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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by bobandbill, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Rotomknight


    about when will the final chapter/epilouge be up....

    I can so see miror b. going bezerk bout' the fro...

    great job...

    take this cookie and begin a xd fic
  2. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    Just a few things I noticed.
    That should be "out of reach."

    I think you either mean "in particular" or "particularly" here. Also Rui has Suicune? Nice.

    I think the others got the rest. So, this fic is almost over. Whatever you write next, be it a Gale of Darkness fic or something else, I hope it's just as crazy.
  3. It was more of wishful thinking on my part.

    Ah, I meant that I didn't see a possible shipping fic, until after this one is done, if you ever did do a shipping fic. I didn't mean that this one would never end. I think I left out a comma or two which would have made by true meaning more apparent. I didn't expect to have a new chapter (and one so long) so soon however; it's a nice treat. Good luck with the rest, can't wait.
  4. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Thanks for the reviews yet again, everyone!

    You sure want Yanma to evolve. =p And good to hear that you liked Miror B in this chapter. =)

    That's basically it, yes.
    I'm kinda glad I've nearly finished it now and that it's not going to be for a few more years in some ways. =p (My aim from the start was to finish this after all).
    On this (and some other bits with formatting)... no reason. =p They weren't like that in the original documents either nor other places I put the chapter up so I can only assume it's some hella strange formatting issues occuring when c+ping stuff onto forums at times. =/ But thanks for pointing out these and other errors too; they should be fixed now. =)
    That'd probably be the only tactic he can suggest though. =p
    Fire tends to be pretty effective on radios.
    It didn't; he was referring to watching the grunts being attacked by Wes' Feraligatr with water the sentence prior. Which followed after the end of the previous scene (ie I cut it off before that happened, or rather switched to Nascour's POV).
    No, I don't feel Hariyama could have heard it in the Poke Ball. Nor would he even fit in the Zoomer now, heh. So he was just being Hariyama.
    Nobody does. =p
    Good to hear you'll see what else I may happen to write then. =) Thanks for the review.
    Neither; those are just the lyrics of the song. (You may want to youtube Murder On The Dancefloor if you don't know it).
    I felt that a double battle there suited it fine and wanted to use Feraligatr then as well, so Espeon has the break just now. I will say all the main Pokemon will get an appearence next chapter though!
    All Pokemon want experience points.
    Also a quote from Space Ghost!
    Hurrah! \o/
    what if I do another comedy fic ;p
    I've heard of a bunch of competitions like that (as in 'throwing large/strange object' stype competition). He's probably already won them. =p
    If you ever want to date Rui...
    Just in case, but said shoe-throwing is actually the result of something Silva did late in the previous chapter, involving itching powder. ;p
    That... would actually be interesting to see. Pokemon characters in a fighting game.
    Like a rare candy! Those have a lot of experience points!
    Yes. They also hate blood and sppf. =p
    That may take too long to explain. =p
    Miror B is too cool for Bleach. Heck the manga he was in was very short lived!
    The Wes dance is actually a loose reference to the 'Wess' (two s) dance, which is my name for a dance performed by a character called Wess in the game Mother 3. If you check my signature over at pokecommunity you'll see a gif of that dance.
    Tom has not been forgotten. =p
    Dakim likes to try new things, is all I can say. XD Glad you enjoyed it though! And keep hoping for I'm not decided on that nor will be for some time. =p

    You're supposed to laugh not cry! D=

    Imagoine how I feel about nearing the end then, haha. Hopefully at any rate the last chapter will also be entertaining.
    As said earlier, the fic will be done within 2 months most likely from whenever I last said that. =p To be more specific, at least one of those is likely to appear in feb.

    I'm going to need much more than a cookie to do an XD fic just like that as well. =p
    Cheers for those corrections! And yes, I felt it was a decnt way to bring Suicune into the final place. Besides, Wes already has six main Pokemon including Entei.
    I think I might have a bit of trouble matching the events of this one, but we shall see! I do have a bunch of other fic ideas too lying around already, I may add.
    Fair enough. And thanks for the luck!

