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the resort house furniture, uncommon taste for a teenager?


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I dont think that it is so out of taste for a teenager to want a Villa with the furniture that is avaliable. obviously they are mature teenagers and they might be thinking of the future its not like you are going to want most of the ridiculous things we teenagers have these days when your are nearing your retirement so i just think that they are mature teens and they are thinking of the future.


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plus it's gotta look nice for the grown ups when they barge into your house and say gimme a tour! now!


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Well, if you picked to be a boy, you should have gotten I dunno, Chimchar statues or something instead of Glameow statues.

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I think it was supposed to be fancy.Not for the character.


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yeah, so we can show off to the people who visit. :p
i like the bed. it looks comfy
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It is kinda old-fashined but idc cus i got both the glameow statues xD


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I generally think it looks fancy and lets renember it wasn't orriginally for the trainer but steven stone

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The furniture is fine, and besides, it's not like you're going to spend every second of your life in there.

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I think that the funiture is boring

It would be more if it was more kiddish....lol


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The teenage protagonists like those mature-looking stuff because they wanna act mature (or look mature). Like me, I am a teenager but I kinda like those kind of furniture too because they look simple yet elegant.

If you hate the mature-looking furniture, I suggest you should build a secret base instead since there's a lot more fun and "young" stuff going on there.