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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by bobandbill, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    Uh...yeah sorry bout that B&B i guess i shouldn't have done that then. I'm going to make a guess for next chapter though. I see it so perfectly, first we had entei, then suicune, and finally raikou. Ah it must be the next legendary we see: LUGIA! It will finally bring rain and storm to the droughted region of orre whom quite frankly need it.
  2. X-ice654

    X-ice654 Angry Dawn is Angry

    Wow! I have been away from this site for awhile haven't I. Three new chapters posted. DARN YOU INTERNET, WHY DO DISTRACT ME SO!

    Well time for some of favorite parts of the chapters.

    Oh my, those poor stairs they must be in pain.

    Hey at least you aren't a crippled girl in a wheelchair falling on some stairs.

    XD hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

    ..........I don't punching would solve that problem. Unless you're knocked unconscious.
    My thoughts exactly, Wes my boy.

    Yes, Hariyama you did get bigger. There's something about the idea of a large sumo wrestler Pokemon throwing other Pokemon around that is strangely pleasing.

    Power-draining light bulbs....sounds like an invention of Dr. Kaminko, oh wait it is. Yeah, Probably not the best idea to invest in that Es Cade.

    Yeah, they must have some really lame parties.

    That's quite an interesting way of putting it. Truly agreeable and funny at the same time.
    Really Wes. Cause I'd probably enjoy it if only for the laughs I'd get out of it. Oh, and let’s not forget RUBBER DUCKS WITH LAZERS. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh, Umbreon this is one of the reasons why your my favorite Character in this FanFic.

    Miror B, you are one awesome guy. Let that be a lesson to all never mess with a man who has a Pokeball afro for hair

    Well, Hariyama if your experience points were up your butt you would......Wait a minute that doesn't seem to best thing to say does it. Amazing quote! LOL

    Wondrous chapters bobandbill since I've been away. Looking for to how this is all going to be wrapped up.

    Oh, and before I forget..........
  3. Rotomknight


    why did hariyama say #8?

    Probably a funny reference i do not get for being fourteen

    I just hope your next fic is humour driven and apropriate for a 14-year old

    In coliseum ho-oh makes a cameo and later on is catch-able if you dare to purify every single shadow and without saving make it to the top of mount battle.

    also this is like the end of a great book.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2012
  4. October Winds

    October Winds Member

    *cackling* I KNEW IT!

    Miror B. is the true hero of the Colosseum games. Or should I call him the afro-host? And his ludicolo are as tough here as I remember them being in the game; who knew fiesta-ducks could be so violent?

    A thoroughly enjoyable read altogether and I am looking forward to the end, although I am wary of any Colosseum XD sequel: I always thought it was a MAJOR shame they got rid of Wes for the second game. Plus, who would be his equivelant of Rui? He has his machine, his sister and his family, plus the creepy enemies.


    Dakim is portrayed well, although his attitude is a little corny; still, what else would he be? Not overly intellectual at all. Johnson is my hero; magikarp for the win! Tom, though... I fear his eventual sobering. Nascour and Es Cade... Meh. Not to be mean, but they seem rather average for your typical Evil Overlord and Double-Faced Rich Dude types. I DO wonder what happened to Eusine. Hariyama is AWESOME, Umbreon is a G and Quagsire rocks like a geodude.

    Question: How many chapters have you planned for post-Realgam Tower?
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2012
  5. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Thanks for more reviews! =D

    It was great fun to write as well!
    It varies, but usually faster than beer.
    Correct! You would do well on the 'Being Yanma' exam.
    Most of the situations just involved him throwing pepper at people, but it works.
    It is the best kind of kill, tbh. =p
    But you raised an interesting point there: Hariyama should wear pants.
    I thought you'd like the Wobbuffet, heh.don't we
    Lugia charges a very high fee though. =p
    Internet is annoying like that with its distracting ways.
    I guess that is something to be thankful for...?
    And therapeutic!
    Correct. I figured that even if I didn't do an XD fic something of his deserved a mention. =p
    On that note, I wonder who is everyone's favourite, including Pokemon-only characters...?
    Glad you've enjoyed what you've caught up upon! *does dance*
    I suppose it's a very loose reference to a Simpsons episode (in which the joke was a parody of a Beatles song. The main reason he said it though is that it was the number of people/pokemon he had defeated that day.
    I hope it will be entertaining at the very least. XD
    That is true. I got one myself on my first playthrough... took a while. (Although you can take a break/'save' after every tenth battle to get it)
    I kinda like the sound of that, haha. =)
    Both are valid terms I suppose. XD And yeah, his Ludicolo could be brutal.
    I suppose Nascour and Es Cade are somewhat more normal (especially Es Cade) compared to the other characters in this fic, haha. Eusine atm is probably practising card tricks; he has no intention of battling some criminal team he's never heard of, and Sherles would have avoided telling him about lending Suicune to Rui as well.
    Zero. The next chapter will be the last and only an epilogue will follow it, mainly as I dislike the post-game part and feel having that in would just drag it out for what are really unexciting events leading to a very anti-climatic ending. Which is why mention of some things there have already occurred, and also why Fein got his...uh, 'moments' the previous chapter.

    On that note: the next chapter will very likely show up on the weekend or not long after. Still depends on a couple of factors, mind.
  6. October Winds

    October Winds Member

    Reason I asked is I wanted to know how much longer we'd be reading this, but eh. I understand completely and am not upset at you ending the story; rather, my irritation is with Game Freak, who have been rather bad historically at making a Pokémon game worth playing after the main story is done.

    Well, here's to Wes, Rui, Afro and Miror B. *raises glass*
  7. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    NO! STAY BACK! *Waves stick like a madman* Are you crazy? We're built on a desert with no solid underground! One good misting and whoosh! We're washed halfway to Unova!
  8. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    Damn... I haven't been to this fic in almost a year...

    ;133; Riley: That's what you get for not having Internet available!!

    SHUT UP!!! -shoves her back into my PMD: EoS game-


    I can't believe this is almost over. I'm getting a little teary-eyed right now!

    Congrats to Makuhita (Hariyama) for evolving! I was getting a little worried there. At least he's not punching things (or people!) as much. xDD

    -reads some of the parts about Ein- I think all that special coffee Ein made for himself may have furked himself up more than he realized. He may want to screen himself for cancer or some sort of mutation. o.o"

    Umbreon is still effing WIN. I wish I could have both him and Espeon for my pets, although they may make my hair go gray prematurely. xDDD

    I don't remember if I asked before, but could you put me on the PM list?

    Keep it up, B&B!! ;151;
  9. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    The LAST Chapter up! :eek:

    Fair enough to ask the question, haha. And Tom wants one of those glasses too. =p
    Cipher's newest plan shall involve Kyogre.
    Good to see you again! =D
    Nope. Well, not on-screen anyways. =p
    Hmm, yes, it probably wasn't very safe. Hey, maybe that's why he didn't show up in XD:GoD?
    They would make for awesome pets, I bet. XD I'd like them myself!

    And added to the list. So expect a PM in a short bit!

    And so here is, finally, the last chapter. \o/

    But not the last say on this story; a couple of days later I'll be posting a short extra thing that I had (mostly) written up a good while ago, and about a week after now give or take a few days will be the epilogue. Nonetheless, I'll still say a quick thanks for reading to all of you now! I'm glad to have entertaining such a surprisingly large amount of people with this story; certainly far more than I expected when I started out on a whim, although mind you I didn't think it would have taken so long in the first place too. XD I'll go into greater length with this later though; probably a while after the epilogue is posted.

    Thanks, once again, to Chris the Com for beta reading this. I assure you if it were not for him there would be many more errors.

    Chapter 25 – The Final Showdown

    Nascour and Es Cade stood in the middle of the Colosseum’s battle arena, surrounded by a large audience sitting patiently in the stands. A group of Cipher grunts stood to the side, awaiting their opportunity to begin their battle. The field was Poké Ball shaped, with one half of the stage red and the other blue, with a white centre and line separating the two halves. The elevator the two men had used that popped out of the centre of the arena had been sent down, and a microphone stand had been set up in its place.

    “Right,” Evice murmured to Nascour quietly, “a two minute speech should be plenty, and after we formally open the Colosseum, we’ll leave.”

    “Alright, I’ll begin then,” Nascour said. He gazed around at the chattering crowd and cleared his throat before tapping the microphone. “Hmm, it doesn’t appear to be on...Testing, one two THREE!” he said, before it suddenly turned itself on as he said the last word which echoed loudly around the stands. Everyone fell silent and stared for a moment before they cheered and began to chant the number.

    “Uh, right,” Nascour continued. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Realgam Tower Colosseum!” One of the Cipher peons then stepped forward and brandished a sign stating ‘APPLAUSE’ on it, and the crowd obeyed the command.

    “We really need to get an electronic version of one of those installed,” the mayor muttered to himself. “Or just use our large television display for it...”

    “Today, you will witness a fine display of Pokémon battling from our group of specialists! But do take care to note that this is only a mere taste of what you can expect to see in future battles, both in exhibition matches and in formal Colosseum challenges you can take part in yourself!” Again the Cipher peon waved the sign, and again the audience gave their applause.

    “Do...I need to say anything more than that?” Nascour asked the mayor.

