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The Request Treehouse

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Bashaamo, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Arbok of Doom

    Arbok of Doom Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm back :) I'd like to request something, an avatar
    You say you're a starter at it, but I saw one of you and it's great!
    Can I have this picture with on it the text: Marc
    Picture: [​IMG] (srry, couldn't get it in a link )
    Size: for msn plz (dont know size exactly) but has to fit in msn
    hope you'll do :D
  2. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    I couldn't resize the original pic to MSN's size, so I just took your resized one. >_< Yes, I'm horrible. ;>> But I managed to do it. I know this isn't good, please feel free to not use it if you don't like it.
  3. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2006
  4. evilman378

    evilman378 The e-unit

    Can i pls hav chaos for: Feraligatr, Charizard, Snorlax, Sceptile, Latias and Lucario
  5. Arbok of Doom

    Arbok of Doom Well-Known Member

    Lol, man, it's F***** awesome!!! You're great :D thankx a lot =D
  6. Rufinito18

    Rufinito18 mE Entertainment

    Youre really good. Can I have an avatar with this

    Can I have one of your fancy Borders ? And with a cutvy font, can you write: Lulu, Final Fantasy X

    size, 100 x 100 plz
  7. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    All of you: Okay, okay.
  8. ĦÅж ΫōỰ

    ĦÅж ΫōỰ Comic Lover

    can i plz have a Tyranitar Chao :)
  9. Xtra

    Xtra You will be missed:(

    Can i have a Plusle Chao, Please?

    Pokemon:plusle (nicknamed Plus)
  10. Thankyou Bashaamo for the BRILLIANT shiny (not shiney) card. lol
    Im sorry I havent been on in a while to thank you.
    Could you please make me a chao of Shiny Tauros for me please. it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Sure. I'll work on it after I finish the previous requests. I try to do requests in order to restrain from people complaining... ;>>
    Xtra: FINALLY! A new chao to make... ;>>
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2006
  12. Rufinito18

    Rufinito18 mE Entertainment

    I wont complain :p hehe

    anyhow, You do very good avatars
  13. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Rufinito, I can't do the "Cutvy" font ^^; Sorry. I can only do the "puny" square-ish text. And by the way, for the avatars, I do nothing to your pic. I just add the border and lighten the part of the img in the small squares and the outer... square thing. Also, I'd like to confess that I use Paint and Microsoft Word, no Photoshop. *Everyone present gasps* Great, now I'm considered an amateur. o_O But I am an amateur...
    - Feraligatr -

    - Rukario -
    [Credit to Volteon for all of the above]

    - Charizard -

    - Latias -

    - Snorlax -

    - Sceptile -

    Rufinito: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/blaziken77/r18r1.png
    Ash_Pikachu: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/blaziken77/Trainer Cards/apr2.png
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2006
  14. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon T3h Blazing Ranger!

    Can I please have a Coordinator card?
    Id No.:666666
    Name: Cool Matias (if it´s long just Matias)
    Base Color: blue
    Specialty: (Smart, Cute, Cool, Tough, Beauty): Cool
    Ribbon(s): (Same as above): Cool
    Star Pokémon: Espeon (shiny please)
    Trainer Sprite: FR/LG rival
    Pokémon next to Trainer: Espeon (shiny please)
    6 Pokémon: Espeon (shiny please), Blaziken, Nidoking (shiny please), Tyranitar (shiny please), Arcanine (shiny please), Glailie
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Dr. Zafs

    Dr. Zafs Grrr... Bite Me...

    can i get a cacturne chao


    Edit: god im retarted i didnt see that the shop was closed srry
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2006
  16. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Thank you for realizing that, Dr. Zafs. You're lucky, I won't count that as a warning...
    Blaze Dragon, you have a warning. The shop's closed. Next time, read the first post before you post yourself.
  17. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon T3h Blazing Ranger!

    Ups, sorry
  18. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    No problem.
  19. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    I think you skipped me
  20. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

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