    Keep them coming! ;p
  5. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    Poor Nascour

    Behind Evice, there was Greevil. Behind Greevil is… Johnson? Pyrite Town’s policeman with an IQ not higher than a snails’ is the head of Cipher and… moreover is oblivious to this? JK. Nice 1st April joke. Or not…? D=

    Two cookies? Three cookies? A billion of cookies? JK, but I think we’re pressing you on this too much. :( Fans can have a horribly huge influence sometimes. Remember Conan Doyle?
  6. Rotomknight


    why are you referencing conan doyle: author of sherlock holmes?

  7. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    After some time of writing about Sherlock Holmes, he got tired and decided to stop. So, he decided to write a story where Sherlock Holmes dies at the hands of his worst enemy, Moriarty. But because his fans wouldn’t let him in peace, he had to “resurrect” him.

    Look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Conan_Doyle and

    It’s just that I sometimes get the notion that we press on b&b too much about the XD sequel, that’s all. Although, I agree, it would be nice to see one :)
  8. Rotomknight


    so true....

    both things

    yanma must evolve.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2012
  9. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I find the idea of a coffee-addicted Yanmega funny. I like the idea of people just giving it coffee out of fear that it will do them bodily harm and/or the idea of Yanmega threatening to do people bodily harm if it doesn't get coffee.


    You're right!

    Here's fifty trillion cookies.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2012
  10. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    I knew it

    Your right not even ichigo could defeat that much win. He was in a manga???!!! :O

    Well looks like i'm going to visit orre for a while and do research.

    Your right some of us do push the XD sequal a bit far on B&B(not that I do), but after reading this, I actually feel compelled to do an XD fic of my own now although there is less win in XD than colosseum, so i'd have to be really good at making random pointless stuff funny.
  11. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    If you want to know what Umbreon was talking about, read chapter 16.
  12. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    Actually, I wanted to know where the law of possibly losing your left came from. Now re-reading that chapter also the threat of yodelling puppet theatre for not double battling. I get that it said that they wanted his left arm when he started snagging just for basic crime but I would like how you came up with the idea. Also, if i did an XD fic of my own would be cool if I say, used the way you portrayed miror b. cuz i never really saw him as trying to take back a position of power as it seemed pointless. An XD version of him stealing shadow pokes from cipher and trying to stop their ressurection on his own terms and in a funny manner would be funnier. I'm just asking since nothing he did would be used or anything but i would have gotten the idea to use him in a funny type manner from you B&B you know with possible plagiarism and all i should get permission. I would do my best to turn him to my own style but its just the idea of his funniness and comedic antics is what i would try to get at.
  13. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    It's not April the first yet. ;p
    Yeah, I guess it is a touch much with the surprising amount of questions about an XD fic, but I guess also it was only to be expected. *shrug* Just that I have a lot of other ideas as well for different sorts of stories. Who knows, maybe they could turn out even better? =p
    Yes; it was an adaptation of Colosseum. Not many pages exist on the internet and it didn't last long (not sure if it meant to either). But Miror B appeared in it for a bit complete with lipstick. The scariest part of the manga though is actually Duking. ._. (I wonder if anyone knows why I say that?)

    If you just mean 'him fighting Cipher in XD' as a thing to take then that is fine (and kinda, imo, implied by the game too, although his motivation differs a bit).
  14. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue


    Let’s hope :) and good luck! And we the fans are always waiting…

    You mean the “Snatcher Leo” manga? If yes, then what was so scary about him? Is it because of him being portrayed like an… “oversized muscle-bag” with shut eyes? There where he’s just more muscle pumped than he should? Huge hands, small head? Like a gorilla?
  15. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's exactly what i was going to do with him remaining good and fights along side the xd main character against the newly revived cipher. It would be so much of a better story that way. Heck I already know i'm having Wes and maybe Rui make an appearance just for the sake that they weren't in XD and it would give me closure, but just wanted to know if i could use miror b. in that way, so thanks.
  16. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Yes. He had muscles coming out of his muscles. =(
    I think a lot of people, myself included, were annoyed they only appeared in the game by very vague reference. =(