    “No. Oh wait,” he added, noticing a man in a ridiculous costume wave at them from the sidelines. “I suppose we need to let our main sponsor have their say. Here are the details.” The mayor handed Nascour a small card.

    “Fair enough,” Nascour agreed, before using the microphone again. “And now a word from our main sponsor, Terry’s Terrific Toasting Takeaway! Where all toasters toast toast!” Nascour then looked with puzzlement at the card, and then at the man who approached them; it appeared that his costume was a poor attempt at a toaster impersonation, but why they would choose that to be their mascot was anyone’s guess. The man did not look too happy to be there either; he was clearly sweating buckets from within his enclosed suit as he stood in front of the microphone. The desert was the last place anyone would want to be dressed like that. Then again, Nascour mused, I suppose it’s a fitting getup to be literally toasted in...

    “Hello,” he began.

    “And that’s the word from our sponsor,” Nascour briskly said, clicking his fingers. Two of the other Cipher peons then grabbed the man and hauled him away before he could say anything else, and the first one held the sign up again. As the crowd merely murmured in confusion, the peon looked at the sign, realised it read ‘APPLE SAUSE’ crossed out on the side he was displaying and flipped it around so the correct word appeared. The moment he did loud clapping sounded once again.

    “Well,” Nascour continued, ignoring this minor hiccup, “with that, we now conclude- hey!” he shouted as the elevator underneath the microphone stand suddenly appeared again in the centre of the stage. Nascour grabbed the microphone from its position just before it moved out of reach and stepped back.

    “Now what?” the mayor growled. He then gasped as Wes and Rui stepped out.

    “So soon? What was Miror B doing?” he shouted.

    “Aha! Get ready, Rui!” Wes shouted. A few from the crowd recognised the pair of teenagers from the numerous reports in recent weeks and cheered. Es Cade noticed this and grabbed the microphone from the stunned Nascour.

    “And to begin the proceedings!” he proclaimed loudly. “We have our very own local celebrities in Wes and Rui, who have no doubt captured the region’s hearts and minds as they worked together with the police, as you all know!” Wes and Rui both frowned in confusion as they heard his words, but Evice only grinned at them. “So who better to challenge our team of battlers in a grand melee? An all-out brawl, five versus two!” The crowd cheered again as the group of Cipher peons advanced, bringing out their Poké Balls.

    “For now the two of us must be off, but do enjoy the battle!” he shouted. He then turned to Wes and Rui.

    “Enjoy,” he said, and motioning to Nascour to follow, he turned and left, taking the microphone with him. He muttered something to the group of Cipher agents as he passed them, and Nascour lingered a moment to smile nastily at the pair of trainers.

    “Wha...” Rui said slowly before turning to the crowd. “HEY! THOSE TWO ARE REALLY IN CHARG-” Unfortunately for the two, Nascour snapped his fingers again as he left, and loud battle music immediately followed, rendering her shouting useless. A large television screen behind them switched on as well, and displayed the arena for the audience’s convenience. Rui continued regardless, but Wes rested a hand on her shoulder.

    “No point trying,” Wes said.

    “He’s a quick thinker, isn’t he...” Rui said, glowering at the situation and how they had just walked away from them. The two then backed off into one half of the battle arena as the five opponents arranged themselves on the red side of the stage, blocking the exit that Nascour and Es Cade had chosen. A strange man dressed as a toaster was lying on the side flailing about, having seemingly fallen over somehow, but Wes chose to ignore that detail.

    “Miror B wasn’t kidding about being ready for a battle, huh?” Wes replied. “Send out your Quagsire for now, and resort to Suicune at the end if need be.”

    “O-Okay,” she said, throwing out her Poké Ball, as Wes sent out his entire party save for Entei.

    “Don’t worry,” he said softly, and smiled at Rui. “We’ll get through this. And while they get themselves ready...” he added as he noticed the Cipher agents send out their own Pokémon. “Everyone else, prepare for a battle! Yanma, come here!” he shouted as he rummaged through his bag. The Bug/Flying type was in front of Wes’ face an instant later and buzzed happily, as the rest of Wes and Rui’s Pokémon appeared to face their foes.

    “Yanma Yan Yan!” (Ohh-what’s-that-is-it-a-present?) he asked curiously as Wes pulled out a small capsule.

    “Right, this isn’t in liquid form as you’re used to, but rather condensed in this capsule. But I hope you like it all the same!” He then held it out. Yanma curiously hovered still in the air and nibbled on the pill.

    “Wait, what is that?” Rui asked. “I mean, I know you bought it from the shop before we left, but...”

    “Capsule form of coffee,” Wes said. “It came free with bread from Pyrite’s store, so I figured it might come in use! I did promise him coffee yesterday as well, after all.”

    Suddenly Yanma’s buzzing rose several octaves, and Wes took a step back as its eyes bulged out. The Pokémon grinned back and suddenly flew rapidly around Wes, appearing as a mere streak of green and red to the two trainers. His chatter increased to the point in which it sounded like a continuous hum rather than repetitions of its name.

    “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” (Ohmygoshthatisverytasty-nowIamflyingveryfastfastfastwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

    “Now go chase those two men and stop them from-” Wes began, but it had already left before he could finish.

    “Okay, good thinking. Hopefully he can stop them from escaping for a while then!” Rui said, already brightening up.

    “Yes – hopefully long enough to either finish this battle or for the police to arrive. Right, let’s see what we’re up against...” Wes said, observing the Pokémon that had appeared in front of him, as well as the trainers. It seemed they each specialised in a specific type; one had sent out only Fire types, another Grass, the third Dark types, and the remaining two trainers sent out a trio and pair of Normal types respectively.

    “What are they called?” Rui said, consulting her P*DA, but Wes already waved his in the air.

    “I know some already, but... Houndoom, Magcargo, Torkoal make up that bunch, there’s a Cacturne, Vileplume, Tropius and Cradily there...” he begun, pointing at the Pokémon as he named them. “Mightyena, Absol, and that floundering one is a Sharpedo, Miltank, Porygon2 and a Zangoose, and Spinda,” he finished. “Might as well let you know what they are if you need to give some specific instruction after all!”

    “Alright,” Rui said, trying to repeat the names quietly.

    “Any of those Pokémon Shadow?” Wes asked.

    “Yeah... Absol, Mootank, uh... Tropic Dinosaur thing and... Doom Dog?” Rui answered uncertainly.

    “Okay, I know which ones you’re talking about but I guess we shouldn’t worry about names...” Wes said, before trailing off as his mouth hung open.

    “What is it?” Rui asked, frowning as Wes stared at the opponents. “Are one of those Pokémon super strong or something?”

    “No... I noticed something else that stands out like a sore thumb,” he said. Then he shouted at one of the battlers.

    “Oi, Tom!”


    Meanwhile, the battle by the front of the tower had already nearly drawn to a close. The combined forces of the police and Team Snagem members had overwhelmed the Cipher agents, and only a few now remained, desperately trying to defend the entrance after Hariyama has just strode in after he had gotten bored of bashing their heads together. Allowing himself a smile at the good progress, Sherles then attended to his P*DA which beeped upon receiving a message. He glanced at it and nodded, before typing a quick reply.

    “Okay men, let’s start to look at moving in...”

    “Sir, what’s that? In the distance,” one officer asked, pointing. A strange object was running towards the tower, with brown dust billowing out into the air from behind it. Sherles picked up his binoculars and gazed at the object.

    “Raikou?” he said incredulously.

    “Raikou!” one of the Cipher agents shouted, grabbing at a Poké Ball and hurling it at its direction, but it easily missed as the beast ran right past the man, leaving him and the men around him in a fit of coughing as the dust cloud it left behind in its wake enveloped them.

    “It fled again,” Sherles sighed as he watched it. He then frowned as it proceeded to jump on the tower and run straight up the building’s stalk.

    “That’s something you don’t see every day,” he muttered. He then sent out his Alakazam and waved a hand in the direction of the remained Cipher agents who were still coughing violently. The Alakazam obliged and held up its two spoons high into the air, light gleaming brightly from the two pieces of cutlery as the policemen and Team Snagem members turned away. A moment later the criminals screamed as they fell to the ground, clutching at their eyes.

    “Right, you five round them up,” Sherles instructed. “You might want to use extra rope for Dakim too, by the way.” He then turned to the group in red and nodded his head. “Team Snagem members, you are free to depart; thank you deeply for your help here. All charges are dropped! The rest, follow me into the tower. I think we’re done here.”


    “Nice thinking there, Evice,” Nascour muttered as they approached an empty part of the tower well away from the Colosseum battle. The crowd cheering and music was considerably quieter here, and nobody else was in the area save for the two men.

    “Thank you,” he said, adjusting his collar. “I’m surprised they got here so fast, but I don’t see them getting past that group so easily,” he smirked. “And here are our rides out of here!” He motioned grandly to a pair of helicopters positioned in the middle of the platform.

    “Good...but can you fly these?” Nascour asked uncertainly.

    “No need to, my good man! These are set to fly by themselves-what was that?” Es Cade asked suddenly as a flash of colour buzzed past him and lightly bumped into one of the helicopters.

    “A...Yanma?” Nascour asked, staring at the bug fly around the helicopter before it turned to stare back with its large eyes.

