. While waiting I pulled out the card Neil had given me. I flipped it over to see where exactly I should be going. The location given was a small area in Sekra Range, a mountainous area located north of Wintown, the coldest city in the Fiore Region. It didn’t tell exactly where in Sekra Range, so I was a little bit confused to where I was going. The bus finally came. I payed the bus fare and sat down in my seat trying to look as normal as possible.

“LAST STOP WINTOWN!” The Bus driver yelled monotonously. Half-Awake from the long bus ride, I exited the bus rubbing my eyes trying to get a clear look of the city.

“Welcome to Wintown!” Neil greeted upon my arrival actually wearing the Ranger Union Jacket

“Oh so you’re here to greet your new member.” I joked again still attempting to figure him out.

“A wise cracker I see, or is that just a way of trying to figure me out?” Neil explained, by that point creeping me out.

“What?” I asked trying to throw him off.

“I’m just kidding, hey let’s go we can talk on the way there.” He laughed and started on his way with me following.

“So why do you want me to join?” I asked as we walked through the chilling Wintown. Pine trees swaying in the wind, townsfolk all locked inside due to the weather.

“I had been scouting for new members and came upon you,” He began to answer. “I read about your numerous rescues of Pokemon during the Fiore Temple incident a few months back. After hearing that Spencer had let you go, I decided to test your merit.”

“Wait you sent the Go-Rock goons?!” I asked in shock?

“No, I merely observed you.” He answered politely with those cold grey eyes staring at me. "By pointing those guys to your direction."

“So I guess that battle with those simple thugs was just a simple test of skill?” I asked exiting the town and entering Sekra Range, where it was even colder. This guy was really hard to figure out and his intentions seemed to be.....vague for the lack of a better word.

“Yes but it proved more useful than ever,” Neil responded. “You were originally a Pokemon trainer who participated in the regional league tournaments, placed pretty high in those as well. That sort of skill is needed to fight the good fight.” The good fight eh? Sounds pretty good, I thought to myself. We continued walking in the canyon like area filled with pokemon such as Graveler, Snorlax, and Machoke. We stopped at a giant bolder. He fiddled around with it and a keyboard popped out.

“Just to let you know, the password is Arazel.” Neil told me typing the exact same word he said on the keyboard. The face of the boulder seemed to pop out making an entrance.

“Nice.” I complimented genuinely impressed by the technology they have despite their status as a renegade.

“I thought you would like it, hehe.” He chuckled as we walked into the base. We entered an elevator and proceeded to go down. As the door opened, I saw something I did not expect.

“A lot bigger than you thought eh?” Neil asked me while I looked in awe.

“Holy Crap, it’s just like the Fall City’s base, with all the rangers….and…I cannot believe it.” I said jumping all over the place. I had not expected it to be an exact replica of the command centers of the Ranger Unions. A huge map of the entire Fiore region, a transportation system with a Flygon as the ride unlike the Dragonite the Ranger Union uses, computers, lounge. Actual Renegade Rangers with their own custom uniforms conversing, battling their pokemon, going on missions. I was star struck.

“I bet you wonder how we are able to afford all of this.” Neil asked taking the words right out of my mouth.

“Yeah, I would assume you don’t get the same amount of income from employers.” I responded still in shock and awe.

“Exacta, we get most of our tech from the old abandoned Go-Rock base,” He answered leading me to his desk. “Our missions do supply us income though, we take the jobs that The Ranger Union won’t.” He pointed at a chair where I could sit.

“Like?” I asked sitting down in the chair while he booted up his computer.

“Mainly things like dealing with like the remnants of Go-Rock, helping Pokémon trainers, I could go on.” He replied typing thing in on his computer.
“Okay last question…Who employs us if we’re technically outlaws of Fiore?” I asked trying to make sense of the entire operation.

“Well we usually get contacts from anonymous employers about different situations. They usually feel that the Ranger Union doesn’t do enough so they call us,” He answered still clicking and typing on his computer. “Ah here we go, alright I’m gonna need you’re information so you can be registered in the system. How old are you?”

“Sixteen.” I answered trying to look at his screen to no avail.

“Hometown?” He asked again typing down the information.

“Viridian City.” I answered with a small sad tone. I missed being home sometimes.

“Alright then...here we go. Mickey Brown, Age Sixteen, Hometown Viridian City, Rank…..5”

“Wait what a Rank 5 already?” I asked in surprise?

“In the Renegade Rangers, we don’t rank according to missions completed,” He began to explain waiting for my new Ranger I.D. to print. "We rank based on Skill, and yours is already apparent. Here’s your I.D.” I took my newly obtained I.D. and put it in my pocket. I decided to look around the Renegade Base a little more to get a feel of the atmosphere. I met up with a lot of the Renegades who all told me their experiences with the Ranger Union. Some were fired due to capturing Pokémon. Other’s had the same problem I had, having a captured Pokémon while in service.

“OKAY EVERYONE!!!” I along with everyone else turned to see. Neil stood on top of a platform in front of a huge TV monitor.“OK…we just got word of a Go-Rock Remnant squad in Olive Jungle capturing some Pokémon, mostly Grass-types. We don’t know why they are taking just Grass-type Pokémon but them taking those Pokémon and doing God know what to them isn’t what we condone. As a Ranger it is our duty to protect Pokémon. Now…are there any volunteers?”

One person raised their hand.

“Ok great Donny you’re on the case,” Neil complied happily. “But this isn’t a one man show here. So we’re going to need a partner for this mission. Any takers?” Everyone kept their hands down. “Oh come on what’s so bad about Olive Jungle?” Neil asked shaking his head in disgust. “The whole Groudon thing was a myth, it didn’t happen.” What were they so scared of? It was just a jungle filled to the brim with Pokémon of all kinds of species, nothing out of the ordinary. I guess they were afraid of that Groudon that used to be there that is now long gone. Whatever the matter someone had to help this guy out might as well be the new guy.

“I’ll do it.” I responded raising my hand high with a smirk creping on my face. My first Mission as a Renegade, this was going to be easy.

That is the end on Chapter 1. So yeah hope you guys enjoy..

~FT92 ;157;