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The Request Treehouse

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Bashaamo, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    You're welcome.
    One thing- I can't find the Verdanturf Battle Arena- I know what you're talking about, but I can't find it. ^^;
    So you can choose a different background...
  2. Magical May

    Magical May Guest

    Ok :) hmmm... can you do it on the beach of the route left to Petalburg City??? Srry for the wrong background :(
  3. du1387

    du1387 Exploring Sinnoh

    Could I please have a trainer card?

    Trainer: Lucy
    Background: anythink black and blue
    Name: Crystal
    Fav Type: Dark
    Pokemon: Raichu, Suicune, Lugia, Espeon, Latias, and Lucario.
    Pokemon next to trainer: absol
    Badges: all of them

    Thank You in advance
  4. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    NO, NO, and NO.
    wobbuffetds- 2 Warnings
    du1387- 1 Warning

    Magical May: It's not your fault, don't be sorry.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2006
  5. Magical May

    Magical May Guest

    Thank you for the Battle Scene... can you change some things please? Don't do if you don't want to!
    1. Both on the beach please
    2. The trainer and pokémon next to each other
    3. Levitating little hearts (then it will be just like a May doing Attract) :)
    Hope you will change, but I love it already!
  6. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    The image is now edited.
  7. Magical May

    Magical May Guest

    I'm srry but i can't see it... could you post it?
  8. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    By image edited, I mean the image I posted before that you asked me to edit was edited by what you asked me to do.
    Requests are finally open again now.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2006
  9. pyroboi27

    pyroboi27 Get in my belly!!

    can i request a battle scene?plz.

    Pokémon: charizard and shiny sandslash vs.zangoose and shiny dragonite
    Pokémon's Stats: all pokemon have 50% health and all boys,charizard and dragonite lv.100 and sandslash and zangoose lv.98
    Arena: mount ember peak mlotres watching in the backgorund if not then just leave moltres out
    Text: moltres is mine! eme.boy trainer,only if u beat me FRLG boy trainer
    Attacks: charizard flamethrower,dragonite dragon claw, sandslash and zangoose both crush calw

    Miscellaneous: i want the boy EME.trainer with dragonite and zangoose and FRLG trainer with charizard and sandslash
    thanks in advance
  10. Magical May

    Magical May Guest

    Yeah ok... but you have to post it again... because I still don't have it like that :)
  11. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon


    Pyroboi27, your request is accepted.
  12. Buizeru

    Buizeru Well-Known Member

    May I have a Banette Chao please?
  13. Kane

    Kane Guest

    Pokémon: Scizor,Heracross vs Sneasle, Breloom
    Pokémon's Stats: Scizor and Breelom 50% hp and other two 25% life. All Lv 75
    Arena: Any Hoenn League battle Arena
    Text: Boy on left : You won't win this time Kane. Boy on right: We shall see about that.
    Attacks: Scizor-Metal Claw, Heracross-Mega Horn, Sneasle-Icy Wind, Breloom-Dynamic Punch.
    Trainer sprites: Guy on left- Cool trainer Male. Guy on right- Norman.

    Thank you in advance and If possible may i have a Grumpig Chao?
  14. £añkaÑ

    £añkaÑ ~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~

    Trainer Sprite: FRLG Gary (anyone of his positions)
    Pokemon Next To Trainer: Gardevoir
    Background: Flamish
    Name: Lankan
    Favorite Type: None
    Pokemon: Gardevoir, Blaziken, Cacturne, Roselia, Flygon, Lapras
    Badges: If possible I’d like blank :D, if not all 8 hoenn badges
    Base Color: None

    Thx in ADVANCE :D, if possible PLZ pm me, if not..i'll check at a point soon :D again thanks in advance
  15. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    Hi Can i get a Battle Scene
    ::Overworld Battle Scene Form::
    Pokémon:dragonite VS Glalie
    Arena: In Lilycove the Beach
    Attacks: dragonite:Extrespeed if not then Safeguard
    Glalie:Ice Beam
  16. Magical May

    Magical May Guest

    huh... the battle scene you made for me again isnt any different :S i asked the following:
    Both trainers on the beach
    Trainer above pokémon
    Hearts in the middle, like a may doing attract...
    Is that possible???
  17. Dean

    Dean Wonder of Thunder!

    Can i have a jolteon chao?
  18. jd2718635

    jd2718635 Guest

    can i have a battle scene please?
    place: battle tower
    under scene message: metagross used earthquake
    scisor fled with fly
    pokémon: metagross vs scisor
  19. SneaselReject

    SneaselReject Wimpy Pokemon RULE!

    Can I please have an overworld battle scene?

    Pokémon:a Sneasel colored like in my sig vs. a shiny Zangoose
    Pokémon's Stats: Sneasel: female named Suruu if you can. 75/100. 1/4 gone. Level 50
    Zangoose: male named Weiman. 50/100. 1/2 gone. level 50
    Arena:Mt. Ember Peak
    Text: Weiman used beat up!...Suura is crying?!
    Attacks: Weiman: Beat Up
    Experience Points: none for both
    Miscellaneous: Suura crying
  20. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Hey, I'm not a forgetful person. I remember you said that, and I edited the pic. Maybe I should save it in another file. Try this-

    The rest, accepted.

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