    “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN,” (OhgoodyIfoundyouguys-Iamgoingtostopyoufromdoingthings-becausecoffeecoffeecoffee-Ilikecoffeedoyouthisisamazingcoffee,) it buzzed. Naturally neither man understood what it had said, but both were unsettled by the way it was tilting its head and buzzing loudly with an impossibly large grin on its face.

    “Well...probably some trainer’s Pokémon that got loose,” Nascour suggested, attempting to walk past it. It quickly droned loudly and flew into his head, knocking the man backwards and onto the ground.

    “Arrgh!” Nascour managed, rubbing his back as he stood back up. “The heck is this?”

    “He’s not letting us past, it seems,” the mayor noted. Then the Yanma shrilled loudly at the two men, forcing them to cover their ringing ears.

    “Yes, I gathered! Let’s see how he likes this then,” he said, pulling out a Poké Ball and sending out a Pokémon of his own in Blaziken. The humanoid Fire/Fighting Pokémon assumed a fighting stance but immediately squawked loudly as the Yanma head-butted him repeatedly.

    “Destroy the bug,” Nascour ordered. The Blaziken responded by leaping at the bug and attempting to swat it, but it flew behind it instantly and shrilled at it with another Bug Buzz attack.

    “YAAAAA!” (ThisisfunIlikefundoyoubecauseIdo!) Yanma exclaimed, performing precisely fifty-six somersaults in the air as it screeched.

    The Blaziken responded by growling and setting both of its arms on fire, and punching out in the air with surprising speed.

    “YAN!” (Thatisnotfunnoitisnot!) Yanma stated, narrowly flying backwards away from the danger. The Blaziken leapt after it but the Yanma continued to fly just out of the Pokémon’s reach time and time again as it chased after it, flailing its arms. It soon grew tired of this and fired flames from its beak, which narrowly missed the bug but succeeded in striking one of the helicopters.

    “Blaz,” (Whoops,) the Blaziken muttered, scratching its beak.

    “No!” Nascour shouted angrily, recalling his Pokémon and staring in anguish at the flames already spreading upon the metal as Yanma flew around the aircraft.

    “That went well,” Evice said drily.

    “Oh, I’ll get him good in a second, don’t you worry!” Nascour spat, sending out his Metagross which landed on the ground with a large clump.

    “Restrain that Yanma!” Nascour shouted. The Metagross obliged, glowing a deep purple and focusing on the bug, which was suddenly surrounded by the same colour. Suddenly Yanma found himself floating towards the Metagross, unable to move away no matter how fast he beat his wings.

    “YAAAAAANNN!” (Thisisnotveryfun-whyisthishappening-whywouldyoudothis-Iwantmorecoffee-youareblueandmeanandnotfair!) Yanma wailed as he came to a stop in front of the Metagross.

    “Metagross,” (Initialising Victory Sequence,) the Shadow Pokémon droned, keeping the Yanma stuck in the air and raising one spiked limb, preparing to crush it into the ground.

    “That’ll show you,” Nascour said with glee.

    “Uh...Nascour?” the mayor asked quietly.

    “What?” Nascour asked.

    “What is that?”

    “What is what?”

    “RAIKOU!” (ROAR!)

    Nascour turned his head. “Oh, that’s a Raikou. Now, Meta-” He suddenly realised what he had said and stared at the yellow beast, which was slowly advancing towards the two. Thoughts quickly ran through his mind, including wondering if Ein had suddenly magically appeared, how the Shadow Raikou had managed to get here in the first place and why was it growling at them.

    “I think we should run back,” the mayor suggested as Ein failed to appear.

    “Quite. Metagross, take that Raikou down!” Nascour commanded before he sprinted back. The mayor followed, albeit slower given his stouter figure. The Metagross used its psychic powers to throw the Yanma into the Raikou and then turned around to face this new foe, while the Yanma hurriedly flew away as fast as it could from the snarling beast and zoomed after the two men, buzzing anxiously all the way.

    “Metagross,” (New target confirmed and engaged,) the Steel/Psychic type hummed as it landed on the ground and sent a wave of Psychic energy at the legendary. Raikou responded with another roar and a volley of sparks that danced upon the Metagross’ body upon impact. As Nascour’s Pokémon’s monotonic hum jumped up an octave the Raikou turned around and sprinted after the two men and Yanma.

    “Meta,” (The wild Raikou fled,) the Pokémon concluded before it rose silently into the air and gave chase.


    “Hiysa, supermam!” Tom shouted back to Wes, waving his arms and suddenly stumbling into one of the other Cipher peons.

    “Hey, keep it together man,” one of the agents said. He pushed him away, but Tom was too busy waving at Wes to care.

    “Excellent – I think we just got some unexpected help,” Wes said to Rui. “I have no idea why he is here; I suppose the train he caught led him here but... Tom, I’ll buy you a drink if you help me fight these four people!” Wes called.

    “YUS!” Tom shouted. He then looked at his two Spinda he had sent out. “Doey teh...uh, punchyunch crunch!” The two Pokémon staggered towards the Cipher guards’ Pokémon and before they had realised the threat they flung their stubby paws into the guards’ own Pokémon rather than Wes and Rui’s. One punch landed on the flying dinosaur Tropius, which gave a strange screech and flew into the air, and then began flinging the fruit that hung from its neck down below in anger. Some of the Shadow Pokémon’s projectiles landed on the rest of the Pokémon clustered together in the crowded arena, and the rest flew at the audience.

    “Hey, cut that out!” its trainer yelled, only to receive a banana to the face for his troubles.

    “Okay, keep it up!” Wes said as the crowd yelled and tried throwing their own food supplies at the Tropius, starting a good old fashion food-fight featuring hot dogs, bananas and cream pies.

    “Now,” Wes continued as he tried to ignore the smell of food entering the arena, “Quagsire and Feraligatr, I want you two to focus on the Fire types! Hariyama, the Dark types! Umbreon and Espeon, keep the Grass types they have at bay and away from our Water types!” As the two Spinda continued to swing their arms about in a drunken fashion into anything in their way, twirling about with gay abandon, Wes’ Pokémon joined the fray.

    “Hari!” (Die!) Hariyama yelled as he charged in and slapped a Miltank out of his way. The victim gave a surprised ‘Moo’ and rolled through the crowd of partner Pokémon, temporarily splitting the group into two.

    “Fera!” (What he said!) Feraligatr agreed as he blasted water high into the air and let it fall down straight on top of the arena, and grinned as the Fire types howled and roared in pain from the attack.

    “Quag,” (Duh,) Quagsire offered as he shot water at the offending types. By now the Cipher agents were rambling instructions at their Pokémon. Some were too panicked or preoccupied to listen, but the one controlling the Fire types managed to get their attention. They spat out flames in a wide circle around them in an attempt to protect themselves from their foes. Tom cheered before one of the Cipher agents tried to tackle him and stop his apparent traitorous actions. He quickly pushed the man away, albeit stumbling awkwardly as he did so.

    “Spindaaaa! Save men!” Tom yelled. The pair of Spinda turned and advanced upon the man who realised the danger and shouted at his Pokémon to stop them quickly, taking all the Normal types out of the main brawl for the moment.

    “Great... now, let’s help the Grass types join the Fire types!” Wes ordered.

    “Espeon!” (Here’s my warm welcome!) Espeon said, smiling as he swung his head and sent a Psybeam into the Vileplume, which cried in pain and tumbled backwards into the fire.

    “PLUME!” (BURNING!) it screamed, landing the right way up and countering by flailing its short arms and running around in circles.

    “Umbre... Umb!” (And you’ll be...uh, fired!) Umbreon tried, and ignoring the following ridicule of Espeon for his supposedly weaker pun, charged forward and head-butted the Cacturne, who stumbled back but regained its footing before swinging its long, spiked arms at Umbreon. He had already jumped backwards out of reach however, and then suddenly sprang forward onto the cactus Pokémon’s head and clamped down with his teeth. As the Cacturne tried to remove the Eeveelution from his face, Feraligatr lumbered forward and happily pushed the blinded Pokémon into the ring of fire. Umbreon leapt off instantly just as the Cacturne swung an arm, failing to hit his target but managing to collect his own face.

    The two Pokémon gave each other an approving nod while the Cacturne joined the Vileplume in running around madly into other Pokémon, spreading the fire around the arena in their fit of stupidity. They observed the Vileplume attempt to hug its trainer and receive some consolation, but this only resulted in the trainer’s clothing also being set alight, and so she too joined them in screaming and running about in hysterics. Umbreon and Feraligatr were quickly forced to resume the fight however, as the Shadow Absol jumped at them swinging the scythe upon its head wildly and slashing at the Feraligatr’s side.

    “Fera!” (Don’t be rude!) the Water type growled, rubbing his arm. Umbreon leapt forward and tried to Bite the aggressor, but it then ducked its head allowing Umbreon to only manage to latch onto the scythe. It then swung its head around, dragging the Eeveelution along with him and sending him into the air. He landed with a thud on top of the Miltank who had just been knocked down by one of the Spinda and tried an uncertain smile.

    “Um...bre?” (Err...hello?) Umbreon said.