    As for chapter progress, it is going steadily and already at ~ 13 pages! How long it ends up is another matter. =p Plus the whole editing process.
  17. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    Alright this sounds like it will be a smashing (yes i feel like digging into british slangs past) chapter to read. And yeah, i played the game really expecting that somewhere in the after story you face wes as a last boss of sorts, but no they get a vague reference and not even a statue for their efforts (hey that'd be great for them B&B to be tossed randomly in this last chapter) so i say screw spoilers they're apart of it, but the question will be when and how many appearances? Oooo i think i have a great idea for some part of the after story in my xd fic for them. I can say this is gonna be fun for the next year or so in my book.
  18. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    I kinda was too, but if you think about Wes, he really wasn't one for the limelight, and he's still somewhat of an idol in Orre. Outside of being maybe an advisor of sorts, why would he stick around in the Orre region, anyway? Rui's noit from there, Gonzap's still interested in killing him, Rui's not there, Cipher's interested in killing him when they resurface, let's see, anything else important giving him reason to leave? Oh, yeah. The girl.
  19. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Uh... I also feel now that we're talking more about XD than this current fic. Which is not about XD. =p So if you want to discuss stuff about XD then feel free to toss me a VM, but let's keep the reviews on the fic itself please.

    (Wes in the region or not by then, to not even mention him by name is 'blah', imo).
  20. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    But punching solves problems!

    Congrats to Makuhita (Hariyama) for evolving!

    And hee hee... it was great to get to see Miror B. and his Ludicolo kick some *** there in that last chapter. :D

    ...Of course you know I now have to wonder just how fast coffee would fly if it could.

    Well that's just nasty. :| You go back and clean that up the first chance you get, Golbat.

    Yes Yanma, many things are not coffee.

    Also, by Yanma's reasoning, I suppose coffee is coffeeful?

    Makuhita, you are a beautiful soul.

    Oh, you think you want that. Really, if you knew what coffee actually thinks of you, you'd... probably have managed to zip off to your next caffeine fix fast enough to actually escape the coffee's thoughts somehow. So hmm.

    Yanma doesn't really have trains of thought so much as disconnected toy train cars of thought being thrown downstairs in no particular order by an overcaffeinated toddler.

    Well why wouldn't he?

    I am now helplessly imagining Ein going around spicing up boring situations in the most *** way possible.

    Oh, come on, Nascour, at least let him have a little Entei plushie or something.

    Pretty apt description of the guy. Miror B. really is like a vehicle for his hair, much like a parasect is for its giant-*** mushroom.

    Heh, I like how, out of context, it can look like Metagross is, in actuality, responding to something being gross by preparing to hyper beam it into oblivion. Drop a bit of sandwich on the floor and Metagross'll remove the mess by removing an entire section of floor. Overkill is awesome.

    Pfffffff nice one, Silva. XD

    Anyone thinking about enrolling in the Dakim School of Cosmetology might want to reconsider.

    Thank you, Nascour, for causing me to start hearing the Phantasy Star IV battle music. :B

    It's a good thing that he then proceeded to grab something (or, well, someone, in his case) up, thus indicating what it was that he could do just as Dakim does. Otherwise Hariyama might have actually been saying that he too can make it look as though he wet his pants. Or that he can actually wet his pants.

    I don't think Hariyama wears pants, but that's beside the point, and the point's basically just a big ol' cone made of silliness anyway, so yeah.


    Nobody has style even approaching that of a wobbuffet. Nobody.

    I like how she's just kinda >:/ about the whole thing as she mirror coats him. XD Wobbuffet are awesome.

    XD I love how he says that.

    In addition to sending the host powerful signals to feed it and to propagate its fluffy species, the hairasite also commands its host to defend it at all costs.

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