    “MOO!” (MOO!) the Shadow Miltank bellowed in response as she spurted out milk into his face. Umbreon hastily retreated before slipping on one of the smashed bananas lying on the ground, while Feraligatr stepped forward to attack the Absol. A Mightyena joined in and the two dog Pokémon attempted to circle the large reptile, but he retaliated with a few quick bursts of water, attempting to keep them away from either side of his body. No other Pokémon of Cipher’s were brave enough to try attacking the bigger and more aggressive Hariyama however, quickly learning that it was a bad idea to do so.

    “Hariyama!?” (Why won’t you move!?) Hariyama shouted as he tried lifting and then punching away the Cradily towards the fire, which remained firmly rooted to the spot.

    “Don’t bother with that one!” Wes shouted.

    “Yeah, just bash it-watch out!” Rui added.

    “Crad!” (Bonk!) it exclaimed, as the Pokémon’s neck extended out before it crashed its head into Hariyama. Hariyama ignored the attack though and simply grabbed the Cradily’s neck and shook violently before letting go and slapping its head with his large palm.

    “Lily!” (My brain!) the Pokémon exclaimed, its head waving about in a daze before Hariyama grabbed its head again and rammed it into the remains of a cream pie.

    “Bah, get rid of that fire!” one of the Cipher trainers shouted.

    “Fine – Sharpedo, put it out!” another ordered.

    “Nooosey!” Tom shouted. But the Sharpedo, which had been doing little besides snapping at anything that came to close to it, sprayed water at the flames. The Houndoom growled angrily and shot more flames to create another barrier of fire however, and before the Sharpedo could put that out Hariyama had picked the distracted Pokémon up.

    “Shar!” (Put me down!) it snarled, trying to twist its body to bite Hariyama. Hariyama naturally refused and instead flung the shark into the audience. The spectators would have likely panicked and run off screaming despite the fact the Pokémon crashed into an empty seat and was knocked out, but one of the Spinda had picked up the forgotten sign exclaiming ‘APPLAUSE’ and used it to whack the Zangoose in the head. As a result they cheered wildly instead and began chanting ‘APPLE SAUCE’ every so often for good measure.

    “Quagsire, aim some mud at the middle of the flame ring!” Rui said now, taking control. The fat Pokémon formed a brown ball of murk and sent it high into the air, and then gazed blankly in front as the wet dirt slowly began returning to the ground before accelerating and landing with a splosh on top of the trio of Fire Types. A roar followed before the Houndoom leapt through the fire, covered in mud and snarling with anger.

    “Houndoom!” (Meet your doooooom!) it roared, managing to catch some of the audience’s attention by making itself heard over the deafening battle music. Flames danced along its thin, ashen body, burning off the mud and invigorating the Fire/Dark type further, followed by an ear-piercing howl.

    “Quag!” (Hi!) Quagsire said, slapping the Houndoom in the face before resuming its usual position. Shocked, the Shadow Pokémon stared for a moment before Quagsire followed with a Water Gun attack.

    “Oh, it’s gone into Hyper State now,” Rui said, tugging at one of her pigtails as, from her view, Houndoom’s aura flared up into a sharp red.

    “Houndoom!” (You gonna pay for that!) it snarled and charged into the Water/Ground type with a Shadow Rush attack.

    “Quick, catch him!” Rui shouted quickly. The Quagsire nodded and to the Houndoom’s surprise did not seem to react to the violent collision, instead grabbing the Houndoom with its flippers as he rolled over backwards and brought the surprised dog with him. Landing on his back the Quagsire continued the momentum and flipped while keeping its clumsy grip on the Houndoom, and then twisted his body.

    “Houn-” (What-) the Shadow yelped as his body slammed into the ground, and Quagsire’s large, fat head followed, smashing straight into his. He then pushed himself off the fainted Houndoom and gazed at Rui with his big dopey smile and blinked, as Rui happily applauded the Pokémon’s actions.

    “Now go for the other two Fire Pokémon there... Fat Tortoise and Megago!” Rui suggested, pointing to the Torkoal and Magcargo who had been far less agile than the Houndoom. They were also less keen to advance out of their now half-open protective ring of heat, instead trying to navigate their way to the centre of the circle unsuccessfully thanks to the mud covering their eyes.

    “This is a good start, but this will take too long if we don’t hurry up,” Wes shouted to Rui, as Feraligatr grabbed the Mightyena by the back of its neck when it had strayed too close to him and started smashing him into the ground. The Dark type was both unable and unsure how to stop him and so resorted to barking loudly each time he hit the floor. A moment later he found himself pegged at the Absol as it jumped at the crocodile Pokémon once more, but this didn’t deter the Shadow Pokémon from following through in its slashing attack, knocking the Mightyena out of its way and into unconsciousness. It landed, disinterested in its partner, and pawed at the ground as Feraligatr tried to regain some of his breath.

    “Keep the Absol moving!” Wes ordered. “Hariyama, join up with Feraligatr and help finish off that Absol!”

    “Hari!” (After this!) Hariyama called back. He had returned back to the Cradily and figured out that it was unable to move from the spot it had been sent out upon, and was having great fun shaking its head around and further dizzying it. He let go of the Pokémon which sighed in relief, only for him to bounce its head rapidly back and forth between his two hands, its skull beginning to resemble a speedball being rapidly pummelled by a boxer. After a few seconds of this torture Hariyama stopped and checked that the Pokémon had fainted.

    “Yama!” (Coming!) he called once satisfied, running back. Feraligatr was trying to keep the Pokémon at bay but the Absol had moved to firing Shadow Ball attacks from short range which the Water type was unable to avoid. The Absol then yelped as Hariyama picked him up, and deftly spun his head around, forcing the Fighting type to drop him as he swiped his wrist with his scythe. Feraligatr took advantage of the interruption though, and steamed forward before swinging his arm and giving the Absol a Slash of his own. As the Absol twisted his body to retaliate Hariyama struck out a leg and sent the dog skidding across the ground.

    “Gat!” (Let’s get him!) Feraligatr said to Hariyama with a grin, nodding his thanks. Hariyama nodded back and converged with his partner on their target.

    Meanwhile Espeon had joined his brother and the Spinda, suddenly turning the previous two-on-three battle for Tom in his favour numerically. The two Normal types of his had been faring pretty well though and despite the earlier assault of milk fired at Umbreon, the Pokémon of the Cipher agent did not look at all comfortable at how the battle was going.

    “Porygon – two two two,” (Analysis – bad bad bad,) the Porygon2 informed its trainer in a drone as a Spinda whacked him in the face with her ‘Applause’ sign.

    “Bananas!” Tom yelled as he picked one off the ground and began to eat it! “Nananananana, nanananana, makey everybodily sing!” he sung happily.

    “Umbreon...” (I hate that song...) Umbreon muttered, keeping his distance from the Zangoose who was growling and trying to leap onto his back. He kept his eye on the Pokémon, eager to exploit an opening but finding the Pokémon’s aggression tough to overcome by himself.

    “Zaaaa! Zangoose!” (Stop dodging! Stay still a moment!) the mongoose Pokémon cried as Umbreon hopped to the side yet again to avoid him. The Miltank meanwhile was now dazed and rolling around slowly without any real purpose behind its attacks, but still refused to faint despite the number of attacks it had suffered already.

    “Esp... Espeon!" (He may be drunk... but he’s given me an idea!) Espeon remarked. Focusing on the fruity mess across the arena, he levitated the yellow fruit into the air and smiled. With a flick of his tail the bananas then went flying into the trio of opponents. Umbreon grinned and sprinted at the Zangoose, throwing himself into the Pokémon and then firing a short-ranged Secret Power attack.

    “Porygon – two two twowowowo,” (Analysis: banana banana bananananana,) the manmade Pokémon buzzed as a number of the fruit stuck him in the face, before breaking down as another sign-swipe and punch from the tumbling Spinda pair brought it down. The two then rolled forward and sprang into the air before stomping upon landing on top of the Miltank. As it sat upright and gasped, feeling winded from the double attack, Espeon applied a Psychic at its head and produced a groan before it too fell limp.

    Wes glanced around at the rest of the arena, noting that Hariyama was now waving a floppy Absol around his head triumphantly, and Quagsire was sitting patiently on top of the fainted pair of Torkoal and Magcargo.

    “Okay, we have one more to take on,” he said, glancing up at the Tropius and then stepping back as it hastily descended, having run out of bananas to pelt everyone with. It landed with a stomp and roared loudly.

    “That’s the last Shadow Pokémon,” Rui reminded Wes.

    “Well, we can’t snag it now, not with so many people watching, but.... it’s now seven against one for us! Take it down with long-ranged attacks!” Wes shouted at his Pokémon.

    “Umbreon!” (Combo attack!) Umbreon shouted, sending another array of sparks forward. Feraligatr and Quagsire joined in by blasting water from their jaw and mouth respectively, Espeon sent a Psybeam from his forehead’s ruby, and Hariyama a pulse of brown energy from his hands.

    “Singy wuth major tommy!” Tom shouted, as the ground shook with the stomps of the Tropius establishing its distaste for this greeting. The man held up a banana like a conductor’s stick and waved it at his Pokémon. “Bananananana...NANANAnananananaNA!”

    “Spininininin!” (Banananana!) the two attempted to echo, screaming an Uproar attack as one at the Tropius. Evidently the concentrated sound did not please the Tropius either, as it turned a pale shade of green, shuddered and slumped to the ground.

    “Excellent,” Wes said, pumping his fist as the Cipher agent begrudgingly recalled his Pokémon. The Spinda clutching the sign held it up once more and the audience erupted into loud cheering. “Thanks, Tom!” he added, and the drunkard yelled something unintelligible about bananas back at Wes. The other Cipher agents either decided that it was a good time as any to flee, or had been taken out by a stray attack long ago.

    “We beat them!” Rui added, jumping happily.

    “Yes, but now we’ve got to move on,” Wes said, running now to the direction the mayor and Nascour had departed from and waved at his Pokémon to follow. “No time to wait around, we’ve a mayor to catch!” Rui nodded and followed, but Espeon looked up instead and flicked his tail with mild amusement as he sat on his hind legs.

    “Espeon,” (I think he saved us the trouble,) Espeon commented, making his comments clear to the two teens. Wes paused and glanced ahead, and noticed that both men were now running back towards them, the mayor huffing heavily as he ran behind Nascour. Yanma was flying after them buzzing loudly and anxiously.

    “Good work, Yanma!” Wes shouted. “Not sure how you...”

    A loud roar sounded from the distance and a moment later a Raikou followed by a flying Metagross appeared.

    “Oh,” Rui said quietly.

    “Yanyanyan!” (Itisabigthinganditisangryandrunsfast-Iwonderifitalsohadcoffeecoffeecoffee!)

    “Espeon!” (It’s Ein’s one!) Espeon shouted as he leapt onto all four paws. The rest of the Pokémon also observed the newcomers and tensed bar the Spinda who began to dance to the tune of Tom’s slow clapping who was currently oblivious to this latest event.

    “So I guess I have to use the Snag Machine then, just in case!” Wes said, grabbing at his bag and pulling out the Master Ball. He jammed the capsule into the Snag Machine and then clutched it in his left hand, realising how long it had been since he had to actually use the machine.

    Normally I’d be worried about screwing this up but... the Master Ball never fails! Wes thought and with a grin chucked the ball at Raikou. The ball looped through the air and struck the Pokémon, sucked it in and immediately gave a ping as it landed on the ground confirming the Snag was successful.

    “Well that was easy,” Rui remarked. Es Cade turned around as he heard the ping and gave a sigh when he realised the Raikou was gone. He then looked at Wes, and then back at the ball and grinned.

    “Oh... well, thank you!” he shouted as he sprinted for the ball.

    “Espeon!” Wes called, anticipating the move. “Bring it here before he grabs-”

    “Metagross,” Nascour said quietly. As the ball was raised in the air by Espeon it suddenly froze in place, wobbling ever so slightly as Metagross engaged Espeon in a mental tug of war.

    “Well I didn’t see that coming,” Wes muttered, realising now who the Metagross belonged to. The mayor meanwhile plucked the Master Ball and held it in the air, ignoring the few boos from the audience.

    “This’ll be useful, I’m sure,” he crowed, smiling at the pair. “I see you beat our trainers bar one, but together with this you cannot possibly win. I have the legendary on top of my party as well as Nascour’s, and your Pokémon must already be tired. Don’t worry, for I’ll raise a toast to you this evening; you’ve done magnificently well, but-”

    “Toats!” Tom shouted suddenly. The mayor eyed the man uncertainly.

    “...Yes, a toast.”

    “Beer!” Tom yelled again, and so he grabbed the sign the Spinda was holding and whacked the mayor’s hand who cried out, releasing the ball. Tom leapt forward, caught the Master Ball and stared at it eagerly. Nobody noticed that the battle music had suddenly ended; instead all were firmly focused on what just happened. Espeon and Metagross were still focusing on each other but neither were able to prise control of the ball.

    “He just hit the mayor,” one person from the crowd muttered.

    “Woo!” another cheered as the sign was raised for a moment by Tom who was now scrutinising the Master Ball.

    “...Whereily is drinky?” he asked, shaking it before looking at the mayor. “Yous says toast! Toasts mean drunk! Tasdy! Yullows water!”

    “Please,” Es Cade began coldly as he rubbed his hand, “hand over that Ball. Now.”

    “Oh!” Tom shouted and smiled happily. “Drinky is insud!”

    “No, don’t!” Nascour shouted as he ran forward, but there was no stopping Tom pressing the button on the Master Ball which spat out the Raikou again. The Pokémon growled instinctively and stared at Tom.

    “Arrrrgh!” Tom yelled, swinging his sign around but only managing to clock Nascour in the head instead of the Raikou. The Raikou snarled and began to run off once more but Tom grabbed onto its mane and then cried out as it dragged him along around the arena.

    “Why are you doing this!?” Nascour yelled angrily as he rubbed his head. “You’re supposed to be working for us!”

    “We’ve got to stop that Raikou!” Rui shouted.

    “WORSTY FLOVOUR!” Tom yelled.

    “But how...” Wes mused. “Well... Umbreon! Try a Mean Look attack!”

    “Umb...” (I’ll try...) Umbreon said uncertainly, reluctantly moving forward towards the Raikou who was now trying to remove Tom by bucking wildly.

    “Bah, this ridiculousness might as well end quickly,” Nascour muttered to Es Cade. “Let’s send out all our Pokémon and end this quickly. Relax for now, Metagross!” he ordered.

    “Yes, I think that will be in our best interest,” the mayor agreed, reaching for his Poké Balls. “I’ll send out five of mine and you send out your whole team!”

    “Quickly, Umbreon!” Wes urged as the Raikou continued another loop and rushed past them.

    “Tomsy wil buy yous...busies a dollars!” Tom added desperately.

    “Umb!” (Fine!) Umbreon shouted. He then shouted loudly at the Raikou to grab its attention and then breathed deeply in before contorting his face into the most terrifying facial expression he could possibly muster.

    The :3 face.

    “Huh...?” Rui said quietly. “That looks more...well, cute, not scary...” she remarked as the audience gave a loud ‘Aww’. But strangely the Raikou stared back at the Umbreon and gave a soft whimper as it stood still, ending up on Wes’ and Rui’s side of the battle field.

    “Espeon... Esp,” (What people may find cute can be...scary for Pokémon,) Espeon explained. “Espeon?” (By the way is it safe to look?) he added; his eyes had been firmly closed.

    “Umb!” (Yes!) Umbreon said, rubbing his face with his paw. “Umbreon...” (That really hurts the face...)

    “So... now what?” Rui asked as the last of Nascour’s and Es Cade’s Pokémon were sent out. The battle field seemed very crowded now by these giant arrivals she was sure she had not seen before in her life. “Also that giant blue thing is a Shadow Pokémon, I think,” she murmured, pointing to the Metagross.

    “We deal with their Pokémon,” Wes said quickly, noting the one Rui spoke about. “Need to firstly hold off their attacks on our current Pokémon and give them a chance to heal.”

    “How do we do that?”

    “We reveal our trump cards,” Wes said shortly, clicking his fingers. “I have an idea on how to use them, given how Ein managed the Raikou in the first place and what we found out from those files at his lab!” He then rummaged through his bag and threw down an assortment of healing items on the ground as he thought at Espeon.

    Tell the others to fall back for the moment bar the Raikou and use these items to heal themselves!

    Okay, Espeon thought back before relaying the instructions to the others. The Pokémon quickly obeyed and ran, hobbled or flew back. Tom meanwhile recovered by looking in his own bag, pulling out a bottle of alcohol and hugging it tightly.

    “Now now,” Nascour said with a smile, “there’s no need to be shy.”

    “No, we’re not shy,” Wes said as he and Rui pulled out another Poké Ball. “We’re just going to let you try out these two first!” Then they threw the capsules in front of them next to the Raikou which released the forms of Entei and Suicune.

    Well, I think it was worth it just to see their reactions, Wes thought, resisting the urge to laugh as Nascour’s smile faded away slowly as it dawned on him what the two trainers had just sent out.

    “But... that’s...” Es Cade said quietly.

    “Yes, your group’s previous Shadow Pokémon!” Rui shouted loudly. “You know, the ones you made?”

    “I thought you said Dakim’s one was lost at Mt Battle!” the mayor roared at Nascour.

    “That’s what he said!”

    Meanwhile Espeon continued to instruct Wes’ and Rui’s Pokémon, who were quite unsure how to manage the items that Wes had supplied them. Feraligatr held up a Hyper Potion up and frowned at it before he shook it quickly and watched the purple liquid slosh inside the container.

    “Esp, Espeon!?” (What, you never paid attention to how people used those?) Espeon berated.

    “Har?” (Did they punch it?) Hariyama asked. Espeon sighed and shook his head.

    “Espeon eon... Espi!” (No, you aim it that way on your body and press that thing... no not like that!) he shouted at the Quagsire who had simply picked up one of the potions and swallowed it whole. He then smiled at Espeon happily and wagged its tail.

    “Umbreon?” (What’s this thing?) Umbreon wondered, pawing at a small rotten object. He sniffed it and recoiled in disgust.

    “Esp... Espeon?” (Maybe ... the White Herb from Phenac’s Pre Gym?) Espeon wondered. Meanwhile Feraligatr ripped apart one of the bottles and let the fluid land on his body.

    “Umb... Umbreon,” (Well that works... but I think we should buy berries next time,) Umbreon remarked.

    “Yaaaaaaaan!” (Whereismycoffee-thatisallIneedforitisgood-andmakesmegoodandgooderandgoodest-andstuff!) the bug hummed as it darted in and out of the pile of items, trying to find some of the capsule it had received earlier.

    “Right!” Wes shouted at the three legendary Pokémon, ignoring the raffle behind him. “You want something to aim at? Something to be angry about?”

    “What are you playing at?” Nascour spat.

    “It’s those two who made you into Shadow!” Wes said.

    “The ones who captured you, brought you here and... made you angry!” Rui shouted. Now as the music had also stopped the audience was able to hear their dialogue and murmured among themselves, wondering what they were talking about.

    “Stop your pathetic lies!” the mayor shouted. “We’ve done no such thing!”

    “How could you lie?” Rui accused the mayor as the three Pokémon began to snarl. If Rui hadn’t been so concentrated at yelling at the mayor, she would have noticed their three auras flare up into a harsh red colour. “How could you?”

    “Andy nosy beerys gave Tom?” Tom added loudly.

    “So where’s your proof?” Nascour said. “Pokémon, prepare to take them out!”

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    While the Raikou had arrived on the top of the tower and Nascour’s and Es Cade’s Pokémon were sent out, Miror B was far below them all outside the control room. Two of his Ludicolo were punching the locked door in a rhythmic pattern, each pair of strikes thudding loudly down the hallway before suddenly the door gave way and fell with a thunk.

    “Well done, my Ludicolo!” Miror B exclaimed as he clapped loudly and waltzed in. Silva and Skrub shrugged and followed the disco man inside and watched him excitedly jump on a computer.

    “So what are you going to do?” Skrub asked.

    “Oh good, the file I prepared is still there!” Miror B announced. “This is just a small video I made about Cipher last week and left here to give or show to someone,” he said offhandedly before he danced over to a large screen showing all the visuals currently supplied by Realgam Tower’s security cameras. He gazed at it for a moment before pointing at one and nodding.

    “It sure looks dangerous there,” Silva remarked, peering at the small window which showed Rui and Wes facing Nascour’s and Es Cade’s teams. But Miror B was currently noting down some numbers and running back to the first computer.

    “Right,” Miror B said after another moment of clicking and typing. “I’ve now connected us to the main television screen they have up there to show the video I made!” He then looked back at the screen. “And I suppose I should set up some fitting battle music for this climax as well; to have none would be a crime!”

    “Wait,” Skrub interrupted, scratching his head. “What sort of video will this be anyway?”


    And so a moment later both Nascour’s and the mayor’s Pokémon paused as the television screen which was just about to show the next battle switched suddenly to a display of Miror B in all his glory. They stared in confusion and slight fright, as did the audience. The promoter for the toaster company had finally managed to sit up despite his irregular costume, but promptly gave a gasp and fell over as he saw Miror B as well. Tom looked up and looked at the screen for a moment before he turned around and took another swig from his bottle.

    “May I ask,” the mayor said quietly, “what that man is doing on the television screen now?”

    “Hello, darlings!” Miror B shouted. “Here’s a little video I put together about the mayor and how he’s helped Cipher do ungroovy things!”

    “Oh no,” Nascour said.

    “And here’s my representation of this via a slideshow and interpretive dance!” Miror B said, performing a stylish spin.

    “Oh no,” the mayor repeated. “Cut the television!” he roared, presumably at the staff that were in charge of operating the display, but it was too late.

    “We all know the mayor of Phenac,
    The jolly chubby man of town,”
    he sung.

    “I’m not chubby,” the mayor muttered defensively.

    “But what you didn’t know ‘til now
    Will surely make you frown!”

    Miror B then began break dancing as the mayor’s voice then took over in the video. Miror B had seemingly recorded the mayor ordering him to kidnap Rui, control Pyrite and use Shadow Pokémon for Realgam Tower’s Colosseum amongst other misdeeds. The mayor’s pacing of his speech had also been adjusted to fit the rhythm of the song. Document after document suddenly flew across the screen as Miror B added his own representation of the matters. As confused as the audience were about the video they soon figured out that these two men were bad and so began to boo loudly.

    “Quiet! I’ll... I’ll arrest you all! I’m the mayor!” the mayor yelled desperately.

    “Now,” Wes urged the legendary beasts, “you can see they are responsible. Attack!”

    They needed no further instruction from Wes nor encouragement from the crowd. Acting as one, they roared loudly and stomped their legs, shaking the ground.

    “Oh no,” Nascour said once more. He quickly tried to get his Pokémon to fire back their own attacks while the Entei’s back flared alight, flames spinning off into a twister of heat above him. Suicune created its own Gust attack which collected most of the food lying on the ground and merged with the Fire type attack, and Raikou discharged a ball of electricity which also joined the combination of attacks. The three then leapt forward and the attack flew at the eleven Pokémon in front of them and engulfed the group, the sparks reaching out and springing onto the Pokémon the tornado did not manage to touch. A series of cries and grunts followed before the elemental onslaught faded away, revealing a significantly reduced number of survivors.

    “Stop this!” Es Cade cried, recalling his Pokémon; to his dismay only his Salamence, who had flown clear of the attack just in time, and his Slaking, which had stood strong against the attack remained, and the latter had decided to fall asleep as was the nature of the giant sloth Pokémon. Meanwhile for Nascour only the Metagross, Blaziken and a Gardevoir remained, the first two along with the Slaking somehow not falling to the massive attack but clearly injured, and the pure Psychic type having teleported away from the strike. The others had either held a weakness to the attacks or were simply overpowered.

    “Now what!?” the mayor shouted at Nascour. Music had started again as the video of Miror B’s finished; he guessed that this was also the doing of the Cipher admin turned traitor.

    “Now we fight back,” Nascour said, waving a hand.

    “Metagross,” (Proceeding to annihilate,) it hummed as a purple hue enveloped it. Gardevoir followed suit and a moment later the three legendary beasts bellowed in pain as the duo Psychics were unleashed. The attack was followed by the Blaziken and Salamence which spewed fire on the three legendaries. They responded by firing single beams representative of their own typing back at their opponents who struggled to hold their own ground. Meanwhile Espeon had stepped forward and watched the battle, ready to summon up a Light Screen should one of the ranged attacks miss and come towards the group instead.

    “That’s it, I’m bringing out Tyranitar,” the mayor yelled, sending out one more Pokémon. A large, green Rock type appeared as he threw out its ball, and as it growled sand suddenly flew across the arena, causing some of the audience to wrap clothing around their faces.

    “Arrgh, what’s with the sudden sandstorm?” Rui yelled, covering herself up with her jacket.

    “That’s the Tyranitar’s ability,” Wes said, putting on his sunglasses. “Summons a sandstorm upon being sent out...somehow.”

    “I see... it’s also a Shadow Pokémon,” Rui added.

    “Tyranitar! Those Pokémon called you fat!” the mayor yelled quickly as it glanced around, pointing at the legendary beasts.

    “TYRAN!” (HOW DARE THEY!) the Pokémon shouted, responding immediately to the claim by firing a Hyper Beam from its mouth at the Raikou which was sent flying a few metres back and stumbled before it slumped down onto the ground and became unconscious. Instead of resting a moment after the almighty attack, it then fired off another two white-hot rays which brought down the other two legendaries successfully.

    “Woah,” Wes breathed. “However did it manage that...?”

    “Ahaha!” The mayor smiled, finally having reason to do so again. “The Pokémon was made Shadow by having personal insults made to his body image! A mere word about him is a trigger!”

    “Hariyama,” (Now that’s just mean,) Hariyama grumbled, and stepped forward. He had healed himself fully now and so had the rest of Wes’ Pokémon.

    “No berry, any futs fantods!” Tom yelled angrily at the Tyranitar, hurling his now empty beer bottle which shattered upon contact with the Pokémon’s rocky exterior.

    “This’ll be tough to take down,” Wes said, looking at his Pokémon and their foes, and even without a confirmation from Rui, felt the Tyranitar had entered Hyper State. I have a slight numerical advantage and the opponents are mostly weakened, but this is still not going to be easy.

    “Allow me to take over.”

    “Oh! Hello, Sherles!” Rui said happily as the sheriff entered the arena from the side with a number of policemen following him. “How did you get here from the side though?” she asked.

    “You!” the mayor shouted. He spat on the ground before shouting orders at the Tyranitar who was currently in a frenzy, stomping on the broken bottle continuously to form a fine powder of glass.

    “I took the second elevator,” he said simply.

    “Oh... I guess we took the wrong one that lead straight to the arena. Or the right one,” Wes said, scratching his head.

    “Anyways! Firstly, you two can come quietly or serve extra time!” Sherles shouted at the pair of Cipher administrators, elating cheers from the crowd.

    “We’ll choose freedom instead!” Nascour shouted, waving a hand at his own Pokémon to charge forward.

    “Right men, greet them with fire!” Sherles yelled, and the police contingent sent out their Growlithe as Sherles barked more orders and sent out his own Alakazam. “Growlithe, focus on the Metagross; you have the type advantage! You there, Espeon, help Alakazam take care of the Gardevoir! Water types, the Blaziken! The rest, the other two!” The dog Pokémon had already leapt onto the machine Pokémon by the time he had finished talking and fired hot embers into the Steel type, as well as each other to power themselves further via their Flash Fire abilities. The Metagross rose into the air and shook itself violently to remove them from itself, but had now taken on the appearance of a burning UFO. The Growlithe responded quickly after landing by shooting short bursts of fire at the Metagross. Johnson meanwhile ran onto the battle field as well, clutching his Poké Ball eagerly.

    “Johnson, just watch,” Sherles ordered after a short moment.

    “Bah! Tyranitar, destroy them all!” Es Cade ordered.

    “Oi!” Wes called quickly after Sherles finished talking. “Tyranitar, that Salamence called you unfit and very ugly! And you other Pokémon, focus on the Gardevoir for the moment!”

    “Tyrani TAR?!” (You dare say WHAT?) the Shadow yelled, turning to the Salamence. Wes grinned as he realised he successfully made use of the mayor’s information.

    “Sa? Salamence! Mence sala!”(What? I did no such thing! You’re very decent looking and masculine!) Salamence shouted back nervously, but the Tyranitar merely roared loudly and summoned a large boulder.

    “TAR!” (I’M FEMALE!) she shouted, and showing how unimpressed she was at the masculine comment hurled the rock into the dragon’s face.

    “By the way, Wes,” Sherles said, “You have my full permission to snag their Pokémon!”

    “Oh good,” Wes responded, chucking a couple of Ultra Balls into his Snag Machine. As he prepared them the Gardevoir was unsuccessfully trying to teleport away from the converging Pokémon. Espeon and Alakazam combined their powers and held the Pokémon in place however, and Yanma’s screeching in its ears prevented the Psychic type from being able to concentrate whatsoever. With a cry, the Gardevoir then switched to offensive tactics and fired Psybeams at Hariyama as he jumped into the fray, but Umbreon leapt in front of him and took the attacks with no ill effects, allowing the Fighting Type to punch the Gardevoir. Umbreon then bit into its arm and Yanma delivered another Bug Buzz to finish the job.

    The Blaziken was leaping from side to side in the meantime to try and avoid the combined water projectiles from Quagsire and Feraligatr, but whilst doing so failed to dodge Wes’ Ultra Ball which successfully snagged the Pokémon a moment later. Hariyama looked a bit disappointed at the missed opportunity for him to take on the Fighting type.

    “Wes!” Rui shouted suddenly.

    “What is it?” Wes asked, as Espeon delivered the Pokémon to his possession.

    “That wasn’t a Shadow Pokémon!” she yelled.

    “It wasn’t? Well... sure, but I could still snag it, and Sherles said I could,” Wes explained. “I’m not going to keep it either,” he added hastily. Nascour meanwhile had given up hope as his Metagross crashed down with a loud clunk; the flames continuing to engulf its body, and so the man sprinted away. It was for naught though; he yelled as the Growlithe pounced on him and pinned him to the ground. The mayor meanwhile tried to redirect the Tyranitar’s fury but to little avail.

    “Salamence! Sala!” (No I mean you have a beautiful masculinity! And wonderful eyes!) the Dragon shouted desperately as he flew away, trying to dodge the multiple Dark Pulse attacks, but it then cried out as another rock struck its wing, and crashed into the ground. The Tyranitar shouted triumphantly but by then the rest of Wes’ Pokémon had moved on from the other Pokémon, including Hariyama.

    “Hariyama!” (And now you’re finished!) the Fighting type yelled, crossing his large arms. The Rock/Dark type only had time to turn around before Wes’ Pokémon stepped forward and swung his arms into the middle of his body with a Cross Chop attack, sending the large Pokémon tumbling backwards. To add further to her woes the rest heaped more damage onto her, and Tom finished proceedings with another surprisingly accurate throw of a beer bottle and a double Headbutt from his Spinda. Lastly, Wes threw another Ultra Ball once it had finished being processed by the Snag Machine, which sucked in the Shadow and landed on the ground with a few bounces before shaking a few times. As it did, the battle music ended abruptly as all eyes gazed at the ball to watch the capture’s outcome.

    “Come on!” Rui shouted. Wes breathed quickly, aware that if this was successful then it would be all over.

    Unfortunately it was not, as the ball burst open and Tyranitar reappeared from it, stomping loudly and breaking the Ultra Ball.

    “TYRANITAR!” (I SHALL NOT BE CONQUERED!) the Pokémon exclaimed. The proclamation was swiftly followed by another Cross Chop attack from Hariyama from behind however, which caused the Shadow to fall face first. Hariyama then prodded the still form and smiled.

    “Well, I suppose that works too,” Wes remarked. As one, the audience erupted into loud cheering.

    “WE DID IT!” Rui shouted, jumping up and grabbing Wes in an excited hug. Surprised for a moment he then grinned and returned it.

    “Yes, we did, Rui,” he said.

    “Espeon...” (Sorry to interrupt...) Espeon said softly. As the two looked at him they followed his gaze. Es Cade was running off with a pair of Growlithe in hot pursuit. The mayor was clutching a black box with controls upon it as a small helicopter flew at him just above the ground.

    “He must be controlling it! Growlithe, aim at the helicopter!” Sherles ordered, running forward himself as the audience yelled angrily at the mayor, some of them even hopping out of their seats to also give chase.

    But the efforts of the chasing Growlithe were all for naught.

    But circumstances did not unfold to the mayor’s benefit.

    A loud bird cry sounded from above before a giant ball of fire engulfed the helicopter. The burning, twisted metal crashed immediately as the mayor slowed down and gazed up, as did everyone else.

    A large Ho-oh circled above, crying loudly and triumphantly. The Growlithe slowed down and stood, realising there was no longer any need to chase him, and barked instead.

    “Oh, COME ON!” Es Cade shouted, falling to his knees and hammering the ground. “Of all the things to happen, a Ho-oh appears and destroys my other helicopter! WHERE DID YOU EVEN COME FROM!?” he yelled at the bird. The Ho-oh simply ignored him and turned suddenly, flying away towards the distant silhouette of Mt Battle. Nascour meanwhile turned his head while the other Growlithe continued to keep him from moving, and sighed.

    “This,” he muttered, “was a bad day.”

    “But not for me,” Sherles said gruffly as the other policemen stepped forward and brandished handcuffs. “You’re under arrest.”

    “Tommys lithe... liunrs...” Tom struggled to say as he gazed at the Ho-oh. “Gooood birdy,” he slurred a moment later. “Best far-ire.”

    “Where did it come from though,” Rui wondered quietly to Wes, as they watched it rapidly become a mere speck of rainbow-coloured wings against the cloudless sky. “Maybe, when the legendary beasts roared together they summoned it? Eusine did say...” she muttered.

    “Maybe,” Wes said, grabbing Rui’s hand. “But I think we should worry about the details later,” he smiled.

    “Good idea,” Rui giggled, and after a moment of staring at each other with wide smiles, they leant forward and allowed their lips to meet, prompting further wild cheers from the crowd.

    “Espeon,” (I don’t think they need to do that so often,) Espeon remarked with an eye roll. “Esp,” (Stop looking,) he added to Umbreon, flicking his face with his tail as the Dark Type stared at the two.


    The Ho-oh mused to itself as it occasionally flapped its massive wings, lazily gliding back towards its home in the volcano of Orre, riding the hot air currents rising from the boiling hot sand of the desert below. It wanted to be back before the sun set, as when night fell the hot air disappeared and flying became more of a workout for it. It gazed down below to see if there were any Pokémon he could eat on his way back, but seeing the desert was devoid of life for the moment it shrugged and continued on its way.

    It was fairly content with itself. It had no idea about what was going on at that tower; it seemed like there was a large party going on between those silly human beings and that nobody had been kind enough to invite it, but it was never sure about these things. All it knew was that the helicopter had been successfully destroyed and that its job was done.

    It hated helicopters. It could hear the blasted thing all the way across the desert, and the machine had woken it up during its nap. They made such an awful racket.


    And the second-last 'what happened in the games and how it's done in this chapter' comparison, brought to you by Toast.

    Realgam Tower Battles - again, there's no all-out brawl, but I kinda doubt that only one trainer at a time would have stopped Wes and Rui from giving chase after Nascour and Es Cade. It's interesting though that it's implied by Nascour (who greets the two the moment you turn up at the top) that the battles are Cipher's attempt to 'extract payment' or something from you; and after all they have a large crowd to entertain as well so I guess it's not a bad ploy. And if they won all the better. There's four trainers to battle in a roll (mind you only two are actually dressed up correctly) and each has a Shadow Pokemon. Each Pokemon got at least a mention in the fight here.

    Nascour and Es Cade - they battle afterwards, although firstly Nascour battles himself, and then the mayor turns up and does the reveal (because in the game nothing tells you he was behind it all yet officially! Mind you there are hints towards it so it's not quite left field). They have six Pokemon each, and there's quite the level spike at the end as well with the mayor so it's not an easy battle without the legendary dogs or a bit of grinding beforehand, even with healing.

    Crowd chanting - Nascour's battle didn't have a music theme - just crowd chanting something impossible to understand. I've seen people claim it's 'Nascour' or even 'Kill', but hey, it's just as likely imo that they're shouting Apple Sauce. =p

    Snagging non-shadows: In the game Rui stops you from throwing a Snag Ball at a Pokemon that isn't actually a Shadow Pokemon, sadly. But I suppose in a high-action battle she can't keep an eye on Wes all the time. =p

    Big Damn...Ho-oh? - this part of the game IS left field though. After beating the mayor, everyone appears. Not just Sherles or Johnson, but even Eagun (the heck is he doing there? Especially as just before he's sitting happily in Agate!?) and Duking (who did nothing since Pyrite in the game, so so I kept it that way).

    But then - gasp - a small helicopter appears! The mayor doesn't try to move towards it but seems pretty sure he'll get away anyway. Somehow. =/ But luckily a Ho-oh appears and utterly destroys it with a fire type attack.

    Where that Ho-oh comes from is Mt Battle (extra challenge in the game allows you to get it if you get ALL THE SHADOW POKEMON PURIFIED first) but why it appears then and there is anyone's guess. I first thought that maybe the legendary dogs had something to do with it which is a viable reason imo; after all they are linked canonically. But what if the trainer doesn't have the legendaries at the end? Well... maybe the legendary just darn hates helicopters. =p The game's explanation revolves around people saying 'IT'S PRETTY' and Eagun boasting about seeing one before while the mayor looks sad.

    After that, the credits roll - that is the end of the main story of Colosseum, and what follows is more a 'clean up the remainders of Cipher/Snagem' set of tasks.

    I hope that was satisfactory. Do post comments, and hang around for the following bits!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012
  11. Eternalserenity

    Eternalserenity Wanderer

    Following bits, huh? Like what, stuff leading to the eventual XD fic you haven't decided on doing yet but definitely needs your golden author's touch?

    Congrats on the completion btw.
  12. Metal Bagon

    Metal Bagon Play the Guitar Rift


    Great fic and imo it is probably the best on serebii (sorry to everyone else's fics, your's are great, but I wouldn't be surprised if bobandbill is an author in real life). Congrats on finishing it but their are probably only a couple of things that you could have better.

    #1: Add more to Wes and Rui's relationship. It was great but since you made it happen so late in the fic I felt it was cut-short. You also made it seem like the perfect relationship with no fighting or conflict between about their relationship when they were together, again, this could have fixed by them getting together earlier in the story so you had more time to expand on their relationship.

    #2: You didn't really describe their characters much. At the start you gave a brief descprion but until the final chapter i had no idea Rui had ponytails... If you went back and edited the fic I'd certainly put more description in on their features (hair color, height, eyes, stuff like that). It's really hard to picture the characters in your head and I think you leave too much to the readers imagination when it comes to picturing them.

    Other then it was a great fic and i can't wait for the XD fic!
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  13. Poor Evice, getting his poor wittle helicopter destroyed.

    Excellent chapter, and overall amazing fic. Rui has. . . interesting ways of naming Pokemon. Can't wait for the epilogue.
  14. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    woah man that was just an epic chapter. I will get to the long review and commenting on fun things later but don't have the time now as there are a lot of things I can make fun at during this chapter, but you'll enjoy the references I bet. :p IF anything, I demand that this be adapted into a tv show, because it's epic and I think it would be very successful if your version was adapted into a show.
  15. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Awesome chapter, just incredible. Made my day.

    Had to love Tom's involvement. Him and his drunken Spinda were just awesome.

    Loved how you handled the Shadow Tyranitar, and even better, how she handled Salamence.

    My only beef with the chapter is the fact that my constant lookout for signs of Yanma learning AncientPower (and subsequently evolving) did not end in my favor. And even then, that didn't deter much from the chapter. Yanma itself, however, was awesomeness incarnate. Oh, yeah, and I was hoping for Johnson's Magikarp to make an appearance, too.

    And I liked that bit where Wes snagged Nascour's Blaziken. Were I him, I wouldn't give Blaziken back. I really think the whole "you can't snag non-Shadow Pokémon" rule ought to be relaxed in the case of super-evil villains pursuing world domination. I remember how pissed off I was when Rui stopped me from snagging Skrub's Wynaut, way back when I first got the game...

    Can't wait for the epilogue and that little extra thing. It's been a real pleasure reading this story.
  16. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I always assumed the Snag Machine was porgrammed to not allow Snagging non-Shadows, but I never tried so meh.

    There are no words. Only awesomeness.


    I thought it was scary

    "Muhahahahaha! I even refer to it by the wrong gender!"

  17. Son_of_Shadows

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    It's that way in XD, but not Colosseum. Rui stops you, which makes sense, since the Snag Machine came from Snagem, who wanted to steal any Pokémon, not just Shadows.
  18. October Winds

    October Winds Member

    Great chapter, although it felt a little rushed due to the mass-battle-of-death. On a side note, I was listening to "Let the Music Play" (Hard Candy Video Edit) by Jackie B. the whole time and it seemed to mesh amazingly. Even the Miror B. part.

    Out of curiosity, will you be explaining how Miror B. becomes the nomad that he is in the second game?
  19. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    Excellent chapter! The final battles were better than in the original game (and more spectacular) and the whole thing with Miror B’s video explanation made things a bit more plausible (and afrotastic!). What I mean is that you beat Nascour and Evice and the audience just sits enjoying the battles, too absorbed to notice that you arrested the main villain of the game. And also the fact that Eagun appeared from nowhere (maybe he’s a prophet? Wears nice cloak by the way) followed by Sherles and Duking. And the fact that you can arrest him as much as you wish… With the same audience watching…

    Tom with his Spinda and Ho-oh were unbeatable! I mean, a party where Ho-oh was not invited and a stupid helicopter waking it from it’s sleep? That’s a better reason to appear above Realgam’s Colosseum. Much better than to stop the great evil or bless Wes and Rui for the rest of their lives so that they disappear from Colo’s sequel. *gasp* IT’S ALL HO-OH’S FAULT!

    Quotes - Man I love toast too:

    So, out of interest, is it written with a small or with a capital “c”?

    Now I know what to call them next time I play Colo.

    Yes, Tom!

    “Raikou?” he said incredulously, when a music started to play

    ItiscoolwritinginsuchamannerandIunderstandthatwhentypingeachwordyouwanttoputaspacebecauseitisweirdwritinginsuchamannerbutwritinginsuchamanneriscooltoocooljustsimplyawesomlycooljustlikecoffeiscooltypinginsuchamanneriscoolascoolasflyingaroundafterdrinkingtoomuchcoffeeiscoolbutthespacesyougotthereareuncooltotallyuncooljustlikedecaffeinatedcoffeeisuncoolsoGETRIDOFTHESPACESTOMAKETHINGSCOOLERTHANCOOL! *pant* *pant* *takes deep breath* Just get rid of the spaces :p (Unless they serve a purpose of uncoolness there… Or to make Yanma angry when it learns about it)

    Yanma power!

    Oh how could you Ein! After demonstrating your brilliance at making Shadow Pokémon with the use of coffee or flowers you fail to simply appear at the mayor’s will?! Oh how dare you!

    Somebody has all the Pokémon games stored in his database it seems… and is playing them too much…

    A worthy answer.

    Nice way to say hi by the way! Hmm, on whom could I possibly practice this?...

    Bananana, bananana, bananaNANA!

    I wonder what it would say about this song…

    Hurray for toats! Now let us toat the whole night!

    Why, goodness, why does Umbreon have to be so epic!? DO THE :3 FACE!

    Epicness continues…

    That’s his worst crime.

    Space. Oh, and I really hated when a sandstorm suddenly appeared from nowhere, buffeting all of my Pokémon and my nerves…

    And here I got the notion that Johnson would release his Magikarp and beat Tyranitar, but… alas, it wasn’t his superhero day today.

    Femme fatale

    Translation please?

    Oh, sweet!

    That was creepy
    Hurray for Apple Sauce!

    Aye, you did it b&b! It was the funniest, coolest, afrotasticest, humourous, magnificent, hilarious, beautifully written comedy I’ve read in ages. Each of your sentence was worthy of receiving the title “quote of the day” and, man, everything you wrote was so funny, that it made me think “where the heck do you think this things up?” Oh, did I say your story was funny? Hilarious? Synonym for funny and hilarious?

    Congratulations for this story. I am happy to award you the “it was the most pleasantly read comedy fic in ages” certificate. Sorry it’s a bit wet, couldn’t restrain the tears. Oh, and as an extra gift, here are three billion cookies stashed in a dishwasher!

    Really waiting to see those little tidbits!

    ~Truthfully yours~
  20. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    Awww, now it's over? -cries-

    Alucard: O_O ...Why are you crying over a fanfic?

    'CAUSE I WANT TO!! JEEZ!! -throws pillows at the insensitive vampire-

    Alucard: ...You missed. -fades away-



    Wait, the ":3" face is scary to Pokemon? Wow. I might have one of my characters try that out. XDDDDD

    I feel pity for the Shadow Tyranitar. I kinda went through the same thing during freshman year in high school. DX

    Ho-oh doesn't helicopters, huh? Makes me wonder what the other legendaries' pet peeves are. O___O

    Hey, is it okay if I base an Umbreon OC of mine on yours? Just curious.

    I'm definitely going to stick around for any future projects that you have in store for us reviewers especially the Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness sequel.

    Keep it up, B&B!! ;491; ;491; ;491;

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